Halloween and MomHalloween and Mom


Halloween and Mom

I decided to surprise my mom on Halloween. I had a few days off, so I booked a flight. My friend Larry called the day before I left and was telling me about a party he was throwing back home for Halloween. Since I was planning on surprising mom I declined. The plane was delayed, and I wound up arriving about ten at night. It was too late to bug mom. She always went to bed by nine, so I called Larry.

His instructions were to come to the back yard. He would leave a costume for me on the pool deck. After I dressed, I was to come inside. I took an Uber from the airport and arrived just before eleven. There was a box on the rear deck and I assumed this contained my costume. My assumption was correct, and I found myself looking at a nice-looking Spiderman suit. Being athletic and having my share of muscle it looked surprisingly good. I put my clothes in the box and went inside.

The place was packed. A few costumes were pretty elaborate, but most appeared to be last minute throw togethers. One really caught my eye. The tall brunette wearing the surgical scrubs. She was hot. She was surrounded by four guys I knew that weren’t above getting a woman drunk and all four taking her into a bedroom. As I approached, she turned around and I saw her face. It was my mother and these four pricks had her in their sights. There was a slow song playing and without saying a word, I walked up and took her in my arms and began dancing with her. I could see it annoyed the four but after sizing me up, they walked away.

“Thanks, they were becoming a bit annoying,” she said.

Her speech was a bit slurred and her gait not as steady as normal. I tipped my imaginary hat to her and continued dancing. She pulled me close as we danced.

I’m fully aware that incest is against the law but then so are a lot of other things we all do on a near daily basis. I’d been hot for mom since the time I discovered girls. In the stories I’d read on Literotica the son always felt bad because of his impure thoughts. I had no such reservations. I would fuck mom or either of my two sisters in a heartbeat. I hadn’t, but you can bet your ass I would have. That wasn’t why I had butted in. I didn’t want the four pricks to get to her.

“What’s your name?” she asked. I just shook my head. She laughed. “Oh, I get it. You have a secret identity.” I nodded. Mom laid her head on my shoulder and we continued to dance. “I think I’ve had a bit too much to drink. Any chance Spiderman would walk a drunk lady home? I only live a couple of blocks away.” I nodded. “I can trust you, can’t Ataşehir Escort I?” she said with a seductive smile.

I took a finger and crossed my heart. She stepped back and took my arm then turned toward the door. Her gait was even more unsteady than I realized. She needed something to hold onto. I figured I would make sure she got home safely and then come back to the party. As we stepped out into the night air, we both felt the chill and she moved closer to me.

“Damn, I thought booze was supposed to keep you warm. All it’s done for me is make me horny and walk funny.” She looked at me. I just nodded. “Are you cold?” she asked.

I was freezing my ass off but still just shook my head. Who ever heard of a superhero getting cold?

“Your costume looks pretty thin,” she said, as she slid her hand over my ass. I jumped. “Yep, it’s thin alright.” She continued running her hand over my ass. I was tempted to return the favor, but she really needed my arm to walk steadily. Her hand movement changed shortly from a soft rub to gripping my cheeks. “I don’t know about you but grabbing your tight butt is definitely making me warmer.” I nodded again. She stopped walking and looked at my growing crotch. “Looks like it’s making part of you warmer at least.”

She began walking again. Her gait seemed to be improving as we neared the house. “I was thinking about something. I kind of like this anonymity thing. I can tell from your costume you are well put together and I’m about as horny as I can ever remember being. How about you come inside and help me with that?”

I held up her hand and pointed to her bare left ring finger. She smiled. “I’m divorced and live alone, Spidey. You can keep your mask on but I’m afraid the lower half of your costume is going to need to come off.” I tugged on her scrub shirt with my left hand. She smiled. “Mine has to all come off.”

I nodded again and gave her a thumbs up. When we arrived at the house, she handed me her keys. I selected the key and unlocked the door then opened it. She stepped inside holding my hand as I closed and locked the door then hung the keyring on the hook just inside. She smiled and led me to her bedroom. As we stepped in, she turned on the lamp next to the bed then patted the bed for me to sit. She moved to about four feet in front of me and pulled off her shirt then tossed if over her shoulder. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Next, she kicked off her shoes then untied the string holding her scrub pants in place and pulled them down over her hips letting them fall to the floor. She raised Bostancı Escort a foot to step out of them and staggered. I jumped up and grabbed her shoulders to stabilize her. She lifted her feet one at a time to remove the pants. My mother stood before me in her plain white panties and bra.

