Mindy’s OrdealMindy’s Ordeal


Mindy hadn’t known Rachel long when her new friend asked her if she wanted to go at the new mall with her on the weekend; they were both 19 and in there first year at community college.

Mindy was a petit girl, about 5’6″ 110 lbs, blond hair and blue eyes; she had led a very sheltered life up until now, raised by very strict parents. Rachel was a tall, lanky, dark haired girl, who was very slender; she was not as conservative and led a wild life in her high school days and wasn’t about to settle down at any time soon.

Rachel’s wildness had concerned Mindy at first but she had decided that she was 19 now, soon to be 20 and she wanted to start experiencing some new people and things; people and things! that of course her parents would never approve of.

It was already afternoon when Mindy got to Rachel’s apartment on saturday; they had both stayed up late the night before. Rachel knew that it was Mindy when she knocked on the door, so she opened the door wearing only her panties and a lose fitting T-shirt.

She invited Mindy in and said; Just kick back for a minute dude, I’ll be ready in a few; Mindy took a seat in the front room and started looking at some CD’s on the coffee table.

Rachel had left the bedroom door open and Mindy had to try and not notice as Rachel slipped her shirt and panties off and stepped into the shower; Rachel was not the modest type, Mindy was! and she started filling a little uncomfortable about her new friend.

Rachel stepped out of the shower, dried herself and pulled a thong up tightly between her legs; a short denim skirt, bra and lose fitting top would follow.

O.K. dude, I’m ready, I’ll drive, lets go! Mindy put down the CD she was looking at and they were off to the mall; which was only a short distance from Rachel’s apartment.

They got to the mall and and immediately began wandering and window shopping through the mall; they checked out a couple small shops and then Rachel said that she wanted to go to the big! department store at the end of the mall; she said she wanted to get some new naughty lingerie for an upcoming date with a new boyfriend.

Mindy said; that’s cool, I might want to get a few things there myself, So the two went into the store and up to the second floor where they had ladies apparel and lingerie.

The two friends were now having fun, wandering through the racks, talking about boyfriends and college and the cool jobs they were going to get after college; they were in the lingerie section and Rachel was trying to prod Mindy some naughty thongs and other naughty lingerie because Mindy had told her that she mainly wore very conservative, brief type panties and had never worn a thong.

Mindy was looking through the racks and considering Rachel’s suggestion to try a more risquéééé type of underwear when Rachel said that she wanted to look at some perfume and that she would be right back.

After a few minutes Rachel returned and asked Mindy if she had found anything she wanted to buy? not really said Mindy, I kind of have a lot of underwear already; don’t really see anything I have to have. That’s cool said Rachel, Mindy asked; what about you? I thought you were going to buy some new naughty undies for Mr…. hot new boyfriend!

Ya… I was but that’s cool I guess I have a lot of underwear too, anyway! I don’t like this store that much anymore, let’s go somewhere else!

O.K. dude fine with me! and the two girls went down the escalator and proceeded to leave the store; just as they got past the entrance to the mall (which was the exit to the department store) Mindy heard a loud mans voice saying stop! wait a minute! she turned to see who it was and Rachel just said C’mon dude let’s go.

Mindy now heard the man yelling; stop! security! and she noticed the man dressed in a plain suit, was waving a badge; just then another man in a uniform came in front of Rachel and said; just stop right there ma’am! they both stopped and seemed startled at the rude intrusion; Mindy was more startled than Rachel!

Mindy spoke up first and said; what’s the matter? is there a problem sir? and then Rachel abruptly interrupted and saw ya! is there a problem or something? why are you bothering us?

The man in the suit answered; well yes ladies as a matter-of-fact, there is a little problem, would you to step over here for minute please? both men ushered them out of the entrance way, to an area less congested.

The man in the suit who was apparently the security supervisor, spoke directly to Rachel; do you have something in your purse that you didn’t pay for ma’am? Mindy shouted out! wanting to defend her friend; of course she doesn’t how dare you accuse her of shoplifting!

Now I didn’t ask you ma’am! you’ll just need to keep quiet! and Mindy couldn’t believe what was happening, they were being accused of shoplifting! which she knew of course they were innocent of? the supervisor confronted Rachel; our security camera caught you putting something in your purse ma’am, would gaziosmanpaşa escort you like to show me what you have in your purse!

