Claire’s Journey Ch. 02Claire’s Journey Ch. 02


The twenty-one-year-old Claire couldn’t get away from the spotlight whilst she danced with every man who stole her hand. Claire didn’t care about their shapes, sizes or looks because she just wanted to dance the night away.

The dance floor was a busy place at the fundraiser, which was held place at the new, but still under construction, playhouse mansion for the youth of the little town. And on that dance floor she had spent most of her time since her arrival.

All eyes of the males present at the fundraiser was on her curvaceous figure and quite a lot of them had danced with the young mother to explore her beauty with their hands. Their desire for her beauty was an established fact in the little town and it was only made worse when Claire had dressed in such a stunningly beautiful dress.

It could remind of a wedding dress due to its angelic looking fabric of a heavenly white and due to a cute flowery train, which fell down from the hemline underneath her ass to her pretty ankles, but that is where the similarities ended. Because in the front, there was no train to hide the very short hemline of her dress, which ended just beneath her pussy.

This meant she couldn’t sit down without her bare pussy showing to everyone and it was as short in the back beneath the train, which meant if she swung around a little too much on the dance floor, which she did as much as possible because she loved to dance, the spectators could see the underside of her outstanding bubble butt.

It also meant that her dynamite legs could be ogled by every male eye at the fundraiser. And if her shapely thighs didn’t spellbind people to an eternal state of lust for her tanned body of perfection, then the deep cleavage caused by her dress would finish the job.

The white dress was held up by two spaghetti straps and the silky material fell down until it barely covered her nipples in a wide v that ended just below her breasts, which meant she had to wear tape as to not have a constant wardrobe malfunction.

Her breasts looked ridiculously good and Claire was beyond happy with how almost all of them were on display in a mouth-watering cleavage. And she loved how the tight material of the dress developed from the looser shape up top to become so impossibly skin-tight around her ass, which meant she showcased each globe of her perfection to everyone along with

Claire’s plan was to try and outshine her little sisters who would also be present at the fundraiser, by being the biggest tease there, but such a task would be challenging with such hot little sisters.

Despite the spotlight being on her 99% of the time, there was still the last remaining percentage that gathered around her little sisters, but hopefully they wouldn’t be like the sexual predators she endured on a daily basis.

This is why she had dressed like she did, to save her sisters from the many predators and leave them with the men who would only admire them and never harm them. That way, they wouldn’t have to defend themselves from the hands that wanted to explore your body as if you were the most delicious candy in the store, because they would be touching all over Claire.

In this moment, Claire had taken a much-needed pause from the dance floor to stand behind a counter in the built-in kitchen area, engaged in conversation with the mayor himself, the director of the upcoming town play and her principal from the private school she had begun attending to perhaps finally get a degree.

They all stood on the other side of the counter, talking solely with her and dismissing everyone else because when she was present, there was nobody else.

The counter was tall enough that she could lean her elbows on top of it while playing with her drink. The men could easily stare down her top, although it wasn’t necessary because of her outrageous cleavage, and they were drinking her beauty in bigger dozes than their drinks.

The mayor spoke about the importance of this playhouse to keep the youths occupied and away from activities that in the mayor’s eyes threatened the stability of their society. Within this mansion they could play and have fun with workers keeping an eye on them and he burned so passionately for the cause of helping the youth to a better social life that Claire found herself listening with ease.

The other men made their own remarks as well and they seemed so happy to speak about anything just to keep Claire to themselves. In fact, every man on the other side of the counter had gotten a bit intimate with her body so far tonight.

The mayor had taken a picture with her the moment he saw her enter the mansion and it felt like she was the star of this neighbourhood the way he pushed people away whilst he rushed to her, but when her daddy took the picture, the mayor’s hand had sneakily fallen low on her hip and he had turned her body so that one breast pressed firmly into his side, which meant her ample cleavage looked insane on the picture.

After that, Şirinevler Escort the mayor had left them to do some last preparations for the speech he was going to have towards the end of the night, but the director of the upcoming town play had found her whilst she danced on the dance floor by yanking her stunning body into his hungry arms.

