My Buddy, Who is Straight Ch. 02My Buddy, Who is Straight Ch. 02

Big Tits

My good buddy, Ray, who is straight (I think), had talked me into helping him make his deepest, darkest fantasy a reality. I kind of thought sucking another man’s cock for the first time while his best friend watched would, I don’t know, change him somehow. It didn’t seem as if it had.

We didn’t see all that much of each other for a while after that evening, which suited me fine. The scene with Frank and Ray had shaken me up more than I cared to admit. I’d found out that my friend of many years had bisexual tendencies. It wasn’t just that I was willing to watch while he indulged them, I’d gotten hard doing it. What did that say about me?

My mind was still in a bit of a whirl about it when Ray texted me a couple of weeks later.

“I’ve been thinking we should start working out again. What do you think?”

A few days later we were back at the gym, sparsely populated on a Saturday afternoon, wearing masks, huffing and puffing as we pushed on the machines. After that we walked and ran side by side on the treadmills. I had to admit it was good to get back into the routine, and good to be with Ray.

After we were through we headed back to the locker room. I’d been fine when we were exercising, but now I found myself getting nervous at the thought of showering with Ray. This was weird, since we had seen each other naked dozens, if not hundreds of times. Still, I stripped a bit quicker than usual and walked into the shower area ahead of him. Once I got into one of the semi-transparent stalls and ran some warm water I felt better, at least until Ray got into the one adjoining mine.

Without really meaning to I found myself checking my naked buddy out through the frosted glass. I’d always thought Ray was a good-looking guy–I hadn’t been lying to Frank. Despite our layoff he still looked trim, his muscles defined just enough, meaty shoulders tapering down to a shapely butt, hair in all the right places. For the umpteenth time during the past couple of weeks I shook my head, marveling at the things I’d witnessed. At least it all had shaken me out of the rut I’d fallen into during the past crazy year and a half.

“Stop looking at my dick, you pervert,” Ray’s voice called out from the next stall. I jumped, then squeezed my own junk in response, giving him the finger with my other hand. We both laughed, and feeling a bit relieved I got down to the business of getting clean.

Still, I made sure I finished rinsing before him. I dried myself off quickly in the stall and headed back to my locker. By the time Ray joined me with his towel wrapped around his waist I already had my underwear on.

“Jase, will you just relax?”

I istanbul travesti looked up at him. “What do you mean?”

Ray came up to me, close enough that I could feel the heat and moisture from his freshly showered body.

“Look,” he said in a low voice, his expression serious. “I gave a guy a blowjob. That doesn’t mean I’m going to jump your bones. C’mon.”

I opened my mouth to argue, then shut it with a sigh. “You’re right. I’m sorry. I guess this is all still kind of new to me, the bi thing, I mean.”

“I should never have made you watch.”

“Hey, I’m a grown man. I could have left any time.”

Abruptly Ray’s eyes twinkled. “So–you liked watching.”

“Well,” I hemmed and hawed. At last I said, “I guess I did, a little.”

I expected a smartass retort, but none came. When I looked up I drew in my breath at the gratitude on his face.

“Jase, I owe you big time. You didn’t cut and run, the way Linda did. You helped me. That means a lot. Thanks.”

I shrugged. “It’s nothing.” I turned away and started pulling on my jeans, hoping the conversation was over. Talking about that evening was, to my embarrassment, making my cock start to swell. I hoped desperately that Ray hadn’t noticed.


“What?” I said, sounding more irritated than I’d intended.

“The offer’s still open.”

“What offer?”

“The free blowjob.”

I wheeled around, exasperated. “I don’t want a blowjob.”

Ray calmly stood his ground. “Really? You were checking me out in the shower. I saw you getting hard just now. Don’t bullshit me.”

As always, he had me.

“All right. If I let you blow me will you drop it?” I’d said it louder than I intended, loud enough that a young guy passing by turned and shot us a look.

Ray smiled, hands on his hips. “Maybe.”

“Well, I’m not doing it here.”

He rolled his eyes. “I’m a pervert, not an idiot. Let’s get dressed and we’ll head over to my place.”

We entered Ray’s house, cool and dark, a nice respite from the heat of the summer afternoon. It was the first time I’d been there since the evening with Frank. Despite my nervousness I felt my crotch stirring. I was going to learn what being sucked by another man felt like.

“Well, I guess we can do it on the couch like the last time,” Ray said.

I tried to make a joke. “Don’t I get a beer first?”

Ray, being Ray, took this seriously. “I’ll get you one. You can drink it while I’m doing you.”

I clapped him on the shoulder. “Don’t worry about it. Maybe after.”

By now we were in the living room. There was nothing left to say and nothing istanbul travestileri left for me to do except take my seat. I was breathing fast and my palms were sweaty. To buy time I said, “Maybe that beer would be a good idea after all.”

