Domestic Arrangements Pt. 03Domestic Arrangements Pt. 03


Three weeks have passed since I first discovered that my flatmate is actually my favourite erotic audio creator, and we were both correct – me, when I said things would change, and Tom, when he predicted they’d be for the better.

The next time he records an audio, it doesn’t exactly go to plan. I lounge on his bed, listening in as he reads back through his notes, narrating an outrageously hot encounter into the microphone. My assurances that I’ll behave myself don’t last long, and Tom looks back over his shoulder to see me naked from the waist down. He trails off mid-sentence, watching my fingers slide rapidly up and down my glistening slit, bent legs spread wide.

“Fuck this.” He growls, wrenching off his headphones and throwing himself on top of me.

The following evening I’m on the couch catching up on some life admin when he emerges from his room, his wireless headphones in hand.

I glance up, curiously. “Everything okay?”

He doesn’t reply, but takes my laptop out of my grip and places it carefully aside. He slides the headphones over my ears and something’s already playing over the Bluetooth. After a few seconds I realise what it is, and my body flushes with heat – in the moment, Tom had neglected to stop his abandoned recording, so our fucking was caught on file.

I feel my pulse quicken as the noise of our moans fill my ears – I’m already familiar with the sounds Tom makes in bed by now, the creaks of the bed and the slap of skin, but to hear my responses, my desperate little whines as he praised how well I was taking him, adds a whole new erotic layer.

I’m so distracted that it takes me a few seconds more to realise Tom is on his knees in front of me, tugging me to the edge of the couch and pulling down my underwear. His head disappears under the hem of my skirt and my eyes flutter closed as he begins to lap reverently at my clit.

My recorded self and I orgasm in stereo.

We have sex most days, learning through practice what the other likes. Tom relishes in my submissive side, knowing that a well-timed spank or pinning my arms above my head sends me absolutely wild. He, I quickly discover, is a born performer. Our live-streamed fuck should have been my first clue, but I soon pick up on how he seems more encouraged the more vocal I become, the more I tell him how good he feels, how big he is, how nobody’s ever fucked me like this in my life…

And, of course, I have my go-to when he’s in my mouth, using that vein as an instruction manual. That’s practically his self-destruct button.

In the space of three weeks, we’ve managed to fuck in every single room in the flat, trying out a wide range of positions. Tom has a book he purchased when he first started out in audio, for research, he claims, and we’re working our way steadily through it.

We haven’t really put a name to what we are. Fuck buddies, maybe. He has his life and I have mine, and we rarely talk about anything outside of bedroom matters. After that kiss in my bed, we’ve generally avoided mouth to mouth contact in favour of mouth-to-literally-everywhere-else. Tom referring to me as his roommate on the stream resulted in a tonne of ‘oh my god, they were roommates’ jokes, but I don’t mind at all. The lack of expectation results in a refreshing lack of pressure. We’re two people who fuck, and we fuck good. Afterwards we go back to whatever we were doing before, with the same courtesy of two people who happen to share a living space.

Maybe it’s the endorphins, but I feel better than I have in years. I feel confident, sexy, more comfortable with my body than I have for a long time. The others at work have noticed that something has changed, and take great delight in teasing me about the ‘new mystery man’ in my life.

“There’s got to be someone.” Ashley from the next desk over demands. “Look at you, you’re practically glowing! Now there is a girl who is getting some quality dick on the regular.”

“Ashley!” I’d squeaked, and then we all shut up as our department manager burst into the room, demanding the latest updates (and certainly NOT the ones about my sex life).

“Have you told anyone about us?” I ask Tom that night. I’m in his room, in his bed, naked, but we haven’t really decided on what we want to do yet. I’ve become very comfortable being naked around him, thinking nothing of walking around the flat in nothing but a short towel after a shower.

I realise with this question I’m stepping into risky territory, tempting some revelatory stuff about our lives outside this flat. But if Tom feels wary, he doesn’t show it. “Mm.” He nods absently from where he’s propped up beside me, the bed covers roughly draped over his hips. “Just Theo.”

The name is new to me. I tilt my head curiously; “Who’s Theo?”

Now Tom hesitates, his cheeks colouring a little as he stammers a reluctant chuckle; “He’s kind of like my mentor.”

I roll onto my stomach and look up at him. “He’s a designer?”