While they danced, he often took the liberty to raise her shapely thigh with a steel grip on its perfection while pressing their groins together and often she would feel his hands on her stomach and her hips whilst he danced as closely to her as possible. It had been a hot dance, which nearly reached its peak when she ground her booty into his rock-hard cock while he held around her hips.

Towards the end of their dance when he was nearly humping her in desperation for her beauty, his hands had spun her around and smacked themselves on her rounded ass cheeks hard. The director had pushed her even harder into his body, but she had managed to get his hands off her bubble butt eventually. Only, when she did and stepped back from him, her daddy had spun her around and stolen her to himself for a lovely dance where Claire just held around her daddy while he moved her slowly around the crowded floor.

It had been a wonderful dance and Claire had ground her body into her daddy to have some fun with him. For some reason she had even jumped on him midst dance. Claire had been spun around, but she had jumped a bit too high in her excitement and as a result her breasts had pressed into her daddy’s face.

It was a silly moment, but otherwise their dance had been magical until her daddy had left for the bathroom and the second her daddy was gone she had been stolen by her principal’s black arms. Mr. Kingsley had wasted no time in spinning her around until she was locked in front of him by his strong arms and pressing hard between her ass cheeks was a giant of a cock.

Claire didn’t like her principal, he scarred her when he suddenly appeared behind her and when he tried to steal moments from her during her days at school by acting intimidating. It was always the same leering look and his hands always entered her personal space, but despite this, their dance had been hot and he held her tightly to his massive cock while breathing hard into her ear.

It was the first man she had danced with that was nearly as short as her and she loved how he had taken complete ownership of her movements, but then he had begun his talks about her becoming the head cheerleader to draw fame to his school and she hated how he pushed this as she didn’t want to become a cheerleader. However, he always told her she would wear the uniform for him one day and it hadn’t been an exception while they danced, that is, until her daddy saved her from keeping up the fearless façade.

When she danced with her daddy again, she had spun around to press her tight ass into his crotch to tease him like she loved to do.

“You can’t keep your hands off me tonight daddy!” Claire beamed while arching her head up to look mischievously into his eyes.

“I’m just looking after you baby girl” Her father had told her so sweetly while he’d held her awkwardly on her waist.

Claire had loved dancing with her father and he had gotten more relaxed with how much she pressed her curves into him, but every time she shook her ass to the music, she had felt Mr. Kingsley’s eyes on her.

Looking at Mr. Kingsley now, Claire felt frightened despite the counter between them and she always feared being alone in the locker rooms at school because of him. Claire raised her tequila and downed most of it to clear her head, but with every movement she made, Claire could feel Mr. Kinglsey’s eyes on her.

It was during their conversation about how the town play would be such a hit that she felt a hand grip and squeeze her ass cheeks hard.

Spinning around with her head, Claire saw her cheeky grandfather grinning at her from ear to ear. Claire just smiled and shifted herself closer to the man she loved. While her grandfather did whatever he wanted with her ass, Claire gazed behind the men who wanted her in order to see her twenty-year-old little sister, Cassidy, sitting in one of the lounges looking incredibly bored and beautiful at the same time while people danced on the floor between Claire and her.

Cassidy had grown a following as well, but mostly of young men around her little sister’s age at twenty and some even looking like they were in their thirties. That said, she reckoned the middle-aged men on the dance floor kept steeling glances of her little sister’s stunning beauty.

The fact that her supermodel looking little sister had decided to attend the fundraiser in a futuristic looking yet stupidly tight gospel dress with a split down her bronze thigh, didn’t exactly prevent eyes from exploring the naked skin beneath the short hemline to the ample display of cleavage up top, but for whatever reason, they never pursued Cassidy Şirinevler Escort Bayan like they did Claire.

