Subject: Changing Room Boy by Adam Patterson for adult/youth Changing Room Boy by Adam Patterson This story is just a fantasy. Don’t corrupt real life children! Let them have happy and innocent childhoods, ok? I was trying on some shorts in the dressing room of a department store at the mall. I checked myself out in the mirror. 38 years old with a few gray hairs peppering my otherwise black short hair. Pretty average build. The blue shorts were a little tight on me and made my crotch a little more bulgey than I was comfortable with. I’m not hugely endowed or anything but these shorts make it look like I was sporting a monster down there. I was about to take them off when I saw some motion coming from the floor of the changing room next to mine. There, crouching on the floor on his hands and knees, a young boy was looking under the wall at me. “I like your shorts!” the lad chirped at me in a high-pitched voice. I turned to give him a full view of the front of them. “Oh, do you?” I asked. “I wasn’t sure about them. I thought they might be a little tight on me.” The boy scooted under the wall into my changing room and then stood up and said “ta-daaa!” like he had just done a magic trick. He stretched and I got a good look at him. Sandy brown hair that was a little messy and a face full of pink freckles. He was wearing a Paw Patrol t-shirt and had on blue sneakers that had soles that lit up when he bounced up and down (which he did a lot). “Wow!” I said. “That was pretty cool!” “I know it was pretty cool,” he said like I was an idiot. “Do you always go into the changing rooms of men you don’t know?” I asked. “Only when my mom is taking FOREVER to try on clothes and I get super bored.” I asked how old he was and he held up his right hand with five fingers stretched out. Then he added four fingers on his left hand. “This many years!” he Çeşme Escort said. “Wow, you’re 9 years old?” I said. “You look a little younger than 9.” “Nope!” he said. “Nine. And a half!” “And a half!” I repeated, impressed. “What grade are you in?” “Ninth grade!” he said happily. “My name is Ryan.” “Nice to meet you Ryan!” I said. “I’m Tony. You must be the smallest boy in ninth grade!” “Nuh uh,” Ryan said. “My friend Jalen is smaller than me.” “I see,” I said. Ryan put his little hand on the leg of my shorts. “They don’t feel too tight to me!” he said. “Oh, I meant tight in the front,” I replied. Ryan proceeded to rub my crotch through the shorts. “I think it feels nice,” Ryan said. “Not too tight. Just right.” By now my 6 inch cock was stirring beneath his hot fingers. He was squeezing it and feeling it grow. “I think they’re getting even tighter!” he said in a loud boy whisper. I moaned as his fingers traced my erection through the cotton, paying special attention to the flared head. “Do you usually do this to the men in the changing rooms, Ryan?” I asked as his thumb rubbed over my gaping piss slit. “Yeah!” he chirped. “I like touching men on their willies!” “Do you know what I like, Ryan?” I asked. He shook his head no. “I like kissing boy’s feet.” Ryan giggled at this. “How about you take off your shoes and socks and shorts and let Tony make you feel good?” I said. Ryan bounced up and down with excitement, making the lights in his shoes flash red. Then he pulled off his shoes and took his little white socks off. I marveled at how pink and smooth his little toes were as they dug into the carpet. Then Ryan pulled down his blue shorts and showed me his Paw Patrol underwear. There were five dogs on the front of his briefs, with a spotted Dalmatian right where his little penis bulge was in the middle. Çeşme Escort Bayan “You must really like Paw Patrol!” I said, drinking in the image of the half naked 9 year old in front of me. “I love it!” Ryan said brightly. “See the fireman dog? That’s Marshall. He’s my favorite!” I looked at the black and white dog on the thin fabric covering Ryan’s boy goods. “Marshall is my favorite too!” I replied, ogling the young boy. I asked Ryan to sit down on the plastic chair and lifted his legs up so his naked feet were on my chest. Then I lifted his right foot up to my mouth and kissed his round toes. I swirled my tongue over the big toe and then sucked it in and out of my mouth like I was giving him a blowjob. “Why don’t you pet Marshall while I make your toes feel good?” I asked. “Tell him what a good boy he is!” While I moved my lips and tongue all over Ryan’s perfect feet, he began rubbing Marshall on his underwear, flicking and massaging his growing boy erection. “Good boy, Marshall!” Ryan said dreamily. “You’re such a good dog!” “Can I pet Marshall too?” I asked, my mouth full of boy feet. Ryan nodded. I took his feet out of my mouth and put them back into the floor. Then I reached over and started rubbing the Dalmatian. I could feel Ryan’s little boner pulsing and throbbing under the motions of my big man fingers. It felt so tiny but so hard. It was maybe 2.5 or 3 inches rock hard. Ryan threw his head back and sighed with pleasure as I masturbated his penis though his cartoon underwear. “Marshall really likes your petting!” Ryan told me. “I’m glad!” I said. “He’s a very good puppy.” I felt Ryan’s little body shake as I gave him what was likely the first dry cum of his life. He let out a long sigh of contentment. I couldn’t take it anymore. I pulled off the shorts and my underwear and freed my Escort Çeşme 6 inch aching hard-on. I brought Ryan’s feet back up to my chest and then I licked the soles, making them very wet and slippery. Then I held them together and fucked his feet, thrusting my man cock in and out of his soles. This was so hot and perverted that I couldn’t last long. With a loud grunt, my cock exploded, sending a geyser of cum all over Ryan’s pretty little face and lips and hair. Gobs of my man juice were dripping off his eyelashes and onto his Paw Patrol shirt. “You peed on me!” Ryan said, laughing. “It’s not pee,” I said. “It’s man juice. Why don’t you taste it and see?” Ryan thought for a minute and then bent over and gingerly licked the head of my still-oozing cock. He smacked his lips and smiled. “You’re right, Tony!” Ryan said. “Not pee!” Just then we heard a shrill woman’s voice calling into the men’s dressing room. “Ryan!” she said. “Are you in here? We’re leaving!” I quickly wiped most of my sperm off the boy and waved goodbye as he bounded out of my dressing room, putting his shoes and socks on as he hopped towards the entrance. His hair was even messier than it originally was, with remnants of my cum in there. I couldn’t see him leave but I heard his mom shriek. “Ryan! You’re an absolute mess!” she scolded. “Look at your hair and your face! You’re a sight! What kind of trouble were you up to while I was trying on clothes?” “Just goofing around in the store,” he replied. “You’re such a messy boy but I love you anyway. Give your mother a big kiss!” she said to her son. I heard the sound of a big wet smooch. “What’s that on your lips?” she asked. “It’s salty.” “I was eating some Goldfish crackers,” he answered with some quick thinking. “I hope you didn’t spoil your appetite!” she said as they walked away from the dressing room. “I’m still hungry for more!” I heard Ryan chirp as their voices got distant. “Me too, Ryan!” I thought as I cleaned myself up and headed out. “Me too!” If you enjoyed my story donate to Nifty! And let me know what you thought! Email: [email protected] Wickr: hyperjackal

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