Changeling Ch. 05Changeling Ch. 05


Continued from Chapter 04, and concluded in this Chapter. Scene is in the townhouse, after David plays maid to Donna and Brenda. Donna and David are alone in the bedroom.


David dresses as my maid for a party.

David and I made love long and ardently last night with lots of kisses and touches, giggles and intimate talk, and of course … fucking! We fell asleep in each other’s arms, but wake with Brenda cuddling up to me as I am still in David’s embrace.

I flutter my eyes open, and look into her pretty eyes already open.

“Good morning, Brenda!”

“Mmm, morning, Donna!”

I hear David stir as I am kissing my friend and twin sister. I turn around, and kiss David with all of the passion my tiny frame can summon. I look into his eyes, and giggle at his still ruby-colored lips, and say,

“Kiss Brenda, darling!”

I get out of the bed and head for the shower as he folds Brenda into his arms and gives her a ‘good morning’ kiss. When I come out of the shower, she is just finishing giving David a blowjob to take care of his morning ‘wood.’ I slide into the bed and she gives me a sweet but cummy kiss. We both get a wicked smile on our faces, and have the same idea as we attack David from all sides with kisses, and tickles until he can’t stand it. We are giggling our heads off, but David is laughing and telling us to stop!

We all get up, and I have coffee ready by the time David and Brenda finish showering together, and drying off. I know that I am giving David and Brenda a lot of time together, but I love them both and really want us to be a threesome … I don’t want to lose my relationship with Brenda, and David only shows her attention because I wish it.

I am wearing an apron with a bib, tied at the waist and hung around my neck, and nothing else as they walk into the kitchen. David comes over and slides his arms around me giving his sweet wife a kiss that taking my breath away, leaving me a little wobbly on my feet.

“Whew! Darling!” is all I can say, but he gives me a special gift by taking my face in his hands, and with tears in his eyes says,

“Donna! I love you so much my darling wife! You are my love and my life.”

I notice that Brenda is tearing up through her smile, watching such a tender moment between her dear friends. We breakfast together, and each of us gets ready for our day. David has things to do, and Brenda and I are heading to the little uniform shop at the mall. As we are ready to leave in our pretty dresses, I turn to see Brenda with a pair of my panties dangling from her finger.

I roll my eyes and say, “Alright, alright!” and put them on, but I love the feeling of air coming up my dress and onto my naked, um … stuff.

We arrive at the mall, and decide to look for maid costumes for David first. The store has a good selection of fashionable things, and I have Brenda try on a few for me to decide. I like one dress style with more cotton for comfort. It has a form-fitting skirt, narrow waist, and attractive white collar, a placket with three buttons at the top, and white trimmed short sleeves. It has a small white apron that fastens at the waist. It is short enough to put David’s attractive legs on display without being too embarrassingly short.

I bought one in black, and one in navy blue in David’s size. Brenda likes one with a little fuller skirt trimmed in white lace, and a fuller white apron in front, tied at the back. We liked that it had a short hem, to about mid-thigh. She bought one in green, and one in royal blue. With four-inch heels, David would look stunning in it.

With that part of our agenda out of the way, we decide to go back to that little shop to see if Delia is working today. We walk in and start looking around at all of the frilly, intimate things. We still have to get something for David to go under the maid’s outfits. I see Delia helping another customer, and she smiles when she sees me. Brenda and I pick out a couple things and head to a fitting room. This shop has nice private ones with a door.

I undress Brenda, helping her out of her bra and panties when we hear a knock on the door.

“Is everything alright in there Miss?” I hear Delia say.

I open the door and Delia quickly slips in and gasps at seeing Brenda naked. I hand her Brenda’s selections and she offers to help Brenda with them. She takes the panties, and holds them for Brenda to step into. Brenda has her breasts hanging almost in Delia’s face. Delia pulls them up Brenda’s legs and smooths them into place. She slides her fingers into the margins of the garment, feeling Brenda’s soft ass. She then slides her hands over Brenda’s crotch, and says,

“Hmm, they seem to fit just right. How do they feel, honey?”

Brenda is starting to become aroused, and looks into Delia’ blue eyes and says,

“Ohhh, that felt so good! I mean, uh, uh, yeah. They feel great!”

