Clare’s Story Ch. 02Clare’s Story Ch. 02


“Hi Ron, I’m letting you know that I won’t be in today. I’m feeling quite poorly.” I tell my manager.

“Oh dear, nothing too serious I hope. Something you’ve eaten?” He replies.

“I ate a taco and lettuce last night, I’m not sure it’s that though.” I laugh to myself.

“Well, get well soon, let me know if you have difficulties tomorrow.” He knows me quite well, it surprises me there wasn’t a joke thrown back at me about the taco.

“Thanks Ron, I’ll let you know. Speak soon.”

“Bye Clare.”

I’ve called in sick today, they won’t miss me. I’m all caught up and I’ve hit my targets, one day won’t hurt – in a couple of hours I hope my arse will.

I get out of bed, I’ve slept starkers and last nights hookup is long gone. I see she’s left a note with her number on it. I screw it up and throw into my whicker basket bin.

Cautiously, I take a long step across the hall to the bathroom, I don’t want to see Caroline, I mean it doesn’t bother me if she sees me naked, but I don’t want to embarrass her. She’s a decent flatmate and I don’t want her moving out.

She’s Australian, and doesn’t care what I get up to. I do flirt with her, and she usually just laughs at me and tells me to fuck off. She is straight, and I’ve decided, like most straight girls, she can’t be turned.

In the bathroom I close the door, there’s no lock, I first take a dump, then hop into the shower and give myself a thorough wash. I’m a little bristly, and I don’t like it.

The hair around my vagina is longer than normal, I’ve past the stubble phase under my arms and my legs are no longer smooth at all. Unlike my armpits and pussy, my leg hair is blonde, you can’t tell unless the light hits or you stare at or touch them. I’m looking forward to my full wax that’s booked tomorrow.

I brush my teeth, and towel off.

Back in my room – from my wardrobe – I pull out a pair of jeans. They are skin tight and will cling to my long legs. I throw on a T-shirt, I’m not wearing a bra today because my fake tits sit perkily on my chest, and I’m not planning on being dressed for much of the day.

My tits are a good size, firm and clearly fake. I’ve had a few boob jobs. Going up and down in sizes has caused scarring across the bottom of my tits. I love the slutty it gives off, especially when I’m in my birthday suit.

I go to the mirror to do my makeup. I don’t need much, mascara, eye liner and red lipstick on my fake full lips. My fake tan is fading and I need to top this up on payday.

I’ve spent all of my savings having augmentation work done, I’m working and saving hard now to get more.

I pull my brunette hair back and put it into a knot at the back of my head. I go to the kitchen and grab a glass of water. I’m not eating anything today. I want my stomach to be clear to avoid any nasty surprises resulting from the buggery that will take place.

The shoes I put on are tan heeled Timberland boots. I’m careful not break my lucky charm anklet, it has a few charms including the double venus, that match the same stud earrings and I throw on my leather jacket, doing it up mid way.

I check for my phone, Oyster card and wallet before leaving the house to walk to the station. I put my gold ‘lesbian’ necklace on as I walk to the station.

A few tube, trains, and a bus journey later I’m in Bromley. I ring the doorbell to the terraced house and wait for Becky to answer.

The door eventually opens “Hi slut.” Becky greets me. She’s 25, 5 years younger than me and looks beautiful with her red hair hanging down.

I seem almost eye level with her, but I’m a step down from the door with my high heeled Timberlands on. “You’re going to be trouble later. There’s supposed to be 6 people here to arse fuck you over my dining room table” She tells me.

“Fuck” I reply. “You better have plenty of lube?” I pray.

“Don’t worry, I do. Don’t think you’ll need it though, especially after the first couple you take. Come in any way.” She offers.

I walk through the kitchen, and into her dining room. There’s a small black collar on the dining room table and a sets of hand cuffs at the bottom of the two end table legs.

For the first time I feel nerves.

“I’ve told everyone you aren’t to be cunt fucked. It’s anal only.” Becky smiles, its a little evil.

“Great, I’m going to need that serviced. I need to be fucked.” I’m serious as I say it.

“You will be fucked, but up your arse.” I feel Becky won’t back down over this and I can sense her getting prickly about it. “If you’re a good girl though, I will sort you out with anything else you want.” She states.

“Ok.” My eyes light up.

“Within reason.” She adds.

“Come on let’s get warmed up and sort those nerves out. We have an hour before people start arriving”. Becky leads me to a sofa in her small lounge diner.

“Get undressed then.” Becky demands of me.

