Her First Arrest-Part 10Her First Arrest-Part 10


As she squatted on his cock, she used her hands on his chest for leverage as she fucked him until she felt the warmth as he started to cum inside her. This set off a chain reaction allowing her to cum numerous times while playing with her clit. When she was fully spent, she collapsed forward onto his chest as she tried to catch her breath. Listening to his breathing and heartbeat, she almanbahis şikayet thought of the past few hours and all the extremes she went to, to try to get information from him. When she looked up at him, she noticed he was watching her…and smiling. “If that is an interrogation, I’m ready to talk,” he said jokingly. “That wasn’t quite what I had planned,” she replied almanbahis canlı casino as she sat up. She threw her right leg over his body as she got off him, his cock sliding from her pussy. Still bound to the bed, he looked up at her and asked, “Now what else do you have in mind?” “You really don’t know anything, do you?” she asked as she reluctantly sat on the bed next almanbahis casino to him. “No, but I was having too much fun to try to convince you,” he said. “Now will you let me up?” “Oh, how can I make this up to you?” she asked as she first untied his ankles, then moved to his wrists. “I have an idea. Why don’t you get on your hands and knees on the bed?” he asked with a devious smile on his face. She crawled onto the bed on her hands and knees until she reached the middle. “I want you to put your head on the bed, reach down and grab your ankles, and spread your legs,” he ordered. She did as she was told, feeling very exposed to his eyes.

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