Direct from the SourceDirect from the Source

Alison Tyler

This is a true story. Names are changed.

It was several years ago on a relative non-descript summer’s night and I found myself surfing the personals at Craigslist before they got scared about being labeled as a site that helped in human trafficking and I came across someone relatively close by looking for a quick liaison with a no-nonsense approach to giving oral in a M4M situation. I live in a small college town, mostly in the middle of nowhere and it’s the kind of throwback town that you have to know where it is and how to get there as it’s not all that easy. The town has a microcosm of people, those affiliated with the university who work there, are faculty members and those that grow up there and continue to live there, but make their living elsewhere. Considering this particular posting with listed with that town’s name in the subject I was immediately intrigued about who could be on the other end of that posting so I sent an email offering my services and asking for a better description of who was on the other end.

The reply came back rather quickly, “45, black, hung.”

Considering where I started this journey years ago as a straight man to someone with a great appreciation of a BBC I could not help but be intrigued. After a few more emails I was invited over and given an address. Like I said, it’s a small town so I quickly looked up the address on the county auditor’s website to see who lived there, as I would suspect that I would know this guy as we were very similar in age and the house in question came back as registered to Thomas Williams who I had known since grade school. We didn’t necessarily run around in the same circle but were always friendly when we saw each other and since we both had jobs in manufacturing we often talked shop when we saw each other.

I know had a decision to make. If I went over, bursa escort then my whole bi-discretionary act in a small town was open to being exposed, but on the other hand Thomas was about 6’2″ tall with a wide thick football players body and I absolutely believe him when he said he was hung. My sexual appetite this night (and pretty much every night) was off the charts so knowing that I would be giving away a critical secret about myself I headed over. I also knew that there was zero doubt I would be able to keep Thomas’ secret as well. The town without the university isn’t very big so it was less than a five minute drive from my house. I pulled up and parked on the street and as I approached his one story L shaped house by walking down the driveway I could tell that there was someone sitting on a chair in front of the garage shrouded in darkness.

As I walked closer I said, “Hi Tom” and was quickly greeted by a surprised voice on the other end.

“Yeah.. hi.. who’s that?” as I continued to close the gap until we were both standing face to face and he stepped out of the shadows and we revealed ourselves to each other.

We made awkward small talk with observations about our small town and the mathematical improbability for both of us to be in this position. There is an innate sense of trust in a situation like this and I asked if he was ok with this and he replied,

“I just wanna get my cock sucked.

“I think I can help you with that.”

I was invited inside and walked into the foyer, past the kitchen on my right and his living room on my left it was a nice house, well lit, beautiful deep plush teal carpeting in the living room that I was hoping to come back to. We didn’t really talk much until we got to his bedroom and as he stood to face me he pulled his cock out of his pants and it was every görükle escort bit as big and as perfect as he had mentioned in the email. Tom is kind of a party guy who likes a good cocktail and I am certain this is why I am about to kneel down on his bedroom floor and to start to work over the biggest cock that I have had up until this point. I made certain he completely disrobes as I want to make sure he’s as committed to the process as I am and to help move this right along. In my quest to provide oral perfection I always disrobe completely as I am completely comfortable in all aspects of sucking cock in a one way transaction. In a way, I think this makes me subservient but in my heart of hearts I know that if I can use my talents to make a man cum, then I am the dominant one. This is a skill that I definitely have on display.

As I kneel and disrobe the two of us, I can tell Tom is enjoying what I am doing for him/to him as he had quickly arrived at full mast. His cock is at least eight and a half inches and is the thickest one I have ever come across. In fact, it’s perfect, great shape, great texture and in theory would be very photogenic should that need ever arise. He is completely shaved which tells me that he had these plans in his head pretty much all night and who am I to argue? I slowly throat him, lick the top and underside of his head and shaft and then eagerly start to work on his smooth balls as I am a big fan of using my tongue to dart expertly around these when I need to catch my breath for what I’m doing to the rest of his cock. I have a short attention span for staying in the same position for very long and we go from me kneeling to him on the edge of the bed, to him climbing up and straddling my face and jerking his cock onto my waiting tongue, to me with my head hanging over the edge of the bed and him thrusting bursa escort bayan his cock into my face like he’s face fucking me and he has found my sweet spot. I am relaxed and taking all of it with each thrust time and time again as his cock finds the back of my throat. One of the things I like best about this type of arrangement is that I know as my lips get numb, I’ve done a good job and I am well on my way there and I’ve spent at least 45 minutes taking my time and working him over until my heart is content. I am not certain when or if I am going to get a second chance so there is no way I’m leaving any effort on the field of play as it were.

In my previous experience with men I had tasted cum, but never directly from the source but it was something that I had wanted to do and I realize that this is the perfect opportunity to impress my host with my willingness to do some attempting to score some points for the invite back. As my head is hanging over the bed Tom announces to me that he’s about to cum. Knowing that this is my chance I quickly dismount the bed like a ninja in one quick motion and kneel before him and let him go deep in my mouth. I could feel his entire body tense and I continued to let him increase the pace until he came with a torrent of cum in my mouth that was glorious. The taste and feeling as I sucked and swallowed all of it was just surreal. My first time taking it direct from the source was a success and as I enjoyed the taste and he stepped back I used my index finger on the corner of my mouth to get the very last drop of what I had missed. Kneeling on his bedroom floor with this Cheshire cat grin on my face for what I have done and for the pleasure I have provided I, at that point, realized how people get hooked on the taste of a man and hooked on the act of swallowing.

Tom and I would get together on and off for the next several years with pretty much the same outcome but this was the first and it’s not even awkward when I pass him in the grocery store or meet him in a bar along with our mutual friends. It’s strange to have that silent and unspeakable bond.

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