I take off my jacket, that she places over the bannister rail, my T-shirt is folded in half and put on top of my jacket. “Those fucking tits” Becky licks my nipples, and squeezes them, there is kızılay escort no movement or give to the tanned fake orbs but she strokes and plays with them. She teases my nipples with a playful pinch.

I unzip the inside of my Timberland boots and kick them off. “Come on, put them over there tidily. You might live like a fucking slob, but I don’t.” She growls angrily at me. I pick them up and put them under the stair case. Her small house is so clean and tidy, nothing is out of place.

I drop my skin tight jeans. Becky feels my fanny and legs, and forces me to turn round. “There’s that arse, that’s what I love, so fucking firm and tight. What fine buns!” She revels at the site of my bum.

She spreads my cheeks and flicks her fingers up my crack, she plays with me and sticks her tongue into my clean bum hole.

“Well, when I say tight, I don’t mean your ring.” She sucks a finger and slides it up me. I welcome it and want a quick shafting from her, I move back on it and try to arse fuck myself against it. She rubs my legs and runs her hand over my bristly skin.

“Fuck, you haven’t seen a razor for weeks.” She loves the feel, unlike me. “If I get a strapon, fuck me?” Becky seems to be keen for a fuck.

“Nope. I don’t fuck, I get fucked Becky.” I hate taking the lead. I can eat pussy like the next girl, I love getting my fingers wet, but I’m definitely a bottom. Becky also knows this. We were together for a few months, it was a fraught relationship that saw us row regularly.

We get on well as friends, but she’s too authoritarian, and carries that streak wherever she goes. She often wanted to be fucked, and I wasn’t capable or rather I wasn’t sufficiently willing. She’s my wing woman now and a regular fuck buddy who happily fulfills my arse fucking needs.

“I’ve got your 6 inch heels to balance on, don’t break your ankle please.” Becky passes my a shiny black pair of stilletos from the bottom step of her stairs. I take the shoes, sit on the couch and slip my feet into them.

“Thanks, I hate my feet.” I grimmace.

“They’re nice, you look after them, you shouldn’t hate them, I’ve seen worse.” She replies as I smile disbeleiving her.

“What times everyone getting here?” I ask.

Becky looks at her mens aviator watch, its chunky and silver, a bit expensive for a Tesco shelf stacker to afford. One of her rich girls must have gifted it to her. “About 45 mins I reckon.”

“Do we know any of them?” I throw back.

“No, they’re all off the Internet.”

I panic a little more. “You’re fucking joking.”

Becky laughs, “Got another surprise too.” She giggles. “You get 50 quid per girl.”

My mouth drops “You’re fucking with me!” My hearts in my mouth.

“I’m not, they’re definitely coming, they’ve paid a ton each.” Becky is still laughing.

“A ton, how come I’ve only got 50?” I’m not happy, in fact I’m a little angry.

“Got to cover my bills, heat, light, and it’s my address, so I deducted you a rent fee” Becky defends her decision.

“How’d they pay already. Bloody paypal?” I snigger.

“Yeah.” She laughs.

“For fucks sake.” I sink back. “You’re a pimp, and I’m your whore. Fucking hell.” I exclaim.

“I can keep your share if that makes you feel better?” Becky is still laughing.

“No fucking way, I can put it towards some fillers.” I agree.

I’m feeling wet and horny now. Becky is standing leaning against her bannisters. She takes her phone and randomly looks at it.

“Can you do something for me?” She turns serious.

“Sure, whats up” I look at her.

She walks over in her denim dress. Her bare legs perched on smart backless heels. She kneels in front of me her hands on my knees. She lightly strokes my knee stubble.

“Rather, not you do something for me. I want to run my face up your legs.” She looks at me with her piercing eyes. I think she feels bad for pimping me out, and has lost her composure.

I open my legs slightly and she puts her head between them. She runs her face against the grain, I think I hear a light moan escape her.

She forces my knees open and goes for my clit, sucking it in. I clench the armrest and lay my head back. She licks my vulva that’s sheilding my wetness. My cunny is a prefect slit that cost me a lot of money and pain. It was the most expensive surgery, and the most painful.

The girls who I pick up all love it, both butch and the femme girls. They play with it as soon as they see it.

She licks and pulls my legs together trapping her face, I had no idea unshaved legs and cunt turned her on.

Her kissing and sucking at my cunt is sending spasms of electricity through me. “Finger me, please. I want you inside?”

She licks my thighs, enjoying the sensation, as she pulls herself away from me.

She raises my arm, and kisses inside my bristly pit. “Freak.” I call her. She smiles “You’re fucking hot.”

“Whilst we’re doing weird shit. Can you put that collar on me?” I ask.

