Daughter Holds the Keys Ch. 01Daughter Holds the Keys Ch. 01


Setting inspired by PFDee’s Steel World Universe.

Daughter Holds the Keys

Robert sat with his eyes closed tight, completely nude and riding the edge of orgasm as he prepared to shoot a week’s worth of pent-up cum into the waiting tissue. The steel ring of his chastity cage was still tight around his balls, but his cock was free, and throbbing, and had never felt so good in his hand. This week had been a difficult one.

There was absolutely nothing in the sterile office that might stimulate his imagination. A sheet of paper covered his seat. The walls were grey and bare. He might have been allowed to bring a magazine into the room if the nurse who had admitted him had been feeling generous, but he had no idea where in the world he might find an antique Playboy or Sports Illustrated. So he masturbated with his eyes closed, running through erotic images in his mind as he struggled not to cum too soon. He wanted to enjoy the moment as much as he could.

He gripped tighter, and now he knew that he might blow his load at any moment. He pictured one of the sexy young nurses kneeling before him, tongue wagging as she awaited his cum. There were facilities like this one that catered to wealthier clients, where rumour was that the nurses were all eager and young and sucked out their patients’ weekly loads. Maybe one day, if he saved up enough…

He grunted, and readjusted his grip so that his fist didn’t knock against the cage’s protruding locking pin as he stroked. The image in his mind was of a young brunette, with her back to him as she showered. His breath quickened, and he focused on the girl’s ass as she soaped herself.

Oh fuck… he thought. His orgasm was going to be perfect. And somehow, the knowledge that it would be another full week before he was able to cum again only made the pleasure greater. The girl in his mind’s eye turned to face him, and raised her hands so soap her breasts, and could feel his heart pounding out of his chest. And then, suddenly, the girl was blonde, and a bit shorter, and smiled prettily at him through the glass.

He caught himself, and stopped his stroking for just a moment, as the thought intruded into his fantasy. A mixture of guilt and arousal and nervous fluttering all washed through him, and his cock twitched, waiting for his finishing touches. And the second he put his hand back on his cock, the office door swung open.

He jumped as a matronly nurse stepped into the room, and covered himself by instinct.

“Oh, Mister Decker!” the nurse exclaimed. “I didn’t realize anyone was still in here. You’re usually so quick!”

Robert flushed, and squirmed where he sat, uncomfortable beneath the nurse’s gaze. She was completely sexless in her attire, but her outfit concealed heavy breasts and her eyes were sharp and sparkling. And after a moment, he realized with a sinking feeling that she was not going to close the door at her back, or afford him any more privacy than he had already wasted.

“Go on, Mister Decker,” she prodded. “I don’t have all day. Lots more horny boys waiting out here, you know.”

“Could you—” he stuttered. “Sorry. Could you just give me a minute?”

“I think you’ve had plenty of time, Mister Decker. Ejaculate now, please. Or you can wait until next week.”

Robert’s cock throbbed in his hand, but he could not bear to stroke it with the woman watching. She nodded as he readjusted in his seat.

“Alright, then,” she said. “Back in your cage, Mister Decker. I need to see the lock close.”

She made no motion to turn her back, and Robert could have sworn he saw a smile tugging at the corner of her lips, as she watched him reach for the steel cage, and struggle to fit it back over his cock.

The last flitting images of his explosive fantasy were still running through his thoughts, and his cock refused to deflate. He could still see the brunette in the shower…and the blonde. There was another uncomfortable twinge in his stomach. A spot of precum leaked from the tip of his cock.

If I’d had just ten more seconds…

The nurse cocked an eyebrow impatiently. “Do I need to get one of the interns to bring an ice pack?” she asked.

“No,” he said hurriedly. But after another moment of struggle, the nurse leaned her head out the door and shouted down the hallway.

“Molly?” she called. “Mister Decker needs some ice.”

“Right away!” a cheery voice called back.

“No, really—” Robert protested.

“As much fun as this is, Mister Decker, I don’t have time to watch you play with yourself all day,” the nurse insisted. “We really do have lots of clients to assist today. Maybe you’ll remember to be a bit quicker next time, hmm? We expect premature ejaculators of all our clients. You know that.” This time she did smile, and Robert cringed and turned bright red as he heard footsteps come clicking down the hallway towards them.

