Enslaved in Fairfax County Ch. 02Enslaved in Fairfax County Ch. 02

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On the day of my twentieth birthday, a small number of my friends met at my house to participate in the birthday ritual. The group included my younger sister; Amy, my best friend since the tenth grade; Hailey, the girl next door; Dawn and Dawn’s mother; Mrs. Lassiter.

Also present was a casual acquaintance that Gretchen and I had met at the mall. She worked as a sales associate at Victoria’s Secret and her name was Dana.

Amy looked like a slightly younger version of me. She was the same height, had the same color eyes, the same color hair and a very similar build. Indeed we were so similar in their body type that we often borrowed each other’s clothes.

Hailey was my age and the same height and basic build; however there were a number of differences in appearance. Hailey had a Goth girl look going on. She had very pale skin and she had died her hair the darkest black possible. She also tended to dress all in black. On the day of my birthday she was dressed in black jeans, black socks, black sneakers and black t-shirt with the words “I FOUND JESUS. HE’S AT THE AIRPORT BEING HARASSED BY THE TSA” in bold white letters.

Dawn was two years younger than me, although she was slightly taller and thinner. She had long hair that went from golden brown to dark brown depending on how much exposure it had to sunlight. She also had an innocent look to her that made her appear as if she were closer to sixteen than her actual age of eighteen.

Dawn’s mother was about five foot; six and her daughter towered over her. And of course the lines on her face gave away the fact that she was in her late thirties, while her daughter was only eighteen. Also while Dawn dressed in jeans and sneakers and a t-shirt, Mrs. Lassiter dressed in a pale blue angora scoopneck sweater and women’s dress pants and sensible shoes.

Dana was about five foot; five and had reddish hair that was cut in a short, boyish hairstyle. She was dressed in a white dress shirt, a very stylish black wool gabardine blazer, black dress slacks and high heeled shoes.

This was the carefully selected group that Gretchen had chosen for me to come out to, confident that none of them would freak out when I announced that I was a lesbian and that I got sexually turned on by being dominated and humiliated by other women.

I insisted that there was no way that my younger sister was a lesbian and that there was no way she would be cool with my being submissive to other lesbians. I almost threw a temper tantrum at the idea of exposing my naked body and humiliating myself in front of Amy, but Gretchen pulled rank on me and insisted. She even threw me over her knee and gave me a very energetic and painful spanking for the way that I had snapped and yelled at her.

Gretchen allowed me to be dressed for the beginning of the birthday party; however she made it clear that I’d have to be naked by the time the party ended.

It was traditional for me to hug Amy whenever she came over to the house and my twentieth birthday party was no exception. However within minutes of arriving, she asked me if everything was all right.

I was nervous as hell about stripping naked in front of my party guests, but I just told Amy I was fine. I had thought I had done an excellent job of hiding my fear, but I suppose Amy was just really good at reading me. She has known me for her entire life after all.

Gretchen offered wine to those guests who were old enough to drink and then there was the opening of the birthday gifts.

I found it endlessly amusing at the number of people who bought me clothes.

Seriously, I had just agreed to spend almost all of my free time stark naked and my friends were buying me clothes as gifts? The fates must be laughing at me.

I thanked everybody for the birthday gifts and next we served up the birthday cake.

The cake was delicious, and while we were eating Gretchen opened up her laptop computer and offered to show our guests photos of our trip to Sessia. None of our guests knew that I had spent the entire week there as a naked sex slave, so none of our guests were prepared for what they were about to see.

The first few photos were at the airport (where I was fully clothed) and nobody had any reason to freak out. Then there were a few pictures of pedestrians out on the street and the front of our hotel.

Then in the lobby of the hotel there were a series of photos of me stripping naked in front of Gretchen, the hotel staff and several hotel guests. There was even a photo of a female security guard helping me remove my bra. I had totally forgotten about that, but when I was told I had to strip in front of a dozen total strangers my hands were shaking so badly I couldn’t work the catch on the front of my bra.

The photos on the computer screen continued to change, but every photo showed me totally nude.

“Oh my God,” exclaimed Dawn.

“What the fuck?” exclaimed Hailey.

“Diane, what happened to you?” asked Amy. “Did you lose a bet or something?”

Mrs. fatih escort Lassiter and Dana couldn’t seem to speak. Their mouths hung open and their eyes had a look of total shock.

