Excellent Timing Ch. 02Excellent Timing Ch. 02


Val walked to the Radman Lodge next to the dining hall. Val was glad that she would be the only one teaching the backpacking class. She didn’t feel like putting up with other people. Sterling had agitated her enough already when she tried to offer him help. Pulling on the huge heavy wooden door, Val breathed in deeply. She could never get enough of the Radman Lodge. The walls, floor, and ceiling were all made of different kinds of wood. Even the chairs and tables in the lodge were made of wood. A room off to the left was encased by a giant hearth and more wooden chairs and tables. About five people waited in this room for Val.

She entered smiling generously, “Well, are all of you interested in backpacking?”

A mother of two small children nodded her head slowly while the small children zipped around excitedly, “Yes, we are!”

A young male teenager remained silent while an older man added, “My grown daughter loves backpacking. I felt I could at least become informed about it and well maybe go backpacking with her sometime.”

“I’m glad to see so many of you show up. This is one of the biggest times in attendance I’ve had yet.” Val took a moment to breathe and added, “So many people are not motivated to get out there and experience nature for what it has to offer. I’m glad all of you are thusly motivated! I promise to help you achieve these goals..” Val continued her long speech. Then, she retrieved her own backpack from her manager’s office. She explained how to buy the best backpack and that every person needs a certain kind of backpack. Some brands work for some people; other brands work for other people. From there, she explained how to pack a backpack efficiently, wisely, and safely. “Never forget your first-aid kit,” Val offered. After nearly two hours of instruction, the mother and her children left along with the teenager and old man. Val locked up the backpack and headed for the dining hall.

Val thought to herself, “Grrr..I’m Soup of the Day. I totally forgot. I’ll just get it over with…”

She started promptly, “Okay, who’s hungry?” Many hands rose and children screamed in response to Val’s question. She continued, “I think we all can agree on that one. Let’s sing the farmer’s grace.” One-hundred Radman staff joined in with Val and the few regular visitors to sing the farmer’s grace. Val then finished with, “Enjoy your meal everyone.”

Val looked hurriedly for a place to sit alone. She was so tired and exhausted. She valued her alone time these days. After about five minutes of solace eating the delicious fried chicken, mashed potatoes, and corn, Val felt someone grab her and put her in the headlock. “Shit,” Val thought and bit her lip from saying it outloud. Then she heard someone whisper into her ear very softly, “I will take you up on that offer of fighting you if you keep isolating yourself like this. No one wants you to sit alone. Especially me.”

Val’s brown eyes followed Kaden closely as she sat her plate down at the table and joined Val. Val didn’t know what to do. She was immobile. Kaden said, “I’m eating with you Val. Is that okay?”

Val shook her head to revive herself. “Yes, I’m just shocked. Sorry, Kaden.”

“No, it’s okay. I care about you just so you know.”

“Thank you. That means a lot to me.” Val managed to smile at Kaden as she stuffed her face into a chicken leg.

Kaden giggled at Val. Val then said with a mouthful, “Now, why, you gotta go and laugh at me when I’m trying to be nice to you?”

Kaden shook her head and giggled even more.

Val put down her chicken leg and insisted, “What did I do?”

“Val, I’m not laughing at you first of all. I’m laughing with you.”

“Kaden, you still didn’t answer my question.”

“Oh right.” escort bayan kağıthane Kaden thought for a second and said, “You’re just so cute when you eat. You are just really comfortable with yourself. And you don’t care what other people think.”

“Is that a good thing then?”

“Oh yes. I think it takes courage Val.”

“Thank you Kaden.” Val smiled brightly at Kaden and thought “Man, I’m liking this girl the more I get to know her…”

Kaden then said, “No, thank you.” Kaden smiled just as brightly back at Val. The two finished their meals in silence just enjoying each other’s presence. It was almost like they were communicating without words. They knew their time would come when they could ask each other whatever they wanted.

After they finished their meals, Val said, “Here give me your plate. I’ll take it up.” Val took care of both of their dishes. Kaden replied, “Thank you. Oh, is it time for you to do your Soup of the Day thing?”

“I suppose,” Val said dumbly.

“I thought you liked doing it?”

“Well, when I have the energy.”

“So, you’re tired?”