Delia picks up the bra and helps Brenda into it, reaching around to clasp it demetevler escort while looking into Brenda’s deep brown eyes. Brenda can’t help giving our little salesgirl a kiss. The she looks down, and blushes. Delia takes some time pushing and squeezing her breasts to fit the bra as Brenda moans. Delia opens her mouth slightly and kisses Brenda.

Delia is wearing a dress that zips up the back, so I unzip it as she kisses Brenda. She lets her dress drop to the floor of the fitting room, as I unhook her bra. I massage her large breasts from behind as Brenda moves her hands down an inside Delia’s silky French-cut panties. Soon we have Delia naked, and touch every part of her lovely body we can reach, before she has to be back on the floor.

Delia turns to me, kisses me, and says,

“I have a lunch break in half an hour, how about meeting me at the café downstairs.”

My fingers can’t help exploring her completely shaved pussy one more time, and I say,

“Yes darling, see you there!”

We dress, and take our selections along with a few things we bought for David to the checkout. Delia applies her discount to the total and we leave.

We look around a few shops and then head for the café. We just order coffee, waiting for Delia. Brenda scrunches up her brow and asks,

“Donna, are we lesbians?” I look surprised, but answer,

“I think the term is ‘bi’ honey, like bi-sexual!”

“Well, whatever it is, it feels nice doesn’t it”

“Yup, sure does baby!”

Just then, Delia arrives and sits down. Puts her hand on Brenda’s and asks,

“Are you alright darling? You know, you have a very pretty body.”

Brenda smiles and replies, “Thank you. You have a very nice touch, and I love the shaved um, like down there. I want to do it, but I’m worried about um, cutting something.”

“If you wish, I will do it for you.”


“I have to work until seven, but after that I am free.”

“Well, good!” I say, “We were planning on going out tonight, so why don’t you dress for the evening.”

She agrees, I give her directions to the townhouse, and I move away from the table to call David.

“Hi darling!” I say, “We are going out tonight, and we have a friend coming with us.” Then in more of a whisper, “You will be Danielle tonight sweetie, okay?”

“Who is this? Is this a crank call? I’ll call the police!”

“Stop it David!”

“Alright honey.” he says with a devilish laugh, “Um, yeah I can be up for that! What time?”

“Well, we have a female friend coming with us and she might be there about um, seven-thirty or so.”

“Alright baby. Love you”

“Love you too!” I press ‘end’

The three of us have a great lunch, and chat brightly. I decide not to explain about David, and simply say that we have roommate named Danielle who will be going with us to the club. Delia tells us that she can pick up something appropriate to wear on her break and she seems very giddy having a night out with the girls.

“I really need a sexy new dress to go out in, and I appreciate your giving me the chance to spend a little on myself. Don’t worry girls, I’ll look great!” she says.

She has to get back to work, so we each give her a hug and kiss, and she hurries back to the store. Brenda and I stay and have another cup of coffee, with all of our purchases still piled up on an empty chair. Brenda, who only has a bikini trim, says that she is nervous about Delia shaving her. I tell her that I will be there, and I may get mine done as well. We giggle about becoming bald, and leave the café.

It is still early when we arrive back at the townhouse, and we decide to do something active with David when he returns from his chores. After he arrives a half hour later, Brenda and I are still in the master bedroom trying on things and hanging all of David’s uniforms in his closet.

We decide to rent bikes, and tour the lake region a little. It is a warm sunny day, and after about twelve miles or so, we are all hot and sweaty. At a stop, sucking on our water bottles, I see sweat streaming down Brenda’s florid face. My dear husband—Mr. Cool—is still dry as a bone. As for me, I can feel my jersey sticking to my skin.

We continue several more miles down the road, and as we approach a semi-secluded beach area, we stop for a rest and a cool-down. I get the crazy idea to strip off all my clothes and run into the lake, laughing and yelping as I hit the cold water. David is next, I giggle seeing his cock swinging as he runs into the lake. I scream as he picks me up, swings my body over the waves and, one-two-three, throws me in. (I did tell you he works out, right?) As I surface, gasping for air, I say to David,

“You are in big trouble, David Clinton Wilson!” then to Brenda still cautiously looking around before pulling off her bottoms, I say,

“Get your skinny ass in here sister, I need help!”