“Sure.” In a moment he returned with the opened bottle. He put it on the table next to the couch and faced me, smiling. “Now quit stalling and drop ’em.”

My face felt hot. Slowly I kicked off my topsiders and unbuckled my belt, pushing my jeans down my thighs, totally discomfited at undressing in front of my best friend. Ray watched me, his hands on his hips.

“You should just take them off, like Frank did,” he said. “You’ll be more comfortable.”

I obeyed but didn’t remove my underwear before I sat on the couch. Hesitantly I spread my legs and looked up. Ray smiled.

“You’re doing great,” he said, as if I were doing something really difficult instead of just presenting myself to get blown. He dropped to his knees between my legs and grabbed the waistband of my briefs. One swift pull and I was naked from the waist down, exposed and vulnerable.

Ray picked up my penis, still not totally hard, and examined it as if it were some exotic specimen he had just captured, lightly stroking the shaft and circumcised head. He caught me looking at him and grinned. “Nice cock, buddy.”

“Not as big as Frank’s,” I said.

“Big enough.” With that Ray popped it into his mouth and went to work. The first contact with his warm, wet mouth made me gasp. My cock instantly went from semi-soft to a steel rod. It had been years since I’d gotten head, and I’d forgotten just how good it could feel.

What’s more, Ray was far better at it than my reluctant ex-wife. He slid up and down on my shaft, keeping it wet with plenty of spit, so much that my pubes began to get wet. I felt his tongue flicking around my engorged head and into my piss slit, lapping up the precum that was flowing freely out of it. His fingers tugged at my balls as he took my full length down his throat, his nose pressing into my pubic bone.

“Oh fuck,” I moaned.

“Mm hmm,” Ray replied, his throat vibrating and tickling the head of my cock.

“Oh wow, do that again.”

“Mmmm,” he intoned, making me laugh.

Soon I was totally into the zone. My face was turned up to the ceiling but my eyes weren’t seeing anything. There was nothing in the world except my hard dick and the hot pleasure my friend’s mouth was drawing from it, shooting in tingling sparks through my entire body.

One of Ray’s hands slid up my body underneath my polo shirt that I was still wearing, caressing travesti istanbul my chest. His fingers found one of my nipples and squeezed, making me jump. Encouraged by this he slid both hands under and began to work both my tits, never letting go of my cock with his mouth. The additional stimulation pushed me closer and closer to the edge.

“Fuck, I’m getting close,” I gasped.

Ray let up long enough to say, “Do it, buddy,” then engulfed my organ again, increasing the pace and driving me toward the point of no return. I felt my thighs tense as cum began boiling up from my balls.

“Oh fuck,” I groaned as my body arched off the couch. My cock came to life in Ray’s mouth, cum shooting out of its bursting head in hard spurts. My head thrashed from side to side, my eyes squeezed tightly shut. My hands tried to grab onto the smooth fabric of the couch. “Fuck,” I said over and over again between gasps as I shot what felt like a dozen times down his throat.

At last the storm began to pass and I was able to open my eyes. As I started to catch my breath I looked down. Ray’s face was still pressed against my pubic bone, his hands grasping my hips. He hadn’t let go for one instant, even though I must have come close to choking him. I touched his hair and he released me in a whoosh of air and spittle. As he came up some of my cum clung to his lips, forming long strings between my pubes and his mouth. That was a sight I won’t forget–my best friend’s face, flushed and stained with tears and spit, his neatly trimmed beard decorated with my sperm.

“Jase? How are you doing?” Ray smiled, but I thought he looked a bit nervous as well.

How did I feel? Ashamed? Guilty? Perverted?

“Okay, I guess,” I told him. “Actually, better than okay. That was fantastic.”

Ray relaxed visibly. He patted my thigh. “So were you, buddy. Thanks.”

I drew a few more deep breaths, then reached for the beer, which had sat totally forgotten until now. I took a long swig and offered the bottle to him.

“Here. Wash the taste out. My ex-wife always told me how horrible I tasted after she gave me head.”

Ray took the bottle, drank, then said, “Can I say now that I never liked your ex all that much?”

“Hell, I never liked her all that much.”

We laughed at that one. I took the bottle and raised it. “To not having to rely on exes for head,” I said, and drank.

“Hear, hear,” Ray said, as he took the bottle.

I looked at my friend as he drank, the man who had just sucked me off. I’d just blown what felt like my biggest load ever down another man’s throat. Was this going to change things between us? If so, how?

I decided not to worry about it now. I reached out and grabbed Ray by the shoulder. “Seriously, thanks, man. Frank was right. You are good at this.”

My friend smiled and shrugged. “Any time.”

He didn’t know it just then, but I intended to take him up on that offer.


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