Gretchen took control at that point and explained.

“When Diane and I went to Sessia, we took advantage of certain Sessian laws. You see, in Sessia it’s perfectly legal to parade around nude in public, if you’re the legally the property of someone else.”

“What?” Hailey demanded, “legally the property?”

“Diane was my slave when we were in Sessia,” Gretchen explained. “We had a legally binding contract.”

My face felt hot at that point and I was certain I was blushing. Amy looked at Gretchen with a look of confusion, and then she looked at me and asked, “Why? Did you lose a bet?”

I was kind of amused at the way Amy kept asking that, but I was determined to tell her the truth. “No, I didn’t lose a bet. I get a sexual thrill from being naked and surrounded by people who are fully clothed. It’s scary, but also very exciting.”

“You mean like riding a roller coaster?” inquired Dawn.

“It’s like that,” I admitted. “Only there’s nothing sexual about riding a roller coaster. And this,” I said, pointing to the images on the computer screen, “was hugely sexual for me.”

“So, you WANTED this?” inquired Mrs. Lassiter, sounding incredulous. “But, it must have been humiliating!”

“Yes, I wanted this,” I said, pointing to the computer screen again, “and for me the humiliation is part of what makes it such a thrill.”

“So, this was sexual,” Hailey said, “and you were Gretchen’s slave. Does that mean that you and Gretchen have a sexual relationship? Do you and she have sex?”

Hailey was obviously the smartest one in the group. Or at least she seemed like the smartest one at the moment.

“Yes,” I replied. “Gretchen and I have been lovers for about two years now. You’re my friend and I probably should have told you sooner, but…”

“It’s cool,” Hailey responded. “You should have the right to keep your sex life private. It’s not like I’ve told you about all the people I’ve slept with. Actually I’ve never told you about ANY of the people I’ve slept with! It’s usually considered personal, private information.”

“Well, as of today, I’d like that to change,” I said. “I mean, you can still keep your secrets, but I’d like everybody in this room to know that I’m a lesbian. I like girls. And I love Gretchen and I was happy to be her slave when we were in Europe.”

“Well, I for one feel honored that you’re willing to share this with us,” Hailey said. “You didn’t have to, but you felt that you could trust me enough. And that just tells me how strong our friendship really is.”

Dawn looked over at Hailey, and a look went over her face. I’m not sure if it was a look of comprehension or agreement or insight, but whatever it was, the next words out of her mouth were, “me too. I’m also honored that you trusted me enough to share your deepest, darkest secrets.”

I smiled at this, although the one person in the room I was most worried about was Amy. “Amy?” I asked. “What about you? How do you feel about this?”

Apparently Amy could tell how worried I was because she walked across the room and sat down next to me. And then, putting one arm around my shoulders, she said, “You’re my sister. I will love you no matter what. You really, really caught me by surprise, but I’m not at all ashamed of you. If this is what my sister wants, this is what my sister wants.”

I smiled and then leaned forward to hug her. “I love you, too,” I said. And then after a pause of about five seconds, I added, “and, um, please don’t tell Mom, okay?”

“Oh, God, never,” Amy agreed. “I totally understand, but Mom? She is just way too uptight and old fashioned.”

We laughed over that, and then Gretchen broke in and announced, “There’s more. Diane would you like to tell them, or shall I?”

I was still reeling from the shock of coming out both as a lesbian and as a submissive to my friends and my sister. I was in no shape emotionally for divulging any more embarrassing secrets. “Why don’t you tell them, Gretchen?” I said.

All eyes turned to Gretchen and she seemed to relish being at the center of attention.

“Diane has been suffering from withdrawal ever since she returned from Sessia, and so after much discussion, we’ve decided that from now on Diane will be treated like a slave in our home. She’ll be kept naked whenever she’s home and only be allowed to wear clothing when she leaves the house.”

“Oh, wow, really?” Amy asked. “But, doesn’t that mean she should be naked right now?”

Amy’s question couldn’t have been more perfect for Gretchen’s purposes if it had scripted. It helped Gretchen to move to the next phase of her plan quickly and easily.

“You’re absolutely right, Amy,” Gretchen replied.

“Diane, you’d better stand up and take those clothes off.”

Suddenly all the eyes in the room istanbul escort shifted. Now I was the center of attention.

