Daniel and Sara Pt. 14Daniel and Sara Pt. 14


In the next few days, there was a lot to get done. They went to Daniels broker/banker and he transferred funds in both women’s names. Technically, they were both now millionaires, something neither would have expected just a short time before. Neither was the frivolous type, but it was a somewhat disorienting experience for them.

That night, after dinner, they held a family meeting.

Sara started “I think we should set some sort of a schedule, in terms of sleeping together. We should all be together four nights, but the other three we should pair up. One night dad and I would be alone, another Steph with dad, and the third night Steph and I. We could have sex or not, maybe just rest together, be intimate. Whatever the couple that night needs. We can figure out the actual schedule later. What do you both think?”

Daniel said “I think it’s a pretty good idea. I would just say when we do couple up, we don’t talk about the third party. We shouldn’t do that behind someone’s back anyway, but I think it’s especially important in bed.”

Steph added “I like that idea. We can see how it works out, and adjust as needed. Maybe after trying it, we’ll decide we’re better off staying together every night. But we should try it.”

“Great, we’ll work it out in a day or two. Now, something else. Obviously, there is an age difference here, not to mention a relationship that could cause us all trouble if it became public. I understand you’re both young, and have certain interests that aren’t things I’ll want to participate in. You still have friends whom you are going to want to see, you might want to go out dancing in clubs, I’m going to want to see some of my old friends from time to time. We all need that sometimes. We all have to respect that need for each other. Maybe once a week, more if desired. We should talk about it and not just make plans. But we all should have the right and ability to do what we need to do. And we’ll find plenty of things we can do together. Concerts of all sorts. Travelling, especially day trips or overnight. Does that sound fair?”

Both girls agreed, and appreciated that Daniel wanted them to keep some aspects of their previous lives. And they wanted the same for him.

Steph brought up the next point. “When we have people over, and I know we’ll want to do that, we have to be careful. I know we’re telling people I’ve moved in here because of things going on at home. So we have to keep things ‘friendly’ when we have people over, whether our friends or Daniels.”

Again, everyone agreed. There was a new normal they all had to adjust to. They then discussed setting schedules for sharing the housework, cleaning, cooking, laundry etc. Daniel would deal with contractors and other aspects of maintaining the house, as he had been doing since moving in almost 20 years ago. And it was also decided that in a few months, after things settled down into a routine, they’d think about moving into a home of their own, not Daniel’s and Sara’s. They all agreed they should set aside an hour once a week to have a meeting like this to work on any issues that arose and to clear the air if any problems came up so that bad feelings didn’t fester. Finally, they agreed to try to never go to bed angry, and to always, regardless of who was sleeping where, tell each other they loved each other before going to bed.

The meeting over, they all got up and hugged and kissed each other. It felt so good to each of them to hold the others close, to let the love just flow naturally, And it felt natural, like something that had always been there.

Sara said “Let’s celebrate. Steph, come with me. Dad, you go get ready for us. I wanna get nasty tonight!”

Sara and Steph bounded up the stairs, giddy as they whispered their dirty plan to each other. Daniel, thinking to himself how good life is, went to the bedroom and disrobed down to his briefs as the women were getting ready in the bathroom. He heard them laughing as they changed into whatever outfits they picked out for tonight’s fun.

After a short time they came out in silky nighties that barely covered their soft round asses, Sara’s in ivory and Steph’s deep purple. They wore matching silk high cut panties that hugged their bottoms and pussies snugly. Daniel saw their camel toes in fine detail and his cock went immediately from hard to stiff as a board.

Daniel went to them and held them in his arms. The feel of those soft and sexy bodies underneath a layer of fine silk was so exciting, and he could smell the perfume they chose, a light scent that went right to the center of his soul. Sara and Steph were kissing his chest and reaching for his cock, well defined through his shorts. They squeezed and stroked him, Steph cradling his cock while Sara cupped his balls while he grabbed and handful of each curved ass in tight silk. His hands slid inside so the panties were on the outside of his hands while his palms caressed each girls soft cheeks.

“You’re the sexiest women in the world” Daniel moaned. “Such Etiler Escort naughty, dirty girls. I could fuck you both all night long.”

“Is that a promise?” giggled Steph. “We might hold you to that!”