“No, he’s uh-” Tom smirks, “He’s…like me. Smutty bastard, or gaziantep eskort ‘adult entertainer’, as he likes to put it, the pretentious sod. Although he doesn’t just do audio, he’s uhh…” He laughs again, gesturing vaguely. “He’s a polymath, I’ll put it that way. If I told you his handle, you’ll definitely have heard of him.” He glances aside at me and lightly strokes my hair. “You’re curious tonight.”

Now I’m the self-conscious one. “Sorry,” I mutter, folding my arms and resting my chin on them. “It’s just – well, it is curiosity. I haven’t told anyone yet, but the people at work think I’ve got some secret casanova I’m not telling them about.”

“Don’t you?” He laughs, “They’re pretty much on the money there!”

“That’s not what I meant, don’t be a smartarse!” I roll my eyes, but I can’t help smiling. “They’re thinking like…”

“Like a boyfriend.”

God, I’m so glad he said it. I purse my lips. “Yeah.”

He nods slowly. “Easier to explain than flatmates with benefits.”


He tilts his head back against the headboard, looking relaxed. “We do our thing, though. And it works. It’s nice to have someone who… I don’t know, who doesn’t judge my desires…?” He frowns and looks back at me, “Are you happy, Steph?”

“Yes,” I say it without thinking, but I mean it. “I am. Are you?”

“Yeah. I am.”

Something alarmingly like a feeling flickers in my stomach, so I change the subject rapidly. I sit up and lean into him, pressing a kiss to his shoulder. “Tell me more about Theo.”

Tom casts an admiring glance down my bare torso and throws an arm around me. “He was actually an escort, back in the early two thousands, but once audio porn took off, he was one of the first to recognise its potential, and he’s got a great voice for it. Had an OnlyFans before it all went to shit.”

I give Tom a knowing look. “Is he hot?”

He groans, “As a heterosexual man, I can confirm that Theo is not hideously deformed.” When I raise my eyebrows at him, he laughs, “Okay, if I had to pick a guy, it’d be him.”

“How on earth did you meet?”

He starts idly drawing circles on my shoulder with his fingers, looking out ahead; “I’d just started out in audio and I joined a forum looking for advice. The forum’s long gone now, got culled in some weird server clean up, but there were a couple dozen of us on there, getting feedback and being able to talk without worrying someone was going to judge us.” The circles falter slightly. “I – uh – I had a casual personal tragedy, as you do so me, being the mature, coping adult, got shitfaced drunk, went online and started spilling my guts in the forum chat. Theo reached out – he’d gone through something similar. He… he got me through, basically. And he’s a great guy, so we stayed friends and he’s looked after me and given me a lot of advice about the business.” The last few words have a lightness forced back into them.

I feel my brow crease in concern, but sense it’s not the time to press the whole ‘personal tragedy’ thing. “And you told him about us?”

“I tell him most things, to be honest.” He looks at me suddenly, eyes wide, “Was that okay? Shit, I didn’t think – it’s just it’s always been different with Theo, nothing’s off limits-“

“It’s fine.” I cut in. “I mean it. It sounds like he’s in a pretty good place to understand and not get all judgy about it.” Unlike some people in my life I could definitely think of.

“He’s the least judgy person I’ve ever met. You’d really like him,” He smirks and rolls his eyes, voice deepening. “Women tend to like him a lot.”

“Really? So, uh…” I run my hand down Tom’s chest, over his stomach and finally reach his cock. He watches it the entire way down and a smile tugs at his mouth as I begin to stroke him to stiffness. “What exactly did you tell him?”

He quickly starts to harden. “I told him…ah…” His head falls back, lip caught in his teeth, “He’s known for ages that I thought you were really hot…kept telling me to make a move…I thought you were too uptight-“

“Choose your next words very, very carefully.” I say at once, taking a slightly firmer grip.

“I was wrong! I was very wrong!” Tom replies quickly, laughing. “Anyway, I…” he sighs in pleasure as I run my thumb over his tip, “ahhh…we met up not long after you and I first started fucking and when he asked, like he always bloody does, if I’d made a move…I said yes, in a way. I told him we’d been banging each other’s brains out on a regular basis.”

“Poetic.” I snort. “But accurate.” I increase the pace and hear a hiss escape Tom’s clenched teeth, his hands curling into fists in the sheets.

“Told him,” He gasps, breath quickening and tone becoming strained, “Told him you were the best fucking lay I’ve ever had. That you suck cock like a pro and – oh fuck, Steph – and your tits, holy fuck, your perfect tits…”

I smirk, watching him intently as his voice shakes and his member twitches in my grip. “And my sparkling personality?”

