Giving In: The ConversationGiving In: The Conversation


Giving in Part 2

This is another short piece to a longer story. But to be fair, this is meant to be a short stroker story. There’s lots of slow burners on here and lots of short stories that leave a lot to be desired. Im trying to write shorter stories that have, at the very least, some substance.

Warning: Contains a scene with the Mother where she is very dominating – incase that’s not your thing.


“… and please empty all the trash cans and take the garbage out.” Sean’s dad rambled on, giving his daily To-Do list to his son.

“And for the 100th time, make sure you turn your lights off before you leave for school.”

Matt was talking with his back turned to his son. He was standing at the counter stirring the coffee in his To-Go mug. He was an average guy, in every way. Sean looked at his father and saw the same hollowed out man he always had. His long sleeves were rolled up to his elbows, and strung over his shoulder was the worn leather strap of his outdated courier bag. He was 45, trying to look 25, with the personality of someone 65.

Sean felt bad for his dad at that moment. He saw him as the unfulfilled, absent man that he was, and knew he’d never change. That was why mom was so unhappy.

” Ok dad, I will, sorry”. Sean told his dad. He was barely listening to his old man as

he scattered around to find all the contents of his book bag. He couldn’t find his car keys either. His parents helped him all they could with buying a car, so he ended up being responsible and buying a smaller, used car, so that he wouldn’t have payments. As a result, it only came with one key, and getting a replacement was a waste of money to a teenager.

“Don’t be late.” was all he said as he headed towards the door to the garage. He pulled the door closed behind him and Sean could hear the sound of the garage door opening. He was still so shocked from last night that everything seemed distant and fake this morning. He felt like he was watching a video of himself looking for his keys.

The garage door paused for a minute as Matt backed out, then it whined in reverse as it started to close.

“I can’t afford to be late…” he groaned, exasperated. Sean only had 2 more weeks of high school left, and if he didn’t get a 75% or better on his final American Lit paper… he was going to fail the class. The idea of this was terrifying. It meant summer school and not graduating on time, and more time held hostage in that building. The first class of the day… the one he was about to be late for, was American Literature. He hadn’t even started his paper, which was moot really, since he hadn’t read the story. His only chance of weaseling through it was getting context clues from class.

The garage door motor came to a stop and the house was silent.

“You won’t be late…” Jackie whispered from behind Sean.

Sean turned around to look towards his Mother’s voice. He lost his breath and his heart took two leaps out of his chest. Jackie was standing in the doorway to the kitchen. She wasn’t leaning against the jamb, or holding her hands up, She just stood there… and Sean couldn’t look away.

“Because you’re not going.” She finished saying

His mother was wearing a dark scarlet silk nighty and nothing else. It was outlined with a black lace border. It came down onto her thighs by only a few inches, almost short enough to show the beginning of her mound.

His mother’s big pale breasts were barely able to be held in. Her creamy skin and the freckles on her cleavage were a drug to Sean, and Jackie knew it. She read all about her son’s kink for paler skin.

Sean stood there frozen staring at his mother. Her auburn hair was pulled up into a messy bun. A beautiful strand of it fell down the side of her face, outlining her green eyes and the fire inside of the,

“You won’t be late… because you’re not going.” She smiled an evil smile and started walking towards her son.

“Mom I have to…” Sean started

“Youll do as Mother says” Jackie snapped back as she reached Sean. She reached up and grabbed the hair on the back of her son’s head and pulled down. Sean’s face pointed up to the ceiling, but he tried to look down at his mom.

He could Çeşme Escort feel the warm and wet touch of her tongue. She slowly licked up his throat, and adam’s apple, until she reached his ear lobe. She gently took her son’s ear between her two lips. Jackie opened her mouth to whisper in Sean’s ear. Just the feel of her breath sent a shiver through Sean’s entire body. He wiggled in place. All rational thought was leaving.

“In 2 weeks your done with that school Sean. Period. And we’re going to stick with the plan..” Sean could see a level of craziness in his Mother’s eyes he’d never seen before. A look that should have scared him… enthralled him.

“What plan Mom.?” Sean asked

“Today… You will call me Mother. Do you understand?” She began kissing Sean’s neck

“Yes Mother…” Sean’s voice was shaking

“And for OUR plan baby… to be together.” Jackie reached down and grabbed her son’s crotch.

” Isn’t that what you want” She asked?”

“Well… of course, but how mom?” Sean asked

Jackie’s face changed. She looked very serious all of a sudden. She reached up and put her hand on her son’s throat. She’d never been so aggressive in her life, especially with her son. She squeezed his throat gently and started pushing him back.

” I said to call me Mother. Not Mommy, not Mom, not Jackie…. Mother. Am I clear?” She slowly pushed him into the living room.

“Yes Mother” Sean said looking down at his beautiful dominating Mother.

