Halloween Feet TreatHalloween Feet Treat


“Thanks for coming, Jake,” blonde beauty queen Julie said as she kicked off her high heels and began rubbing her feet together and wiggling her toes to get some feeling in them.

“No problem,” Jake replied, “so is this for the Halloween party this weekend?”

“That’s right,” said black, sporty Kara, who had stripped off her sneakers and socks to rub her feet.

“We rented out the old dance hall,” Asian goth Sam explained with her boots lying on the floor and her black-polished toes flexing, “and we need it cleared out by Friday so we can get set up in time.”

Shy, nerdy redhead Becky, sat on a table nearby, clapped her flip-flops against her heels.

“So you want me to do the clearing up, right?” Jake sighed.

“Please?” The girls all pleaded, giving him puppy dog eyes.

“Alright,” he said. The girls all sprang to their bare feet (as Becky’s flip-flops fell off when she jumped up) and gathered round him for a group hug.

“Thanks, pal!” Julie said as she and the others put their shoes back on. “We’ll see you at the party, ok?” Jake watched them walk out.

“Why do I keep falling for it?” He asked himself.

“Everyone have their costumes picked out?” Julie asked the other girls as they sat getting their feet treated at the nail salon. She had been the de facto leader of the unlikely group of friends since high school.

“Yup, it’s perfect for your idea,” Kara grinned with a wink.

“Me too,” added Sam.

“Uh-huh,” Becky nodded.

“Good, because-” Julie started, but then caught her breath as a pedicurist took a pumice stone to her heel. The others began getting their feet pumiced too and all four women were left clenching their toes and teeth as they tried to suppress their ticklish laughter.

Come Saturday, Jake pulled up in front of the hall to see it decked out the way one expect: plastic pumpkins, bats and skeletons, orange and black streamers, spooky green lights. He stepped out of the car in his zombie costume. Becky waved him over. She was dressed as a farm girl with her hair in pigtails, a polka dot shirt and cutoff jeans. As she stepped out from behind a decoration, he saw that she had fully committed to the Daisy Mae look by going barefoot.

“What do you think?” She asked nervously, clenching her hands and bobbing up and down on her toes. “I don’t know if I make this look work.”

“No way, you look great!” Jake said. Becky blushed and stared down at her feet.

“Hey you two, get on in here!” Jake turned to see Kara leaning in the doorway dressed as a pirate. She had a red bandana, a tight striped shirt, tattered dark blue pants… and she was barefoot too. She scrunched ankara eve gelen escort her toes into the carpet as she stood aside for Jake and Becky. Jake was surprised to see Sam dressed as a jungle princess, with leopard print fabric covering her chest and waist, so naturally she was also barefoot. Jake raised an eyebrow.

“Ah, there you are!” Julie called as she entered the room. She was in a blue and white gown with a clear plastic tiara and a high heel sticking in her waistband. The hem of her dress stopped just above her ankles and sure enough, her bare feet poked out from underneath.

“I’m Cinderella after she lost the first glass slipper,” she explained with a grin. The girls liked linked arms, leaned back on a table so their feet tilted upward and wiggled their toes.

“Do we all fit together?” Julie asked.

“Why, do you have some theme?” Jake asked, playing dumb. The girls laughed and dispersed to meet the guests who had begun arriving. Jake spent the rest of the night trying not to stare at the four pairs of bare feet walking around. The girls didn’t make it easy; they were constantly gripping table legs with their toes, arching their feet up on tiptoe as they leaned on tables and half-sitting on chairs with one foot stretched back, all showing off their increasingly dirty soles. At one point, Jake leant down under a table and Sam and Kara both propped up a foot so that their soles were directly in his face. When he reached over a chair, Julie’s foot just happened to shift so that his fingers brushed her arch.

“Trying to tickle me, Cheeky?” She grinned. Jake was sure her foot hadn’t been there before. Even timid Becky spent a lot of time kneeling on chairs with her feet facing Jake.

This went on for hours until finally the girls ended the party and the guests dispersed to find other events. The girls all sauntered over to Jake.

“I suppose you want me to help clean up now?” He asked.

“Nah, we can take care of that tomorrow,” said Julie. “But there is something you can clean for us…” The four women sat on a table and lifted up their feet, each flaunting her filthy yet soft soles.

“What is this? I don’t understand,” Jake said, feigning surprise.

“Come on, don’t bother denying it any more,” Sam smirked. “Do you think we wouldn’t notice you staring at our feet all the time?”

“Um, yes?” Jake winced. The girls laughed.

“Hey, don’t worry,” Kara added. “You’ve been so good to us over the years, we all agreed this is the least we can do. So go on, tuck in!” Jake looked over the eight dirty soles. They were not only covered in dust from the floor, but gaziantep escort also spilled candies and snacks the girls had been been stepping in all night. Hard sugary candy had been crushed into powder peppering their soles. Melted chocolate and caramel, squished popcorn and broken potato chips stuck to random parts of their soles and between their toes. Last but not least, all of the soda and alcohol they had stepped in formed a sickly-sweet scent drifting up off their feet.