“Don’t make claims you can’t back up, daddy! We have ways of getting you hard over and over again.” Sara said as she licked his ear and gave his balls a gentle squeeze. She went down to her knees and kissed her fathers cock through the cotton briefs, feeling the heat coming from his crotch. Then Steph also went down to her knees, in back of Daniel, and started kissing his ass, also through his shorts.

Daniel could feel their hot breath on his body and he tilted his head back as he gave into the amazing pleasure he felt. Then the girls were pulling down his briefs and he was bare in front of them. Sara was kissing and licking his cock and balls, and Steph was doing the same to his ass, and she gave him gentle but firm bites which made him cry out. Sara engulfed his dick, taking him deep, to the back of her mouth, as Steph kept up her attack on Daniels ass. She took his cheeks in her hands, spread them apart as wide as she could, and started licking up and down his crack with her wet and talented tongue, stopping every so often to probe his anus. Daniel could barely keep on his feet as they worked him over with their incredible oral skills. “Fuck, girls, if you keep this up I’m going to shoot my load right down Sara’s throat.”

Sara sucked him harder, her fingers tweaking his nuts, and Steph pushed her tongue tip into his ass. Daniel grabbed Sara’s head and fucked her mouth with quick, short thrusts before his balls tightened, his ass clenched onto Stephs tongue, and he shot thick blasts of his cum right into Sara’s hungry mouth. His dick twitched with each eruption. Sara swallowed the first few but saved the rest until he was empty. She then went to Steph and thrust her tongue into her partners’ mouth as she shared the sticky, salty remainder with her friend. Daniel marveled at the incredibly hot sight of his lovers sharing his creamy cum in a loving kiss.

“You two are so sexy, so gorgeous, kissing like that. Is there a little left for me?”

Sara smiled and nodded, and both girls stood up and shared what was left with Daniel, pushing the remainder of his seed into his mouth and he swallowed his share. They kissed like that for a few minutes before they all got on the bed so he could recover.

“You’re so good to me” Daniel reiterated. “If you can give me about 20 minutes, I can show you both how much I appreciate you. Maybe even 15.” He was holding both women in his arms and they were both pushing their pussies against his thighs, where he could feel their moist heat through the silk panties.

“We may have to start without you, honey” Steph said. Her voice had a desperate tone. “My pussy is crying out for attention!”

“I know how you feel; I could fuck a baseball team right now! Why don’t you watch us until you’re ready, daddy. Just don’t take too long!” Sara added.

Daniel rolled to the side so Steph and Sara were in each others arms, their lips and tits mashed together. Their legs wrapped around each other as they were grinding their pussies together, and their moans filled the room.

Daniel was responding quickly, his cock starting to rise at the erotic sight in front of him. He was behind Sara, and he got close to her back and was kissing the back of her neck and her shoulders. The sensation of both her lovers kissing and feeling her body had Sara in desperate need to cum and she lifted her leg so she could really grind her swampy cunt against Steph’s. Their legs then fell into a scissoring position, and the girls were tribbing, rubbing their pussies together in their panties.

“Fuck, babe, that feels great, better than I thought it could” Sara cried out. “Grind harder onto my cunt! Fuck me, don’t stop!”

Steph was grunting as she pushed against Sara. Both their panties had huge wet stains in the crotch. They grabbed hands for added leverage and Steph planted her feet flat on the bed. She was lifting her hips, forcing Sara’s up with her.

Daniel was pulsing hard again. He wanted to join his lovers, but he didn’t want to interrupt them while they were obviously in such a wonderful state of rapture. Instead, he just watched the two women he loved more than anything as they enjoyed themselves and each other.

“Babe, don’t stop, please don’t fucking stop! I’m gonna cum!” Steph screamed out loud. Her hips were moving really fast, her vulva mashed against Sara’s, and they came almost simultaneously, their pussies flooding and soaking their panties. Their bodies tensed a final time, then they relaxed and they just lay there in the wake of their climaxes, breathing hard and deep.

Daniel sat there with his cock sticking up from his lap, stunned from the sensual display he just witnessed. “That was one of the most beautiful, one of the hottest things I’ve ever seen. Neither of you ever did that before?” Etiler Escort Bayan he asked.

