Crossing the Horizon Part 3Crossing the Horizon Part 3


Crossing the Horizon Part 3

Rachel felt the long, damp grass tickle against the back of her legs. Ever part of her body was on alert now as she made her way through the wild field. Dressed in her own homemade outfit of a brown half-poncho and double-sided loincloth, she could certainly feel the cold breeze. She also had on some coverings for her lower legs that went right up to her knees and were strung up at the back and a pair of moccasins on her feet. Rachel had spent all the past week getting the outfit ready and she was delighted how it turned out. Her hair was pulled back and she had a small leather headband in a tribal design tied around her forehead. Also, she had applied some body paint to herself – two white stripes beneath her eyes and a red crescent moon on her abdomen with a paw print where she thought her womb would be. It was guesswork, but she wanted to look as complete as possible for the role.

She stopped at the edge of the field and surveyed around. In front of her was a small forested hill with a stream just before it. She crossed the stream, getting only a little wet, and picked out a tree. Rachel was ovulating today. She had picked it quite purposefully and Carrie was positively giddy at the idea and helped set up the fine details. Rachel’s video and pictures had been released to the club and the responses where incredible. The other girls couldn’t believe it had been her first time and said she was made for this. In a way, she agreed. Sarah, who had set her up with the club, sent her a message saying how proud she was of her and said quite reassuringly she would never let her secret out. Kaisa too, the girl she met at the last shoot, sent her a private message telling her how hot it made her, and a close-up picture of her pussy too, glistening with moisture. Rachel didn’t know what to do with all this attention and just thanked her, telling her she’d love to work with her soon to which Kaisa seemed very positive about. She also asked her about squirting and Kaisa was more than happy to give her advice. In thanks, Rachel thought she might be interested in joining her on this shoot. But now, she was alone in the woods and at the peak of her fertility. She was tense, anxious, and excited all at the same time and would have it no other way.

Walking up to the tree, she squatted down and began playing with herself. She had learned a little on the internet on how squirting worked and after a few home tries, seemed to get the technique down. She wasn’t a squirt queen so to speak like some of the other girls she had seen, but she was able to coax out enough fluid for what she wanted. She brought herself off under the tree, thinking of Max coating her with his semen as she did so, and this seemed to do the trick. Some fluid gushed out of her and she was quick to try and get some and rub it on the tree. Due to her ovulation, it seemed slightly creamier than before and thought this would certainly help. She finished off leaving her mark, adjusted her loincloth and moved on, up the hill.



Carrie and her crew stopped at the predesignated spot. She had set this up with the help of their benefactor, who seemed very interested, and they agreed to use her land for the shoot. Kaisa had joined them for another part of the shoot, which was to become part of the grander story, and she was in the back of the truck with a large black Labrador called Toby. They were petting and getting used to each other’s bodies and scents, with Kaisa playfully kissing him and rubbing his belly. Carrie had warned them not to do anything in the car, and to save that energy for the shoot, which Kaisa agreed to. But this didn’t stop her from teasing Toby by rubbing inside her pussy and smearing it on his nose.

They got out of the truck, the other vehicle pulling up behind them had the second unit for this shoot and also poor Max was in there, left in the back of the van on his own due to space reasons. Carrie had made sure to leave the underwear Rachel had hidden into his kennel last time with him though. The crew assembled, letting the dogs run around and play while Carrie gave them instructions. Her unit moved to the planned position with Max while the other unit went on ahead in a different direction with Kaisa and Toby, who was playfully circling her and sniffing up at her. Lorraine was with them too, needing to do Kaisa’s costume and makeup for their shoot.

