Frenemies (Part 3)Frenemies (Part 3)


Crystal was right. The picture was a fake and he was lying about being with her now.So here I am quivering in my panties and bra with a massive headache, feeling like a damn fool because I accused my best friend of having sex with my boyfriend. I’m so pathetic. And realizing this only contributed to the waterworks that were erupting from eyes like lava from a volcano.”Calm down. Stop crying. It’s going to be okay. I told güvenilir bahis you he was a liar,” Crystal said.”I’m so… so sorry,” I whimpered between sobs.”Don’t mention it. Just promise me you won’t let a guy come in between us ever again.””I promise! You’re my best friend, I should’ve known better!” I said.”It’s okay. You know the truth now. Now get your ass in the bathroom and dry off. You’re soaking my new güvenilir bahis siteleri couch!”I laughed as I struggled to get up. I used the wall for support. I felt so weak. Legs felt like rubber. But I was so elated to have Crystal, because she helped me to the bathroom.”Thank you,” I smiled once I reached the bathroom and sat on the edge of the tub. “I’m exhausted.””I know. It’s okay. I got you. You’re iddaa siteleri in good hands, B.”Crystal retrieved a towel from the closet, knelled down in front of me, and proceeded to dry me off.”What are you doing?” I questioned.”Drying you off before you catch a cold. Relax, I got you.””I can do it.””You can’t even walk alone. Shut up, I got this.”She uses the towel to absorb the water off my feet first and gradually ascended up my legs and soon my thighs. I felt this weird tingling sensation in the pit of my stomach as she got closer to my midsection.She looked up. “You okay?”I nodded.She ran the towel up and dried my stomach, occasionally plucking my belly ring.

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