Whatever! Rachel said; I didn’t steal anything! I don’t know what you’re talking about! the man said O.K. well if you wanna let me see your purse, otherwise I’m afraid you’re going to have to come with us.

Rachel said O.K. here, and handed over the purse; the security man opened up the purse and peered inside, and with out having to search much; reached inside and pulled out a bottle of very expensive, designer perfume, still in the box.

Do you have a receipt for this ma’am? Rachel acted shocked to see the man produce the perfume from her purse; Oh that! I was gonna pay for that, I just forgot all about it! really! I swear! I just forgot about it, that’s all.

Now Mindy spoke up; we’ll pay for it, don’t worry, it’s no problem! Rachel gave Mindy an unsure look. The man said; I’m afraid it doesn’t work that way ma’am, see you have to pay for any items that you wish to purchase before! you leave the store, not after!

I’m afraid you’ll both need to come with us. The girls both now had a horrified look on their face and Mindy gave Rachel a look that said; how could you possibly do something so stupid, I can’t believe this is happening.

The uniformed guard now ushered the two terrified girls through the store, following the man in the suit; Mindy said where are you taking us? I told you we’ld pay for it, looking at Rachel as if to say; do something! the guard just gave her a blank stare.

They pushed through some double doors on the first floor and all of the sudden the fancy, carpeted department store turned into a cold, ugly, long gray hallway, they turned down another hallway and came to a door that said SECURITY OFFICE ; right in here said the man as he opened the door.

The girls entered the room which was the same horrible gray as the hallway; the room felt very cold and creepy; just a desk, a table, a small cabinet with drawers and what looked like a VCR monitor.

The man in the suit sat down at the desk, the man in the uniform stood behind and to one side of the two, gesturing for them to stand in front of the desk facing the supervisor; the supervisor spoke; here’s the deal ladies, we got you on tape, shoplifting the perfume (setting the box of perfume on the desk) it’s a pretty cut and dry case and I’m going to have to call the police, Mindy cried out! THE POLICE? Oh no, please! you don’t have to do that; anyway I haven’t stolen anything! I don’t even know why I’m here?

Well, that’s just it ma’am, we don’t know exactly what items you may have shoplifted besides the perfume; usually when people shoplift, they work in two’s and they usually take more than one item, at this point Rachel spoke up; she didn’t take anything, besides I told you; I just forgot! I was gonna pay for it!

Ya right! do you know how many times I’ve heard that! look, you look like nice girls and I want to believe you, but it’s my job to prevent losses; you clearly stole the perfume! we have it on tape, do you wanna see it? why don’t you go and get the tape; the man gestured to the guard; Rachel shouted out! O.K. I don’t need to see it (not wanting Mindy to see her caught in the obvious and stupid act) look it’s just a bottle of perfume, what do you wanna do? ruin my life with a criminal record over something like this!

That’s right! it’s just a little $125.00! bottle of perfume and No! I don’t want to ruin your life over something like this so I’ll tell you what! If you’ll both consent to a complete strip search, here and now! I won’t call the police. Rachel shouted out! STRIP SEARCH! that’s bull shit! you know we don’t have anything else.

Mindy looked like she was almost in tears, just hearing! the words ‘strip search’ and said; that’s not fair!I haven’t done anything at all, I want to call my parents! Are you under 18 the man asked? well… no! then you’ll need to be responsible for your actions, you’re an accessory to her shoplifting! I guess I’ll just have to call the police, that’s all! and started to reach for the phone.

Rachel shouted out wait! wait a minute please! she now came close to Mindy and spoke into her ear, in a low voice as if the men couldn’t hear what was being said? look! I don’t want a criminal record and I don’t think you do either, maybe we should just you know… let ’em search us, and get out of here! Mindy responded easy for you to say, I didn’t take anything, I shouldn’t even be here, the man behind the desk now chided in; you know they’ll still strip search you at the police station anyway so you may as well get it over with here and then you can go home.