I was dressed all in white as Gretchen wanted me to look like an innocent virgin sacrifice when it came time to strip, and I certainly felt nervous enough to feel like I was being sacrificed. However we had planned this for weeks and there was no way I was going to back out now.

First I stepped out of my shoes, and then I removed the belt from around my waist.

These were relatively minor items of clothing, although Dawn, Amy, Hailey and Mrs. Lassiter were already staring at me as if I’d done something shocking.

I was wearing a white shirtdress with buttons all the way down the front. I started unbuttoning the ones at the top and didn’t stop until I had unbuttoned every single one of them.

Then I stepped out of my dress and allowed it to just fall to the floor.

Dawn gasped.

I’d known Dawn ever since I was eleven years old, and she’s never seen me in anything other than my regular street clothes. Now I stood before her in nothing other than a strapless white bra with push-up cups and my tiny, skintight, white spandex/nylon, low-rise bikini panties.

Dawn’s mother put up a hand at this point and tried to stop things. “Diane, I’ve known you for nine years,” she began, “and I’ve always looked out for you. And I’d just like to say that you don’t have to do this if you don’t want to.”

“But, I do want to,” I said. “That’s really rather the point. I’ve fantasized about this sort of thing for years, but I’ve always been afraid to do anything about it. Now, with the help of everybody in this room I can actually live out a fantasy that’s haunted me since I was a teenager.”

Actually I had been a teenager just the day before, however nobody had the bad taste to point that out. I was fulfilling a fantasy that I’d carried around in my head for years and that was far more important.

The bra fastened in front and I quickly moved to unfasten it before I lost my courage. Then I removed it and dropped and dropped the bra on the couch, revealing my naked breasts to the entire room. I’m pretty certain that everybody in the room noticed how swollen and erect my nipples were.

Somebody else gasped and then I hooked my thumbs into the waistband of my panties and pulled them all the way down my legs and stepped out of them. Suddenly I was stark naked in front of Gretchen, Amy, Hailey, Dana, Dawn and Dawn’s mother.

“Wow,” Dana said her voice filled with hushed awe, “up until this moment I didn’t think you’d actually go through with it.”

“You’re clean shaven,” Amy said, sitting just a few inches away, staring directly at my pussy. “There’s nothing there at all. No landing strip, not even any stubble. You’ve totally denuded it.”

“Is that a problem?” I asked, fearing his disapproval.

“Actually, it’s just about the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen,” was Amy’s unexpected response. “I’ve never shaved before, but it looks so sexy on you. Now I’m tempted to do the same thing to myself.”

I allowed all five women a chance to get a good look at my naked body and struggled to remain calm and keep my hands at my side for several minutes. Nobody seemed to have anything to say for a while and just stared at my naked body in silence. Finally Gretchen broke the silence by saying, “Diane, why don’t you clean up in here? You can take your clothes down to the laundry room and the dirty dishes into the kitchen.”

I breathed a sigh of relief. Partially because none of my friends were freaking out, and partially because by moving around my nudity was now a moving target and I wouldn’t feel quite so naked. Since I wasn’t being watched, there was a temptation to finger my pussy and bring myself to orgasm, but I was determined to live by the rules that Gretchen had set down and that meant no orgasms without her permission.

When I came up from the laundry room, Gretchen was discussing me with the other four women. The laptop was still displaying photos of our time in Sessia and Gretchen was explaining aspects of our time there. I heard the words “punishment park” and “whipping post”.

It was humiliating to be on display naked in front of my friends like this. And if Gretchen was relaying the details of my time at the punishment park where I was bound and whipped and sexually abused, it was even more humiliating. However with such humiliation came massive sexual excitement. Without even looking down I knew that my pubic lips were swollen and wet. My nipples were also swollen and puffy. My heart was beating faster and I felt flush and almost feverish with lust.

“Diane,” Gretchen called out from the living room, “Clear away the dishes and wine glasses, would you? We’re done with the cake and the wine.”

I felt just like a slave now. Naked and doing menial tasks while the free women chatted away and looked at pictures of my vacation time in Sessia. Of course I was naked most of my time in Sessia, taksim escort so even while I was in the kitchen and they couldn’t see my naked ass or other naughty bits, they could still ogle my naked body in photos on Gretchen’s computer.

