Bruises Ch. 07-08Bruises Ch. 07-08


Chapter 07

Martin was already laying face down on their bed by the time Peggy got to the room. He didn’t speak to her and she made no attempt to acknowledge him except for trying to be quiet while she gathered clean clothes from her drawers.

She gently caressed herself while standing under the warm shower but was careful to not bring herself to a climax. Her mind was already in knots about what she was doing and she didn’t know where it would all end.

After putting on her panties, she selected a full skirt from her closet and fastened it around her waist. A camisole completed her outfit and when she looked into the mirror, she could see her nipples through the top. Taking one last look at herself, she hesitated before going out into the house. She was still a little shaken about what they had done and she wasn’t sure how Walt would react to her.

He was not in the kitchen or the other rooms and so she went to his room and found the door closed. She considered knocking, but decided against it and going back out into the family room, she sat on the sofa and contemplated her actions.

She knew what she had done and what she was about to do was wrong in the eyes of society and almost everyone else. She realized that she had to power to stop it in its tracks but she also knew she had an intense desire to let it continue.

Her attraction to him was getting stronger and her skin burned where his hands had touched her. Holding her breast through the fabric of he dress, she remembered how good it felt when it was his hand and not her own holding her.

The sound of his crutches broke through her reverie and she looked up to see her son coming into the room. She was sure that he was puzzled about her sudden departure from the kitchen so she rose to greet him. He made no move towards her but he looked at her cautiously as she closed the few steps between them.

She stood quietly looking at him for a moment before reaching up and wrapping her arms around his shoulders. He kept his hands on his crutch supports as she smiled up at him.

Wetting her lips, she kissed him gently before resting her cheek on his chest.

“Umm,” she sniffed. “You smell good.”

Still unsure of what she wanted, he replied, “Uh, thanks, mom. You do too.”

“Here, let me get your chair for you,” she offered and moved his wheelchair closer to where he usually sat to watch television.

She watched as he levered himself down onto it before taking his crutches to lean them against the corner of the wall.

Returning to the side of his chair, she ran her hand over the back of his neck.

“You’re damp, did you just take a shower?” she asked.

“Yeah, I was all hot and sweaty,” he replied and waited for her next move.

“Me too,” she continued and lifting his hand, she placed in on her hip on the outside of her skirt. “Can you tell?”

“No, you feel dry to me.”

“Try here,” she whispered and turning towards him she indicated her breast. Her eyes followed his hand as it moved slowly up along her ribs until he held her breast in his palm. He gently fondled it and rolled her nipple between his thumb and forefinger.

“Yes,” he croaked in a strained voice. “I can feel it now.”

“Let’s move to the sofa,” she suggested and turned his chair before he could answer.

Walt swung himself onto the sofa and she sat down beside him with one leg bent so that she was facing him. She placed her palm on his chest and gave his pectoral muscle a little squeeze.

“Do Eskort Bayan you remember when you were little and I used to give you a bath?” she whispered.

“Yes,” he replied and smoothed the fine hairs on her arm with the palm of his hand.

Putting her arms around his shoulders, she pulled him into an embrace with her cheek touching his. Walt tried to keep his breathing regular so he could keep up the charade he knew she wanted. Except for little sighs and a tightening of her arms, she gave no outward indication that anything beyond normal conversation was going on between them.

Walt continued to gently fondle her breast through her shirt before moving his hand towards the other one. Peggy pulled away from him to give his hand room between them but she continued talking.

“You used to splash me and laugh and giggle and you never cried when you got water in your eyes. You were a good baby.”

Releasing her breast, he slipped the camisole straps off of her shoulders and tried to pull her top down but after glancing towards the hall to the bedrooms she stopped him. She was afraid Martin would come back out and catch them. Shrugging her shoulders, she pushed the straps back up.

His disappointment showed on his face and when their eyes locked for a moment, she looked away and continued talking. He again ran his hand over her breast and hefted it in his hand as if checking its weight. He heard her take a gasping intake of breath when he captured her nipple through the fabric and her hand tightened on the back of his head.

“You were always trying to get milk out of me,” she murmured into his ear. “Even after you were weaned you still wanted to suck on me.”

Taking his wrists in her hands, she moved them down so that they rested on her hips. Turning and lifting her leg, she straddled his stump and wrapped her arms around his shoulders. Starting with the corner of his mouth, she pecked little kisses down his cheek and onto the side of his neck while she hummed a little tune of nothing into his ear. Walt felt her settle her crotch against him and slide herself gently back and forth on his bare thigh.

He was starting to tremble with lust at what was taking place. He couldn’t tell for sure, but he thought that she was wearing panties. Even then, the fact that only the wet nylon fabric crotch separated her pussy from the skin of his thigh had his heart thumping.

With his hands on her waist, he applied gentle pressure as he followed the barely perceptible movements of her pussy sliding on him. He was debating about whether or not he should try and touch her when she gave a little whimpering cry and her body shuddered in his arms. Neither of them moved for a minute or two until she gave a soft sigh.

Releasing him from her embrace, she rolled off of him and onto the seat. Straightening her camisole, she sat there looking at him for a moment before sliding off of the sofa. Standing in front of him, she smoothed her skirt down over her hips.

“Yes, you were always a good baby,” she said in a normal voice. “Would you like me to get you an iced tea?”

Walt nodded his head and she left the room, leaving him in a daze at what just happened. Looking down, he could see moisture on his thigh where she had rubbed herself against him. Sliding the tips of two of his fingers over the spot, he raised them to his nose and recognized the scent of a woman’s arousal.

