Birthday concertBirthday concert


Amelia’s POV.

“Would you like the be the one less lonely girl?” Alison shouted over the music as she leaned towards me. I couldn’t register half of her words, I knew what she was asking, she’d asked so many people before me and now here she was standing in front of me.

“YES” I screamed in ecstacy. The feelings that ran through my body was indescribable excitement. I had waited for this moment my entire belieber life but i never thought it would actually come.

This morning I had prepared for the concert and dressed up in case, i wanted to look good in case Justin would lay his eyes on me or if i met the crew outside the arena. 

Alison grabbed my arm and we walked down the stairs towards the stage.

My nerves were shaking and i could barely think straight, unlike those other girls I didn’t cry hysteriously. I wasn’t one of those crying type of girls. Girls turned their head in jealous and screamed in excitement as Alison walked by them and i followed.

Maybe they still thought they had a chance?

The guitar started playing One less lonely girl as i was excorted backstage and Kenny walked up to me.

“You’ll have to sign this paper for us” He reached forward and handed me a pencil. My hand was shaking slightly and my signature looked messy. “It’s a contract saying that you agree to go on stage and let Justin sing for you and seranade you. It’s a legal thing we have to do so people can’t say we forced them into things they didn’t want to as well as videos that are put up on the internet and so on. It just says that you agree to them and that we’re not held responsible for possible unwanted reactions.” Kenny explained and i got it. I mean it shouldn’t be their responsibility and they shouldn’t be sued if in case someone happened to get hate.

The song approached the middle part and Justin’s dancers came and picked me up and guided me onto the stage. The girls started screaming as Justin grabbed my hand and led me towards the chair.

It felt weird hearing Justins voice from the speakers and so close to my ear. I registered every little sound he made and tried my best to tune out the screaming girls. 

I climbed onto the chair and Justin handed me both flowers and a crown and smiled at me. I kept listening to his perfect voice and looked out at the audience, so many people would love to be in my position right now, i thought to myself as i looked at all the screaming girls.

I wondered how many of them adored me, were happy for me and how many that hated me. I wondered if the pictures of me was already up on twitter and how many would judge me, but then again i wouldn’t care because Justin made my dream come true and nobody could take that away from me.

“There’s be one less lonely guuuuhuuurllll woaaah” Justin finished the song. His hand brushed against my cheek ad i shuttered, it was warm and his fingers were soft.

Justin helped me down the chair and held my hand as he led me of the stage.

“Take her backstage.” Justin instructed his dancer as he handed me over to him.

“But, i wanna see the rest of the concert?” I asked confused as the dancer escorted me from the stage into a hall.

“No worries, there’s a tv in his room, everything will be viewable from there.” His dancer instructed me as we walked down the long narrowed hall.


“As y’all know, tonight is my birthday” Justins voice rang through the speakers of the tv and i could hear the girls live cheering then the tv imitated their scream. “So, who wants to be my baby?” The girls screamed their lungs out and the music begun.

I sat in the couch alone watching Justin perform. I was a bit bummed out because this wasn’t as good as seeing him live but i wondered why he wanted me to go backstage and if i would meet him later. I hoped so.

I put the flowers on the couch ad watched Justin perform baby and then end it off with As long as you love me.

He was so good, his voice sounded perfect, his dancemoves were awesome and sexy and i just adored everything he did.

When he finally said goodbye and goodnight I wondered if someone would come to pick me up or if i had to leave on my own.

I debated whether i should open the door to look for someone in the hallway and right when i stood up the door flashed open and Justin appeared.

His forehead was covered in sweat and he hada towel around his neck and a water bottle in his hand.

I got nervous and starstruck for a second but then i regained my posture.

“You were great” I smiled at him and he smiled back as he closed the door behind you.

“Thank you” He smiled as he chugged the water down his throat and poured the leftovers onto his face.

I watched him in awe, the way the water dripped down his perfect jawline and soaked the hair in the front, near his face, looked really sexy.

It was mouthwatering.