“Lay down on the couch Sean…” Jackie told her son as she gently pushed him backwards.

“Yes Mother…”

Sean laid down on the couch like instructed. He had no idea what was going on. But he knew his Mother was in charage.

“Mmmm… look at Mother’s little fuck boy.” Jackie slowly pulled up her silk nightgown just the few inches needed to show her pussy. ” That’s what you are, right?

“Yes Mother” Sean said more obedient”

“Mmmm yes. Tell me what you are.” Jackie said, now consumed with lust. She put one knee next to her 18 year old son’s head. She looked down at her son’s wide eyes looking up at her.

“I’m Mother’s fuck toy…” He could smell his mom’s sweet juices they were so close to him.

“Call yourself my Slave!” Jackie screamed. She was losing control and someone else was taking over. She reached down and pulled her son’s hair to hold his stare on to her.

Sean’s voice found a new calm. He realized this wasn’t for him at all… this was something his mother wanted… and the moment took on new meaning. All he wanted was to fulfill his Mother’s desire like she did for him.

Sean looked at his mother and smirked. He knew she wanted to dominate him. He looked her right in the eye and told her… ” Look down at your own son… between your legs… ” he paused.

“My Mother’s personal little sex slave…” Sean said. Jackie allowed herself to fall forward onto her son’s face. She closed her eyes at first as she felt his mouth against her pussy. She continued to hold onto his hair as she started shuffling back and forth.

“You like that you sick little boy don’t you… You like watching your Mother choke you with her cunt huh?’

Jackie’s auburn hair was starting to fall out of her bun. She grabbed Sean’s hair with both hands and started grinding his face as hard as possible. He squirmed for air.

“Is Mother choking you?” Jackie asked. Sean’s eyes got wider. He was running out of breath. There was something about taking control of someone you love that did it for her. It was the helpless look of her son stuck between her legs that made her cum. She looked down at her baby boy, knowing he’d do anything for her, and that she was in complete control of him… and that was enough.

“Ooo fuck… Yes yes yes. Look at me!” Jackie screamed. Her son did just that.,

Jackie looked down into her son’s eyes looking back up at her and came harder than she ever had before. She started shaking and shuttering until finally a gush left her and into her son’s mouth. It exploded from the sides of his mouth. She was, for the first time in her life, gushing.

She leaned up onto the balls of her feet to take herself off Sean’s face and rubbed her clit with all four fingers.

“FUCK!” she Çeşme Escort Bayan screamed and shot another load all over him as he held his mouth open for her. She filled his mouth until it was full and poured out. She sat there, now on Sean’s chest shaking for sometime.

In disbelief he asked, “Mom… what was that?”

“‘That’,… was something only YOU have ever been able to do to me.” Jackie told Sean. She was barely able to stay upright, and after a few more seconds, folded herself down until she was laying on top of her son.

Sean started to say something and stopped “Mom..” was all he got out. Jackie shushed her son by putting her finger on his lips. Then, after a few long seconds, she replaced her finger with her lips.

The kiss seemed to be a hardener for the moment, replacing any disbelief and doubt they were feeling with conviction and contentment. It was a solidifying bond, with their lips being the punctuation.

Jackie could taste herself on her son’s tongue and lips and she kissed him harder. The more she thought about it the more turned on she got. She thought about the kiss itself… a tender, soft, lustful kiss. A passionate, loving kiss, on forbidden lips. She stopped to look down at her son for a second and he looked at her.

“Please Mom.” Sean asked. “Please don’t stop.” Jackie didn’t know if he meant just the kiss or all of it. It didn’t matter though.. Just like that, Jackie couldn’t imagine her future without her lover Son

“Baby, I couldn’t stop, even if I tried. ” She leaned in and kissed her son again.


The Conversation

It was clear that Sean wasn’t going to school after all

Sean rested his head against his arm and leaned on the tile wall. The water was hot enough that a thick steam hung through the bathroom, and behind the glass shower doors looked more like the heavy cycle on a dishwasher than it did a shower. Soap and water splashed the walls as Sean scrubbed himself with a black loofa. With each rinse and wash the water got hotter, and the scrub got harder.

He couldn’t ignore the feelings pushing forward anymore. He sunk down to the floor of the shower and hung his head in his hands.

“What have I done?” was all he could think.

“Those fucking stories… Why couldn’t I just be normal. I did this to Mom. She was in a bad spot with dad and I made her snap. What type of son am I? What type of son thinks like this? If anyone ever finds out they’ll arrest us. What if dad or Olivia found out? ” All of this ran over his mind as the hot water ran down over him. “What type of son… finds his own Mother attractive?”

Then, slowly, another thought came over him.

“What type of Mother actually fucks her own son?”

Sean stood up and turned the water off. He needed to talk to his Mother.


