Fluffy, Furry Angora CockTease Ch. 03Fluffy, Furry Angora CockTease Ch. 03


You’ve been responding nicely to my prick tease training, and I’ve been focusing your attention on the soft, pink fluffy angora sweater I’m wearing. You don’t know it yet, but this sexy, sensual fabric will be your undoing, and I intend on using it to explore and intensify your fuzzy fur fetish, totally seducing and enslaving you with it.

As you hold me in your arms, you keep pawing at it, and your hands naturally start to get more aggressive. So I sweetly slow you down, telling you to take your time, restricting you from getting ahead of yourself.

I smile and wink at you playfully, saying “Slow down there, tiger, what’s the rush? Now you be nice to my fuzzy sweater, it’s very expensive!”

My words serve to disarm your male aggression, making you submit to my feminine charms. This has the wonderful effect of letting me assert myself over you, making it clear that I’m in charge of how much you get and when you’ll get it.

You are confused but excited by this action, and you look at me in a sexual trance as I giggle at you. I don’t say anything else, I just watch you for a moment, allowing my teasing words to assume control of your mind and body.

And the process repeats – I continue to stroke and caress your body, rubbing my warm palms over your skin and using my fingers and nails to tantalize sensitive little places all over you. Meanwhile I am letting you touch me and feel me up in my soft sweater…

You play along, massaging me gently in the angora fur, but each time you start getting really excited, I stop you in your tracks. Right when you start being just a bit too aggressive for my liking, I suddenly push your hands away, scolding you a bit more and pulling away from you, only to snuggle back up against you slowly.

It’s a delightful little display of feminine power over you!

After a few more cycles through this little teasing game, I tell you sweetly, “Do you like the way I’m toying with you now? First I encourage your advances, but then I deny you. Do you like that?” You just nod, not knowing how else to react…

I just love doing that – confronting you about what I’m doing, openly involving you in it, telling you about it and demanding that you confess your feelings about it! It’s a much different style than the one being used by the kind of girl who teases as a deception, leading you to believe she’s going to let you have her, and then rejects you.

I much prefer it my way – openly stating that I am teasing you, telling you how I’m doing it, sharing it with you and making you agree to it as we proceed…it’s a little way of gaining your consent for my sexual teasing every step of the way, and I find it to be wonderfully intimate and seductive!

So I continue, saying with a firm tone in my voice, “Now hold me and caress me in my angora, sweetie!” You reach your hands around me again, and I allow you to rub the fluffy angora fur some emek escort more before pushing your hands away again. The look on your face is priceless as you slowly absorb the wicked sexuality of this little activity, so arousing and yet so naughty, all at the same time.

“Now you stop that, baby, that’s enough of that for now!” I say sweetly, and you stop, taking your hands off me. But I grab them abruptly and put them back on my hips, guiding them up toward my fluffy fur sweater again as I tell you, “Why’d you stop? Awww, come on, baby, keep rubbing me, I just love it when you hold me in your arms and feel me up!”

And here we go with the mind fuck…it’s another little technique I really enjoy exploring! Encouraging you to do one sexy thing or another, scolding you when you do it, making you stop, then questioning why you stopped, toying with your mind and desires just like that…oh my god it’s so yummy and kinky!!

Despite the confusing effect of my little mind game, you comply, gently caressing me some more, and I pull you closer and lean over toward your ear, whispering “Good boy! Now you just do whatever Miss Kitty says, okay lover??”

Ooo, I just love this part of the fun and games…the mind-fuck has begun!!

I allow you to pet me again, and your breathing starts to get really deep and heavy as you have your way with me for just a moment. But then I gently grab your arms and hold them down at your sides, releasing them after a few seconds.

You accept my rejection, leaving your arms right where I put them as I rest my arms on your shoulders and reach in to kiss you softly on the cheek and neck. I keep doing that for a little while before pausing to say sweetly, “Oh, so you DO know how this game is played, don’t you?”

I pull away and stare into your eyes, absolutely drinking in every bit of your passive behavior. I just love it!

And then I giggle girlishly as I start to stroke your bare chest with my hands again, circling around your nipples for a minute before rubbing my palms slowly down toward your crotch, tantalizing your skin with my slutty long pink fingernails as I go.

This time, as I approach your pants, I slowly unbutton the button and daintily take hold of your zipper, slowly pulling it down a little with the tips of my long nails. But instead of pulling it down all the way, I just leave it there, right in the middle…

And then I reach up and wrap my furry-covered arms around your neck again, whispering, “Take off your pants for me, sweetie, so we can have a little more fun with you!”

You don’t hesitate, and in seconds you unzip your fly and pull down your pants, and I make you step out of them and put them over on a chair. You practically trip over yourself as you rush to put them down…

“Wait right there, honey!” I say as I slowly approach you. The look in my eyes is eryaman escort intoxicating you further as I pause a few feet away and look down at the obvious bulge in your briefs. I smile at the sight of it – it is fully erect, but bent in half uncomfortably under there…we’ll be doing something about that soon, but not quite yet!

