Good Neighbors Pt. 02Good Neighbors Pt. 02


Morning comes and I awaken. I am spooning my wife and her naked body is pressed back against mine. I love waking up with her in my arms and her petite little butt pressed up against my cock. This has led to many mornings with me holding her against me and taking her from behind as I spread her legs and push my cock between her thighs into her hot wet pussy. We both enjoy starting out the day this way.

As I open my eyes feeling her pressed against me, I realize two things. We are not in our own bed, and we are not alone. The events of the previous night come back to me. I realize we are still in Dave and Mary’s bed with them and that last night was real and not a dream. I still had the taste of Dave’s cum in my mouth. I smiled thinking about how great his cock felt in my mouth as I gave my first blow job. I loved feeling him lose control and tasting his cum was something I was going to want to do again! What was my wife going to say when I told her I not only had sex with Mary but also deep throated her husband and sucked him dry.

We had fallen asleep with the two wives in the middle and the husbands on the outside holding their wives. But now I realized something else. Someone was holding me from behind and was pressed up against me just like I was pressed up against her. I am both the small and big spoon. There is an arm around me and from the size of the body I realize Dave has moved to my side of the bed.

I his body pressed up again mine. His strong chest is pressed up against my back, his lips are breathing on my beck and his arm is holding me in a loving embrace. I don’t know if he is awake or asleep, but I am not about to move and wake him up. I feel warm and happy sandwiched between his strong body and my wife.

I feel myself getting harder and my cock presses into my wife’s butt as it grows. She turns over to give me a good morning kiss. She looks at me with surprise and I realize she has tasted the cum on my lips. Then she sees Dave’s arm around me and gives me a little smile to say she understands and approves.

Her movement must have awoken Dave as I can feel him move a little against me. He squeezes me with this arm to give me a good morning hug and starts moving his hand down my belly. While his hand approaches my cock, I feel his cock start to grow as it pressed up against my butt. I realize that this is the same position we are in when I wake up my wife many mornings and worry that he is going to try to take me from behind like I take her.

My wife sees him moving and his hand rubbing my belly and I can tell she understands my predicament. She makes eye-contact, and I can tell how turned on she is. It is obvious from her look that she knows about the hard cock pressed against my ass and that there was no way in hell she was going to let me back out of this now. Her look almanbahis says “Don’t dare move. I need to see where this goes. This is going to be amazing!”

His hand ventures down my belly through my pubic hair and settles on my cock. My cock twitches against his hand as he grabs it and squeezes it. I moan a little at the attention.

My wife kisses me to give her approval. I see Mary turn and press herself against my wife from behind. She puts one hand on my wife’s breast and the other on her belly and pulls her into an embrace. I know that my wife is going to get the attention she missed out on last night when she fell asleep.

I had never been with another man before last night’s blow job. I know it awakened something in me I wasn’t aware was there before. I just lie there enjoy ng the feeling of him pressed up against me. He is so large and strong, and I am enveloped in his arm. I can feel his hard cock pressed up against my butt as his hand is slowly stroking my cock. My cock and his hand are slippery with my precum, and he is slowly gently stroking it up and down. He puts his other arm below me and I am wrapped in his arms. He holds me tight, and I realize I am in his control, and he is in total charge of what comes next. This must be the same feeling my wife has when she gives into me for our morning fucks. He moves one hand to my balls to squeeze them while the other is wrapped around my chest. His lips are near my ear, and I can feel his warm breath as he whispers “You are mine and I am going to take you. Just relax and enjoy the feeling as you realize how much you want this to happen.” I know he is right and wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.

Glancing at my wife I see that she is giving into the moment too. Between watching her husband with another man and Mary’s skilled hands she is in bliss. I know her biggest problem is that she doesn’t want to miss a moment of the two men in front of her, but Mary is very distracting.

Dave’s hard cock moves so that is lying in the crack of my ass. His cock is wet with precum and starts sliding up and down the crack. He strokes back and forth with little thrusting movements. His cock feels so hot and large pressed up against me. For a second, I worry about what is next and then I realize how much I want it. I want to feel his cock deep inside of me fucking me as he has his way with me! I am a little surprised at how much I want and need this.

I make eye contact with my wife, and she can tell that she is going to get her wish and see me taken by another man. Both of us share looks of passion and love.

I feel one hand on my chest and the other wraps around my hipbone. He pulls me into him, and I can feel his body pressed hard against my back as he pulls my butt back against his hard cock. He is strong and I know I couldn’t move if I wanted almanbahis yeni giriş to. He is lost to the feeling and needs to fuck something, and I am there trapped in his arms. It is going to happen. I contract my butt muscles to squeeze his cock and let him know I need this too. He responds by grinding even harder against my ass.