“What have I done to my child? What is wrong with me? Why do I think of him like this?” Jackie sat down on the edge of her bed and began to cry. She hung her head in her hands and let her tears fall down undisputed. It was so difficult because she couldn’t ignore the feelings for her son, even while bound with guilt. She thought about how Sean looked between her legs as she rode his face. She thought about how he looked when he was sleeping peacefully in his bed at night. She was experiencing two, very different and very real types of love for Sean. This wasn’t just going to go away, she realized.

Jackie stood up and pulled a hoodie over her head. She stepped into sweatpants with no panties and headed out of the walk-in closet. She needed to talk to her son.


They met in the hallway – both headed to find each other, and stopped.

“Mom,” Sean started nervously

“Baby wait…,” Jackie said at the same time.

Sean spoke quickly and shaky, clearly distraught. “I don’t know what to say Mum, I’m so sorry. I never thought you’d…” Jackie interrupted her son with her own nervous narrative.

“I don’t know what got into me Sean… What type of Mother would…”

Sean continued talking over top of his mother, worried he wont be able to say what he had to.

“What if I got you in trouble? What if…” Jackie was listening Escort Çeşme now. “… you did it just for me. What if,” Sean trailed off. His voice got shaky as he started to cry. “What if you realize how fucked up I am and want me to leave.”

He didn’t even try to fight the tears. His mother wanted more than anything to just wrap her arms around him and comfort him, but she needed to straighten out a few things herself first or she stood the chance of loosing her focus the second she felt him. She grabbed his hand and sat down on the floor, puling him down to sit in front of her. They both sat there, cross legged in the middle of the upstairs hallway, and dried their eyes.

“Ok baby, you go first.” Jackie told her son. She spoke with a level of composure and love that surprised even her. Their knees almost touched as they sat across from each other. She reached over for his other hand, now holding both in hers.

“I’m sorry. I never planned on anyone ever finding out… especially not you. I know its wrong and illegal and weird,”

“It’s not weird.” Jackie interjected quickly and said nothing else after.

“The rest of the world doesn’t think that!” Sean proclaimed nervously. “Look, Mom… ” His voice cracked with tears. “…I just don’t want to lose you.

“You won’t Sean.” Jackie told her son confidently. “If that’s what we choose.”

Sean looked at his Mom attentively, but unsure what she meant.

“I’m your Mother baby, and regardless of what’s happened or will happen, I have certain responsibilities that’ll never go away. And at the top of that list, is making sure your physical, emotional, and mental needs are met. And that’s whether you’re 2 or 52. Makes sense so far, right?” She asked her son. Sean noticed her smile was comforting and reassuring, and so he started to feel better, although admittedly more confused.

“Whatever those needs may be, I’ve done my best to meet them for you and your sister.”

“You have Mom.” Sean said. “You’re the greatest Mother anyone could ever ask for.”

Jackie smiled at her son’s sweet words.

“So when I first read your stories I got really upset.” she said

“Mom, I didn’t mean to…” Sean tried before being cut off.

“Stop. Let me talk. I got really upset because I realized that you had a whole different set of needs that were not being met. And that’s how it started, baby. I started reading your stories because I felt bad that you had such a strong desire that you had to keep secret. It started with just wanting you to feel love and fulfillment baby… but it changed. You turned something on inside of me Sean.”

“The best way I can try and explain it is like this, Imagine having all the love a Mother has for her son and imagine if that love transformed into something bigger. Everything that was always there still is baby, it’s just morphed into something else.

“Sean… I’ve had time to think about this, and this is what I want. No one will ever love you like Mommy loves you.”

Sean’s heart began beating heard at the sound of that.

“I want to be all of those things for you Sean. I want to be everything you ever need Baby. I’ve been waiting my whole life for this… for a man that loves and wants me. To serve that man…”

Sean’s heart was beating out of his chest. “But mom, what if…”

“No But’s baby. That’s what you have to decide. We’re either going to never talk about this again, and live the rest of our lives wondering… or we’re going to give in to this.” Jackie’s look became very serious and dire.

“So you need to decide Sean. Because I have.”

There was a silence that seemed much longer than it really was. Sean was trying to just make sense of all of this. In just a couple days, he went from having a secret incest fantasy that no one knew about, to actually fucking his own mother. There was no making sense of this he realized. Logic and morals and ethics and reasoning had no place here. They were no competition for the sheer power of raw passion and lust and desire. It was all he could focus on for more than just a couple seconds. He knew there was no choice… he had to have her.

He looked into her eyes for one more second before he finally spoke.

“You’re all I’ve ever wanted Mom…. and all I’ll ever want. No one will love you as much as I do. I have to have you now Mom. You’re the only woman I’ve ever wanted.” Sean finally confessed.

Jackie smirked a naughty smile and told her son, “Good… because I’m the only woman you’ll ever need.

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