I could feel his hardness sliding into me, slowly widening my hole, until I felt his balls against my ass. His head rubbed the walls of my canal as it slid up it, sending a wave of erotic pleasure throughout my whole body. My head was lowered into the pillow and I groaned into it as he slowly slid back down my canal. As he thrust himself back fully into me, I was propelled forward, throwing my ass higher into the air. He didn’t stop this time but started to slowly pump his hard, thick cock in and out of my ass, only stopping long enough to feel his head just inside me.

His thrusts grew in their intensity and sped up as he fucked me harder and harder, the first one to ever take me in the ass. I could hear his ragged breath as he pumped in and out and I groaned every time he hit the end of my canal. I felt a drop of sweat hit my back and I could tell he was working very hard. His grunt told me that he was enjoying himself and what he was doing to me, was overwhelming my every thought. I felt his hands holding onto my hips tightly as he plunged into me with a force that sent me over the edge. I groaned over and over, feeling his head twitching and knew I would soon feel his hot come, deep inside me.

I suddenly sat up in bed, the sweat pouring off me. I blinked and looked around, trying to remember where I was. I realized that it was only a dream and I slowly sank back into the warm covers. I closed my eyes, wanting to relive the pleasure I had felt during my dream but I couldn’t find the way back into it. After rolling around for a few minutes, I got up and looked out the window. I lit a cigarette and inhaled deeply as I tried to relax. I just stared out the window, not seeing anything.

I could feel the sweat on my body, in my hair and on my legs. I was getting cold but that didn’t seem to matter as I continued staring out the window. I suddenly realized that my cock was hard so I reached down and started to rub it as I stood, unabashedly, in front of the window, not caring if anyone saw me or saw what I was doing. I had never felt so hot before and I was almost in a trance as I stood, rubbing myself out in the open.

I suddenly noticed a movement on the street below. A man was walking towards me, huddled against the wind, trying to keep warm. Without a thought, I didn’t move and watched him get closer and closer, all the time, wondering if he would look up and see me. As he came closer, I rubbed myself faster and faster. I could feel the tingle in my balls as he walked past my window. Suddenly, I erupted and my come splashed against the pane, sliding down it in an obscene shape. I had closed my eyes when I started coming and when I opened them, the man was standing watching me, a big smile on his face.

I realized where I was and what I was doing and turned away from the window quickly. How could I openly stand naked in front of a window and come all over the glass while watching another man walk down the street. I had never before, had any thoughts about men and now I was showing one my cock and letting him watch me come, at least I hoped he had watched. After a few minutes, I looked outside again and found the man standing, looking up at my window, his smile still on his face. He had seen me, and it seemed like he had enjoyed what he had watched. I couldn’t help but grin to myself as I looked down at him, watching him closely.

Finally, after a few more minutes, he started down the street. Before he did though, he gave me a little wave that I took as a thank you for the show. I watched him disappear into the darkness and wondered what he could be thinking.

The next day, in the market, I noticed a man smiling at me from across the aisle. I had never seen him before and I didn’t know what he would be smiling at me for. I kept shopping and when I got to the register, he was standing there, waiting in line. He saw me approach and the smile returned to his face as his eyes washed over me, sending a funny feeling throughout my whole body. I tried to avert my attention from him as if I hadn’t seen him but I couldn’t. I smiled back at him finally and waited just behind him to get through the register. My heart was pounding in my chest and I could feel myself getting hot, sweat slowly starting to run down my sides and between my legs.

He suddenly turned around and with the smile still on his face, nodded at me.


“Hey,” I answered back, not knowing what else to say.

“How are you?” he asked.


As I looked at his face, I tried to think of where and if I had ever seen him before. While I was thinking about it, he interrupted my thoughts.

“Saw you the other night,” he said.


“Don’t you remember?” he asked.

“No, I’m sorry, I don’t,” I replied, starting to unload my groceries onto the counter.

“In your window,” he said.

I hesitated as he continued.

“I saw you in your window the other night. I was the guy walking down the street.”

I could feel the heat on my face as it started to turn redder and redder. I looked up porno 64 and he was still smiling at me.