Claire suddenly felt air on her sculptured ass and she felt the hemline easing up her best asset. She sent a worried look at the love of her life, but her grandfather was engaged in the conversation which Claire had stopped listening to. Claire’s eyes were transfixed on her little sister who seemed so unhappy over being here and she was about to go over to Cassidy and hug around her when she felt a finger push into her anus without warning.

Claire gasped and suddenly the conversation around her stopped and this time they stared at her with wonder as well and not just desire. Claire gripped the counter while her grandfather pushed his finger forcibly up her bum and her chest heaved to try and keep her composure.

“Are you alright sugar?” Asked the director and not a man questioned his nickname for her. After all, she was the town’s unrivalled babe, which was an official title circulating amongst the males of the town and she thanked her twin brother for telling her so, which made her believe they all had their own nickname for her.

The hidden finger began to piston in and out of her and Claire had to fight to maintain her composure. “I-I’m fine! I just couldn’t help my excitement over the play! I’m so looking forward to watching it!” Claire managed to beam like the brightest star and the mayor seemed to have hearts in his eyes when she did.

The director and her grandfather laughed so sweetly at her energy. “My goodness Claire! Sometimes I think we should make a statue of you in the town square, just so we can brag when you become a superstar and show everyone that you came from this city!” The mayor told her and she couldn’t help but giggle despite the second finger which to her frustration entered her bum.

“We were just talking about the co-star to the main lead of the play! And your grandfather suggested that you could fill in for our injured actress! Should I take your gasp and your excitement at the news as a yes?” The director asked and Claire was squirming now and her breathing more desperate because of her grandfather’s expert fingers, but she couldn’t help but feel like her principal knew what was happening.

Claire took a long drink of her tequila and gulped it down before she answered, but while she answered, Mr. Kingsley re-filled it with haste. “Me?!? I would love to!! But what’s the role of my character?” Claire asked while trying to endure the thrusting fingers filling her with pleasure.

“It is something we can go over on set. I’m just delighted that we could have such a replacement. Mr. Mayor, I think we must triple the seats because with Claire as the star, we will receive a lot more spectators!” The director laughed and they all laughed with him.

Claire tried to be polite and thank her principal for the tequila, but she couldn’t formulate a sentence because of her grandfather’s thrusting fingers sending her to an actual orgasm in front of the town’s most powerful man.

Claire tried to control her eyes and her composure, but it was incredibly difficult. To help her, she drank the tequila in one go and without hesitation, Mr. Kingsley stole her now empty glass and gave her some more tequila which she also downed.

This pattern became a certainty and when her grandfather eventually stopped fingering her ass, Claire was rather tipsy. “Radiant Claire, would you be so kind as to offer me a dance?” The mayor asked and moments later, Claire danced with the mayor.

In the lounge on the other side of the room, Claire could feel the mayor’s wife staring at her, but she just had to get away from her grandfather’s needy urges before their secret love was revealed to everyone present, hence she was here, being moved around with hands exploring her toned body.

The mayor had always been taken with her and she remembered how desperate he had been during their first meeting at the town’s Christmas party when she was five months pregnant and it was the first Christmas she had as an eighteen-year-old. The mayor had been on her like a vampire sucking blood despite her little bump in the tummy and eventually he had gotten her alone where nobody could see them and directly underneath a mistletoe.

The mayor had kissed her sultry full lips then with so much passion and lust that time itself had seemed to freeze. Back then he had lost his mind and groped her everywhere. Mauled at her already impressive tits and squeezed and fondled her stupendous ass like a madman while trying to rip her dress off to eventually fail when her elder brother came searching for her, but today, he had grown accustomed to her outrageous beauty.

It showed in the ways he touched her and his hands hadn’t groped her, but subtly hinted at what he wanted to do with her. Her long blonde hair, which she had falling straight down her back in a rather messy yet beautiful look, swayed with their Escort Şirinevler movements and then he spun her around to grind his rock-hard cock into her ass. Claire felt his hands on her hips and they were shaking.

Claire knew she tolerated and allowed too much, but she had learnt a long time ago not to make a scene of a touch or a sexually charged move against her body because there would always be twenty more following the first and she had simply grown tired of always fighting it.