Out in the first field, Carrie and her crew set up the camera positions and angles for this intro shot. Max was being held over the peak of a hill and when Carrie yelled “action!” he was let loose. The camera followed the dog who was surveying the landscape. They thought this part might be troublesome as they had to lead Max to a specific spot. As luck would have it, he wandered over to the large rock in the field and began sniffing. Rachel had left her scent here and Max could tell. He barked and sniffed some more. Carrie gave him some encouragement saying “What’s that boy? What do you smell? Is that your mates’ scent?”. They would edit out her voice in post, of course, but she wanted Max to feel comfortable and happy as they shot. He cocked his leg and sprayed some of his urine against the rock, then lowering his head, he began to sniff around the ground. He had picked up on the trail of his mate and a new sense of determination washed over him as he ploughed forward, film crew in tow.

Kaisa on the other hand was having the time of her life on this little excursion. She hadn’t put on her costume yet, but she was positively giddy with excitement. Toby seemed so eager and happy too. She had never been with him but had heard good things. She could feel a slight throbbing in her loins at the thought of what was about to transpire, and she was so happy Rachel let her join her on this shoot. She had given her advice on how to squirt also so it was so nice for Rachel to repay her with this day out.

They finally got to the little lodge they were told about and Kaisa stripped off. Toby was at her immediately and Kaisa was being a bit fussy as she wanted to look just right. Maybe she shouldn’t have teased him so much as now the randy dog had her scent and here she was, naked and clearly turned on beside him. He was sniffing around her firm butt and trying to get into her mating area and Kaisa was shooing him away. Lorraine said “maybe it’s better he waits outside” with a little laugh. Kaisa agreed, and much to Toby’s chagrin he was brought outside the lodge to play in the fields with one of the crew. Kaisa sat down and let Lorraine do her thing. Even with this low lighting she was such a pro. She applied a light foundation just to take the shine off the camera glare and a little powder and eye shadow. She wanted Kaisa to look as natural as possible for this shoot. She then took out the body paint and begun to apply it to Kaisa’s supple body, painting various tribal designs around her areolae and an ancient fertility symbol just above the line of light hairs of her pussy. On her abdomen, Lorraine painted a large, ferocious looking paw print and then on her face, a few little red marks and arrows. She then went and found a dull gold tiara and put it into her wild mane, brushing it back as she did so it fitted nicely and wouldn’t fall out. Lorraine remarked how positively powerful Kaisa looked as she showed her off in a portable mirror. Kaisa blushed and thanked her, and they took out her costume and put it on. It was similar to Rachel’s costume, though the poncho was much shorter and pulled back to reveal Kaisa’s breasts. She had a loincloth on too and of course no underwear or any clothing that would look modern. They wanted this shoot to be as immersive as possible. Kaisa picked up the last piece, a prop spear, and walked out of the cabin.

The crew did a quick photo shoot of Kaisa on her own in the woods, posing as the Queen of the Tribe. She invited Toby over and started posing with him suggestively, standing over him with her loincloth pulled to the side revealing a glistening and ready pussy for her mate to take. It was Kızılay Escort frustrating, as although they were ready, it would be another hour or so until they could shoot. Kaisa played with Toby a bit more, trying not to make him too excited, but this wasn’t working as he kept sniffing at her and going for her vagina. She adored the attention, of course, but she was told to save that energy for their performance. It was decided she’d wait in the cabin until the shoot, but not before she secretly masturbated in the toilet and squirted onto the underwear she had worn for the hike. She tossed it to Max outside with a little grin and said “enjoy!”.



Rachel was a little worn out by this stage. She had stopped and left her mark on two more trees as she traversed up to the top of the hill. She felt so alive in this moment, like a warrior on a mission and determined to see it through. Her pussy was tingling with excitement. In the ovulating state she was in she really felt every little touch and movement as the nervousness built and built. It wouldn’t be long now; Rachel really hoped her mate could track her and find her before it was too late. Her hormones were going a little wild at all these thoughts and was distracting her from the cold. She wouldn’t change any of this though. Since she decided to take that chance a few weeks ago at the club, her life had become noticeably better. She didn’t mind work nearly as much as there was something now for her to aim for. Men had approached her, but she had rebuffed them all. She had a mate now, someone who could make her feel beyond what anyone else could offer. She had been in love before, but this was something different. It was a love, a need that dwelled within her that only her mate could bring out.

