David Shares with MelissaDavid Shares with Melissa


Melissa, one of my most beautiful and sexy lady friends, is also a bi-sexual and recently she expressed an interest in sharing a double-dong with a gay man. “This is something I read about on this online porno site I go to; there was a discussion of a woman fucking a man in his ass with a strapon. Personally, I would rather use my double-dong, which should produce the same result, and I think it would be a lot of fun. How do I propose this to somebody, though? A gay guy might like it but not from me and straight guys probably wouldn’t like the idea. What I need is a bi-sexual man but I don’t know any.”

“I know one who might be willing.” I was thinking about David. “He is married and his wife is very straight-laced and doesn’t know about his gay side. He gets it on with other men but his straight side is faithful to his wife. I would think that what you propose would be the best of all worlds to a bi-sexual man. He would be getting a big cock in his ass, and his gay side would like that. His straight side would love sex with a hotty like you.” Melissa is well aware of how beautiful and sexy she is but she thanked me for the compliment.

“I’ll talk to him and see what he thinks but I wouldn’t count on it.” Actually, I didn’t talk to David; I emailed him, and I was surprised when he responded by saying he liked the idea, and wanted to give it a try.

“My wife is out of town on business for a week and, as far as I’m concerned,” he wrote in his reply, “I am being faithful as long as I don’t put my cock into a pussy or get a hand job from a woman. I have a semi-regular thing going with some guys I met online but this sounds like a lot of fun, and I don’t have anything exclusive with them.” I arranged for David and Melissa to join me at my house the next day and told her to bring her double-dong.

Melissa has never been much into ass play, which I considered to be a waste because one of her most beautiful features is her adorable rosebud, but she has nothing against the idea and had agreed that while she and David were sharing her double-dong, I could lick her ass. “I like the way your mustache tickles my pussy and maybe it will tickle my ass the same way,” was the way she put it. Before David’s arrival, I had carefully washed off any place on Melissa’s ass where I would be licking, especially her pink, puckered hole.

David was impressed with Melissa, who would impress just about anybody. She is really beautiful and sexy, with long red hair, fair skin and a marvelous, all-natural figure. “I like getting a nice big cock in my asspussy or sucking on one, and I don’t see much difference between your dildo and a guy’s cock,” he told her. “Not that you look anything like a guy,” he hastened to amend his comment. Melissa just smiled.

Wearing nothing but a t-shirt, David knelt on the bed while Melissa, completely naked, slathered Aquaglide on his ass. She had never done this, and had forgotten to bring her own lubricant so she was using some of mine and I was directing her. “Spread his hole with your fingers and put the nozzle right into him. Squeeze some in. Now, put your finger in there and spread it around and spread whatever is left around the hole.” After she had finished lubricating David’s ass, Melissa inserted her end of the double-dong into her pussy, which was already wet, anticipating the new experience. During the insertion, she was already cooing happily from what the pleasure bumps were doing for her.

“Okay, now grease up the dong that will be going into his ass. He has no natural lubrication, you know, so we need to use this stuff.” After David’s ass was ready and the end of the toy that would be pleasuring him was also ready, Melissa fucked her end in and out of her pussy a few times.

“This feels good,” she said, “and I think we are going to have a lot of fun together, David, although a real cock feels better. How do you get yourself off?” she asked.

“Sometimes I jack off and sometimes the other guy sucks me off.”

“I hate to see a hard cock go to waste,” Melissa replied. “Today, I will suck you off, if it is okay with you.”

“My wife never lets me put my cock into her mouth so that would not be unfaithful of me. She doesn’t let me eat her pussy, either, or do much more than give me an occasional hand job.”

“We have no problem then because I have no intention of giving you a hand job. That’s mostly something a woman does when she doesn’t want to have real sex.”

David was on his knees with a pile of pillows under his waist. His hands were spreading his ass cheeks, waiting for Melissa to make the penetration. “Reach into his hole with your fingers or thumbs and stretch him so you can make the first penetration,” I coached her. “Then move your fingers around to make sure there’s nothing caught. Once you’re sure, start stroking the dong slowly into his ass. David, you’ve had enough cocks in your ass you know if anything is wrong, don’t you?”

“I’ve had plenty of cocks in my asspussy but this will be the first time I’ve ever had a woman attached to it. A really beautiful woman, I might add.”