“It’s nice to actually meet you as well” I smiled like a stupid idiot. I didn’t know what to say and my hormones was not making it easy on my as my eyes refused to move and kept focusing on the water mixed sweat on Justin’s forehead.

A drop of it was running slowly down his right temple and my eyes narrowed and focused on it as made its way down towards his ear.

“Oh and happy birthday” I added stupidly.

“Thank you” Justin smiled as he removed the towel from his neck. “I like your hair” Justin mumbled as he walked up to me and stood in front of me.

He softly tugged at one of my blond curls.

“Is this your natural hair?” I felt slightly awkward talking to my idol about my hair as i replied with a “No i curled it this morning” and a blush.

“It looks good on you.” Justin said as he released the curl from his fingers. “Actually you look good in general” He smiled kocaeli escort softly and i felt my entire body start shaking, or at least it felt like that.

“Thanks” I replied speechless.

“You know, it’s my birthday today” Justin said in a matter-of-factly voice.

“Yeah?” I said as bit confused, i wasn’t catching on.

“I brought you backstage because i thought you were really hot. You have a boyfriend?” Justin murmured as he brushed his finger from my ear down my jawline.

“No boyfriend.” I replied with surprise in my voice.

“No boyfriend huh? Well, that’s satisfying to hear” Justin murmured as if he was reminiscing with himself or someone else and i wasn’t even in his presence.

“How come?” I asked.

“Because, that means I can do whatever I want to you.” Justin whispered into my ear.

His lips were so close to my ear, i could almost feel them on me. I could feel his hot breath and hear his sexy voice.

“And you can’t tell anyone.” Justin whispered. 

“Why not?” I asked.

“Because you signed a contract and even if you did tell, nobody would believe you when you said we did this…” Justin whispered right before his soft lips kissed mine.

His lips were warm and felt like soft lace against my lips. They were perfectly moistured as well.

Justin moved his lips on top of mine and i could tell he was a good kisser.

Savouring the taste of each others lips, i wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled him closer deepning the kiss while Justin hooked his fingers through my jeanshorts belt loops. 

Justin deepened the kiss further by slipping his tongue inside my mouth. He tasted sweet and his tongue was soft and felt like velvet against mine when they touched.

A rush of excitement ran through my body whenthe tip of our tongues collided and Justin pulled me in even closer to him.

I felt his hips against mine.

We stood like that for a minute or so, engaged and completely distracted by the kiss it was as if time had stopped and the only thing moving was our lips and tongues.

Just like any other human creature however, we needed air and when we against our own wills pulled away from the kiss, we both let out a quiet groan in dissatisfaction.

“Nobody, will believe you.” Justin whispered into my ear. “And i would like to have you as my birthday present.” 

“Are you serious?” I mumbled.

“I am one hundred percent serious. What’s your name?” Justin mumbled as he fiddled with my hair.

“Amelia.” I murmured back. I didn’t think much except for the obvious thought, what the hell is going on? But to me Justin was like any other guy, only he didn’t need all those cheesy pickup lines to make mefall for him. I’d already done that and as bizzare as it is after all my sexual thoughts about him and all my daydreams it’s happening now and i’d be stupid to walk away from it.

“So Amelia, what’d you say?” Justin mumbled. “It’ll be our little secret” He leaned in and whispered into my ear.

“God you smell so good” I blurted out.

“Thanks babe.” Justin smirked.

“How do you manage to do that when you’re all worn out from performing?” I asked confused.

“Trust me, you haven’t seen me worn out yet.” Justin winked as he leaned in to give me another kiss.

Justin shoved his hands down my shorts backpockets and my fingers ran through Justin’s hair.

He was sweating near his roots, but it was hot. I tugged his hair slightly as his teeth hooked onto my bottom lip and i groaned.

“I like the sound of that.” Justin whispered teasingly as he ran his tongue over my bottom lip.

Justin lead me towards the couch as we continued to kiss passionately, he teasingly thrust his tongue into my mouth then pulled back quickly.