Rachel was getting close to the spot now. She squatted down again beside another tree and went to work on her now rose colored, swollen pussy. It was so sensitive, and she could smell her scent herself, god knows what this would do for Max with his hypersensitive nose. She had left a trail of her pheromones for him to follow all across the field and forest and she hoped her plan would work, she needed for it to. She ascended the last bit of the hill and over the hump she saw what had been laid out for her. It was a stone circle with the makings of a fire in the middle. There was also a traditional looking tepee tent to one side with various tribal markings on it. Rachel was delighted with this, Carrie had really outdone herself on the production, showing complete trust in Rachel and her ideas. She walked into the tepee and there was a number of bottles of water and a few protein bars, Carrie really did think of everything. There was also a note that said “Good luck! We all believe in you. All the best, Carrie and the gang xx”. That was so sweet Rachel thought. They had been so nice and welcoming to her. At no point did she ever feel pressured or feel like she had to do something she didn’t want to. It was so empowering to her and her femininity to be treated like this, how it was a true cooperative effort by a sisterhood.

Walking outside the tepee after drinking some water and having a protein bar, she took in her surroundings. The hill looked over another small forest and lake beneath it and the landscape stretched out all around her. She wasn’t sure how much of the land was her benefactors but was confidently told it was “enough” by Carrie and that’s all she needed to hear. Her pussy was tingling with anticipation now. She didn’t know what was to come. She tried looking the way she came but saw no one. But then in the distance, she heard a bark. It was Max! And he was on her trail. She howled a response, this was intended to act as a signal to the crew that she was healthy and well and most importantly, ready for her mate. She heard two more barks, and this confirmed it to her, he was almost here and he was ready to impregnate his fertile mate.

Rachel instinctively went down on all fours and let out another howl. Her pussy was pulsating in anticipation now. She could feel a little of it leaking which had never happened before. Just how turned on was she? Another bark followed by a low howl; he was getting closer. She heard a rustling in the trees and knew it must be him. She turned and locked eyes on Max as he came up over the hump. He was excited and panting, his mate was here, and the scent of her fertility was in the air. Max darted down to Rachel to greet her. He licked her face as Rachel said hello and patted him back. The crew followed up over the hump and they also looked exhausted. Max was busy sniffing and licking around Rachel, almost making sure his mate was okay, a little bit of his penis poking out of its sheath and already dripping with anticipation.

Carrie waved and beamed a smile down at the happy couple. “Looks like we’ll have to set up quick, he looks very ready, and so do you!” Carrie said. “Thanks, yeah, I can’t wait. How was he?” Rachel replied. “Oh he was great, a few near misses, but he picked up on your trail so well and seemed to know better than we did where you were going! We got some great footage of him on the hunt also. Anyway, we’ll set up here. Let us know when you’re ready.” Carrie and the team set up a few portable lighting rigs and their cameras. Rachel was telling Max how much of a good boy he was for finding her and kissing his nose and rubbing his ears. She removed her poncho but left her loincloth on. Standing up and turning around to Carrie she shouted “ready!”, the excitement in her voice palpable.

Carrie said “action!” to her crew and with that, Rachel entered the frame. Her hair slightly ruffled and just in a loincloth, she danced around her mate in a kind of tribal motion. She undulated her hips towards the camera, making sure they could pick up on the body paint and sweat glistening on her body. Max followed, intrigued by what his mate was doing. She then got down on her haunches for Max and invited him over. He sniffed around her, licking as he went. His mate was signalling very hard to him that she was ready and that she needed his sperm. Her body was in heat, the chemical signals she was sending telling him what to do. She needed to be bred by whoever can claim her, and that was Max. Rachel moved her loincloth to the side and Max immediately recognized that scent. Her raw sex, fertile and ready for him. Max moved in, sniffed around and taking in a waft after waft of Rachel’s potent pheromones, and began to lick her vagina up and down. Rachel felt more composed this time, she was ready and determined and held herself open and available to her mate. The sensations were wild, Max was really pushing his tongue in against her labial folds and then up to her sensitive clitoris. Rachel was panting now, falling into a deep trance in which Max was her world. The dog kept up his assault on her sex and Rachel’s fluids were leaking out now onto the dog’s nose and snout. A slight puddle had formed, and Rachel decided that is where they would do it.

