Brit Has A PlanBrit Has A Plan


Man, this is so boring. I’m sitting here next to my boyfriend Jean and we’re both watching the super bowl. There were a couple of interesting plays, but it was all the same to me. I tried kissing him, but all he said was, “Maybe later, ok? I’m trying to watch the game.”

“Fine”, I said and went into the kitchen to get a snack and then went upstairs to watch some TV–luckily I had a TV in the bedroom. I was watching some seductive movie when I had an idea. I got dressed into a silky, short negligee and put my hair down and kind of messy.

I went downstairs to find Jean still glued to the TV. When a commercial came on, Jean finally looked at me and nearly dropped his can of soda.

“Wow! You look hot.” he said.

“Why thank you. You’re too kind. Let’s say we go upstairs and play our own game.”

“Ok, but can you have wait five more minutes the game is almost over.”


I sat down on the couch next to him. Finally, when the game was over, he turned to me and kissed me long and hard. “I’m sorry that I’ve kept you waiting. It’s just that the Superbowl only comes once a year and it’s easy to get into.”

“So you’re saying that it’s not easy to get into me,” I said teasingly.

“What??? Of course not! It’s totally easy to get into you, literally.”

Then he kissed me again. It tasted like coke and chips. Lovely combo! “Let’s go upstairs to my room,” I suggested.

“Ok” he said with a wide smile. We went upstairs with him behind me pinching my butt. As soon as we reached my room, we absolutely clung to each other. With our lips practically glued together, we slowly moved toward my bed. We laid down with him on top pf me. He pulled one of the straps of my negligee down my shoulder and I unbuttoned his shirt and pulled it apart. He slowly pulled the other strap down and I wiggled out of my negligee. I pulled his undershirt up over his head and started unbuttoning his pants and he helped me take them off.

Now we were just in our underwear. Our mouths had never been apart. The steamy warmth of his mouth and the heat of his body gave me such a sensation that felt so good I nearly climaxed. My hands went down farther down his body until I got down to his boxers and started yanking them down. Once they were off I helped him get my lace panties off. I moaned from the intense feeling of finally having his hardness against my body. We broke off the kiss so that we could catch our breath. We looked deeply into eah others eyes. He has the sexiest eyes I have ever seen.

“I love you so much,” I whispered.

“I love you so much, too,” he said giving me that big smile again. How can anyone resist that smile?

We started kissing again. I felt his dick nudge my pussy. He started slowly thrusting in and out. As the sensations began to built, our movements became faster. He was so deep inside of me it almost hurt. I arched my back and tilted my head and he started to kiss my neck, softly biting it.

He thrust into me harder and faster, going deeper than he ever had before. I was on the verge when he placed my legs over his shoulders and thrust deeply making me cum. My tense body started to relax but the aftershocks were making me tremble. He waited until my body had almost stopped shaking before he started gently thrusting again bringing me to another earth shattering climax. Feeling the contractions from my body drove him over the edge. I held him tightly as he came deep inside me.

As soon as he caught his breath again he moved beside me. “How was I?” he asked.

“Wonderful,” I said, still trying to catch my breath. I stayed quiet while he softly stroked my body, especially my pussy, which still hurt a little. I turned to him and gave him a big smile.

“Feeling better?” He asked

“Much better.” I gave kissed him softly then I instantly fell asleep in his arms.

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