“So, do i get any special birthday treatment?” Justin wiggled his eyebrows as he sat down in the couch, he took off his shirt and i watched him, his arm muscles flexed as he pulled the shirt of his head and his abs were exposed to me.

My mouth watered and so did my pussy.

“You’re even sexier in real life.” I whispered as i looked into his piercing brown eyes.

“Thanks babe.” Justin bit the side of his lower lip as his eyes trailed down my body.

He placed his hands on my hips and pulled me towards him.

“I was hoping you’d make me happy, very happy. Because you look like a girl that knows how to have a good time.” Justin winked as he kept his hands firm on the side of my hips.

“Do i?” I smirked teasingly.

“You look a lil naughty.” Justin smirked as his fingers pushed slowly up under my top.

“I can be very naughty.” I smirked as i bent over to whisper into Justins ear.

“I’d love to see that.” Justin pulled me down ontop of him.

I straddled his legs on the couch and gripped onto my top and pulled it over my head.

Justin eyes widened as i reached behind my back to undo my bra.

I stared into Justin’s eyes and bit my lower lip sexily as i removed the lacy fabric from my breasts. 

Justin ran his fingertips from my shoulders down to my clevage.

“I like your boobs.” Justin smirked to himself as he ran his thumbs over my hard nipples.

I moaned softly as i stared into his eyes. His eyes felt intense on my body. 

I wrapped my arms around his neck as i moved in to kiss him again.

Justin softly caressed my breasts with his palms as he thrust his tongue back inside my mouth.

I moaned again softly as Justin squeezed my breasts in his hands.

Justin removed his lips from mine and pulled me closer to him. So close that our chests were against each other. I could feel his warm shirtless chest rub against my nipples as he begun to violently kiss down my neck.

He left wet open mouthed kisses all darıca escort the way from my ear down to my collarbone.

“Justin” I groaned as i wrapped his hair around my fingers and pulled it slightly.

Justin continued to kiss my breasts, his soft lips leaving wet trails all over them.

“Mmmm” Justin groaned as he approached my right nipple.

I felt his wet tongue swirl around my nipple making it harder, craving for more and more attention.

Justin smiled in delight as he wrapped his lips around it and kissed it softly.

His teeth grabbed onto the sensitive nub and arch my back against his face and threw my head back in ecstacy.

The pain felt really good. As Justin nibbled a little harder i groaned louder.

Justins hands were placed around my lower back and scooted me closer to him.

I could feel his hard on poke me through his pants and i grinded my hips against it in pure frustration.

Justin kissed my nipple and sucked it softly before giving my other nipple the same treatment.

“I’d like to watch you strip.” Justin whispered into my ear.

“Really?” I asked slightly confused but still in ecstacy from Justin’s treatment.

“Yes baby. Strip for me now.” Justin demanded.

I rose from his lap and stood half naked in front of him as i unzipped my shorts and slid them down to my ankles.

I lifted my heels from the ground and stepped out my my shorts then i hooked my fingers nervously around my thongs and pulled them down slowly.

Just as i was about to take off my heels Justin stopped me. 

“That’s enough.” He smirked.

“I’d love for you to strip me down now and then i’ll let you suck my cock.” It sounded so naturally yet naughty when Justin spoke to me so i wasn’t really surprise of what he’d just told me.

Normally i would’ve been slightly offended if a guy assumed i wanted to have his cock in my mouth but now it seemed obvious because i wanted exactly that.

I slid back onto Justins lap and grabbed onto his face and pulled him in for a deep passionate kiss. I slid my naked hips against his rock hard cock and moaned in delight.

I could live of the fact that i’d made Justin hard.

I enjoyed the pure bliss of this entire experience, only thing that sucked is, nobody would believe me.

I broke away from the kiss and my hands started to slowly make their way from Justin’s shoulders down his chest towards his abs.

I kissed his neck, he groaned softly when i stuck my tongue out and licked his sensitive skin and when i playfully nibbled his shoulder he gasped.