“Ha! eskort gaziantep That you’re a needy little brat,” He groans, “A fucking minx with the vocabulary of a pornstar, and a degradation kink.” His hips tilt as he moves to thrust into my hand and a moan catches at the back of his throat. “Oh god, Steph, don’t stop.”

I get faster. The tip of his cock is shining with pre-cum, the skin flushed a pretty red. He’s usually so dominant that I love being able to make him come apart like this. I spit in my other hand and swap them over to keep up the momentum and in the next few minutes Tom moans, his hips buck wildly and his seed spills out over my hand.

After a few seconds of satisfied silence, as I flex my sticky, aching hand and Tom lies there panting, staring down at the cum on his stomach, I add; “Sounds like I need to meet him.”


We arrange to meet Theo in a bar in town a few days later, one of those noisy, buzzing places where you can have a conversation with zero danger of being overheard. Tom points him out as we enter and I try not to look too surprised.

Theo, who looks like he’s in his mid forties, is gorgeous. Obviously I find Tom attractive, but Theo is next level, drop dead, cologne-advert-model, classically handsome, with salt and pepper hair, piercing green eyes and a jawline to die for. He’s wearing a black suit and shirt, both very expensive looking, and getting no shortage of admiring glances from others in the bar. When he kisses me on the cheek I get a wave of expensive smelling aftershave that practically makes my mouth water.

“So this is her.” He says to Tom as we sit down. His voice is deep and rich.

“This is her.” Tom replies, glancing across at me.

We’ve both made something of an effort this evening and I’m wearing a dress that three weeks ago I would never have had the confidence to wear outside. But the look on Tom’s face, the way his eyes slid slowly down my body, when I walked out of my room, told me everything I needed to know. I can tell it was the right choice by the way Theo’s eyes flicker appreciatively over me too.

Theo proceeds to pay for all our drinks that night. I wonder if it’s some kind of scheme to loosen us up and tell him all the gory details of our sex life. The noise of the bar is enough to cover our conversation, but Theo still talks about sex with a frankness that makes me wince despite my tipsyness. I glance over my shoulder more than once just to make sure nobody’s overheard.

Theo clocks my nervousness and laughs, “Am I making you blush, sweetheart? If the things I’ve heard are true, I would have thought you’d be the last person to get embarrassed.”

Oh? I glance between him and Tom. “And what have you heard?”

He leans over and his breath is hot against my ear as he whispers; “That you’re a filthy little slut who likes it rough and is practically insatiable once she gets going – which doesn’t take much at all. Believe me, I could make you blush like that with one hand.” And then he draws back and takes a drink, cool as anything while I feel my face flush an even deeper crimson.

“Have you ever had two men at once?” He suddenly asks, with the casual level of someone asking if I’ve ever been to another country.

I clear my throat and attempt to recover. Out of the corner of my eye I can see Tom lazing back in his chair, watching this all with no shortage of amusement. “N-no.”

The next question comes almost at once; “Would you like to?”

I blink, “I’m sorry, what?”

“Would you like to? I’m offering.” He snickers, eyes sparkling with something devilish, “I’m propositioning you, darling. Tom’s right, you’re stunning. And if you’re both comfortable with it, but you especially, I’d like to take you to bed. I’m sure you’re very content with Tom, but adding an extra player opens up a lot more…” His tongue runs slowly over his straight, white teeth, “Possibilities.”

It suddenly feels incredibly hot in the room and there’s an unignorable twinge between my thighs. I look at Tom. “Did you know about this?”

“He mentioned it.” Tom seems very calm about the whole thing. “I told him it wasn’t up to me. You’d be the one…” He shrugs, “Getting the brunt of it.”

“Really talking it up there, Thomas.” Theo snarks.

The idea is tempting. I already know how fantastic Tom is in bed, and Theo is so sexy. To have both of them at once…

Theo continues; “We’d talk everything through before we started, we’d have a safe word and we’ll all get retested. Common courtesy, really. So. Would you like to?” He places a hand on my bare thigh, fingertips brushing suggestively at the hem of the dress. His gaze momentarily flickers to my chest and I wonder if my nipples have hardened through my clothes.

I look at Tom. His posture hasn’t changed but something in his eyes has intensified, darker and more dangerous. The kind of look I’ve come to recognise that he has plans for me, and if we were alone, a precursor to pouncing.

Something gaziantep bayan eskort in the way they’re both looking at me makes the idea irresistible. I drag my gaze back to Theo. “Yes.” I reply, quietly but firmly. “I’d like that.”