“I’m glad to see you. I wanted to thank you for the show you put on. You looked so hot standing in the window, your cock so hard and your come spraying all over the window. I had trouble walking the rest of the way home, I was so hard after watching you come.”

What could I say? Here was the guy who had watched me show him my cock and he enjoyed it. I felt a tingle in my balls as I stood, my face redder than red, looking at this man, whom I didn’t know, telling me that he had enjoyed watching me come.

I felt like my world had come to a stop as we stood there, him smiling at me and me, my face the color of crimson, not knowing what, if anything, to say. I had been caught and now I didn’t know what to do, accept the fact or try to toss it off as if nothing happened.

“It’s all right, you know,” he said. “I’ve always wondered what it would be like to have someone watch me as I come and because, I’ve thought about doing it many times, I was pleasantly and erotically surprised when I saw you doing it. In fact, just thinking about it, my cock is starting to become a problem.”

He laughed as I looked down at his pants, a bulge starting to grow in them as we continued standing in line. Just then, the cashier started putting his things through and he moved down the line, all the time watching me and smiling at me. I didn’t know where to look so I kept my eyes on him and watched as he paid for his things and started to collect them. As he picked up his bags, he turned to me again.

“Maybe, we’ll see each other again,” he said.

“Maybe,” I blurted out.

I watched him disappear out of the store as the cashier rang through my purchases. As I stood there, my cock was rising even more and I knew I was going to have a hard time, walking the few blocks back home in this condition. With shaky legs, I gathered up my bags and walked unsteadily, out of the store, hoping that no one was watching me or noticing the bulge in my pants.

After finally getting home and putting my things away, I went straight up to my bedroom. I quickly peeled my clothes off and walked over to the window. I looked out through the sheer curtains and didn’t see anyone. I felt a pang of disappointment but stayed in place. I reached down and felt my hard cock, rubbing my hands slowly up and down my length, hoping someone would come along and see me. I closed my eyes as I felt my balls starting to tighten and suddenly, I was coming, spewing out hot come onto the window again. When I opened my eyes, I watched it’s hideous journey as it slid slowly down the glass, pooling on the sill at the bottom.

I looked out the window and saw a figure standing just out of the light. I tried to see his face but couldn’t, the shadows hiding him completely. They I noticed his body was moving slightly and his arm was jerking back and forth as he looked up at my window.

He moved a little into the light, as if he wanted me to see him and I saw his hard cock in his hand. He was pumping up and down its length fast and I could see the pleasure on his face as he continued looking at me. He suddenly jerked and I saw his eyes close as he came, right there in the street. I couldn’t see his come spurting out of his now softening cock but I imagined I could hear his groans of pleasure.

I watched him clean himself up a little and then he looked up at my window again, his face aglow in the moonlight, with a smile. Here we were, two grown men, showing off for each other, coming in front of each other and enjoying the feeling of being watched. He again, gave me a little wave and I watched him disappear down the street, my mind a jumble of thoughts. I didn’t sleep very much that night and since the next day was Saturday, I slept in until about ten in the morning.

After having a quick breakfast, I headed out, wanting to get out in the warm sun. I went to my usual spot, where I could sit and watch people as they walked past and enjoy the surroundings. I sat there for a long time before I suddenly realized that I wasn’t alone. I looked behind me and there he was, standing just out of sight of anyone else, looking at me, a smile on his face. When he saw me looking at him, he started towards me. He wasn’t alone though, there was a young girl with him. I watched them approach and he sat down beside me.

“Hi,” he said quickly. “Saw you sitting here and wanted to come over to say hello.”

“Well, I’m glad you did,” I replied, looking at him then the young girl with him.

“My name is Scott and this is my daughter, Jan,” he said, motioning towards the girl.

“Joe,” I replied, taking his outstretched hand. “Nice to finally know your name.”

We didn’t say anything for a minute, then I turned to him.

“Was that you the other?” I started but he stopped me.

“Yes,” he said quickly.

I smiled at him and it was his turn for his face to turn red. He looked down at the ground and I could feel the tingle in my balls again porno izle as I watched him. He suddenly looked up.

“Listen, we were just going for a walk. Would you like to join us?”

“Yeah, I’d like that,” I replied.

