Changed Redux Pt. 03Changed Redux Pt. 03


Author’s Note:

This story depicts graphic lesbian sex, lesbian incest, lactation, and mind control. All characters are fictional and are depicted as being over the age of 18.

This is the continuation of the Changed Redux series. This is a redo of the Changed series I wrote years ago under a different pen name. It is not a slavish copy but rather a reimagining of the series with more depth and many different twists and turns.

My apologies to all the readers who have been waiting so patiently for this series to continue. Life has been busy and I tend to be a slow writer. Unfortunately it takes me quite a long time to pound out twenty five thousand words for each chapter, edit, reread, edit, reread, reread, reread…

As always a heartfelt thank you to all the readers and especially those that take the time to vote and leave feedback. Your continued support means the world to me.

Having said all that, I hope you will enjoy my words.


Part One ~ The Boss

Julia Cho dropped into the driver’s seat of her blue Volkswagen GTI and stabbed a finger at the Start button then reached for her seat belt. The engine fired on the first rotation with a satisfying growl before settling into it’s familiar muted, mechanical thrum. Backing out of her spot, she slipped the car into first gear and went roaring up the twisting exit road leading from the condo complex up to the main road.

It was only a short drive from the rented condo that she shared with Mary Calise to the surf shop that she managed. Julia settled into the easy familiar rhythm of the drive as the small car scythed it’s way along the narrow twisting back road that was one of her favorite local drives. Throttle, brakes, clutch, shift, back on the throttle, hard on the brakes, clutch, down two gears, back on the throttle…

The drive was so familiar and Julia was such an expert driver that she hardly even thought about most of it. It was simply second nature to her. A little grin played across her lips as she recalled the last time that Mary had been with her on this very drive. Mary had never been particularly fond of Julia’s somewhat exuberant driving style but on the last occasion Julia had been feeling more playful than usual and had pushed the car harder than was typical. At first the little gasps and sudden inhalations of breath had been amusing but eventually Julia had pushed things too far and Mary, in a voice that was bordering on panic, threatened to drop Julia’s keys down the garbage disposal when they got home. Julia had relented and coasted down to something approaching the legal speed limit. Julia felt herself grinning as she recalled the way Mary’s eyebrows had come together with her irritation as she informed Julia that she was never going to ride with her again. And so far, her declaration was holding true. That had been three weeks ago and it had been the last time Mary had let her drive her anywhere. Julia doubted it would last forever but she figured it would probably last at least another week or two. Mary had been pretty irritated at the time.

Julia’s smirk increased as she remembered that Mary had actually waggled her finger at her during the scolding. It had taken all Julia’s willpower not to burst out laughing at the sight, knowing that doing so would only have irritated her friend further.

No, not her friend, Julia corrected herself, her girlfriend, her lover. At just that thought, Julia’s breath caught in her throat and her heart did a little flutter. She still found it hard to believe that after all this time, her deepest dreams and desires had finally come true. Mary loved her and she was free to love her as well. The last few weeks had been the most amazingly wonderful time in Julia’s life. All the years of wishing and hoping and dreaming and it had finally happened. Truthfully,, Julia still found it hard to believe at times that it really had happened. Especially considering the slightly bizarre way that it all came about.

Ok, not slightly bizarre, more like completely, utterly, ridiculously, frigging unbelievable. A magic ring? A sorceress? An ancient Goddess? Really? That kind of shit didn’t happen in real life. That was crap out of kids book and fantasy movies. Julia shook her head and found that she was still having a hard time wrapping her wits around the whole thing. Even after Mary had sat her down and explained the whole thing to her it still sounded completely preposterous.

According to what Mary had told her, the ring she had found buried in the mud of that that old shipyard was actually thousands of years old. It was enchanted with some kind of incredibly powerful magic from one of those Old World, Sumerian Gods she read about back in some ancient history class in college. Or, more accurately, an Old World Goddess in this case. Along with all that ancient magic , there was also the soul of an ancient sorceress or priestess or something who had become bonded to the ring, or trapped in it or… something. This ring and the trapped sorceress had somehow bonded with Mary when Escort Bayan Gaziantep she put the ring on and now Mary had the ability to control people using only her will. Not only control people, but also physically manipulate them as well.