“You are a hero. Sorry for the mundane bra and panties. I wasn’t expecting anyone to be seeing them tonight.”

I reached around her and unhooked her bra then pulled it off over her arms. I had seen side boob when she had been laying out but never had I seen a full-frontal view. She didn’t have large breasts but certainly had enough for my purposes. Her nipples were already hard and longing to be tasted. My hands went to them and massaged.

“That would feel better if you’d take your gloves off.” I had the gloves off in a split second. “Pull out that top drawer. Put my sleep mask over my eyes then take off the mask. Scratch that for a few minutes. I want to see your body first.”

I got the mask and laid it on the bed then sat and removed my foot coverings then tossed them aside. My shirt came next and landed next to the rest. Her hands massaged my chest.

“Bottoms now,” she said, as she pulled down her panties.

She sported a small, trimmed triangle of a bush. Her clit was visible between her perfectly delicious looking labia. As I pulled down my pants my erect cock stood pointing at her. She stepped forward and took it in her hand and began stroking it. My hand decided it needed to be between her legs and I gently slid my fingers over her labia, brushing her clit as I did. She moaned as I slid my fingers into her moisture.

“Put the mask on me. I need your mouth and tongue,” she moaned.

I picked up the mask and placed it over her eyes then pulled mine off. Our lips met in a lover’s kiss as my hands continued massaging her breasts and the other between her legs. She began stroking me again. My mouth made its way to her neck then inched to her breasts. A finger went inside her tight wet pussy. She pushed her hips toward me and pushed it in farther then began riding it. It was just a moment before she was panting.

“Yes, faster. I’m going to cum.”

I increased the pace and added a second finger. She groaned and clamped down on my fingers. Her head came down as her body began trembling and legs began to shake. I put my arm around her to steady her just as she went limp. I slowed my movement then put my wet fingers in my mouth. Her hands reached for my face and our lips met again.

“On your back. I need that cock,” she said.

I Kadıköy Escort laid on the bed. Feeling her way, she straddled me and squatted on my erection. Then slowly began rocking. As she picked up her pace she began rising up and down riding my full length.

“I haven’t had anything in there but my fingers in a very long time.”

I could tell. Her pussy was so tight she could have been a virgin. She continued to ride, and her pace quickened. Soon she was cumming again and very vocal about it. She slowed then stopped and rolled off beside me. I let her rest for a few minutes before turning her onto her side and putting my face between her legs. As I began licking her labia, I felt her tongue on the tip of my cock. I stayed on the outside of the labia licking, kissing, and nibbling for a long time before sliding my tongue between her labia from front to back. The second my tongue touched her clit she moaned then swallowed my cock. She wanted me to cum. There was no denying it. I feverishly tongued her and then finally sucked her clit into my mouth. She screamed.

“Oh fuck! Suck hard Spiderman. I’m going to explode.”

I sucked even harder and slid two fingers inside her as I felt myself nearing my own peak. Her legs clamped around my head as she shook from her orgasm. I exploded rope after rope into her warm wet mouth. We both collapsed exhausted. It was several minutes before she spoke.

“How long are you home for, Mike?”

I’d been made. “Uh, a week,” I replied. “How did you know?”

“I smelled you when we were dancing at the party. You knew which key unlocked the door and where I hang my keys.”

“You’re okay with this?”

“My original plan was to send you back to the party after you walked me home, but your tight ass changed my mind. Then after the fucking I just got I’ve decided to just save time and put in my reservation for more.”

“You’re amazing in bed, Mom.”

“Was I a convincing drunk?”

“You weren’t drunk?”

“I had about a half a beer. Those guys weren’t getting anything from me anyway, but thanks for the rescue.”

“Glad my Spidey senses picked you up.”

“Me too. By the way, you’ll be happy to know that your sisters will be here tomorrow.”

“I’ve got mixed feelings about that. Don’t get me wrong, I love them to death. It’s just….”

“You were hoping to have more playtime with me, maybe?” she asked.

“Yeah, that’s exactly it.”

“We’ll still have plenty of time. They’ve both had the hots for you.”

“Are you kidding me?”

“Nope, we were all going to seduce you at Christmas anyway. We have it all planned. How’s your tongue?”

“Fine, why?”

“Then how about putting it to use on my pussy again? You’re going to need it strong with three pussies to service.”

“How about sitting on my face this time?”

“My pleasure.”

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