We all stood up and started walking down the path, talking and laughing as we went. Scott was beside me and his daughter walked on the other side of him. Every once in a while, his hand would brush against my leg, whether it was on purpose or not, I couldn’t tell but I didn’t say anything to discourage him. The further we walked, the bolder he got. Now he openly, placed his hand on my thigh and I felt him giving it a squeeze. I looked down and noticed the bulge in his pants and tried not to stare at it. It was hard not to look at him as I was getting hard at the same time, whether it was from his touch or from the thoughts that were running through my mind.

We had walked quite a distance when he suddenly stopped and turned towards me, his hand openly brushing against the bulge in my pants. Without a word, he smiled at me as he did it. I felt my cock straining against the cloth of my pants and I wanted him, in the worst way, to undo them and touch my bare cock. I looked up into his eyes, trying to let him know what I wanted but was interrupted by his daughter.

“Dad, I’m all walked out. Do you think we can go home now?” she asked.

“Sure honey. Maybe Joe would like to join us,” he said, raising his eyebrows as if asking me to come with them.

“I’d like that,” I quickly said as we started back the way we had come.

As we walked back to their place, we passed my house and I couldn’t help but look up at my window. Scott saw me and when I looked at him, he had a big grin on his face. I didn’t say anything, but I could feel the heat on my face as we continued on. Finally, we turned into a small courtyard and went through some iron gates.

“Here we are,” Scott said, holding the gate open for me.

I followed his daughter through the gates and into the house. I was ushered into a small den and told to make myself comfortable. After a few minutes, Scott came in and sat beside me while his daughter came in with a steaming cup of coffee. I took it from her with shaking hands and quickly took a sip, trying to hide my excitement. I watched her leave and wondered what she was thinking about me being there.

Scott looked around to make sure she had left the room before speaking. He leaned towards me.

“Yes, that was me, the other night. I just had to come down and watch you again. I was hoping that someday we would meet and I could tell you how excited watching you had made me.”

I just smiled at him and took another sip of coffee. He continued.

“I couldn’t help myself the other night. After watching you, I wanted you to see me. Don’t ask me why but I just had to show you my cock.”

I turned and put my cup down, turning back to him.

“You know, I didn’t get a very good look at your cock. It was too dark.”

His face lit up in a big smile. He watched me as I leaned towards him and started to undo his belt and zipper, pulling his pants apart, reaching in to grab his straining cock. He groaned softly when he felt my hand around him and his head went back against the couch, his eyes closed. I pulled the waistband of his shorts away from his skin and pulled him out into the open. He groaned again as I started rubbing up and down his length, feeling every ripple, every vein sticking out along him and then running my finger around his head and through his slit, gently wiping the precum that had gathered there, away. He opened his eyes and looked at me as I raised my finger to my mouth and sucked it into me, tasting him for the first time. I could see the excitement in his eyes as he watched me seductively, suck on my finger, moaning as I did.

I reached back down and wrapped my hand around him again, making him groan once more.

“Yes, that feels so good,” he said quietly. “Your hand feels so good around my cock.”

His eyes pleaded with me to do more as I started rubbing him, up and down his length, making him groan and moan softly, over and over again.

“Yes, keep going. That feels so good,” he said.

I leaned down and flicked my tongue out, touching his soft head. He jumped a little at my touch but bucked his hips up towards my open mouth. I, for the first time, took his cock into my mouth and closed my lips around it, feeling its heat and smoothness as he bucked his hips once more, sending it further into me. I reached out and gently grabbed his balls as I started to bob up and down him, sucking hard on his head.

“Oh fuck, that feels so good,” he said into my ear. “Keep sucking me. I want to come in your mouth.”

He started bucking his hips up and down in rhythm with my movements. My thoughts were not on anything but his cock as I continued sucking him as he pumped up and down, sending his hard cock to the back of my throat every time.

“Oh fuck, I think I’m coming,” he suddenly said.

I sucked harder sex izle and felt the first throes of come cross my tongue and trail down my throat. He groaned loudly as his cock spurted over and over again, sending rivers of hot, sweet tasting, come down my throat. I swallowed over and over again, not wanting to miss any of it and when he was finished, I slowly took him out of my mouth.