I walked over to Amy and Gretchen and my friends and cleared away the plates and the wine glasses. Amy and Hailey looked at me with expressions I’ve never seen on their faces before. I swear it looked as if they were looking at me with expressions of sexual longing, but Amy and Hailey were straight, weren’t they?

I was pretty sure that they were, but it’s not like I’ve ever seen Hailey with a boyfriend.

And Amy, I’d have to talk to later when we were alone. It was really; really confusing to prance around naked in front of your sister and having her look at you like you were someone she wanted to fuck. I was glad to have the dirty dishes to concentrate on so I didn’t have to think too much about the possibility that my younger sister was lusting after me.

Washing dishes helped distract me from the possibility that my little sister wanted to have sex with me, but it honestly didn’t take me very long to clean all the plates, forks and wine glasses. Once I was finished I was faced with the prospect of possibly talking to my sister and asking her what the lustful looks on her face really meant.

Luckily Gretchen ordered me to take all of the birthday gifts upstairs and to throw out all of the cardboard boxes and gift wrap. I muttered “Yes Mistress,” and proceeded to obey her orders.

“Mistress?” I heard Mrs. Lassiter ask. And I hear Gretchen start to explain the rules I had to follow as I took the birthday gifts upstairs.

Throwing out all of the boxes and gift wrap and bows took longer than I thought it would. Perhaps I was slowed down due to feeling so awkward being naked in front of my friends. In Sessia I was naked in front of total strangers. However Amy was my sister, and Hailey and Dawn and her mother were close friends. In many ways it was much more humiliating being exposed naked in front of them.

And then when I was done cleaning up, Gretchen called me into the room and told me to go fetch the handcuffs.

“Handcuffs, Mistress?” I asked.

“It’s about time for your birthday spanking,” Gretchen responded, “and your pain tolerance is still very low. I think I’ll need to cuff your wrists in front of you so that you don’t try to protect your backside with your hands.”

I hesitated for a few seconds, knowing that being spanked in front of my sister and my friends would be even more humiliating that what I was currently doing.

“If you make me wait, I’m going to add even more swats to your spanking,” Gretchen said matter-of-factly.

At that I ran upstairs and found the stainless steel handcuffs and the key. Then I ran downstairs as fast as my naked feet could run.

“You’re really going to spank her?” Mrs. Lassiter asked.

“This is Diane’s new life, Gretchen explained. “From now on she’ll be spanked for all sorts of reasons; sometimes because she breaks the rules. Or sometimes; like today; simply because it’s her birthday.”

“I’m sorry,” Mrs. Lassiter said, “but this is just too kinky for me.”

She rose and walked over to the door. Then she turned to face me and said, “Diane, if you ever decide that this lifestyle is too much for you just tell me. I’d be happy to let you live with me for a few weeks while you get your life together.”

I loved Mrs. Lassiter for her concern and her willingness to help me out, but my lust was stronger than any feelings of self preservation or willingness to protect my reputation.

“I thank your for the offer,” I said, “but I really want to be used and punished and sexually humiliated. I know it’s hard to understand, but I want what I want. I tried to pretend that I didn’t need this, but the fact of the matter is, Gretchen is giving me something that I desperately need.”

Mrs. Lassiter stood at the door and nodded and said, “I understand. Do you mind if I check in on you from time to time and see if you’re okay?”

“You can come by anytime,” I responded. “You’re still my friend. Even if my sex life confuses or upsets you, I still think of you as a friend.”

Mrs. Lassiter left and her daughter stayed. I thought that was odd, but Gretchen interrupted my thoughts when she locked the handcuffs on my wrists. She locked them on tight and soon I felt helpless and I looked across the room at my friends and my sister and there was nobody out there who was willing to save me from my impending punishment.

It was a lot like my time in Europe as a slave.

Gretchen pulled me down across the couch and suddenly I was in her lap. She crossed her knees underneath me, thus thrusting my hips and ass up higher. With my naked ass high in the air and my thighs slightly apart, my pubic lips would be extremely visible to Gretchen. I grew strangely aroused at the thought of being so exposed. And as I noticed Dawn walking closer to the couch, I realized that she’d have a view of my swollen pubic lips that was almost as good. And then such thoughts we forced from my mind and my heart beat faster and my breath started to come in panicked, sharp pants as I anticipated what was to come.

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