I spring dikmen escort from the water and grab my husband trying to pull him under. He nearly escapes my grip when a completely naked Brenda attacks him from the other side, and it is all over for him. We hold him under until he grabs my legs pulling them out from under me, freeing himself by upending me. Brenda and I take an attack stance trying to menace our superior foe.

We end up wrestling in the water until he picks me up and with my arms around his neck. My legs go around his waist, and he slides his cock inside me for an impromptu aquatic screwing. The water is cold but I come easily and shudder in chest-high water as he struggles against the coldness. I whisper something in his ear, and he loosens his grip on me as I climb down. He quickly turns to Brenda and she tries to run away toward the beach, but he catches her as she struggles laughing and giggling.

They are closer to the shore, and fall into the sandy shallow water giving her, her first taste of sex in the water. This time, after stroking into her, he does stiffen and come inside my pretty friend. When they recover, the three of us just play in the surf, laughing and splashing until we see another car pull up. Four college-age kids tumble out—two guys with their dates I guess, and I wave to them jiggling my breasts.

They are stunned to see the three of us naked, but one of the girls quickly removes her swimsuit and urges the others to do so as well as she runs toward us in the water. We quickly have four naked playmates and the guys set up a net so we can play some nude water volleyball. We choose sides with Brenda, me, and one of the girls and one of the guys on one side, and David, the other girl and boy on the other. The girl who stripped first is the girl on David’s side, and has an incredible body and large pendulous breasts, which I love to watch bounce and jiggle as she plays (So does David, that little shit!)

David, the girl, and the very athletic guy win over us, the girl hugs David and kisses him on the lips. I watch as her huge tits press into my husband’s chest and one of his hands ends up on her lovely ass. The guy on our side has been staying close to me during the whole game, picks me up in his arms and kisses me. I kissed him back. As I slid down against his body, his thick seven-inch cock slides over my thighs and between my legs a little. I shudder from the sexy contact and quickly join David.

When it is time for us to leave, David shakes the hands of the guys and hugs and kisses the girls, while Brenda and I give all of them a warm hug and kiss on the lips—girls and boys. I feel a nice squeeze of my butt cheek from one of the guys (I loved it!). Brenda tells me later that she got one too from the same guy (she loved it!). We dress and ride the bikes the short way back to the rental, and drive back to the townhouse.

One of David’s chores was to go back to our home and retrieve more of my wardrobe to share with Brenda. Actually, I drive her to her place to get some things that make her more comfortable. We get David ready and dressed, but we are careful about overdoing his makeup … we want him to look as natural as possible. Danielle (Danni) looks great and she again adopts a natural and unforced female voice.

Delia arrives in a stunning electric blue dress—made for clubbing! It is very short, showing a lot of her ample cleavage, and most of her shapely legs on top of “fuck me” high heels. With her short blond hair, and clear blue eyes, she looks a lot like Danni. We all have a drink before leaving for the club to get our girly courage up, and leave for a club David and I frequent. There is a good crowd, which is better for letting Danni blend in and ‘pass’ a little easier.

The four of us stride into the club in our tiny tight dresses and spike heels as if we are members of the Swedish bikini team out for the evening. We almost feels like we are moving in ‘slow-mo’ like in the movies with every male eye following us as we glide to a table near the dance floor. We don’t have to wait long before a few guys approach us.

The first one, a tall handsome guy grabs Danni’s hand and pulls her out onto the dance floor. She is wearing a short dress with a button placket, so she can show a little ‘chest’ without revealing her breast forms. She looks wonderful!

Soon we are all out on the floor, and I look over to see Brenda’s partner struggling with her a little to take more advantage than she is allowing him. I excuse myself, break from my partner, and I push myself in between Brenda and her offensive dance partner saying,

“Darling! You said this was my dance!”

My partner is smart enough to pick-up on what is happening, and smiles admiringly at me. I look over at him and say, “Next one, honey!”

During our dance she says, “Thank you Donna, I was losing my battle with that gorilla!”

“Da nada, baby!” I say as I pull her elvankent escort in closer. I feel her lips on my shoulder and neck as we dance close and my hand is on her, massaging her back, and her butt just a little.