“You nailed it Kaden.” Val finished the short steps to the front of the dining hall and retorted, “Okay, I think you all are getting familiar with the drill. Please put your plates, cups, and silverware in the indicated bins. It looks like everyone is finishing up. So, for those of you newcomers to Radman, let me explain the next events that will take place. Rest hour is mandatory for all visitors and staff. You don’t have to rest. Rest means be quiet. Please do not bother others that are sleeping. After rest hour, you are welcome to do whatever you please. The swimming hole will be open as well as other activities. The difference in this activities compared to this morning is that these activities aren’t tutorial-like. You go there, try it out, and basically get a feel for the activity. It’s kind of like a teaser. Everyone got that?”

Various people nodded their heads. Val then finished with, “Okay, to our cabins for rest hour. You may all leave now.” Globs of people left the dining hall trekking towards their cabin. Rob signaled for Val to walk towards him. Val dodged tables and chairs to get to him.

“Val, you seem out of it today.”

“Is it that obvious?”

Rob took a deep breathe in and out. “No, it’s not that obvious. You are just an honest person and well so open when it comes to your feelings. I know you in a way most of the staff do not know you.

“How so?”

“Come on, Val. Think. I favor you.”

“Right. Well, you don’t have to do that. I wouldn’t want the other staff members to get mad at you or me.”

“Val. You’re too righteous. You’re one of my dedicated staff anyway. How long have you been here?”

“I’m going on my second year. My contract is for ten years, but I plan on staying longer.”

“Exactly. Thus, Valerie, because you helped Mr. Sterling this morning, I am giving you your time off tonight, because I know you were supposed to have some time to yourself this morning.”

“I didn’t ask for time off though-“

“I know. I’m giving you time off,” Rob interceded.

“Okay.” Val couldn’t argue.

Rob told her directly, “It’s my way of saying you need to remember yourself every now and then.”

“Thank you sir.” Val fled from the dining hall with newfound energy. Val didn’t have to think a bit to decide what she wanted to do during her time-off. She reached for the scrunched-up paper in her back pocket that she had placed there earlier in the day. It read: Kaden – 555-432-2121.

Val pulled out her old cell and dialed the ten digits quickly. She jumped up and down to get her nervous energy out. On the third ring, someone answered, escort bayan beyoğlu “Hello?”

“Hey, is this Kaden?”

“Yeah, who is this?”

“Val. Did I call at a bad time?”

“Oh Val! Hey!,” she took a moment to breathe in, “I just didn’t expect you to call me so soon.”

“I can call another time if you would like.”

“No, hell no! I’m not doing anything right now. Just lying on my bed. What are you up to?”

Val answered, “Well, just got out of the dining hall. Rob let me off for the rest of the day since I had to help with the weightlifting class earlier. Did I wake you up?”

“No, you’re fine..”

Val started to jump faster and faster. “Well, do you want to hang out?”

Kaden thought, “Damn, she’s fast…” and answered, “Yes, as long as you want to.”

“Of course. I enjoy spending time with you.”

Even though Val couldn’t see her, Kaden still smiled hugely while on the phone with Val. “Okay, well where do you want to meet?”

“You know what Kaden? Don’t move an inch. I’m coming to you!” With that, Val started running very fast in one direction.

“What are you doing Val?”

“Oakies Heights,” was all Val said.

Kaden started to giggle again. “You are so cute Val…”

“I am a girl who will go great measures for any girl.”

“Even a stupid one like me?”

“Oh, Kaden, come on, you are not stupid in any way. You are amazing.”

“Well, you don’t know me yet.”

“Why do you think I’m so eager to spend time with you?”

“So you want to get to know me.”

“Exactly Kaden. Okay talk to you soon.” Val had reached Oakies Heights which wasn’t far from the dining hall. She climbed up the boards that were nailed to the trees. Oakies Heights was truly up high. It consisted of five or more cabins high up in the trees with tree-ladders leading up to them. Some ladders could be drawn in while ones like Kaden’s were nailed to the tree. Not many people liked Oakies Heights because it took a good while to get up to one’s cabin. One couldn’t have excessive luggage either.

Once she was at the end of the ladder, Val knocked on the cabin floor, “May I come in please?”

Kaden said, “Of course you may.”

Val pulled her long muscular body up to through the hole easily in a snap. “Looks like you’ve done that too many times,” Kaden noted.

Val smiled, “Funny, because I stayed in this cabin all last summer. Good cabin.”

Kaden shared, “How ironic…”

“Well everything happens for a reason right?”

“Yes, so true,” Kaden agreed. At that moment in time, Kaden let out a huge yawn. Val watched Kaden’s green eyes stretch as her mouth opened hugely. Bright white teeth stuck out. Val, in turn, yawned hugely.

“Sorry.” Val said, “I’m contagious when it comes to yawns.”