“I haven’t” Sara said between panting breaths. They were both covered in a layer of perspiration, and they were both glowing from their intense orgasms. “But I think we’re going to do it again…and again.”

“Count on it, babe” Steph moaned softly. “I thought that was just a porn thing, But damn, it really works! It was fucking great.”

“Look at daddy, all recovered. Did we do that to you? Did we make your dick all big and hard again?” Sara asked with a lilt to her voice. “We can’t leave you like that. Right, babe?”

Steph saw his cock pointing upwards and her pussy pulsed with desire. “No, we can’t. We’ve got to help you with that lovely cock, honey.” She rolled on top of Sara, face to face, her legs straddling Sara’s hips. “Get behind me, baby, and take turns fucking us.” Then she kissed Sara with a hot long kiss, their tongues teasing back and forth.

Daniel got in position between both lovely pairs of legs. Which pussy to fuck first? Decisions, decisions. No coin to toss. He just pulled Steph’s panties to the side and pushed his cock all the way into her tight and juicy channel until her ass tickled his tummy. God, she felt great. So warm and slick. He grabbed her hips and moved back and forth, in and out. Steph was groaning into Sara’s mouth, their tits rubbing together right on their sensitive nipples. After ten strokes he pulled out, eliciting a protest from Steph. He then pulled Sara’s panties aside and, adjusting his angle, slipped into her sloppy pussy, which grabbed him like a vise. Sara raised her legs, wrapping them around her friends back so Daniel could go deeper. He drove downwards into his daughters hot cunt, giving her ten strokes, then switching back to Steph. Twenty strokes this time, and Steph was close now when he pulled out of her, and she actually cried out her frustration. Back into Sara, pounding into her with hard, rough strokes but again, at twenty, he pulled out. Then he went into Steph again, planning for thirty, but halfway there Steph came like a runaway train with her body bucking back into Daniels throbbing cock. He could have cum right then but he was determined to hold off until Sara got off as well.

Steph was done, and she got off of her friend so Daniel and Sara could have more direct contact. He slid back into his daughter, stretching out his body so he could be all over her, his body covering hers. Sara grabbed his ass, forcing him to fuck her deep and hard.

“Fuck me, you bastard!” Sara exclaimed. “Fuck me till I cum all over that hot dick! Harder!”

“My little bitch want’s it harder? That’s just how you’ll get it then!” He was fucking her for all he was worth, her nails dug into her fathers ass and it wasn’t long before she creamed all over his cock, milking him with her pussy as he exploded inside her. Their mutual orgasm drained them both. Steph pulled his cock out before he finished and she sucked the last few spurts from his twitching dick. It was a wonderfully exhausting fuck for all, and they just fell asleep, arms and legs akimbo.


A few days later, it was time to start school. Since their schedules were different, they all took their own cars to campus. The girls settled into the new life of campus coeds, where they naturally drew the eyes of many of the males at school, as well as not a few women. But though they were both quickly inundated with dating opportunities, both politely rebuffed all such requests. They both were happy with the lives they had, and were deeply in love.

Daniel had a bit of a rougher time of it. He hadn’t been a student in a quarter of a century, and it took some discipline to find the groove of getting into the routine. After two weeks, though, he was settled, remembering tricks he knew to set time aside for homework and writing papers and studying in general. His education classes were interesting, and they were his daytime classes. It was very strange for him being in classes where he was the only student over 20, not to mention one of four or five males in classes of 30+ girls. A few of the girls checked him out and flirted with him, but he was already in love with two 18 year old’s, and had no interest at all in his classmates. The history refreshers he took required a hell of a lot of reading and complex term papers. He liked those classes, which were Masters level and they were his night classes, so he met other students who also were from their upper 20s-60s. He fit right in. It was obvious a woman in one class, Marie, a mid 30s teacher with jet black hair and a nice figure, was interested. Under other circumstances he would have been very attracted to her as well, but he was so very happy with his home life.

Sara and Steph both got the hang of college quickly, and Daniel helped them with some ideas about how to manage their time, one of the hardest things students have to learn.