Thinking about it logically, the whole thing was even more than just unbelievable, it was completely absurd and anyone hearing the story would probably think she and Mary were completely insane. No, not insane. They would probably just think they were some kind of weird, conspiracy theory, internet fame hounds looking for their five minutes in the spotlight. Or maybe just trying to make a few quick bucks off gullible people.

But looking down at the changes Mary had made in her, who could argue with the results? The new, uh, developments, were quite dramatic. Julia’s small, slim, almost boyish body had been replaced with a wickedly curvaceous form that looked to be straight out of a porn flick, or maybe a strip club.

Of course, as Mary had explained it to her, the magic that made the changes possible, also made it so that no one would really recognise the changes as real changes. In the mind of the person being changed, that was just the way it had always been. Their memories were modified to fit the new conditions, whatever they were. The same went for everyone else that the person knew, their memories adapted to the new circumstances.

When Mary had first made the changes to Julia’s body, she had no idea that anything was any different than it always had been . Even the physical items around her had changed to fit. Pictures of her had changed to show her new body and even her bra’s were bigger. There was no trace left anywhere of who she had been before the ring, before Mary, had changed her.

The only person that knew that any changes had been made was the one wearing the ring, the one making the changes, Mary. Luckily for Julia, Mary had used the magic to include her in the fun as well. Now Mary and her would see all the changes and be conscious of them even if no one else was.

She corrected her thoughts a little as she drove. It wasn’t that the other people didn’t see any change. It was like they could recognize something was different but their mind just couldn’t grasp exactly what that change might be. Thinking back to her own experience a few weeks ago, she recalled that first time Mary had confronted her about the changes, before Julia, or even Mary for that matter, really knew what was happening. She remembered having a moment of confusion when asked if she remember how she used to look. She knew that her mind had somehow registered that something might have been different but she just couldn’t tell what that might have been. She supposed that when the changes first happened the mind just needed some time to adjust and that led to that odd, confused feel she recalled.

She just hoped that Mary didn’t decide to take her ‘out of the loop’ so to speak. She found that she rather liked knowing what changes her girlfriend was making to her. She loved the idea that Mary could make her into whatever she wanted her to be, make her do or feel absolutely anything. A warm glow started seeping into her core as she thought about how totally and utterly she was under Mary’s control now. She had never before dreamed that she would get so much enjoyment out of being another woman’s Pet, but she did.

With an effort, she pushed lurid thoughts of what Mary could do to her aside as she turned the last corner and into the parking lot of the strip mall that housed the surf shop she managed, The Flip Tide. She shut the car off and picked up her phone from the center console. As she flipped it over she saw a text message from Mary. It was just a little purple heart emoji but it made her smile. Even more than the incredible amount of power that Mary had gained by bonding with the ring, this was by far the best part of the whole thing.

In addition to the almost godlike power that Mary now had, the ring had also completely changed her sexuality. She had gone from being hopelessly straight to full on lesbian in an instant. And with that change her feelings towards Julia had also made a dramatic change. Mary and her went from best friends to lovers that same night. Her lover, her girlfriend… her Mistress. Julia felt her insides go liquid at the thought and she shivered.

Pulling the door handle and getting out, Julia threw the strap to her computer bag over her shoulder and headed towards her shop. She started humming as she went, thinking that this was probably the happiest she had ever been in her life.

* * *

Four hours later Julia was seated in the back room with her laptop, going through inventory and trying to figure out how someone had managed to lose an entire box of water bottle with the store logo on them. She was completely lost in thought and not at all paying attention to anything beyond the lighted LED screen in front of her when there was a knock at the door. Startled, she jerked back and almost fell off the box she was using as a chair.

“Woah! Easy there boss.” said the tall, athletic woman standing in the doorway.

Julia laughed as she caught herself and stood up, feeling her back pop and complain from being bent over the laptop for hours. “It’s ok Jazz, I was just lost to the world. Still trying to figure out how inventory got so messed up this month.”

“I’m sure you’ll get it Boss, you always do.”