“Mmm, that’s nice Donna!” she murmurs still recovering from her wrestling match.

Delia found a nice partner and they are talking animatedly as they dance. She says she has a boyfriend, so she is keeping her distance out of respect for him. Danni is dancing closely with her man, allowing him to massage her breasts a little, and kisses him sweetly when they finish. David seems to enjoy kissing another man when he is dressed as Danni, but it is something David would never do.

We are having fun at the table drinking and giggling, even Danni, who affects a cute girly giggle. The conversation is lively, and we sit out a couple of dances just to get to know Delia a little better. The partner Danni had before asks for another dance, and she glances to me. I nod, saying, “Go ahead!”

Danni told me later that her partner asked her why she needed that little brunette’s permission, and she told him that she is bi, and I am a significant other at the moment. They are dancing close, and after a moment or two, they disappear from the dance floor (that should be an interesting story!). A nice man asks Brenda to dance who does not set off my infallible ‘man radar’ and I take Delia’s hand and lead her to the dancefloor.

She is a little taller than I am and I am looking down into her bosom. I complement her on her impressive décolletage, and she whispers in my ear, “Wait until later darling, and they are all yours!”

We giggle and talk as we dance, and then settle into a little light kissing and fondling. She manages to get a finger under my short hem, and I feel it massaging my crease from behind, and pressing the material of my panties into my pucker a little, and I moan softly and say, “Wait until later darling, and it is all yours!”

We both giggle at our sexy little promises, and continue with little pecks on the lips and cheeks. On the way back to the table, she says,

“Whew! That was amazing! I feel like I have to stuff a fifty in your bra darling!”

“Fifty? Is that all I’m worth?”

“I don’t have any hundreds on me, but you sure are worth them Donna darling!”

We are laughing as we reach the table. Brenda is back as well, but Danni is still missing in action. I am not worried, but I will be very interested in finding out if she was a bad girl or not! The very next number, Brenda is selected again and it is a lively number so she can show off her impressive dancing skills. Delia and I talk quietly about our mutual promises for later. I offer her one of the bedrooms at the townhouse for the night, and she accepts.

I feel that now is a good time to level with her, and I tell her about Danni being David, my husband. I tell her what is going on, and that Brenda is intimate with both of us. She tells me that she would never in a million years, have guessed Danni is a guy, and asks if she can dance with him later. She will not say anything, but just wants to see what it is like. I tell her,

“Well, if the little slut ever comes back, she is all yours honey!” We laughed at that!

I suggested that she might dance with Brenda as well, but my twin sister seems to be quite popular currently. Just then, a couple of partners select both Delia and me for the remainder of this dance. They are two nice looking men, who seem to be in their early forties. The song ends before we get to know each other very well, and the four of us are standing close together on the floor, talking and waiting for the next number. Brenda and her partner join us.

We introduce ourselves all around, and my partner’s name is James. I find out that he is an executive for a firm that uses the services of one of our competitors, and I quickly run to the table to get a business card, and ask him to call me on Monday, and allow us to work up a proposal his company. My card tells him that I am “Donna A. Wilson MBA, Vice-president Financial planning.”

As a very slow number starts up he pulls me into a dance, and I notice that he is steering me away from my friends, and toward the other side of the dance floor. He is very charming and my heart is starting to pound dancing with him. He is very respectful, and asks me out to lunch for Monday … I accept. I assume it will be a business lunch, and am mentally trying to rearrange my morning to have time to work up a preliminary proposal.

He eliminates all thoughts of business from my mind when I feel him sliding his hand down onto my ass. His fingers too quickly find the margins of my panties under my short hemline, and I feel them exploring my naked flesh. I pull his hand out, and ask to return to the main dance floor area. I am starting to think that his interests in me have nothing to do with business or even a casual dance.

“No. Please honey, I am a married woman.” I tell him.

He satisfies himself with surface touches, and escorts me back to the table. Brenda comes back off the floor with Delia. She looks at me, and asks,

“What’s wrong honey?”

“What makes you think something’s wrong? I ask wide-eyed.

“We’re twins darling, I know your expressions. They tell me something is wrong!”

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