Mary is looking at the two of us and I see her nibble on my wife’s ear and then hear her whisper into my wife’s ear “Our husbands are so sexy. Look how turned on they are. I love this view of seeing a new guy take his first cock. Watch his face and eyes as my husband first enters him. You will be able to tell when that cock enters from his expression. Once it begins, he will lose touch with reality and lose himself to the feeling of that cock in his ass. He won’t even know we are here.”

I smile and then realize how much I need that cock inside of me soon. While it feels so good pressed up against me, I need to be fucked. As if he could read my mind, he moves so that the head of his cock is placed against the outside of my hole. His cock is wet and slimy after rubbing his precum all over my ass. He pushes a tiny bit so I feel the pressure of the big head pressing against the opening asking permission to enter. My ass starts opening and closing, kissing his cock and inviting it in. He just holds it there pressed against my hole for what feels like an eternity, teasing me and making me want it more and more.

My wife leans over and gives me a quick kiss. She cannot believe what is happening. She is lost in the moment and to the hand between her legs stroking her wet pussy. We both want this more then we knew.

With his arms wrapped around me holding me and controlling me, I feel his hips slowly push forward. The head of his cock pushes against the opening it, stretching it and I feel the pressure and worry he won’t fit. And then he is inside me. His head is past the tight opening of my ass. My ass wraps around the head of his cock in a hot embrace. All I feel is the overwhelming intensity of his cock inside me, stretching me and stimulating me, filling me. I have always loved when my wife licks my ass and how much it makes me cum. But this is so much more intense and incredible. Pain isn’t the right word. The feeling is just overwhelming intensity. He starts to push a little deeper a bit at a time slowly penetrating deeper inside of me. The sensation changes from just raw intensity to intense pleasure. I am totally taken over by the sensation of his cock sliding into my ass. All I can think is “Yes, yes, yes, more”. I push back to get more as he pushes his cock deeper. I feel his cock sliding deeper and deeper inside me. Finally, I feel his stomach pressed against my butt and I can tell he is all the way in. We just lie there for a moment. He is pressed into me, almanbahis giriş and I can feel his cock pulsing inside of me as the head pushes against my prostrate. As we lie there, I just lose myself in the amazing feeling of being so full of a hot sexy cock.

After a moment, he slowly starts pulling his cock back out. Just before he is out, he pushes all the way back taking me and fucking me. His hips move back as he fucks me. He moves back and then his strong hands grab my hips and us back together plunging his cock deep inside of me once again. I am being fucked and it is the greatest thing I have ever felt.

As he moves in and out and I am lost to the sensation of it all. He starts to speed up and at the same time grabs my cock squeezing it and using it as a handle to pull himself deeper and deeper. The feeling of him buried deep in my ass had made me forget I even had a cock until he grabbed it. His attention makes it so big and hard it feels like his cock is so deep inside me that it is entering my cock on each stroke doubling its size. Each time his cock pushes into me as he fucks me is answered by my cock expanding and throbbing as his cock hits my prostrate.

He speeds up and is hammering into me over and over. I realize he is close to exploding and filling me with his cum. I push back with each thrust to take him deeper inside. All I want is to feel his hot cum inside of me and know that I satisfied him. I feel him move fast and hard as he plunges deep my tight willing ass. His arms wrap around me in a tight hug full of love and passion. I feel him tense up and push deeper and feel the release of his hot cum. There is so much. I feel it spreading throughout my ass. He just holds me tight against him buried all the way inside of me as he empties his cum into me. Between this amazing feeling and his hand stroking my cock, I unleash my own torrent of cum. We lay there panting and content. His arms are still wrapped around me, and I feel safe, satisfied, and happy.

After a few minutes of just lying there in his arms, I hear a moan. I notice a woman in front of me. It takes me a second to realize it is my wife and she is in the middle of an orgasm from the combination of watching us and Mary’s talented caresses. Mary has the fingers of one hand deep in my wife’s cunt while the other caresses her nipple giving my wife what she needs. I had forgotten they were even there as I gave myself in to the feeling of being fucked. As much as I normally would have given anything to watch my wife with another woman; that hard cock filling me and taking me had led me to another place where nothing else mattered.

My wife looks at me and smiles blissfully. She says “Thank you. Watching your face when the cock entered you was the sexiest thing I have ever seen. I can’t wait until next time.” We all lay there holding each other and fall back asleep. As I doze off feeling the cum drip out of my ass, I realize I didn’t have anywhere to be all day and am excited thinking about what the rest of this day would bring. We might just stay in bed all day.

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