Melissa almanbahis şikayet followed my directions and eased the tip of the toy into Davis’s ass. “How does that feel?” she asked David.

“Really good. Don’t stop now.”

Melissa didn’t stop; holding to David’s hips, she thrust firmly several times until David’s half of the double-dong was wedged securely in his ass, spreading him pleasurably. “I really like that,” he told her. “Now, give it to me good.”

Melissa did as he asked, giving it to herself at the same time. With her feet on the bed and leaning over David, squashing her lovely breasts against his back and holding to his shoulders, she slid forward, drawing her pussy off her end of the double-dong. When only the tip was still inside her, she slid back, enveloping the plastic toy all the way into her wet love hole. Melissa sighed happily as she felt the pleasure bumps caressing her clit and when the toy was all the way back in her, she swung her hips out away from David, pulling his dong part of the way from his ass. The last part of the stroke was driving the lifelike plastic cock all the way back into David’s ass and he moaned with pleasure as Melissa’s double-dong stretched his sphincter and massaged his prostate.

Several times Melissa went through the same sequence and both she and David were expressing their pleasure until David stopped her briefly. “That feels terrific, Melissa, but let me take off my t-shirt. I think it will be even better for me to feel your nipples against my bare skin.”

The action stopped while David was removing his t-shirt and I took that opportunity to kneel behind Melissa on the bed and separate her buttocks, letting me see the lovely pink rosebud that was nestled between her creamy ass cheeks. She looked over her shoulder and smiled. “I hope your tongue feels as good on my ass as it does on my pussy.”

Minus his t-shirt, David enjoyed himself even more, getting the best of both his worlds, attention from the beautiful, naked Melissa and an eight inch, lifelike cock plowing all the way into what he calls his asspussy. Melissa very much enjoyed what she was doing; her end of the double-dong was smaller than the end in David’s ass but it was long and thick enough to give her a great time and the scientifically designed pleasure bumps multiplied her fun. She enjoyed the feel of her erect nipples rubbing against David’s back as she pleasured her pussy on her end of the toy. Melissa even liked the new experience of my tongue on her ass. She was cooing from the pleasure she was getting in two places but she had no way of knowing that the best was yet to come for her ass.

I was enjoying myself also. While my hands held Melissa’s ass cheeks wide apart, I started my licking at the top of the cleft and happily licked my way down one creamy side, skirting the pink, puckered hole and licking all the way down, stopping just short of where the plastic dildo was slowly going in and out of her pussy. When I licked my way up, I avoided the hole again and licked the other side of Melissa’s cleft all the way to the top. Although I had fondled Melissa’s ass briefly in the past, and eaten her pussy many times, this was the first time I had ever licked her ass and we both really liked it.

David was thoroughly enjoying what was happening to his asspussy. Melissa was totally getting into it by that time, draping herself across his back and holding onto his shoulders as she drove the thick end of the double-dong all the way in. He moaned from the pleasure of every penetration, and begged her to continue. “Fuck me. Fuck me really good, Melissa. My God, that feels wonderful.”

It felt wonderful to Melissa, too. She enjoyed the good time she was giving to David because it is in her nature to enjoy giving sexual pleasure and she also enjoyed the good time she was giving to herself. Every time she drove the dildo into his ass, her end of the toy pressed against the walls of her vagina and every time she pulled it back out, she massaged her clit. Even better was when she stroked her pussy on the pink toy, letting it caress her clit when she raised herself and again when she lowered herself back down. Melissa was moaning in pleasure but she interrupted herself to say to me, “I love that, George. I love the feel of your tongue back there, and your mustache feels great.”

After licking back up the inside of Melissa’s ass cheek to the top of her cleft, I started down the middle, heading for her precious rosebud that had been my goal all along. When my tongue felt the upper edge of the puckered area, I licked gently there and all around, enjoying the feel of the soft ridges, until I was back at the upper edge. I was ready for the best part so I moved my mouth down a bit lower and repositioned my fingers so I was able to actually open up Melissa’s sweet, pink rosebud and penetrate her slightly with my tongue.