Mindy was in tears by now and said to Rachel; this isn’t fair! I hate you for getting me into this; I didn’t take anything! why should I have to strip? Rachel now asked the man behind the desk; who would do the search? do you have a female security guard or something? gölbaşı escort me and this gentleman here would be conducting the search, upon hearing that Mindy cried out NO WAY! you can’t be serious, strip in front of men! Rachel I don’t even go to a male doctor! that’s not right and you know it! stating her protest to the men.

Well if you two are gonna argue, maybe I should just call the police and let them handle it? and at this moment Mindy realized that if they were taken to jail they might, as the man said, have to strip anyway; so she might as well get it over with and at least then, her parents would find out about her associating, with the likes of Rachel; she wanted to make sure, So if we submit to this search or whatever? you’re not gonna call the police and we can just go right?

If you submit to a complete search and we don’t find anything? then yes! you’ll be free to go on your way. Now Mindy turned to Rachel; you didn’t take anything else did you? you little bitch! it wasn’t like her to use that kind of language, but she was mad and she wasn’t planning on continuing her friendship with Rachel after this was over anyway.

I swear! I don’t have anything else! and these guys no it! they’re just perverts; Now now said the man in the suit, do you want me to call the police right now and turn over the security tape to them? No! they both said, realizing they didn’t have much choice at this point.

Mindy said; don’t call the police! I’ll do it, Rachel turned to Mindy and said; I’m sorry I didn’t mean for this to happen, I’ll make it up to you some how; ya right! said Mindy, after we get out of here I don’t ever want to see you again! the uniformed guard now spoke up and said: O.K. ladies that’s enough chit chat! you’re going to need go ahead and drop your clothes now; starting with your tops.

Hurry up! and get ’em off! he shouted; Mindy started sobbing a little bit as they both began to unbutton and remove their tops, when they had them off, the guard took them from them and tossed them on a table against the wall; the man behind the desk now settled into his chair with a wry grin on his face, in anticipation of the show he was about to see.

O.K. now the bra’s ladies, C’mon we don’t have all day! they both reached around and slowly unhooked their bra’s and slowly let them fall away from their breasts, holding onto their bra’s with one hand and trying to cover their breasts with their arms; the guard took the bra’s from them and tossed them on the table; he now said; go ahead and lift your arms above your head! we need to see if you’re hiding anything; they very hesitantly took their arms away from their breasts and lifted them over their heads.

O.K. now lean over and shake out your hair and run your hands through it! he shouted out the command; the girls both sobbing leaned over and did as he said; there was nothing they could do? the man behind the desk sat leering and seemed to be enjoying seeing them humiliated in this way; the guard continued his indignity.

O.K. ladies! lose the skirt and the pants; Mindy was wearing jeans, Rachel dropped her short denim skirt to the floor and stepped out of it, leaving her only in her tiny, thong panties; she again crossed her arms over her breasts, trying to maintain any dignity that she could.

Mindy was having trouble unbuttoning her pants; she was terrified at this point and her hands were shaking and she kept saying between sobs, I can’t believe this is happening! why are you making us do this? you know it’s not necessary! but the men were insensitive to her cries and undeterred in their plan.

The guard continued; go ahead and take your pants off or I’m gonna have to help you take them off; Mindy tried to compose herself a little and dropped her pants down around her knees; then slowly she pulled them off, one leg and then the other; the guard took the pants and Rachel’s skirt and threw them on the table.

Now both Rachel and Mindy were standing there in nothing but their panties; Mindy in her very lacy, white, lady like, briefs and Rachel in her string like thong; the men very! pleased at what they were seeing.

Rachel spoke up; O.K. that’s good enough! you know were not hiding anything! the man at the desk piped up and said; Do I? how do I know that? Mindy spoke and said ya! what could we be hiding now! the man answered, confident in his position; Oh… I don’t know, jewelry, earrings? maybe a very small bottle of expensive perfume? ; you girls realize I’m just doing my job! you’ld be surprised what some women have hidden in their underwear, besides that was the deal, I don’t call the police and you submit to a complete! strip search, so I can make sure you didn’t steal anything else; he gestured to the guard to continue.

O.K ladies! drop your panties! Oh my God! no please! Mindy whimpered and sobbed and again her hands were shaking as she tried to slip her thumbs under the waistband of her pretty panties; Rachel pulled keçiören escort her thong down and it fell down around her ankles and she stepped out of it; leaving it on the floor she didn’t want to bend over and pick it up and further expose herself.