Finally turning to the taller woman, Julia’s eyes flicked over her for an instant. Almost six feet tall and athletically built, Jasmine, or Jazz as everyone called her, was Julia’s best employee. Friendly and chipper to a fault, a hard worker and utterly reliable, Julia could always count on her. Born with the unlikely name of Jasmine Barkowski, she was the result of an equally unlikely union between a tall, raven haired beauty from Ecuador and a short, curly haired Jewish kid from the Bronx. From her Ecuadorian mother, she had inherited her tall, athletic body, her dusky skin and huge, coal black eyes. From her father she had inherited a wild mop of curly black hair, a wry sense of humor and a wickedly sharp tongue.

Closing the cover to her laptop, Julia asked, “So, what’s up?”

Jazz curled her full lips into a lopsided grin and cocked her hips to one side. Feigning lassitude, she idly turned to the stack of boxes beside her and made as if inspecting the top of them for dust for a moment before casually saying, “Oh, we just got a call from one of your staff.”

Julia’s mood immediately dropped down into her shoes and she allowed her head to tip back. Staring at the ceiling, knowing the answer already but feeling compelled to ask anyway, Julia prompted, “Yeah?”

Jazz lifted one eyebrow and her smirk spread, “Victor will be a few hours late.” She waved one hand in a vaguely dismissive gesture that mimicked one of Victor’s mannerisms and added in a comically bad imitation of Victor’s slow drawl, “Sorry Dude.”

Julia dropped onto the box heavily enough to crush in the top, dropping her halfway into it. She didn’t even care. “Well, I guess that’s it.”

“Are you finally going to do it?” Jazz asked, a little too eagerly.

Julia looked over at her, not really impressed with the way Jazz seemed to be enjoying this but fully knowing why. Victor was at the opposite end of the spectrum from Jazz, he was easily the worst employee here and in the past few weeks he had been sliding steadily downhill. Tall, muscular and blond, Victor looked the part of the surfer, beach bum mostly because that exactly what he was. Victor lived to surf and when he wasn’t surfing he was talking about surfing or planing something to do with surfing. When she had first hired him a year ago it had seemed like an ideal match. He loved to talk to the customers about anything to do with the ocean, was incredibly knowledgeable about surfing and he was actually a pretty fair salesman. He wasn’t perfect but Julia had learned years ago that in retail you had to make the best of what you could get. You didn’t typically get professionals for thirteen bucks an hour.

But over the last month, his already lackadaisical approach to work had progressed to the point where the work portion of the equation was almost completely gone. Being a small store with few staff had meant that the remainder of the crew had to pick up more and more of the slack generated by Victors, well, slacking.

Being Julia’s key employee had meant that Jazz had by default, bore the brunt of this along with Julia herself. It was almost always one of them that got stuck with the extra shifts to cover for Victor not showing up. At first Jazz hadn’t seemed to mind all that much but over the last couple weeks she had been getting a little more outspoken about her irritation with the whole situation.

Well, Julia thought to herself, time to change the situation. “When he finally shows up, I’ll deal with him.”

Jazz raised one eyebrow, “Really?” she said, her voice practically dripping suspicion.

Julia looked up at Jazz, her own eyebrow raising in imitation, “Yes.”

“Ok.” Jazz said, raising her hands. “I don’t mean to doubt you. It’s just that sometime you’re to… well… nice.”

“Yeah, I know, but not this time. I’m done. There is a new sheriff in town.”

Turning to go back into the main store Jazz laughed and called over her shoulder, “Says the girl wearing a pink anime tank top while sitting half in a box of woman’s bathing suits. Yeah, you’re fuckin’ Wyatt Earp.”

Julia couldn’t help but smirk at Jazz’s backhand comment, partially because it was so snarky but mostly because it was true. She was too nice which was why this situation had gone on too long already. But it was over today.

Three hours later, not two as he had told Jazz over the phone, Victor was standing before Julia looking as unconcerned and lackadaisical as ever while Julia told him that his services were no longer needed.

Julia had been almost physically ill for the last few hours wondering how she would deal with this and now that the moment had finally arrived it was turning out to be the most anticlimactic event she could ever remember. He didn’t even seem to care at all.