Sex Escort Etiler was still a great part of their lives, if a little less frequent as the demands of school took its share of all their time. Chores got done, dinners were made or ordered. Joyce came over at least once a week for dinner, and she enjoyed seeing Steph so happy. Pete had relented enough to make a quick deal for alimony so she was independent. And yet…

It became apparent that Steph was bothered by something. It was hurting her inside, and that hurt Sara and Daniel as well. Finally, at the weekly family meeting, Daniel asked her to tell them what was bothering her. Both he and Sara held her hand as at first she stared down at the floor. They patiently waited for Steph to find her voice.

“First, I love you both, and I love this relationship we’re in. You both know that, don’t you?” Sara and Daniel both assured her that they knew it, and that they both loved her right back. “But the situation isn’t 100% equal. It can’t be. Sara is your daughter, and I can’t equal that, no matter what. If she and I had a serious fight, you’re almost certain to side with her, and I would never know for sure if you actually agreed with her or if you were doing it because she’s your daughter. Sara calls you daddy most of the time in bed, and dad when we’re not in bed. Do you see what I’m saying? I know neither of you would ever try to hurt me, but in some situations, I’m going to have uncertainty.”

The silence hung in the air. Daniel and Sara held her hands tighter, but they understood her point. Daniel said “We get it, Steph, baby, but I don’t know how we could fix it. Sara and I are daughter and father. We can’t change that. All I can say is we both love and adore you.”

Sara’s face lit up. “I have an idea, but I need a day or two to work it out. Can you give me that long, babe?”

“Of course. I’d give you forever if you needed it. You really think you have a way to help this?”

“I do, You’ll see.”

That night, instead of it being Steph and Daniels night together, they invited Sara to share the bed, and they all slept there, no funny business, just love and affection. The next day she talked to Daniel about her plan, and his role, and he readily agreed.

Two nights later, after dinner, Sara asked them both to join her in the family room. She led off “Steph, babe…no, not babe, but one of the two loves of my life… I love you deeply, with all my heart. And I don’t want you to feel like you’re in a disadvantage in our lives together. So, the way I think we can fix this is twofold. Daddy?”

Daniel spoke. “As a sign of my personal commitment to you, my darling, I want you to have this.” He handed her a long thick jewelry box. When she took off the paper, it was from Tiffany’s. She gasped as she opened it, revealing a matching set of pearls and earrings just like the set he’d given Sara months ago. They were gorgeous, and the beautiful redhead had tears dripping down her cheeks.

“Daniel…this wasn’t necessary. They’re beautiful, but they’re way too much.”

“Hush” he said, “They’re yours forever, a sign of commitment to you, since I can’t marry you. Sara?”

Sara took over. “Steph, my love, dad said he can’t marry you. It’s not that he doesn’t want to; he does. But we can’t commit bigamy.”

Steph was momentarily confused, but then it dawned on her what Sara was saying. “Oh my god, Sara, honey…?”

Sara brought a small box from under the couch and got down on one knee. “Stephanie, my love, would you do me the honor of marrying me, becoming my wife forever?”

Steph was openly bawling now, tears of pure joy. “Yes, oh yes, my love!” she got out through her tears. She crushed Sara against her in a grasping hug and big wet kisses. “I love you so much, babe! And I love you too Daniel!” She kissed him with the same loving passion.

Daniel spoke “This means you’ll be my daughter too. Not my daughter in law, but my daughter as far as I’m concerned. You can call me dad like my daughter if you like, and I’ll look out for you just as if you and Sara were both born from my seed. No difference. You’ll be much more as well, of course, just like Sara.”

Steph was still crying, but was settling down. “You bought me these beautiful, loving gifts, and I don’t have anything for you! You bad people! Good thing I love you both so much!” She held them and kissed them, so full of joy.

“You don’t have to give us anything, babe. We’re asking you to be part of the family.” Sara told her. “We want you to be a fully equal member of this family. Not our family, dad’s and mine. Our family, the three of us. You can keep your own name, or hyphenate. That’s what I’m going to do, keep my name and hyphenate yours.”

“And by marrying each other” Daniel added, “We don’t have to hide from the world. You’ll be each others wives and as far as everyone else will know, you’re just living with me. We will get a new house that we’ll all pick out. So you won’t be living in Sara and my house. Finally, I’ll transfer more money into your account, so you’ll have the exact same amount as Sara. If there’s anything else either of you can think of, we’ll talk about it, and we’ll make the decision together. Bottom line, Steph honey, we’re your family and you’re ours.”

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