Rachel retreated back a tiny bit; her vagina now ultra-sensitive to the world. She wanted to repay her mate with affections in kind. Max circled her again, sniffing and licking her breasts and neck as he went. After he circled back in front of her, that’s when Rachel made her move. She dived under Max and onto the moist earth. True to form, his penis was now far out of its sheath and saying hello to his lover. She reached her head up and smelled it, kissing and licking it as she did. His musk seemed to be more potent than ever before as Rachel’s mind went adrift, back to when she let Max cover her with his seed. Max was so happy and ready to fertilize her. The precum was flooding out and Rachel licked and sucked down, making sure then to go to his swollen testicles and give each one a deep kiss and a sniff. She didn’t mean to, but it just came out of her as she said “I’m going to drain you” to Max’s balls. Working her way back up, she kissed the head of his thick red cock and said to it “I’m ready”.

Max moved off from Rachel as she Kızılay Escort Bayan went down to her hands and knees in the moist soil she had created earlier. Max moved about his mate, stopping at her mating area and giving it a deep sniff and a few licks. He then mounted Rachel, his trimmed paws going up on her back. She looked beneath and lined herself up with her mates powerful humping. Leaning back at just the right time, Max entered her hot furnace of a vagina and began humping uncontrollably in her. Rachel was in another plane of reality now. All she could think of was Max and his thick cock penetrating her mating parts repeatedly. Thoughts of his virile sperm filling her cervix and making their way to her uterus and egg filled her mind. She wanted nothing else in this world other than for Max to accomplish his goal and fertilize her. Rachel needed this, she needed to be bred by a loving, loyal companion who would do anything for her. Max continued his thrusts into her, whining almost as he did. This must feel so good for him she thought. After all that time and effort, he spent tracking me, he now found his fertile mate and is able to empty his testes of doggy seed inside her hot pulsing pussy.

Rachel could feel it again, the knot was beginning to grow at the base of his red-hot cock. This was the moment, she thought, where their union would be one and his happiness at being locked to her was at its height. She prepped and copying what she saw from Kaisa in her performance, went low and then pushed back high onto his knot. It worked and now Max’s whole shaft was locked inside her mating parts. Rachel quickly squeezed her vaginal muscles for him, reminding him who’s pussy he was in. It was the mate who could do this, who could take his pleasure beyond anyone else’s, the mate who he covered in his seed and claimed as his. He whined more as she flexed onto his now throbbing penis. His gorgeous knot started expanding inside her now, locking her to him as nature intended. It was growing and pulsing inside her, hitting her g-spot and sending her into a state of pure blissful tranquility while another orgasm built up in her. Max was beginning to slow, his knot throbbing deep within his mate and she knew what was about to happen. This was it, what she had been begging for by leaving her scent throughout the trail. “Come find me and unload your seed deep within my body” was what the scent of her pheromones told the dog. Her ovulating had been a trigger to unlock something even deeper in his doggy brain. It wasn’t a game anymore; it was his purpose. To fertilize Rachel, to flood her with his semen. And then it he could take it no more.