I liked hearing his sexy voice making those sounds, it was very appealing to my ears and amusing to my eyes to watch his reactions.

My hands slowly pushed away the fabric of his sweatpants that he’d worn on stage and i rubbed my palm against his hard on.

Justin groaned softly as he leaned his head back.

I backed myself from Justin’s lap and ended up on the floor between his legs.

My tongue was outlining Justin’s six pack and my palm was rubbing against his hard on, beneath his pants.

Justin stared into my eyes and i smirked playfully at him. It was amusing to see him and hear him moan as a response to my touching.

I kissed the side of his hip, where he had his tattoo as i slowly begun to pull down his sweatpants and boxers.

Justin bit his lip as he watched me looking up into his eyes and i was still smirking in amusement.

I begun to slowly kiss down the new revealed skin towards Justin’s hard cock.

My left hand grabbed onto it and started to slowly stroke him.

Justin groaned a loud “Yes” as he watched me.

My hand squeezed a little harder around him as my lips kissed the skin right above his cock.

“You’re such a tease Amelia” Justin groaned sexily and i loved the way my name rolled of his lips.

“Don’t worry, i’ll make it worth the way.” I murmured asi slowly started kissing down Justin’s shaft.

“You better. Damn, i’m hard as fuck for you babe.” Justin groaned and i stopped and looked into his eyes while biting my lip.

“I can tell” I moaned slightly as i sqeeuzed his head in my palm and rubbed my thumb over it.

“Fuck, you’re gonna make me cum if you do that again.” Justin moaned as he leaned his head back against the couch.

“Oh no. You’re gonna cum down my throat.” I smirked as i kissed the underside of his lenght as well.

“You better hurry to suck my cock then.” Justin growled in frustration as i brushed my thumb over his head and smeared the precum all over it.

I held onto the base of him as i begun to lick his head like a lollipop. My hand started stroking him firmly as i begun to slowly lick around the shaft as well before wrapping my lips around him and taking him into my mouth.

“Fuck, you have no idea how good that feels.” Justin moaned sexily. 

“Mmm” I moaned in anticipation. “You’re so hard for me Justin” I looked into his eyes with a hint of pure innocence as i begun to slowly take him into my mouth inch by inch.

Justin placed his hand at the back of my head.

“Aren’t you a sexy little girl.” He smirked and i winked at him.

Justin’s cock burried itself deeper and deeper in my mouth and soon, i had it all in me.

He was big, really big, but i was glad i could take him fully into my mouth without gagging because that would’ve been embarrasing.

I started to slowly move my mouth backwards and exposing his cock inch by inch. When about helf of it was out, i pressed my tongue against the underside then twirled it around his head teasingly.

“You look way to innocent to be this good at handling cocks.” Justin smirked as his fingers played with my hair, or rather made a mess out of it.

“Looks gölcük escort can be deceiving.” I smirked as i pulled my lips away from him and stroked him a few times with my hand.

“Well, i like innocent looking girls, especially when they’re naugthy with me.” 

I smirked as I kissed the tip of his cock before wrapping my lips around it again.

“Are you gonna show me how naughty you are and suck my cock?” Justin murmured as my lips closed up around him and he entered me all over again inch by inch was burried inside my mouth.

I nodded slightly as i took all of him in.

I started creating a suction as i moved my lips and head upand down his shaft slowly at first then gradually faster and faster.

I wrapped my hand around him as well and started to stroke him in tact with my mouth.

“Holy fuck babe.” Justin hissed as i started picking up my pace. “The hell with that innocent face. You’re naughty and sexy as fuck.” Justin’s cussing turned me on. I wanted to hear more of it. It actually made me wet.

I’d been standing on my knees the entire time between Justin legs and i tried my best to spread mine a little as well. 

I managed to reach down with my free hand to rub my clit all while having my other hand and mouth occupied with Justins cock.

“God, i’m gonna cum in that pretty little mouth of yours soon” Justin groaned as he gentlythrust his hips upwards, shoving his cock deeper into me. His head actually hit the back of my throat pretty hard.