“Ok dude, if you don’t need me anymore then that’s cool. I know how it is.” He was saying as he turned to head for the door.

Standing, more than a little surprised at the mild reaction, Julia followed him out. “I’m ah, glad you’re taking this so well.”

Victor laughed, “Nah, its cool. I get let go all the time. No biggie. More time to surf, ya know. At least until my mom makes me get another job. But I can usually get a month or two out of it before that happens.” He pulled open the door and turned, “Later.”

The door closed with a little jingle from the bell and that was it. Julia just stood there for a moment staring at nothing.

“Well, that was easy.” Jazz said from behind the counter.

“I made myself sick worrying about doing this for the last week and he didn’t even care.” Julia said, not turning around.

“Well, if it makes you feel any better, if you ever decide to fire me, I’ll definitely care. Honestly there will probably be a lot of crying, some whining, pleading and eventually a lot of swearing.”

Julia laughed and turned to Jazz. “Don’t worry, you’re not going anywhere. I don’t know how I’d run this place without you.”

“Ah, the trials of being the favorite pet.” Jazz said as she adjusted a few display items on the counter.

At the word ‘pet’ Julia felt a hot thrill jolt through her and she shuddered. Her body’s reaction to the word was so powerful and completely unexpected that she almost moaned but managed to control herself if just barely. However, even her controlled her reaction had not gone unnoticed.

“Are you ok? You looked a little… odd, there for a moment.” Jazz asked, giving her a quizzical look.

Taking a calming breath and trying to ignore the heat still seeping through her core, she said as casually as she could manage, “Yeah, I’m fine. I just felt a little, ah, funny for a moment.”

“‘Funny’? Hmmm…” Jazz said suspiciously. “Really? Because it looked like you were about to wet your panties there for a moment.”

Julia felt her face heat to shade of red that she imagined was bordering on incandescent and she wished at that moment that her star employee wasn’t quite so observant or so outspoken. Trying very hard to be nonchalant, she forced a laugh and turned away and headed to the back room. Calling over her shoulder she said, “You wish, you perv!”

“Yeah, maybe.” Jazz said then quickly added, “I was just getting nervous that you enjoyed firing someone a little too much. Wouldn’t want all that godlike power to go to your head. Absolute power corrupts absolutely, and all that. You know?”

That though made Julia pause. Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. It was one of those off hand phrases that everyone knew, usually from watching movie about a dictator or maybe a superhero gone bad but it wasn’t really something that that average person really gave all that much thought to in everyday life. But now… that phrase suddenly took on a whole new meaning.

Would Mary’s new power corrupt her in the end? She couldn’t really see it happening but she guessed it was at least possible. Would the ability to control and manipulate others eventually do something to Mary? Make her into some kind of… monster? Directly on the heels of that thought came another horrible thought, would Mary get tired of her? After all, Mary could have any woman she wanted now with just a thought. How could she, Julia compete with that? What did she have to offer? She was just some woman who ran a surf shop. She wasn’t a supermodel or an actress or someone famous. Mary, with her powers could have any one of those she wanted. Or actually, all of them if she so desired.

The thought sent a shudder straight up Julia’s spine and she almost let out a sob. She couldn’t lose Mary now, not after having waited for so long. But how could she keep her? What could she do in the face of absolute power? Just show Mary that she loved her and hope that was enough? She was pretty sure that Mary loved her in return but would that last? Or would the heat and ardor of new love fade over time? Would Mary tire of her and just cast her aside in favor of a new girl… or two, or three… or twenty?

Actually, after the other night, she already had a couple others now with the twins, Amanda and Alissa. They were both tall and graceful and very beautiful. How could she compete with that? She looked down and a ghost of a smile spread over her lips. With boobs of course. She had, after all, been Mary’s first ‘victim’ for her new powers. Mary had unknowingly used her new powers on Julia a few weeks ago, transforming a short, skinny daughter of Chinese immigrants into a veritable sex goddess with shapely legs, curvy hips, an amazing round ass and huge tits. Honestly the new curves probably looked a little ridiculous on her still short frame, but Mary seemed to enjoy it and Julia liked the way she looked. She also admitted that she enjoyed the looks she got from people now, especially the steamy looks some women gave her.

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