With a howl, he squirted hard and deep into Rachel’s throbbing vagina. She felt the jets of cum hit every part of her insides. It was so warm, so special and he was giving it to her. Jet after jet of cum flooded her as Max’s cock flexed and convulsed deep within her. He was mating her, breeding her harder than anyone could have thought possible. Every twitch his red-hot cock made sent Rachel over the edge. Time after time she orgasmed. She was so happy in this moment, knowing the pleasure she was giving to her mate and how happy he was to pump endless amounts of his sperm into her. She collapsed face first in the dirt, waves of pleasure washing over her. She felt his cock twitch again as it shot more seed into her. Her mates’ balls were pulsing against her mating area, sending more seed through his penis and into her cervix. It was almost too much, Rachel thought she was going to lose consciousness at this rate. Max seemed to be cumming inside her forever, an image of heaven she thought. He leaned his head down and began to lick and sniff his mates face and neck. The collar she wore confused him for a moment, but he continued to lick away, telling his mate how happy he was and what a good job she was doing. Rachel was beaming at this, the smile painted onto her face with her eyes closed. She was blushing too, it all felt so natural and right.

Max then turned on his haunches so that he and Rachel were butt to butt. His testes were resting on Rachel’s quim, just beneath her asshole. She could feel them pulsing occasionally, happy she had kept her promise to them that she’d empty them. Max stood guard as he remained locked to his mate, cum still leaking into her. A pool had appeared below, and Rachel was so happy to mark this area with their mating. She lay in bliss, breathing in the scent of their combined aromas as Max’s cock throbbed and twitched inside her. Eventually, he began to pull free, and Rachel let him. His cock fell out of her with a plop and a little of their combined juices went with it. She felt so full and satisfied, but she was surprised there was not more coming out of her. Max went to her mating equipment immediately and started licking and sniffing around her. He wanted to do a really thorough job on Rachel, make sure that their act of love was sealed within her and working on her fertile uterus. He was at this for a good two minutes, cleaning his mate from top to bottom. She turned around and saw his thick red cock, spent and dangling from him. Almost with a snarl she was at it, holding him in place as she licked and sucked Max clean. Rachel loved this part, the attentive nature of it, how this was really pushing him over the edge after she had so thoroughly drained him of his semen. Rachel licked and sucked the thick 8” cock, paying special attention to the knot and the tapered head. She wanted to make sure her mate was clean and healthy, inspecting his equipment as she went and sniffing in the scent of her mate. She was thorough with her tongue, not missing one bit and kissing all the way down the shaft. Max was whining and grunting in pure pleasure at this. She finally reached his testicles and couldn’t help it and said “told ya” with a wry smile. She licked and kissed them also and then let Max go to lie down, having exhausted his body. She curled up beside him, but then felt something else at her raw, full pussy.

Kaisa was standing over her, with Toby sitting beside her. Rachel was delighted, it had all gone to plan. “The tribe accepts you” Kaisa said. “You are part of us now.” she continued as she walked around the pair. She knocked the dummy spear against her pussy “I see you are filled with the gift. But now you will help me, your Queen, receive the same gift.” Rachel played along, getting onto her knees and bowing before Kaisa, the tribal Queen. “As you wish” Rachel responded. She then moved the loincloth Kaisa was wearing back and could smell how turned on Kaisa was by all this. She was about to laugh, but then remembered the cameras were on, so played it straight and went straight in, licking around Kaisa’s pussy and getting into the folds to the clit. Kaisa stood there, undulating her hips as Rachel ate her out. After a small amount of time, she said “very good. Now attend to my mate.” Rachel crawled over to Toby who was standing attentively just staring at Rachel as she approached. She bent her head down to Toby’s crotch and saw the lipstick of his cock peeking out. She took a sniff, it was similar to Max’s scent, but different. She placed her mouth over his cock and then felt something from behind her. Kaisa had crouched down and was now licking out Rachels ultra-sensitive and full pussy. Kaisa was really getting in there as well. Rachel presumed she was trying to reach what Max had deposited in her. In Rachels mind she thought “good luck, its mine now.” as she went back to work on Toby’s cock.