“Please do” I groaned, but my voice was muffled by Justins cock, obviously.

I rubbed my clit harder, feeling my own orgasm getting closer and closer. It was frustrating to not be able to fully moan because he was basically taking up my entire mouth.

“Harder babe, suck my cock harder. Make me cum” Justin demanded and i did all i could to follow his demand.

My cheeks poked inwards as i sucked as hard as i could and i rubbed my clit fiecly to the sound of Justin’s heavy breath and sex noises, setting myself off, i moaned and groaned all while trying my best to suck him off so he could reach his climax too.

“Jesus fucking christ.” Justin screamed as he shot his warm thick cum down my throat. 

“Fuck you definitely need to do that again.” Justin groaned as he breathed out heavily and i removed my mouth from his cock. “Now i want you to ride me.” 

Well, why the fuck not?

I straddled Justin and wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed his lips softly. I stuck my tongue inside his mouth, i probably tasted all salty from his cum right now but neither of used cared as our tongues thrust against each other.

I grinded my pussy against the lenght of Justin’s cock, i felt my sensitive clit rub against his head and I couldn’t take it any longer.

I raised myself above Justin’s cock and then pushed myself down onto it. I gasped and Justin thrust his tongue inside my mouth as he entered me.

“What a nice tight cunt you have babe.” Justin whispered into my air as i sunk down onto him fully. “And it’s all wet for me.” Justin exclaimed proudly.

“Yeah” I moaned as i felt his lips on my neck and his nails dig into my hips.

I begun to slowly rock against his body. My pussy was slowly pushing down onto him as i gently rocked my hips against his.

Justin and i french kissed. I felt Justin’s hands grip on tighter to my hips and i was starting to get impatient, i wanted to get off or rather i needed to get off.

I begun to slam down harder on Justin and he leaned back in the couch and let me do my thing.

He watched me and my body. My boobs were bouncing and Justin was smirking.

Enjoying every little second of pleasure.

“God you feel so good” I groaned as i placed my hands on Justin knees and leaned slightly backwards so i could have him thrust into me deeper.

Justin reached down and started to slowly playfully tease me with his finger that was tracing my hips.

He gently started rubbing my clit and i whimpered, his finger felt too harsh on me and i would cum too soon if he kept doing that. So i grabbed onto his finger and started to slowly suck on it with my mouth.

“You’re so fucking sexy right now.” Justin groaned as he watched me suck his finger.

I looked up at him with my innocent eyes and smirked.

“Im gonna make that tight pussy of yours cum so fucking hard baby, you have no idea.” Justin said as he begun to meet my thrusts and pick up the pace.

I held my hands steay on his knees and i kept moaning as i was sucking on Justin’s finger. It didn’t really taste anything but he seemed turned on by it so i continued.

“Fuck me harder Justin” I groaned feeling my orgasm build up inside me.

Justin thrust into me harder and harder. 

“Fuck yes, just like that Justin. Mmm” I moaned.

“You’re voice is pretty sexy too, especially when you beg me to fuck you harder.” Justin smirked. His eyes never left mine, except for the occasional, looking down at my pussy glance.

“Harder Justin” I groaned feeling him grow inside me, knowing that he was near his release as well. “Please” I cried out desperately.

I was sooo damn close.

“Damn baby, we’re so close.” Justin moaned while rocking his body upwards and meeting my thrusts.

“Oh fuck, fuck fuck fuuuck. OH Goood” I screamed in ecstacy as i felt my orgasm rip through my body and i came all over Justin.

“Mmm yes baby, just like that” Justin groaned and i felt him release himself inside me as well. “Mmm, fuck youre so nice and wet.”

Justin pulled me against him as we rode our orgasms together and grinded against each other while trying to steady out breaths.

“It’s a shame nobody will ever find out how good i fucked that tight cunt of yours.” Justin whispered into my ear.

“And it’s a shame nobody will ever find out how good i sucked that hard cock of yours.” I retorted. “Happy birthday sexy.” I winked.

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