“Mmmm, George, I really like that!” Melissa exclaimed as I inserted my tongue into her ass. “Your tongue and your mustache feel even better. Don’t stop now.” Besides encouraging me verbally, almanbahis canlı casino Melissa spread her legs farther apart to help me get my face closer and my tongue deeper into her for our mutual pleasure. When she did that, I spread her cheeks more until I was able to penetrate her lovely pink ass almost an inch with my tongue, and even wiggle it a little. Melissa sighed in pleasure when I did, and moved her ass like she moved her pussy when I ate her there.

Melissa couldn’t reach back to spread her own ass cheeks because she wanted to keep her hands on David’s shoulders for leverage. This was the first time she had shared her double-dong with a man and she had realized that she could drive the toy in and out of his ass as fast and as hard as she wanted. The faster and deeper and more often, the more he would like it, although he wouldn’t cum from it. Every surge of his end of the toy into David brought more moans of pleasure and more encouragement to keep fucking him. The thrusts into his ass also brought pleasure to Melissa and she could eventually cum from the way her end of the double-dong massaged her clit, but it would take a long time and would bring enormous pleasure for both of them, and Melissa and I would continue to enjoy having my tongue in her ass.

Finally, after a long period of intense pleasure for all three of us, Melissa knew her climax was imminent. “Okay, guys, I’m getting ready to cum,” she announced. Rather than just driving his end of the double-dong into David’s ass as she had been doing for most of the time, she alternated the strokes, caressing her pussy on her end of the toy just as often. The cleverly designed pleasure bumps massaged her clit and the inside of her love hole with every stroke. Faster and faster, she fucked herself and David, both now moaning from the pleasure they were getting from the double-dong.

From my experience with Melissa, I know she was just about to cum so I took my tongue out of her ass. I had no intention of having it caught there while she was cumming so I had no more penetration but I continued licking her delightful, puckered rosebud as she fucked herself up and down on her end of the double-dong and fucked David with the other end.

“Yes! Yes!” she cried out, joyfully. “I’m cumming!” My face remained happily wedged between Melissa’s ass cheeks while my tongue licked her rosebud and my hands held her steady while she fucked herself on the double-dong. She was giving herself most of the action but David’s end of the toy still jerked and yanked in his ass and he continued to fuck himself on it. Although I couldn’t see his cock, I could see that David was leaning forward on both of his hands so he was going to wait and have Melissa suck him off rather than jacking himself off. I could hardly blame him; I would a million times rather have my cock in her pretty mouth than in my own hand.

I held on to Melissa’s ass cheeks as she bounced up and down, swiveling her hips so her feet thrust into the bed. As she bounced and swiveled and rocked from side to side, I was unable to keep much contact between my tongue and her ass so I lifted my face away from her and held her steady. She had enough freedom of movement that she could fully enjoy herself while cumming but she didn’t have to worry about her dildo coming out of her pussy or about losing her balance and falling while doing what looked like a dance of pleasure.

Melissa’s hips gave a short jerk as she climaxed and collapsed on top of David. Satisfied that she was through cumming, I left her resting there and went to rinse my mouth with Listerine. After her long session with the double-dong, I thought Melissa might be a little sore and she would want me to soothe her pussy with my tongue, which has well-known therapeutic qualities. After that, I wanted to keep eating her pussy until she climaxed again and then I wanted to fuck and I was pretty sure Melissa would want to do the same things.

As I returned from the bathroom, I saw Melissa raise herself from her end of the double-dong, letting her pussy juices gush onto the floor. Next, she carefully pulled David’s end from his ass and set it aside, planning to wash and disinfect it later. With a big smile on his face, David turned and spoke to her. “That was really great, Melissa. I’ve had a lot of cocks in my ass but this was about the best fucking I have gotten, and it took a woman to give it to me.”

Melissa smiled back and said, “I hope your cock is nice and hard so I can suck you off.”

When I returned from the bathroom she saw me she said, “George, I really loved your tongue in my ass. I definitely want to do it again sometime, and maybe go a little further. Or a lot further. I hope you can do the same for my pussy because it is a little sore and needs your magic tongue to feel better.”