He was coming more and more out of his sheath under Rachel’s administrations. Her tongue dancing around the tip while gently sucking down the shaft. His flavor was different to Max’s but not by much and she loved the precum that was pulsing out from his cock, knowing she was priming him for Kaisa’s delicious mating area. Kaisa too was no slouch, Rachel was rocking against her tongue as it hit her clitoris and flicked it up and down. An orgasm was building, it was nothing compared to what she had been through, but pleasant nonetheless. Kaisa then Escort Kızılay stood up and nudged Rachel with the mock spear. “He is ready” she said as she walked over toward the stone circle of the campfire. She swayed her hips as she went and unfastened her loincloth which dropped to the ground. She turned her head, her curly mane of hair blowing the soft wind, and raised her hand indicating with her finger for Toby to come to her. And he did. He bounded toward her, going straight into her firm butt with his nose and tongue. He was greedily lapping at his mistress and licking any part of her mating gear that he could get in at. Kaisa kept her poise and walked around the stone circle, all the time Toby following her, licking and sniffing as she went. She was chanting now, Rachel thought she must have made it up, but it seemed realistic and would be perfect for the final movie. Then as her chant came to a crescendo and Toby was getting visibly frustrated, she went down on all fours.

Toby was straight at her open pussy now, which Kaisa was displaying for the world to see. He was licking fiercely at it, stopping only to sniff and lick other parts around her. Kaisa’s dark olive skin was glistening with sweat now and Toby seemed to really enjoy this. The fluids were leaking from Kaisa’s pussy as she showed off her mating area to the world. She seemed to love these displays of sexuality. Toby went back to her pussy now, tongue lolling around and making a mess as it splashed Kaisa’s fluids everywhere. This was messy and raw, and Rachel loved watching it. Lowering her nice firm ass down a bit, Toby then jumped on and mounted. His hips were thrusting every which way and even Kaisa was having difficulty lining him up. Rachel then went over and used her hand to adjust his position. Lining the mating pair up, Rachel let go and Toby plunged deep into the Queens pussy, pounding hard and fast, seemingly pushing Kaisa forward as he went. She didn’t seem to mind and went with it, letting him control the motions. Rachel thought he seemed so happy and content, plunging his cock repeatedly into his mate and it made her think of Max. She turned to check on him and he was still out cold. His cock had shrunk back down now, and he seemed so content and happy. Rachel was delighted with herself, she did this for him.

Toby was really giving Kaisa a hard pounding. Rachel had never seen a mating as rough before, but this was all part of the ***********. Kaisa seemed to like it a little bit rough and apparently Toby was one of the better performers for that type of sex. Kaisa was moaning loudly now, repeating “oh yes, oh yes, that’s it, that’s it” while Toby humped her ceaselessly in the open air. He began to stiffen up a bit and Rachel knew what this meant, he was about to knot his mate. She went over to witness it, and same as last time, Kaisa lifted up and slipped back onto him, sealing Toby in her. Toby though kept going, pounding and pounding with the full 9” of his shaft thrusting against Kaisa’s cervix. He must really have wanted to breed this girl, Rachel thought. She wondered what Kaisa must have done beforehand to send Toby into this state. Kaisa let out a scream of what was obviously another orgasm as Toby kept rocking against her. “He’s cummmiiinnnngg” she let out and indeed she was correct as Toby settled a little bit and let out a bark. Rachel was curious and got underneath to inspect their union. She saw the red base beneath the knot just showing and Kaisa’s pussy visibly bulging with his girth. Toby’s balls seemed to be pulsing too so feeling devilish, Rachel went up and gave them a lick. It had the desired effect as Kaisa let out another moan into the open valley.

