Subject: Gripping his Dick Thank you for supporting fty. Make sure you donate to this site! Don’t just expect everyone to give you hot shit for free now you biter! Contribute to something for once in your life! Help these dudes be able to offer this hot content to all the people who really need to understand that hot shit like this really does exist! Seriously. Give whatever you can just give it! If you don’t like shit like this, then don’t read it. Duh. You’re the one who clicked your way here, so either like it or love it. Those are your options! Bye! Gripping his dick I was 11 years old. I’ll never forget it. Let me start out by introducing myself. My name is Filan. Its pronounced Feel-on. I know it sounds crazy, but that’s my name tho. My Pops name was Andreko. Hes like this African statue of a man. He’s built, and ripped and stuff. He’s always a very kind man. Don’t get me wrong he’s about his business but he really loves his family too. Anyway, we moved from Brazil, where I was born, to the US. We moved to a small town in Kentucky where my Dad was in business with this farmer, and we were able to live a whole lot better there than we were in Brazil, so we were all excited. Dont get me wrong Brazil is beautiful if you’re in the tourist areas, but if you’re in the ghetto it’s not that great. Anyway, my Dad had us move into this two story house in the middle of the woods. It was very private, and we were less than a mile away from where my Pops worked. I had 3 siblings. The first one was just as black as me, and the second two were mixed, but we all lived together. My step-Mom was white, and the mother of my two younger siblings. Anyway, this story takes place in about the mid-90’s when I was about 11 years old. I came home from school that day at around 3:45pm and the sky was looking crazy. Like it was dark and cloudy, but also kind of green in a weird way. And it was HOT! AND MUGGY! I walked in the door just as Pops pulled up in his pickup truck. He jumped out of it in his blue-jean overalls and cowboy hat. His black skin glistening like it did. He was ripped. I was gonna be ripped like him one day and I knew it. My Daddy was the whole apple of my eye back then. He still is tho. That man is a fucking stud. Anyway, just as he stepped on the porch to come inside behind me, entering the house, the tornado sirens started going off. I had a deep seated fear of tornados and I knew we were in an area that had tornados cause at school we had lots of drills on what to do. Anyway, once that ringing started blaring through the darkened sky, my Dad just grabbed me and picked me up. Next thing I knew he was shouting to get down in the basement. Then we went in my sisters room. Me pretty much slung over his shoulder at this point, and he scooped up my sister in his other arm, and he moved through the house barking to get down stairs. Next thing I knew we were in our small basement, all huddled in a corner. I couldn’t let go of my Dad. I was so scared. I was latched on to him, and nothing in the world could make me let go. “Filan, let me set you down,” he said. “DADDY NO! IM SCARED,” I replied. I hugged him tighter, as tight as I could. I buried my face in chest and gaziantep travesti cried. He wrapped one of his arms around me and held me in place. “I got you baby boy. Just dont let go.” He said as we could hear the house above us tearing apart. I could feel our whole family grasping on to one another. We were holding each other so tight I knew we’d have bruises from it. Suddenly the floor above us disappeared. It was just gone, and the wind was blowing strong all around us. My Dad had his leg wrapped around a basement plumbing pipe, and everyone of us were holding on to him. It was dark, and we knew things were flying past us. At one point I heard a scream, and then I felt something hit my side. All the while my Dad was screaming, “DON”T LET GO OF ME!” Then just as quick as it had come it was gone. Thankfully we were all okay, but I had a deep cut in my side and I was bleeding. My Step Mom noticed first and she started freaking out. My Dad quickly ripped my shirt off and started inspecting me. “He needs help you guys, go get help” he barked. They all got up and then it was just me and him. “Daddy, I love you” I said feeling scared and not knowing what to even do. I just knew I was hurt. “My son I love you too…” he said. “Am I okay?” I asked scared. “I got you baby dont you worry. Daddy’s right here.” He said. I nuzzled into him terrified, and said, “Daddy dont ever leave me! Im scared Daddy. Help me be okay!” I begged. “Calm down my son, I got you”….he said as he rubbed his hands up and down my back. His hands were suddenly all I could focus on. My dick was getting hard. He was holding me against his hip and I knew he could feel it. “I love you Daddy so much” I cried. “I love you too Filan… my seed baby boy.” He said and I could feel him pull my ass harder against his hip. It was like an invitation to me and I ground into his body with my hard 5 inches of 11 year old boy meat. I felt my Dad take my shirt he ripped off of me and wadded it up and held it up against my side. “That’s right baby…Daddy’s right here…you safe with me always boy.” He said as he pulled my ass against him again. I started grinding on him without even really understanding what I was doing. I was scared, and bleeding and my dick was hard, and my Daddy was holding me and I was just grinding into him. “You like this kinda shit huh Filan?” He said as he pulled my ass into him again. I just groaned and nuzzled my head into his chest and noticed how he smelled. He had been sweating and his man scent was strong. I was engrossed in my Dad. I wanted to be strong like him so bad, and knowing my dink was poking him was for some reason making me so focused on grinding into him. “Keep me safe Daddy, please” I begged. “Always son…’re safe with me always….” He replied. “Ungh” I moaned…grinding into him. “Damn boy, you need me huh?” He asked. “Yes Daddy” I replied speeding up my rhythm. “What you doing to me son?” He asked me, I could tell he was smiling. “I’m just feeling my Daddy.” I said honestly. “Feel this then.” He said. He grabbed my hand and put it on the front of his sweatpants. I could feel his big hard gaziantep masaj salonları cock beneath the fabric. He was solid. More solid than any man should be. He was granite in my hand. It sent a shiver through my whole