It was horrible that she had grown familiar with this and normalized it in some sick way, but strangely enough, Claire felt good whenever hands where on her now. It was something she realized whenever a hand got frisky with her and she never made an effort to remove it because she actually got off on it. The only exception was when the man scarred her, or at least, that’s what she kept telling herself when Mr. Kingsley found a moment alone with her.

Claire pressed her sexy ass into the mayor’s pulsing cock and his breathing had turned ragged now. Claire then lowered herself down to the ground while swaying her body like a pole dancer and she used the mayor’s body as a pole. As sexily as she could, Claire danced up again where horny arms seized her with so much lust she felt like they were underneath the mistletoe again when he took both of her big tits in his grasps.

They were grinding and the mayor began to hump her incredible ass without a care in the world. The dance floor had gotten crowded and the mayor’s wife had lost sight on them, which was a good thing since the mayor now sucked on Claire’s neck while humping her ass and fondling Claire’s 38D breasts with trembling hands.

“I want you! More than anything!” The mayor whispered strongly to her between his kisses.

“You can’t have me…” Claire whispered while breathing hard.

“I would love you for eternities, I promise you superstar! And nothing could’ve harmed you because I’d stop it from happening! I want you to be mine Superstar, be mine!” The mayor promised and begged her while using his nickname for her and Claire was so consumed with the dance and the strong emotions she felt as a result of her very tipsy state, that she pushed her ass even harder against his cock, but their moment was cut short when the mayor pushed her away from his body and began dancing with her in a more proper way. Claire was surprised and she missed his cock against her ass.

Dancing this closely, the mayor looked lovingly into her blue eyes and then he fetched something from his pockets and gave it to her. It was a card with his contact details on it.

“If something ever happens to you superstar, then know I’m a quick phone call away from helping you out of that situation, no matter how bad it is” The mayor told her.

“W-wy are…you…g-giving me t-this?” Claire slurred and since they now danced slower and not as intimate, she felt the booze kick in hard.

“Because I lo…never mind superstar…Just place it somewhere safe” The mayor had begun telling her something, but he stopped himself from saying whatever it was.

“Could you place it inside my stiletto?” Claire asked as it was the only place where she knew it to be safe.

The mayor smiled at her when she handed him the card and then he bent down to her feet. Taking a gentle grip around her foot, he took off the white heel, he held her foot while she gripped onto a nearby man for support. The mayor rubbed her foot, tenderly, before he placed his card inside her heel.

When he helped her on with the heel, he instinctively looked up and that is when time stopped for him. Claire only smiled at him and she couldn’t help but blush when she realized her mistake. From the mayor’s position, he saw right up her dress and straight onto the wonderful sight of her pussy. The mayor rose from his feet, slowly and while stroking her leg along with him, until he had stroked over her wonderful thighs and stood towering above her.

“Remember superstar, no matter what and I’ll be there” The mayor said and then she hugged him. It was a moment he would never forget, the moment when she wanted to be close to him. Feeling her insanely attractive body against him was one thing, but to know she accepted him as someone close to her was another thing entirely.

“May I have this dance baby girl?” Her daddy asked and Claire removed herself from the mayor who smiled at her before he returned to the kitchen area. Claire turned around to beam for her daddy, but then she felt her legs give in when the alcohol kicked in hard and thus, she stumbled into her daddy’s muscular chest.

“You can’t get enough of me!” Claire managed to say while feeling around his chest with her white and newly manicured nails scratching at his shirt.

“Careful my beautiful! I think you’ve had a bit too much to drink, don’t you?” Her daddy asked while he hugged around her with one hand just inches above her ass, which meant her massive breasts pressed into her daddy’s chest.

“Hmph, uh huh” was all Claire managed to say before her daddy guided her out of the dance floor, but since Claire struggled to walk properly, their bodies grinded together until Victor pushed his stunning daughter into a wall he didn’t see because his eyes were locked onto her tits.

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