Rachel was fascinated but what she was seeing. A hard, red animal cock seeding his mate with his sperm. Spasming and twitching as he did and deriving ultimate pleasure from his more than willing partner. Their fluids were leaking out, which was covering Rachel’s face, but she didn’t care. The smells and aromas were amazing and turning her on even more. She reminded herself of her full pussy and how Max’s sperm were at her egg, banging to get in. This thought mixed with what she was seeing close up was enough to get her juices flowing again. Rachel lifted her head up to Kaisa and Toby’s union and started licking. She couldn’t see too well so didn’t care where she hit. Both Kaisa and Toby seemed to like this, both giving audible grunts. Kaisa was panting as well as Toby, feeling his sperm pumping into her. Toby begun to turn around now so Rachel got out from under them. She went to Toby’s head and went down to his level. Rachel started telling him what a good job he was doing and how he was fertilizing his queen with his semen. She kissed him and offered him encouragement as Toby licked her back. She then went around to Kaisa as ***********ed, lay down in front of her, legs apart. With a smile Kaisa went down into her pussy again, licking and sniffing it. Rachel leaned back and was in heaven as Kaisa worked away.

With a final whine and an audible plop, Toby pulled himself out of Kaisa. She lay there, mating equipment in the air for Toby to come back and inspect. He began licking at her quite roughly and Kaisa was panting and moaning. She had obviously lost count at the orgasms, but here came another one that washed over her body. Toby finished, happy with the job he had done and Rachel and Kaisa crawled over to him. They lay beneath him, licking up and down his shaft, cleaning it thoroughly and licking all the excess sperm and Kaisa’s juices from him. They licked his testes clean and then went back down and both Kaisa and Rachel shared a kiss around Toby’s raw, pulsing shaft. They shared a smile and a giggle as Toby lay down, completely defeated by the assault of the two women and then they heard “and cut!” from Carrie. A massive roar went up from the crew. It couldn’t have gone better.

Carrie came over to the two stars and said “girls, amazing. This is the best production I think we’ve ever done. You couldn’t have been better suited to your roles.” Kaisa nodded and replied, “Thank Rachel, it was her idea and she was such a star.” Rachel blushed, not knowing what to say. “Well girls, we’ll pack up and head back down with you. Do you want to get cleaned up?” Both Kaisa and Rachel shook their heads and giggled to each other. “Have it your way” Carrie said with a wry smile.

On the way back to the production vehicles, Toby and Max walked with their respective mates who were still covered with the fluids of their mating. Both of the girls seemed to enjoy the way it made them feel – marked, powerful, sexual. Toby would occasionally nibble and lick at Kaia’s butt and she would giggle. She had been leaking Toby’s sperm as she walked but didn’t mind this at all. Rachel though seemed to keep all of what Max had given her inside, not sure how that was happening. It dawned on her she still had a lot to learn about all this. As they approached the vehicles the dogs took off, playing in the grassy area beside the car park. Rachel turned and gave Kaisa a big hug saying, “thank you for helping me with this, I’m so happy I could be part of you and Toby’s mating also”. “Don’t mention it, and hey, I saw your shoot with Max, and I get it. You let him mark you and from what I saw today, you have a deep connection with him. I won’t choose him as a partner if it makes you feel comfortable.” Kaisa replied, with Rachel taken a little aback with her blunt honesty. “oh, thanks.. I didn’t.. I dunno, but yeah, I feel for him, I can’t explain it” Rachel said. At that, Lorraine walked up to both of them as they were now both a bit away from the film crew. “Have you thought about it yet? To put you at ease, it’s a similar setup and part of the same club, just for, well, members that are ready to experience even more.” Rachel clicked that Lorraine had probably given Kaisa a card also. Kaisa looked at Rachel in the eyes and said, “I will if you will” and that was it, Rachel nodded in reply and they both smiled and laughed to each other. Lorraine said “Great, get in touch when you’re ready and I’ll organize to take you out to the ranch” and she walked on toward the truck. Both Rachel and Kaisa’s mouths went agape as their eyebrows raised on hearing that. “A ranch?” said Kaisa. “A ranch.” said Rachel.


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