Instead of coming on to you some more, I stop a couple feet away from you, at just the right distance for you to feast your eyes on and get the full view. I look back up into your eyes and strike a pose, putting my hands on my hips and just standing there.

I am brazenly showing myself off for you, and I say in my sweet but assertive voice, “Now you just stay still right there and watch the show, okay honey?”

You nod, knowing there’s nothing else you can do but obey. I turn to the side and inhale slowly and deeply, pushing out my chest and cupping my hands under my breasts. I lift them up while sticking out my ass for you to ogle, and I watch as your eyes zero in on my chest, then move down my body to my ass, then slowly down my legs to my slutty high heels, and then slowly back up again.

Your eyes give me a thorough inspection, going up, and then back down my body again. Finally they move up onto my chest and land on my big breasts, poking out from my pink fluffy sweater, barely contained under the tiny pink bikini top. And there your eyes stay for a minute, focused on my big, sexy titties for some unexplainable reason…

I’ve been holding them up with my hands, but now I let go of them, turning to face toward you a little more, slowly coming toward you until my big boobs are right in front of your face. Then I look down at them briefly and back up at you, smiling and swaying them back and forth a little, allowing the sparkly gold necklaces dangling down between them to captivate your attention.

I am absolutely mesmerizing you now with the sheer pulchritude of my incredibly feminine charms!

Your gaze moves over the soft sweater resting on my shoulders, the one that you know is so soft and furry, so sensual and seductive! Now that you’ve touched it, now that you’ve had a nice taste of me wearing it, the effect of seeing me tease you like this is even more intense…

I stop moving my boobs around, and I smile broadly as I back away from you a couple steps so you can see more of my sexy curves.

Your gaze moves down my body and pauses on my hot ass, so round and firm, hanging out from under my shiny pink micro-skirt. Of course, I notice you looking and take the opportunity to show it off for you as well, and I slowly turn to face away from you, leaning forward so my ass sticks out blatantly.

I sway it back and forth, slowly shifting my weight from one side to the other, then giving it a little wiggle and tossing my long, golden hair to one side. I glance back at you, esat escort noticing that you are absolutely fixated on it, and that causes a girlish giggle to escape from my lips…

And your visual inspection of me continues!

Your mouth is watering as you look at my pink garter belt, and you feel your cock throbbing as your eyes gaze at the garters attached to the tops of my shiny pink stockings. The way they “dress up” my thighs, attached to that ass you love so much, has you completely starting to come unglued…

From there, you shamelessly ogle every inch of my long, curvy legs, moving slowly down them, and you pause for some reason on my slutty, pink open toed 6″ spike heeled sandals…ooo, I wonder why you did that?

I think we might have a bit of a high-heel fetish, do we, hmmm??

Knowing I have your full attention, I look back at you and say, “So, what do you think? You like looking at me from behind like this?” You nod again, unable to speak, and I continue, seeing if I can draw your attention to whatever part of me I want, “You like my ass when I pose like this and wiggle it for you? Does that turn you on??”

I giggle as you nod, focusing your eyes on my sexy ass and I continue, “And what about my legs? Don’t they look nice in these shiny pink stockings, the long seam running all the way down them?”

Your eyes move down my legs as if I’m guiding them with my words, and I add, “Ooo, and I just love these ‘fuck me’ shoes, don’t you? Nice shiny pink spike heels, with an open toe so you can see my sexy tootsies, and this naughty little ankle strap tying me up, just like I’m in bondage!”

Once again, your eyes follow my words, and you just stare at my spike heels as I start sashaying back and forth in front of you, taking a few steps to the left, then back to the right, back and forth just like that for a minute or so.

I watch you carefully at this point, and I am thrilled with the way you are just staring at me, looking at whatever part of me I want you to, wherever my words lead you, and I show off some more and add with a laugh, “Whatsa matter? Kitty got your tongue??”

I giggle girlishly again, getting really turned on at being so easily able to attract your attention and arouse your desire. It takes a few seconds for you to compose yourself, but finally you pant, “Oh my god, Kitty, you are SUCH a tease, I love it! I love the way you dress up for me, so sexy and slutty, and the way you strut around and show off for me like this, it turns me on so much!”

I laugh at you, enjoying your obvious approval and encouragement. And I begin slowly walking around you, circling you seductively like prey, knowing that you will keep watching.

And then I say deliberately, a tone of real confidence in my voice, “Yes, baby, I am a tease all right! And I just love prick teasing YOU, because you’re such a willing subject! It makes me hot to know that I can seduce you and cock tease you, any time I want, and that you’ll do exactly what I say…and just let me have my way with you!”

My words are so up front, so in your face, and yet you love it, you can’t resist it, and there’s nothing you can do but want…MORE of it!

Sounds like a nice little arrangement, doesn’t it?

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