She’s cocking her head as she looks at me strangely. kolej escort “What’s weird about that?”

“I’ll show you.” I say.

I stand as she gets the slim black leather collar. I turn my back to her and bend at my knees to lower myself. The 6 inch heels make me too tall for her to reach. She places it around my neck and does the small buckle up.

I drop to my knees. “Lift your heel in your shoe for me?”

She lifts her foot from her shoe and I hold it slightly raised. Her heel is pink and soft. I don’t have a foot or shoe fetish but I have wanted to do this.

I lick her ankle, kiss her calf and foot. With my hand on her ankle I place my tongue on her shoe and bring her heel down. She automatically lifts it as she feels my soft wet tongue.

“No, don’t move. I’ll let you know if its too hard. Please.” I plead.

She laughs and lifts her leg. I’m awkwardly on all fours and I place my tongue back in her shoe. Her foot comes down onto my tongue, its too gentle so I use my hand to encourage her to place more weight onto it and squash it some more.

I glance up and see up her skirt, I think I can see a strapon cock. I feel her legs, soft and smooth. I signal for her to put more weight down. I’m now trapped by my tongue, dribbling and drooling. My pussy is more awake, and my senses heightend.

The feeling of being trapped by my tongue is unbelievable. I should try this more often.

There’s soon a knock on the door and I’m released. She wipes her foot and shoe with her hand and tells me to go to the dining room.

She walks past me into the small kitchen, and goes to answer the door.

I hear a brief introductory conversation at the door between her and another woman. I’m trying to catch a glimpse, but she is standing in the way. She eventually steps back and an older woman enters the the kitchen. Becky shuts the door and offers a drink that is declined.

Becky motions her through into the dining room where I’m standing in nothing but a pair of heels. The womans eyes stick out like they’re on stalks.

“Hi, sweetheart.” She steps up onto her tip toes and kisses me on the lips. “Don’t you look fun” she adds throwing a wink.

I smile back “more than you can handle.”

“We’ll see how much you can handle later shall we?” She’s chewing gum and stares at me. She seems a little temperamental and I’ve taken an instant dislike to her.

“We’ll see.” I agree.

She must be mid 50’s. She is round, and I imagine pretty, possibly, when she was younger. She’s wearing a smart skirt, white blouse and a denim jacket. Her tits look big. Her hair is bleached, short and spikey, she’s wearing several sovereigns on her fingers and a heavy watch. She’s wearing court shoes and looks as though she’s stopped by on her way to work.

“Anyway, I’m Sarah, and you’ll be?”

“I’m Clare, and I’ll be arse fucked if its not a moment too soon.” I return.

“You seem pretty keen!” Sarah says.

Smiling I tell her that I am.

Becky offers her a drink again, and some small chit chat begins. There’s nothing awkward whilst we wait for more people to arrive. Becky takes her coat and bag and puts them tidily in the lounge.

There’s chattering at front door and Becky goes to investigate. I’m getting a little nervous in anticipation now. I just want to begin.

Two more girls come in. One catches my eye straight away. She’s got to be mid 20’s, her long dark hair is in a pony tail, she’s wearing a black trouser suit and expensive looking sling back heels. She looks like a professional business woman. Her makeup is pristine. She looks solemn, and unhappy, maybe its nerves. I smile at her. She looks me up and down and looks to Becky and moves over to Sarah to start a conversation.

The girl she came in with strides over and introduces herself. “Hi, I’m Tracey. You excited?”

“I am. I’ve been looking forward to this all morning.” I tell her.

“You are fucking gorgeous. I’m looking forward to some action. I’ve got a new strapon, my girlfriend doesn’t do arse play, so I’m here.” She’s looking me over eyeing her 100 quid purchase.

“Your girlfriend doesn’t seem too happy.” I nod to the girl in the suit. I don’t think they look like a couple. Tracey has got to be 19 or 20. She’s flat chested, but her leather trousers are tight, and shiny. Her white trainers are smart. She has natural, unlike me, pink pouty lips, and her long blond hair is wavy and down past her shoulders.

I wouldn’t describe her as conventionally attractive, but there is something about her and she looks and seems fun.

“Oh, we only arrived at the same time, I don’t know her at all.” Tracey confirms.

“Sorry. I thought…” I’m interrupted by Becky.

“Sorry ladies, we’re going to be a girl down. Just received a text that she’s unable to make it. Probably bottled it, so more fun for us.” Becky announces. I’m a little relieved.

“We’ll give the other girls 10 minutes, and then we’ll commence. I think Clare over there is just wanting to begin, aren’t you?” I maltepe escort nod straight back at Becky.