“Here you go!” a pretty young red-head announced, as she appeared in the doorway. She smiled into the room, and Robert felt his cock Avrupa Yakası Escort surge again as she looked him up and down. She held an ice pack in her hand, and for a moment the thought of her kneeling before him icing down his cock was enough to bring Robert back to full mast. But instead she passed the pack to the nurse, who handed it to Robert.

“Thank you, Molly,” the nurse offered. “And could you fetch Mister Decker’s clothes?”

“Sure thing,” said the intern. She winked at Robert as she left, and Robert winced as he touched the ice pack to his cock. He tried not to wonder how old she was.

He left the facility, fully clothed and with his cock safely back in its cage, five minutes later. A roomful of awkwardly waiting men all watched him depart, some with curiosity in their eyes, clearly wondering about the commotion they had overheard. Businessmen in suits, casual workers in jeans and t-shirts, and a few rare young men in their late teens who looked thoroughly out of place, all waiting quiet and eager for their turn to be unlocked. Robert avoided eye contact with them all as he hurried out of the building, seething jealousy and humiliation. By the time he got to his car—a sleek black sports car that he had always loved—his cock was swelling in its cage. He cranked the air conditioning, and sat for a moment with his pulse racing before pulling away from the parking lot.

Just one more week, he thought. You can do it.

The drive home was nice. The day was clear and the radio played a few of his favorite songs. The afternoon rush hour was just starting, and the sidewalks were full of people heading home. Robert watched the people go as he drove, and took some solace at least in knowing that he was certainly not the horniest man on the road. He was fortunate, in some ways, to have his chastity keys held by the government, whom he knew would dependably let him out every Thursday afternoon. He spied a man about his age, walking hand-in-hand with a woman who sported a sharp haircut and who spoke authoritatively into the cell phone at her ear, and felt a tingling in his balls as he wondered how long it might had been since that man had been allowed release. Further down the road was another guy, maybe in his late-forties, with a young lady at his side who might have been his daughter. Did she have his keys around his neck? What kinds of things did he do, to earn his releases? Robert tried not to think about it, but the thought would not leave his head all the way home.

He pulled into his driveway a short while later, and paused for a moment again. Then, bracing himself, he got out of the car and went to the house.

“Hi Mister Decker!” Brooke called, as soon as he stepped inside.

“Hey,” he answered. He kicked off his shoes, and carried his briefcase into the open-concept first floor. Brooke was rising from a leather couch in the living room, adjusting the hem of her shirt in a way that made Robert wonder what she had been doing in the seconds before he had come in. The brief flash of her bare stomach was enough to make him swell in his cage again. Brooke smiled over at him as he entered the kitchen, and tucked a strand of her brunette hair behind her ear. She had been a cheerleader in high school, and her build and attitude both showed it. She crossed her toned legs as she took a seat by one of the living room’s huge glass windows, and it was all Robert could do, not to stare.

“Hi daddy!” came another voice, and then his daughter Claire stood from the couch as well, slightly red in the face as she appeared. Robert felt a flush rising to his cheeks as he realized that the two girls had been entangled.

“Hi sweetheart,” he answered, and he looked away as she went to sit with her girlfriend by the window. Claire was blonde, and a bit shorter than Brooke, and it shamed him to have to struggle just as hard not to stare at her as she crossed the living room in shorts that were barely underwear and a tank top that showed off the nice swell of her breasts. There were men who might have fantasized day and night about living with two fit, twenty-year-old bisexual girls, even now with universal locking laws in place. For Robert, it was very nearly torture. Brooke had lived with them since both girls had started attending the local university, and at times he wondered how he had survived even these first few months.

“How was work?” Claire asked, avoiding his gaze as she sat and looked down at a heavy textbook.


“And what about your unlocking?”

Robert blushed. “It was fine,” he said.

“I hope so,” said Brooke. “Do you think you’ll be able to stop staring at our feet now? Maybe for like two seconds?”

Robert’s blush deepened and he turned away, but Claire swatted playfully at Brooke’s hand. “Don’t be mean,” she chided. “Did you get one of the nice nurses this time, daddy?” she asked.

“Claire, we don’t have to talk about this—” he began awkwardly.

“I wonder if that means yes or if it means no,” Brooke Avrupa Yakası Bayan pondered out loud.

“Enough,” Robert ordered, putting his foot down as best as he could.

Brooke put her hands up in peaceful surrender.

“Well, I hope it means yes,” said Claire. “I hope it was very nice.”