David lay on his back near one side of the queen-sized bed and Melissa knelt beside his shoulders so her body would be at an angle to his. She wanted to take his cock into her mouth so the upward curve would match the contours of her mouth and she wanted to be sure almanbahis casino that while she was sucking off David, I had plenty of room to crawl under her to eat her pussy. After I was in position with my face between her legs and under her pussy, she started taking his cock into her mouth. Starting with only having a few inches, Melissa slowly stroked David’s shaft until his entire cock was being enveloped. After she had her rhythm going, I curled my hands around her hips and into the cleft of her ass where my tongue had found and given so much pleasure a few minutes earlier.

“Ohhhh, Melissa, that feels really good. I like what you’re doing with your tongue and I like the way you take your time. I’m really horny after that great fucking you gave me and I think I’m going to cum fast.” It is high praise when David compliments the way somebody sucks his cock because he is an expert at it.

Besides giving pretty good head, Melissa has one of the most wonderful pussies in my very extensive experience, possibly the most wonderful of all. Our mutual friend, June, describes it as being the pussiest pussy she knows of and I agree with her. The combination of pink lips and creamy white skin, framed by the soft, curly red pubic hair is truly a thing of beauty. The aroma of her juices, so plentiful that they were already running down her legs, is one of the most delightful things I have ever smelled and the taste of those juices is even better. Best of all is the feel of her pussy on my lips and tongue, her pubic hair, her soft labia, her mons with its downy red carpet, her springy clit and everything else about that delightful organ. Melissa’s pussy is always wonderful to eat but she feels best of all when her lips and clit are engorged from her arousal and she is fucking into my face. After the big orgasm she had enjoyed a few minutes earlier, Melissa was not really aroused and my licking would be therapeutic to start. However I was confident that, by the time she was through sucking off David and had swallowed his cum, her wonderful pussy would be fucking into my face and Melissa would be on her way to climaxing again, this time with her clit in my mouth.

She was in no hurry for that to happen. Melissa was enjoying the feel of David’s cock in her mouth and he was especially enjoying the way her tongue was caressing his shaft and her lips were lightly squeezing his cock as it passed in and out between them. She is not a deep throat expert but David’s cock is small enough that Melissa was able to move it around in her mouth and enjoy the feel of it bumping against her cheeks and the back of her throat.

There was an ocean of juices in Melissa’s pussy from her long session with the double dong and I started by licking all of them from her. They were delicious, as I had known they would be. After devouring them, I started licking between a pair of her inner and outer lips, relishing the feel of the soft flesh on my tongue. Where the two lips came close together, I probed between and licked the available surfaces of both labia until I had reached the end of the inner lip. Melissa took David’s cock from her mouth and said to me, “That feels nice, George, but what I really need is for you to lick where the dildo was. It’s kind of sore there and I know your tongue will make it better.” After she told me that, she took David’s cock back into her mouth and resumed slowly sucking it in and out.

All of Melissa’s pussy is good to lick and I had no problem soothing her soreness with my tongue. Using almost no pressure, I drew my tongue across her love hole, over and over, enjoying even the minimal contact. As I cured the soreness, I could hear Melissa murmuring with pleasure and I knew that some of it was from the feel of the cock in her mouth and some was from the feel of my tongue on her pussy.

David was expressing his pleasure too, but it was with moans until he said, “I’m sorry to cum so fast, Melissa. I’d really like to make it last because it feels so good, what you are doing to my cock, but I can’t help myself.”

After hearing that, Melissa straightened up and tightened her mouth on David’s cock. Bobbing her head rapidly, she sucked his shaft in and out between her lips until David groaned and ejaculated heavily into her mouth. She caught his semen on her tongue to savor the taste, then swallowed it and squeezed with her lips to milk out everything she could. When his cock was drained, Melissa took the softening organ out of her mouth and licked all around the head to get all of David’s juice. She is a very sensuous woman, enjoying all things sexual with either men or women and, from what she had said earlier, I had the feeling I would soon be breaking her ass cherry and I was delighted with the prospect.

From sucking David’s cock and having him cum into her mouth and from what my therapeutic tongue had been doing, Melissa’s pussy was squirming on my face and, as I licked, using a little more pressure than I had, I could taste a few drops of juice forming on her lips. “That feels really good. The soreness is almost gone but let me lie down here and you can continue the treatment.” Melissa lay down next to David, who moved over to make room for her. Earlier, I had taken off my shirt but while Melissa was changing her position, I stripped off the rest of my clothes so I was as naked as the other two.

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