“I’ve got to start my shift in Marks at 1pm.” Sarah says, I thought her clothing looked kind of familiar.

I look over at the girl in the suit. She looks to have an attitude and is standing with her arms crossed in the corner of the room.

I feel a little odd standing here naked whilst everyone else is dressed. I walk over to the suit.

“Hi, I’m Clare. Nice to meet you.” I introduce myself.

“Nice to meet you, I’m Nadine.” She forces a smile. “I guess you’re the one, eh?” She comments.

“I’m the one. I hope you enjoy.” I try to break the ice a little.

“I’m not sure. It’s just sex, and I’ve got the urge to fuck someone, so you’re going to get it.” She looks through me. I can’t place her accent, her English is very good and has a South London twang.

“I’m going to be getting it off everyone.” I smile.

“Hmm.” She’s not breaking, so I leave her to it.

I get to Becky. “God that Nadine is moody.”

“Uh, huh. She wants to fuck someone and we’re round the corner, so she’s here. She looks familiar but I can’t place her.” Becky explains. “She’s paid, so let her have her fun.”

“I intend to. Once I’m over the table I won’t have much choice. As for paying for it, you’ve got some explaining to do later.” I reply.

The door goes again. I’m relieved and just want to start. My cunt is screaming for it, but, I know that’s going untouched.

I notice Nadine is taking her jacket off. She is wearing a black bra under it, and her tits are small. She has a Mediterranean look to her. Her skin is shiny and unblemished. I get a fanny flutter and look towards the door.

Two more girls come in. One a brunette, and the other a blonde. They look young and fit. I smile at them. Becky summons me over.

I cross the room and I feel everyone watching me. “I should’ve got waxed yesterday.” I say to Becky.

“Some girls might be a little put off, but I think it looks hot, and wish you’d fuck me.” She says.

“I’ve got a lot of wishes, and fucking you isn’t one of them.” I tell her and flash a sarcastic smile.

We get to the dining room table and she cuffs my ankles to two of the table legs. My legs are spread and I’m unable to move them. I’m forced forward onto the pine dining table. There are two velcro cuffs at the other end of the table, they are too short and I have to stretch to reach them, she does them up around my wrists tightly.

I’m not comfortable, my fake tits press into my chest and the cold table sends shivers through me.

Becky heads back into the sitting area. “Hey girls, thanks for coming. My friend Clare is all set up. I have some playing cards here. In a minute you will be offered to take one. The card will have a number on it. That number represents the order in which you get your ride. No pushing in.” Becky’s talking too much, and I’m bored already, I don’t know what the guests think.

“It’s arseplay only.” Becky continues, “We’re strict about that, so sorry to disappoint. I’m sure the first person will be eager to break her seal, but her seal was broken years ago.” A number of girls murmur and chuckle. “She’s a slut and her rear fuck hole is rather slack, but please use lube. The toilets upstairs, first on the left, help yourself to drinks in the kitchen. There are towels in the corner, please use them if you get it on with anyone here. No fucking on my couch or going into the rooms upstairs. Come forward and grab a card.”

I hear activity start, and I watch the girls start stripping and taking their cards. I hope Nadine isn’t the first here to take me up the arse. My pussy is bubbling away, I feel myself slowly ooze from it.

I hear one of the last girls to arrive announce she has the one of hearts Sarah is going to be second, Tracey has three of hearts, four of hearts was won by the other last girl – the blonde. Nadine gets six of hearts and Becky has the five.

I lay face down, bound to the table trying to work out what’s happening. The last girl here is taking her clothes off. She is wearing black latex knickers, and is putting her heels back on. Her mams are small, round but pert. Her hair is longish, it hangs above the shoulders but lower than her ears. She’s a natural brunette, and is short and tanned.

The blonde she arrived with is also short. They have to be 18 or therabouts, they look fresh faced and keen. Though flat chested the blonde is wearing a tight white bra, white suspenders and stockings. She’s gone for the bridalwear lingerie look. I can only imagine delicately stripping her off, fingering her through her lacey knickers, and having her suspender clad thighs either side of my face.

It becomes obvious that they are a couple as they both exchange kisses and grins.

The brunette walks over and tightens a strapon round her. “Stick your face in babe. You know you want to.” The little blonde shouts. The brunette throws her a dirty look.

She parts my arse cheeks and starts kissing my arse. Its adorable, her little kisses on the inside of my cheeks. Her hands feel soft and smooth on my firm buttocks.

She squeezes some lube into my arse and I feel her fingers smearing and probing me. I’m starting to take pleasure in this. The anticipation of this arse fucking has been building up and now I’m going to get buggered by a bevy of beautiful birds.

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