Robert’s heart fluttered, at the words.

“We were gonna make dinner in just a while, daddy,” Claire pressed, as though moving on from a completely ordinary conversation. “Want to join? Pasta.”

“Sure. I’ll be upstairs for a while. Have some work to do. You guys just…studying?”

“Yeah,” said Brooke. “This stuff’s a real bitch.”

“All right. Give me a call if you want any help with dinner.”

“I think we’ve got it,” Claire answered. “I’ll let you know when it’s ready.”

Robert hurried from the room. Brooke whispered something as he left, and the sounds of their giggling chased him all the way up to his bedroom.

He distracted himself with some work, until dinner. True to her promise, Claire didn’t ask him to help cook, and so he was alone for an hour and a half, lounging in his spacious master bedroom, until she knocked to let him know that food was ready.

“Be down in just a minute, Claire,” he said.

“Cool. Umm, daddy?” she asked, as she lingered in the doorway for a minute.


“There’s something I wanted to talk to you about…”

“Sure. What’s up?”

She hesitated, but then just shook her head. “Maybe after dinner,” she said.

“Okay. Everything all right?”

“Yeah. Yeah, for sure. It’s just…whatever, never mind. We can talk about it later.”

Robert tried not to look, but his gaze was glued to her legs as she left. Her legs were smooth and perfect, and her shirt clung to the curve of her back. His cock throbbed in its prison, as he watched his daughter go, and then a new feeling of shame washed over him. The rules had changed, since the Locking Laws. There were daughters who behaved much more sexually towards their locked-up fathers than Claire did. Men whose releases were monitored by their girls…

But Robert had tried so hard not to let his thoughts wander that way. He had seen what happened to guys who went too far down that rabbit hole. So he sat at his desk another minute, cleared this thoughts, and went downstairs for dinner.

The girls chatted through dinner, and for a long time there was no more mention of sex. But by the time that desert came around, and Brooke had dished out slices of blueberry pie, their thoughts had turned to the party they were going to tomorrow. And things went quickly downhill from there.

“Daddy, you have no idea,” Claire laughed. “You have no idea how nice boys our age are, now. I’ve seen a bunch of old movies…you know, from before we had the Locking Laws, and…like, wow. You wouldn’t believe it. It seems like guys used to be such jerks. Like, all the time.”

“Not any more, though?” Robert asked. His cock was hardening it its cage at the very mention of the Locking Laws, and he nervously prepared to excuse himself.

“They’re so cute,” Claire laughed again. “Like, so desperate for you to like them.”

“Almost too desperate, sometimes,” Brooke agreed. “If I hear one more boy trying to sweet-talk me into letting him lick my pussy—”

“Brooke !” Claire interrupted, horrified. Her gaze snapped to Robert’s. “Sorry, daddy,” she said.

“Watch your language at the table, Brooke,” said Robert. Fuck, he was so horny.

“It’s not like we go around letting boys…you know,” Claire muttered.

Robert waved a hand. “As long as you’re being safe,” he said. But the image was in his mind, now, of the girls up against a wall, moaning as eager boys knelt between their legs, and their chests were heaving as they got close to cumming—

He winced as his cage squeezed him.

“Very safe,” Brooke agreed, chuckling. “Claire, should I tell him about the time with Brandon?”

“Oh my God, no,” Claire laughed. Her cheeks flushed red, and she covered her mouth.

“You’ll love this story, Mister Decker,” Brooke promised, and she held Robert in her gaze as he struggled to keep his composure. “We went out to the movies with this nice guy from class. Just a friend, you know. And we—” she laughed “—we told him, that his mom had given me his chastity keys for the evening. Some moms will do that, you know…if they trust the girl their son is going out with. Just kinda mentioned it to him all casually when we were leaving his house, and then didn’t mention it again. You should have seen him, all night long. He must have thought that he was in for the greatest night of his life.”

Claire covered her face. “Brooke, no,” she said.

“It’s ok. Your dad wants to hear the story. Don’t you?”

Robert’s mouth was dry. It was all he could do, not to stare at Brooke’s cleavage as she spoke.

“We were all driving home at the end of the night, and when we were a block away from his house he asked us Escort Avrupa Yakası if we would unlock him. He asked so nicely. ‘Please, Brooke. Please Claire, will you unlock me?’ And when I told him that I’d only been joking about having his key, I thought he might cry. But Claire—if you don’t know this already, Mister Decker, your daughter is far too good for this world—Claire took pity on him, and offered him a consolation prize.”