Mindy very slowly and reluctantly pulled her panties down around her knees and stood there, the guard barked C’mon! get ’em off lady! get those panties off now! ; horrified… Mindy dropped her panties to the floor and stepped out of them; the guard quickly grabbed up both girls panties and tossed them on the growing pile of close.

Now the two young women stood completely naked in front of the two men, Rachel spoke; O.K. are you satisfied? can we get dressed now? Not just yet ladies! we have a couple more things to check before you can get dressed; he now got up from the desk and walked around to were the uniformed guard was; the guard now turned around opened the little cabinet drawer and took out a box of latex examination gloves, the women were still facing the desk and couldn’t see what the man had got from the cabinet. The supervisor gestured for the man to continue.

O.K. ladies! I need you to bend over and spread your legs; Rachel and Mindy were both sobbing now and they both new that what they were being asked to do was completely unreasonable, unfair and unnecessary; they were responding under the pretense that if they would just comply with one more of these horrible men’s commands, that they would be allowed to get dressed and go home; they never thought that it would go this far.

C’mon ladies! legs spread! and bend over all the way! the two girls complied; feeling they had no choice, as the man slipped on the latex exam gloves; Rachel and Mindy could here rubbery sound of the gloves being pulled on and the snap as the glove snapped on the wrist; this of course caused more crying as they knew what was coming; the women were now bent over, legs spread and their genitals in full view of both men.

The guard approached Rachel first; O.K. now just relax! this will just take a minute! and he crouched down behind her; he now separated her buttocks with both hands and viewed her vagina and rectum, he held her cheeks open with one hand and brought the tip of his index finger to her anal opening, he said just relax now! and inserted his un-lubricated, gloved finger into her rectum, she let out a gasp at the violation, he now moved his other hand from holding her cheeks open down to her vagina, he placed the tip of two fingers at her outer lips and proceeded to work his fingers inside; with his one finger still in her rectum he slipped his two fingers between her inner lips and continued up into her vagina, all three fingers were now inside her, up to the knuckle; Rachel couldn’t do anything but cry and let out sobs of emotion, the guard now moved his fingers in and out of her; Now! Rachel cried out in terror! WHAT ARE YOU DOING! I have to search you thoroughly and make sure your not concealing anything! Rachel wasn’t stupid, she knew he was doing nothing but finger banging and molesting her and she started thinking that she would sue him; but decided to let it go when she remembered the tape and the obvious evidence of her little crime; which would follow her around forever if she didn’t go along with these assholes.

The guard continued feeling around inside Rachel a little longer and then finally after what seemed like an eternity, withdrew his fingers; Rachel quickly said; is that it! can I get up now? the man answered just as soon as I search your friend you can get up; stay down! he commanded.

The guard now removed the contaminated gloves and replaced them with a new pair as the man and the suit stood close by peering into the private areas of the women’s bodies; The guard quickly moved behind Mindy who was now sobbing uncontrollable; he repeated his rhetoric, just relax! this will just take a minute; Mindy was smaller than Rachel in all regards and was more or less a virgin and she let out a scream when the man inserted his finger in her rectum, he slid his finger all they way in, ignoring her cries to; stop! stop please! Mindy kept repeating; he now brought his two fingers down to her vagina and began to work them between her outer and then inner lips and steadily slipped them up into her vagina, Mindy was crying and moaning! she said that hurts! the guard just said; relax now were almost done.

He began sliding his three fingers in and out of the tight orifices of Mindy’s vagina and rectum as he had done with Rachel under the pretense that he was searching for something but mainly just finger banging and molesting the young woman; finally he pulled his fingers out of her body, looking at the supervisor for approval who had been watching intently.

The man in the suit gestured to the guard and he removed the ominous exam gloves seeming t feel a sense of pleasure at having degraded the women; the supervisor spoke and said O.K. all done ladies! we didn’t find anything so you can get up up and put your clothes back on.

Rachel and Mindy quickly scrambled to the table and started grabbing at there clothes; still whimpering for the humiliation that had just gone through; even now the men would not give them the dignity of averting their eyes as the two women got dressed; they just stood there, arms crossed with, gawking with grins on there face.

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