“Oh fuck, that felt good. I’ve never had my cock sucked by a man before,” he said.

I looked at him and smiled.

“That’s all right. I’ve never sucked a cock before,” I replied, making him smile.

We sat for a few minutes in silence as I could hear his breathing, starting to return to normal.

“What about you?” he asked. “Do you want me to suck your cock?”

I didn’t answer him right away. My mind was going a million miles an hour. Finally I looked at him.

“Well, I was thinking about something else.”

He looked at me inquisitively. I continued and told him about my dream. After I was finished, I could see him getting hard again.

“Are you asking me to fuck you in your ass?” he finally said, searching my face for the answer.

I just looked at him and said, “Yes.”

There was a moment of silence and neither of us moved. Then he was on his feet, stripping his clothes off as I stood and joined him, quickly shedding my clothes until we stood looking at each other, completely naked, our cocks pointing at one another. Without saying a word, I got down on the floor on my hands and knees. I heard him sink to the floor beside me.

“My hole needs to be wet enough to let you enter me,” I said.

He looked around frantically.

“What should I use?” he asked, finally looking back at me.

“Don’t you have anything we can use as a lubricant?”

“No, I don’t think so.”

“Well then, there’s always your tongue,” I said, wiggling my ass at him.

I turned and lowered my head to my arms while at the same time, raising my ass higher in the air, pointing it directly at him. I felt him move behind me and then his tongue snaked its way up my crack. I moaned at his touch and pushed back against his face. He started to lick up and down my crack stopping to push against my hole. He continued licking and sucking me then I felt his finger tracing along my crack, stopping to push against my hole. I pushed back and felt his finger enter me, splitting me open. I groaned as he slid it further up into me then stopped.

“Go ahead,” I said. “Finger fuck my ass.”

He started to thrust his finger in and out of me, sending waves of pain mixed with excitement though me.

“Yes, that’s it. Fuck my ass with your finger. Fuck it hard.”

That seemed to spur him on and he thrust quickly, in and out of me. Then, he put a second finger in me and after a few thrusts, a third. Now my ass hole was wide open as he fucked me with his three fingers. I can’t explain what I was feeling at that moment other than complete wanton lust. I wanted to feel his cock up my ass so I turned my head and looked at him.

“Fuck me. Fuck me now. I want our cock up my ass.”

I felt his fingers leave my hole and then his head pushing against me. I pushed back at him and his head popped into me, sending another wave of excitement through me.

“Yes, that’s it. Push your hard cock up my ass,” I pleaded as he slowly sank his length into me. “Oh fuck, that feels so good. Fuck me hard.”

I felt him raise himself up a little then start to withdraw his cock. He then thrust fully back up into me and started, slow and steadily, to thrust in and out of my ass.

“Fuck, your ass feels so tight around my cock,” he said, his breathing getting raspier and raspier.

I could feel his balls hit my skin every time he thrust fully up into me and he started to speed up a little.

“Yes, yes, yes. Fuck me hard,” I urged him on. “I want you to come in my ass.”

He really started to pound in and out of me now and I could hear our skin slap together every time his balls hit my ass. After a couple of more hard thrusts, I heard him hiss and grunt as his head twitched deep inside me. Suddenly, I had a warming sensation go through my bowels, as he came inside me, spewing his hot come deep up into my ass. I groaned and pushed back even harder against him, wanting him to fill my ass with his hot come.

“Yes,” I yelled out as I felt his head explode inside me. “Fill my ass with your hot come. Come inside me.”

He held himself against my ass as his cock spewed his come out, over and over again, washing the insides of my bowel with its stickiness. After a few minutes, I felt him slowly start to pull himself out of me and I slumped forward, essentially, pulling him out. I felt his come starting to run down my legs as he huffed and puffed behind me. I felt it run down onto my balls and then onto my straining cock. Just as it reached my head, I exploded, sending rivers of come, spewing out of me, covering the floor under me, splashing up against my skin.

I groaned once more than I felt his hand on my cock, pumping the last of my come out of it. He pumped me until I was finished coming, then let me go and I heard him grunt once more as we both tried to relax. After barely catching my breath, I rolled over and looked at him.

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