“I guess that means we’re both tired,” Kaden told Val matter-of-factly.

“Very observant. Geez, maybe, we should hit the sack for a nap.”

Kaden’s eyes looked at the small bed and then at Val. She kept doing this for about a minute in anxiety. Val comforted her, “Kaden, please stop. If you ever want to share anything with me, know that you can tell me anything. I don’t judge people okay. I love people for who they are. Not for labels or ideas. And just so you know, I’m really bad at picking up on hints.”

“Okay Val.” Kaden pondered for a second and then responded with, “Well directness is one of my growing areas for sure. There’s only one small bed to sleep on, but there are two of us.”

Val was the one to laugh this time. She laughed loudly for nearly two minutes, until she told Kaden, “I don’t bite Kaden. You and I are both skinny enough to sleep on one bed unless you don’t feel comfortable napping with me. There is no couch here; so, I’m fine going back to my cabin –” “No, I mean, I want you to stay here. And I’m fine napping with you,” Kaden jumped in immediately. Kaden hesitated and then eventually smiled.

“So be it then. Do you sleep on your back, tummy, or side?”

“Uh, my side Val.”

“Me too. Something we have in common.”

With that, Val offered, “You first, friend.” She smiled warmly at Kaden

Kaden tenderly climbed onto the bed like this was the first day of her life. She wasn’t sure why, but she was really excited by the idea of just napping with Val. Val followed closely behind Kaden and laid her head softly on the pillow. Val was right; there was just enough room for the both of them.

For about five minutes, they both could feel the emotional tension between them. Val wanted to enclose her body around Kaden again, so much. It had been so long since Val had a girlfriend. She loved Kaden’s caring spirit and encouragement. Kaden wanted to feel her touch again; she wanted to feel secure and happy. She hadn’t felt these emotions in a long time and she just wanted to feel them again. Both were unsure if they should make a move. They each thought, “What if I get rejected? I don’t want to ruin the makings of a kick-ass friendship…”

Finally, Val said, “Kaden, um, can I wrap my arms around you?”

Kaden’s cheeks began to blush. “Yeah, sure, I’d like it if you did that. I mean I get so tired of sleeping alone.”

Val wrapped her giant arms around Kaden’s small body as Kaden rested back into Val. Val could feel her womanhood press deep into Kaden’s tight ass; she thought, “Geez, this girl is so hot and making me so hot…”

In turn, Kaden could feel the outline of Val’s little pussy pressing against her body. She observed and thought, “She feels so warm down there. Am I turning her on?.” And she also though, “Dang, that turns me on.”

The two could only last like this for so long. Kaden turned her body around to Val’s body. Kaden said it first, “Val, I think I have a confession to make.”

Val was dreaming of touching Kaden everywhere. She awoke with a childish smile on her face. “Huh?” Val said pleasantly. Her eyebrows stretched to the heavens.

Kaden cleared her throat and said, “I think I like you.” Val finally awoke to these words and stared deep into Kaden’s glimmering green eyes.

“Oh, Kaden.”

Kaden bobbed her head up and down. “It’s true. I’ve never liked a girl before till now.”

Val didn’t have words to respond. She laid on top of the goddess, found her lips, and kissed her deeply. After a minute, Val leaned back to breathe in while Kaden did the same. The two girls’ lips met again and Val sucked on Kaden’s upper lip for an eternity while Kaden moaned. Their hands searched each other everywhere. Kaden’s hand reached down for Val’s muscular ass. Val squeezed Kaden’s abundant chest. Finally, Val struck her tongue into Kaden’s mouth and touched her tongue. Sparks flew between Val and Kaden. Kaden teased Val’s tongue as Val aggressively trapped it and sucked on it more. Eventually, Kaden grew so horny that she started to buck her hips and began to succumb to the passion she was feeling…

Val started to move in unison with Kaden.

Kaden moaned softly when she felt herself succumb fully…

Val then asked, “Did you cum?”

Kaden blushed more and answered softly, “Yes.”

“Oh, that’s so sweet. I didn’t even touch you down there girl.” Val giggled at this and hugged Kaden as they finished their make-out session.

Kaden then asked, “So do you like me too?”

“Well what do you think Kaden?” Val let the silence sink in and said, “I just made out with you some!”

Kaden looked into Val’s dark brown eyes and smiled.

Val pecked Kaden on the lips and said, “Of course I do sweetheart.”

“Thank you,” Kaden said.

“Oh no, thank you Kaden for being the beauty both in and out that you are,” Val responded.

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