Without thinking, he tasted his fingers and gathering some more of her essence from his thigh he again licked his fingers. Slipping his hand into his shorts, he rearranged his cock to a more comfortable position and was about to start masturbating through his clothes when she returned with the tea.

“Here you are, sweetheart,” she said and handed him the glass. You look all sweaty again. Do you need a towel or anything?”

“No, I’ll be all right,” he replied in amazement at her calmness. “The tea will be fine, thank you.”

“I have some things I have to do,” she said turning and walking towards the kitchen. “Call me if you need anything.”

Walt took a sip of his tea and shaking his head in wonder and disbelief, he watched her leave the room.

Chapter 08

Peggy leaned against the kitchen sink and stared out of the window. The water was running but she was oblivious to it. Her body was still tingling from her orgasm and she admitted to herself that she was feeling a little guilty at what she had done. Balancing her little bit of guilt was a sense of fulfillment. She knew he liked what had just transpired between them and she was convinced that it was the beginning of their new relationship and not the end.

After Peggy left the room, Walt had to hop over to where his crutches were leaning in the corner. His erection was pushing against his shorts and he knew he had to relieve himself. At first, he was puzzled at his mother’s actions but he figured that she could salve her conscience as long as she pretended that nothing was happening between them.

Closing the door to his room, he flopped down on the bed and pulled his shorts and jockey’s down to his knees. With her taste and scent still fresh in his mind and on his body, he didn’t need a magazine for stimulation. It only took a few strokes for him to cover his belly with his semen.

Peggy heard him walking down the hall and when his door closed she went to it and listened. She knew that he had not been satisfied and she hoped that he was not in any pain. The sounds of flesh slapping flesh came to her ears and she tried to picture him stroking himself while thinking of her.

Her hand was up under her skirt and she was touching herself through her soaking wet panties when his voice came through the door.

“Oh, mom, I love you.”

Walt woke up a few hours later with his pants still down around his knees and his dried semen crusted on his stomach. He lay there for a moment and grinned at the ceiling.

“Amazing, I almost fucked my mother,” he whispered. “I’ve always wanted to and I will.”

Lunch that afternoon was quieter than usual. Walt kept stealing glances at his mother but when their eyes connected she gave no sign of what they had experienced together. It was so quiet that even Martin commented on it but when he got no reaction he finished eating and went back to his chair.

“I’ll help you with the dishes,” Walt offered.

“No, that’s all right. I’ll get them. You go and sit down and rest. I’ll change your dressing later, OK?”

“OK, mom. Standing behind her he brushed the hair back from her neck and kissed it. I love you, mom,” he said and walked away.

Peggy welcomed his touch and his words and she could feel the ache of arousal already stirring in her belly. She busied herself with the kitchen chores so the feeling would go away but it remained there as a little reminder of her new sense of self-purpose.

Continuing to work to take her mind off of her son, she sorted and folded the finished laundry and started putting it away. Opening Walt’s underwear drawer she spotted a stack of magazines tucked underneath his t-shirts. Pulling one out she sat on his bed and studied the cover.

The beautiful woman on the cover was dressed to match the title, “Nylons and Heels.” She was bending over what looked like a copying machine in an office and the dark band at the tops of her stockings was visible underneath the hem of her short skirt.

Skimming through the glossy photos, she found a section labeled, “Magnificent Maturity” featuring women who looked to be in their forties or older making out with younger looking men.

“So that’s what he likes,” she said to herself and putting the magazine back into its hiding place she finished storing his laundry in his drawers.

“I have to run down to the mall,” she announced to Martin and Walt a few hours later. “I won’t be long. Do you need anything?”

Martin only grunted but Walt answered her in the negative.

Both of the men were sound asleep when she came back from her shopping trip. She carried her purchases back to her bedroom and put them in the closet. Changing into her usual shorts and t-shirt, she began making dinner.

Over the next several days, Walt watched her carefully for a sign that she wanted to continue their new relationship. She was friendly and loving towards him but she gave no indication that she wanted anything more than their mother and son interaction.

Peggy was anxious for something more but she had to force herself to wait for the right moment. She had to be careful so that Martin would never suspect anything or it would be all over.

She loved it when Walt was shirtless and she could run her hands over his back and chest while he was caressing her. Except for brief touches, she never let him linger between her legs, but his hands were everywhere else on her thighs, legs, and belly. Except for a few quick brushes, he didn’t get to touch her breasts very much since Martin was always around.

Several times, he managed to stand behind her while she was working at the kitchen sink and she would allow him to slide his hands up underneath her shirt. He would lean against her to balance himself and she welcomed the feeling of his body pressing against her. She found herself making noises at the sink and rewashing clean dishes in the hopes that he would approach her and her ploy never failed to attract him to her.

Some of her new articles of clothing were front closure bras and he became quite adept at unhooking the clasp so he could fondle her bare flesh and toy with her nipples. She could feel herself getting wet each time they did it and she became mildly amused that he would have to stop and rearrange himself inside of his jockeys.

After one time when he had more difficulty than usual straightening himself, she broke from her convention of not acknowledging what they were doing. He had finally gotten himself settled and was kissing her neck while he pressed against her.

Turning her head to the side, she said softly, “I’m going to have to buy you some new underwear. Would you like that?”

“Yes,” he murmured into her ear unsure of what she meant. “Sure.”

She was not able to climax during these episodes but she enjoyed the feelings and sensations that they gave her. She had become a junkie to the danger of Martin catching them and to the naughty perversion of being a sexual being with her own son.

If they had enough time, she could tell that he would cum from rubbing himself against her bottom but she refrained from touching him in any way. She was determined to save that for a special time.

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