body. I started grabbing it and squeezing it. “Son, calm down. Stop. Listen to your Daddy. We gotta deal with your wound then later, we can play once we all alone again. But calm your lil ass down. Listen to me. Listen to my voice. This is something we can do forever, but we gotta keep it between us. But right now, you gotta calm down and focus on your wound.” He said. “Okay Daddy.” I said. I again buried my face in his neck and was smelling him, and felt drunk with lust. I felt dizzy, and weird….next thing I knew I woke up in the hospital. I was hooked up to an IV and had a blood bag. My Mom was there crying, but I started talking and she hugged me and said some prayers. My Dad wasn’t there. I was in and out of it from whatever meds they had me on, but next thing I knew I was awake and feeling okay. My side was sore, but I was okay. My mom and siblings were all at the hospital with me but my Mom said Dad was working on helping everyone in the neighborhood restore everything that was damaged. A few days later, I was able to go home, and the first time I saw my Dad was the night I was released. I went home and immediately went to my bed to rest. About 11pm that night my Dad poked his head in my room and said, “You home now baby….get you some rest. I need u strong.” He said. “Daddy?” I asked as he almost slipped back into the hallway. He stuck his head back in. “Wassup?” He whispered. “Can I feel it again?” I asked. It had been the sole thing on my mind since it happened. I needed to touch his cock again and I knew it. He didn’t say anything. He just came in the room and shut the door behind him. He walked up to the side of my bed and unzipped his pants, then let his long dick fall out of his pants. It swayed with a heaviness to it that I can’t describe. I could tell it was growing. I reached out and grasped it and pulled it close to my face. I began rubbing his semi hard cock on my face and looking up at him with such admiration. “You saved me Daddy… saved my life,” I said as I began licking his dick. I’d seen pornos many times and I knew about sex. Gay sex too, and I also knew I always wanted to suck my Dads dick. You know, the cock I was created from. That forbidden taboo of worshipping the dick that shot you into existence kinda thing. I could feel it, and it made me so hard. “What you doing son?” He asked with a glazed look in his eye. “I’m taking care of you Daddy,” I replied. I started full on sucking his dick. And playing with his balls, and rubbing his abs, and just going full on into making my Daddy feel good. I loved this man and I was showing it. His dick got so hard. At one point he stopped me and held my hands back away from his dick, and I watched it flex and bounce. Nothing came out tho, and next thing I knew he had his hand on the back of my head guiding my mouth to his balls. “Lick Daddy’s big balls,” he said. The smell was intoxicating. He smelled gaziantep escort bayan like a real strong fucking Daddy of a man, and it made my lil 5 inches hurt with hardness. “Damn son, you like taking care of Daddy’s needs huh?” He asked. “Yes Daddy…you make me feel safe Daddy. I’ll do anything for you.” I replied honestly. “Yes son. Lick and suck my big dick. I have some cream that’s gonna help you heal fast. The cream I have is called man-cum. It has all the power in it you need to heal your body. All you gotta do is tickle my big dick with your mouth until it shoots out. When it does you have to drink it. It’ll help you heal fast, and become big and strong like me.” He explained kind of out of breath. My own dick was so hard hearing all this new information from my Daddy. I began working his dick with my mouth in a more aggressive way. I wanted this milk of his. I wanted to heal and be big and strong like him. “Here it comes son, open your mouth and stick out your tongue,” he commanded in his deep husky voice. He placed his cock head on my tongue just as thick ropes of his semen squirted into my open mouth and dripped down the back of my throat. He blasted about 11 shots into my mouth, all the while staring me dead in my eyes. I stared back just as the last few dribbles dripped onto my tongue and I swallowed, starting him down. I gulped and then began sucking his knob again searching for more of his delicious daddy juice. He just kept staring at me with this zoned out look on his face. He never went soft, he stayed totally hard and after I kept licking his meat he eventually grabbed my head and started fucking my face. “That’s right, eat your Daddy’s big dick….suck that family dick for me son…show me you need my shit,” he said grunting….he began furiously fucking my throat, and I started gagging. When I did he grabbed me by the throat and fucked my throat harder saying, “Eat my fucking dick son,” and grunting and thrusting. I could see sweat dripping down his muscled body in-between the tears leaking out of my eyes. The whole time, yes I was choking, but I never felt safer at the same time. Next thing I knew he pushed his big dick down my throat and I could feel continuous pulses as he unloaded another load down my throat. He finally pulled out of my throat and backed away. “You okay?” He asked me. “Do it again Daddy, please?” I begged. “For real son, shut up! Don’t be asking me to do this with u in front of other people, this gotta be our secret tho. I’m gonna take care of you always, but for real, this is just for me and you, no one else. If I find out you broke our bond, this all gonna stop.” He said sternly. “I won’t break it Daddy. Can I suck it again now?” I asked. “Give me some time son, my balls gotta make more cream to feed you. Damn….you swallowed all of my nut….son, you made me so happy. Why I’m so turned on I dunno, but watching you swallow my seed just makes me nut in a whole new way.” He confessed. “Can you lay with me?” I asked. He turned and locked my bedroom door then, naked, got in bed with me and held me. I heard a knock on the door after some time. “Honey you in there?” My stepmom asked. “Yeah baby, I’m staying in here with Felan tonight,” he replied. “Okay honey goodnight,” she replied. My Daddy hugged me up against him, careful not to disrupt my sitches and kissed my head. “I love you son, now we are forever bonded in love. Don’t ever forget that son.” He said. “I won’t Daddy,” I replied. I fell asleep feeling his hand playing with my booty hole.

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