The room seemed to be spinning. Robert could feel precum leaking from his cage. He wanted to tell her to stop—to tell her off for behaving so inappropriately. But he was desperate to know how the story would finish.

“Whatever,” Brooke offered, recognizing his discomfort. “If you won’t want to hear it. I just thought you might think it was funny.” She picked up her plate, and took Claire’s and Robert’s, and stood from the table. “Don’t want to make your cage hurt, Mister Decker.”

Robert was left stunned and throbbing, at the sudden end to the story. Claire avoided his eyes.

His cage squeezed him all evening long. He watched some TV in the living room, while Claire and Brooke hung out in the back yard. He could hear them practicing Brooke’s old cheer routines— she had been teaching Claire, who had always wanted to be a cheerleader in high school but had never worked up the courage, even in a world where women ruled everything. Brooke’s confidence seemed to be what had attracted Claire to her in the first place, and now the two seemed to get most of their exercise from jumping and tumbling around in the yard…when they weren’t doing laps in their modestly-sized pool. Robert could hardly complain. The property was big enough that the neighbors wouldn’t be disturbed, and it wasn’t as if he could tell them how much it hurt his caged cock, to see Brooke in her old cheerleading outfit. Or to see Claire in the one that Brooke had bought for her. He kept his eyes glued to the TV as they chanted and danced in the back yard, dying to go watch their routine but unwilling to bend in his convictions.

They both came back in around eight, and went upstairs to shower. Robert listened to the water run, and tried not to imagine them in the shower together. But of course, the harder he tried not to think about it, the more vivid his imagination became. He tried to let the TV distract him, but to no avail.

He grit his teeth as his thoughts turned more salacious, and then before he realized it, he heard Claire’s footsteps at his back. The sound of the water was gone—for how long it had been over, he couldn’t say.

“Hey daddy,” she said. Her hair was wet, and her skin damp. Her legs glistened as she came around the couch, and a droplet of moisture ran down between her cleavage and out of sight as she sat.

“Hey sweetheart,” he breathed.

“Brooke’s trying to do some reading…I thought I should give her some space. What are you watching?”

“Oh…I don’t even know. Nothing good.”

Claire chuckled, and leaned back where she sat. Robert forced himself to keep his eyes on the TV. “So, daddy…” she spoke. “About that thing I wanted to talk to you about?”


“It’s about…”

Robert could see her grappling with her own discomfort, and for a moment he worried about what she might say.

“It’s about your chastity cage.”

His heart stopped, for just a moment. “Claire,” he said, “I don’t really want to talk about that with you…”

“Daddy,” she said, and now there was just a bit of sternness in her voice. Even seated, it made Robert’s knees weak. “Come on. I know that going to the clinic can’t be very fun for you.”

Robert blushed, and looked away. Claire was so pretty, as she watched him. “It’s—” he struggled. “It’s not supposed to be fun. It’s supposed to be efficient.”

“Well, that’s my point! Sex…is supposed to be fun.”

“Claire—why do you care? This is my life, not yours.”

“I care because I don’t want you to be miserable. I have friends who work at those places. I know what they’re like.”

“I’m not miserable. What are you talking about?”

“I know you’re not fulfilled. How can you be? I think you deserve better than that clinic.”

Robert managed a chuckle even as his pulse pounded. “I’d love to have the keys transferred to a Gold-Star facility, sweetheart,” he admitted. “But even with my salary—”

“I’m not talking about transferring them to another facility,” she rolled her eyes. “I’m talking about giving them to me.”

He could hear his heartbeat in his ears. “What?” he asked. “No. No, Claire.” But already, his cock was trying to break free of its cage.

“Why not?”

“It would be weird.”

“Why? I have lots of friends who hold their daddy’ keys. No one would think you were being a pervert. I wouldn’t think that.”

Robert’s pulse was so quick now that he thought it might make him sick. “Claire…I know that ninety percent of the guys in the world are looked after by their moms or wives or daughters. Or sisters. But it’s not something I want.”

“What’s the harm? Just think…you could cum more than once a week.”

Robert shied away, even as his thoughts raced. Claire so rarely spoke about sex around him. In a world full of young women who were completely brazen in their sexuality, having a daughter who was a bit shy had been a blessing.

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