As the evening draws on, the bar gets louder and our conversation gets lewder as we begin to discuss our terms. I’m somehow talked into agreeing to double penetration, half distracted by the tingling between my legs that I can’t even begin to ignore.

Hard limits. Safe words. It’s unlike any conversation I’ve ever had in my life. I leave the bar that night with my head spinning and my panties sticking to my crotch.

We spend the cab ride home in thoughtful silence, after Theo’s kissed me on the cheek again in farewell, lingering long enough to send shivers down my spine. I can tell that Tom’s worried that I’m somehow upset or offended by the events of the evening – that is until we get through the front door and I practically haul him to the bedroom and ride him until he can barely speak.

The evening of our threesome – a sentence I still can’t believe I’m saying – finally arrives. I spend the day exfoliating, shaving, plucking and moisturising my body, anything to distract myself. I feel torn – half excited, half terrified about what’s going to happen, but the excited, horny side of me wins out, and soon we’re in another taxi on the way to Theo’s place.

My hands are clasped in my lap and I pick absently at my thumbnail, a nervous habit I’ve had for years.

Tom notices and leans over; “You know, you don’t have to do this.” He whispers. “He won’t be offended, he likes you anyway…”

I glance up sharply. “I want to, though.” I reply. “I’ve been looking forward to it. It’s just…”

“The unknown?” He finishes for me, smiling reassuringly.

I nod, laughing self-consciously. “I’m just…really glad it’s with you.”

An adorably puzzled look crosses his face. “Why?”

I reach over and put a hand on his knee. “I feel like I’m in safe hands.”

“You’ll always be safe with me,” He whispers, gently cupping my jaw. He looks deep into my eyes and something in my throat tightens. “I’ll make sure of it. I promise.” I believe him.

I soon discover that Theo lives in a very impressive complex in the trendier part of the city – the part where property prices make you laugh out loud and say ‘okay, but seriously’. He greets us at the door dressed in another expensive, but beautifully cut shirt, half-unbuttoned casually, and dark trousers. As he greets us I notice he’s wearing that same intoxicating cologne again and the scent alone makes me feel dizzy as he leads us inside. Tom places a hand on my lower back and I smile gratefully at him, this anchor to reality.

After a couple of drinks (“Dutch courage,” Theo jokes, seeing me take a large, steadying gulp), we go into the bedroom, a room decorated in tasteful, dark tones. The lights are low and the air is already warm and fragrant with something earthy I can’t quite place.

Theo takes my hand and leads me to the centre of the room, a few steps from a king size bed. “Are you sure about this?”

I look up to meet his look. His eyes are searching, almost hypnotic. “Yes.” I force my voice to steadiness, to leave absolutely no room for doubt.

“Very well.” He looks over my shoulder at Tom and his voice steels. “Strip her.”

Tom’s hands instantly reach my back and he works quickly, unzipping my dress, knuckles grazing against my skin at every opportunity, and letting the garment pool around my feet.

Theo steps back and takes in the sight of my clothes shedding. His intense gaze bores into me, looking up and down my body with no shame and nodding appreciatively as Tom unhooks my bra and casts it aside.

Shivers spring up all over my body as Tom’s hands slide next to the waistband of my thong, hooking his fingers inside to coast it down – and within seconds I’m completely naked in front of a man I only met mere days earlier. A man who’s likely had his fair share of beautiful women, no doubt hotter than me and thinner than me-

Reflexively, my arms move to cover my body, but Theo gently takes my wrists and pushes them down again.

“None of that,” He says, firm but low. His voice has taken on a warm, seductive timbre I haven’t heard from him before. “Not here… Not with me. You, Steph, are divine. You have a body that-” He pauses, his hand halfway to my waist. “May I?”

I nod silently, my mouth dry. My previous bravado seems to have been discarded with my clothing.

“Words, Stephanie.” Theo says, warningly, “Use your words.”

Part of me wants to push my luck, but the bigger part is desperate to please him. “Yes.”

“Yes, what?”

“Yes, you can touch me.” My voice cracks, “Please touch me.”

So he does. Theo’s hand curves over my waist, running down over my hip and ass cheek, like an artist scoping out marble. His hand is large, palm warm and he takes his time, appreciating every inch of skin in his path. “You are a Venus, darling.” He says, his other hand sliding up to cup my breast, taking in my already pebbling nipples. “Your body is made for this. To be naked and pleasured. Worshipped. You have a natural sensuousness. Embrace it.” Every touch, every moment of contact feels appreciative, as if I have been made to his specifications, his desires.

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