Brodie’s Bar Ch. 02Brodie’s Bar Ch. 02


Silence consumed the inside of the truck as Haven stared at the sexy man sitting in the driver’s seat her mind replaying what had just transpired in the bar. She thought of how just his mouth and fingers had taken her up and over the edge giving her the most explosive orgasm she had ever experienced.

“That was incredible what you did to me back there. I didn’t think you even noticed me, let alone knew my name,” she said breaking the silence.

He glanced over at her, and after letting out a long breath he replied, “Haven, I noticed you the first time I saw you in the elevator. However, I had just got out of a bad relationship and wasn’t ready to jump into another one. I knew I would want you for more then a one night stand, so I kept my distance.”

Haven pondered what he said, and shook her head in disbelief. “Why then did you treat me like crap back there at first if you were interested in me?”

“Yeah, about that…I must apologize. I was mainly pissed at myself for not making the first move, and took it out on you. When you walked away upset, I knew I had to make it right. Can you forgive me?”

Haven slid over next to him, and whispered in his ear, “I forgave you the moment I realized it was you in the bathroom.”

She grazed his earlobe with her teeth, gently nibbling on it as she rested her palm against his chest. She kissed his cheek, his jaw and then her lips move to his neck softly running kisses down it. Her hand trailed down his abs and stomach and she could feel his muscles tightening through his dress shirt. şişli escort She ran her nails lightly across his crotch, his cock already hardening. Slowly she traced up and down his length with her fingers, and he let out a low moan.

She unzipped his slacks and gently released his cock, her fingers wrapping around it. “Oh fuck,” he groaned as her hand began stroking him.

Haven ran her tongue along the head of his cock causing him to tighten his grip on the steering wheel. She slowly slid her tongue along the underside of his thick cock from the base to the tip, before wrapping her lips around the head. She sucked just the head; her lips rubbing along the sensitive ridge, making him moan out, “Oh yes baby, your mouth feels so good.”

She slowly took him deeper in her mouth, her lips caressing every inch of him. She took him fully in her mouth feeling the head of his cock against the back of her throat almost causing her to gag. Her lips gripped him tight as she moved back up his cock, sucking the head once again.

Haven felt the truck come to a stop and then Damien’s hands on her head, lifting her mouth off of his cock. “What’s wrong?” she asked, when she was face to face with him.

“Nothing,” he replied as he opened his door, “I just can’t wait to fuck you. I need to feel you now.”

He jumped out of the truck and then helped her down, turning her around to face the cab. She put her hands on the driver’s seat as he unzipped her corset, letting it drop to the ground. Her nipples immediately hardened as the cool air mecdiyeköy escort swept across them. She moaned as his hands came around her, his fingertips lightly circling her areolas and then brushing across her aching nipples.

His hands abandoned her breasts, resting them on her back as he made her bend over causing her ass to connect with his crotch. He grabbed the hem of her skirt lifting it up exposing her sexy ass. His hands squeezed her ass cheeks, and then he smacked them, causing her cry out from the unexpected sting. His fingers gently massaged the area he slapped, and she moaned in pleasure. She felt his hands move from her ass and she was about to complain when his fingers slid across her wet entrance. “God Haven, your pussy is so wet.”

Damien grabbed her hip with one hand and then slowly rubbed his cock up and down her pussy lips, her wetness coating his head. “Oh yes,” they moaned in unison as his cock slid easily into her. His fingers pressed into her flesh as he thrust forward burying his cock deep inside her. With long strokes he slowly slid in and out of her, driving her insane. “Please Damien…fuck me harder,” she pleaded.

Damien grabbed a fist of her hair, pulling her head back towards him making her back arch as he rammed his cock into her. He thrust in and out of her, his heavy balls hitting her clit, over and over. She squeezed her pussy muscles, hugging his cock even tighter. “Oh fuck baby, your pussy feels so damn good,” he groaned out as he fucked her deep and hard.

The sounds of their bodies colliding, and moans of pleasure filled the evening air. Damien wrapped his arm around Haven’s chest as he pulled her back against him. He kissed her neck as he thrust deep inside, filling her with cum. He slowly withdrew himself and turned her around to face him. He lowered his mouth to hers, kissing her deeply. Against her lips he whispered, “That was amazing baby.”

“You are amazing,” she replied, her mouth seeking his again.

The sound of a car in the distance ended their kiss. Damien quickly put his cock back in his pants, zipping them as Haven pulled her skirt down and grabbed her corset from the ground. She wrapped it around her chest and turned around so he could zip it up for her. He helped her up into the truck and then got in himself, just as the car went by. “Whew, that was close,” she said as she started laughing.

He took her hand in his raising it up to his lips, “Yeah it was,” he said as he kissed her palm.

He started the truck and pulled out onto the road. He put his arm around her pulling her against him as they drove the rest of the way in silence.

It was well past 1:00 am when he pulled up in front of her condo. He walked her to her door, and pulled her into his arms kissing her gently. “Sweet dreams beautiful,” he said, “I will see you in…well…about 8 hours.”

“You better make that 7 hours, I believe my car is still sitting in the bar’s parking lot. So you, sir, will have to pick me up.”

He gave her one last kiss, “It’s a date,” he said as he walked to his truck.

Haven opened the door to her condo, closed it and leaned back against the door. She let out a long sigh; she definitely would be having very sweet dreams of one very sexy man.

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