“Julie, why don’t you go first since it was your idea?” Becky’s soft voice cut the silence.

“Sure. Come over here, big boy,” Julie smiled, wiggling her toes at Jake. He, hardly able to believe what he was doing, kneeled down in front of Julie’s feet and stuck his nose under her toes. He let the sugary aroma drift into his nostrils.

“Well, start licking,” Julie ordered. Jake shrugged and stuck his tongue out. He licked straight up Julie’s sole from her heel to the ball of her foot.

“I-I-t tickles…” Julie giggled, reflexively scrunching and spreading her toes. Jake lapped up each foot and down again repeatedly, occasionally letting his tongue slide over or between her toes. Julie decided to sit back and enjoy it as best she could as the other girls watched, fascinated. Jake licked and licked while Julie’s composure broke down and her laughter became louder and louder.

“Okay, that’s enough,” she panted once her feet were spotless. “Becky, why don’t you give it a try?”

“Oh no, my feet are even more ticklish than yours,” Becky said quickly.

“Come on, live a little!” Kara urged, nudging her in the side.

“Well, okay, but I don’t want to risk kicking him in the face,” answered Becky. She thought for a moment, then laid down on her stomach. “Here, sit on my legs so you can hold my feet still.”

“Oh, come on, you have to have a little fun with him!” Sam cried out.

“No, it’s fine,” Becky said as Jake sat down on her thighs and wrapped his forearms around her shins, pinning her feet in front of his face. He immediately got to work cleaning off her soles while she squirmed on the floor with her hands clasped over her mouth.

“Are you sure you can take that?” Julie asked, having gotten her breath back.

“Yeah – uh – it’s – it’s actually fun!” Becky giggled. She endured the tickling until her soles were totally clean.

“Alright, my turn!” Sam grinned as Becky rubbed her feet together, trying to get rid of the residual tingling. Sam sat down in a chair.

“Put your head here,” she ordered, pointing down at her feet. Jake kneeled in front of her.

“No, not like that,” Sam corrected, before planting ankara gerçek resimli escort her foot on his chest and pushing him down onto his back. Then, before he could react, she shimmied her chair forward and placed her feet on his face, pinning his head to the floor.

“Now, lick my feet clean and don’t dare tickle me!” Sam demanded, rubbing her feet all over his face to reinforce her point. Jake did as he was told, opening his mouth to let her soft sole skin fall in and swirling his tongue all over it. Sam lay back with a sigh, enjoying having her feet worshipped – until Jake accidentally brushed her sole with his teeth.

“Hey!” Sam cried, snatching her foot back. “I said no tickling!” She proceeded to smack the side of his head with her toes.

“See if you can do my toes without screwing up,” she said, pushing the big toe of her right foot into his mouth while her left foot remained planted on his face. Then she slipped each other toe past his lips until half of her whole foot was sticking in his mouth. Jake gagged as Sam’s toes jammed themselves down his throat. Meanwhile, she began grinding her left heel into his eye socket, causing a tear to trickle down the side of his head.

“Much better,” Sam smirked, pulling her foot out with an audible pop. Jake began gasping for air. “Now time for the other one!” Sam rammed her left foot into his mouth.

“Hey,” Kara cut in, “can I share?”

“Hm, alright,” said Sam. She shifted the seat back and held up her feet perpendicular to Jake’s face while Kara lay down with her legs bent so that her feet lay on top. Jake busied himself licking at the two girls’ feet as they alternately rubbed all over his face. Julie and Becky came over and sat their feet on his chest.

“Foot rub?” They asked. Jake enthusiastically grabbed their feet and began kneading them with his fingers. All four girls began moaning as their feet were serviced. They stayed this way for hours, repositioning their feet in all sorts of ways for Jake. They didn’t realise how much time was passing until light began coming through the widows.

“Oh gee, we’ve been here all night,” Julie cried.

“Yeah, I’m beat,” Kara yawned.

“We won’t as much time to clean up as we thought after we’ve slept this off,” Sam added. “We might need your help after all.”

“Uh huh…” Jake replied unenthusiastically.

“Come on!” Becky unexpectedly piped up. “I’ll go barefoot again…” she wiggled her eyebrows, then her toes. The other girls all chimed in to the effect of “me too!” stacking their feet on Becky’s and rubbing them together. Jake paused.

“Alright,” he sighed. The girls all cheered, high-fiving each other and pulling in Jake for hugs.

“You’d better clean up before you get some rest, your face is covered in foot dirt,” Julie said. “Then once we’re done, you can do whatever you want to our feet.”

“See you in a few hours!” The girls chorused, holding up a foot each and waving goodbye with their toes.

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