Best Laid PlansPart 2Chapter 7Best Laid PlansPart 2Chapter 7


Once they were out of the pool, Pam looked to see the moon’s reflection in the shimmering clear water of the pool. Feeling moved by the setting, she said, “Everything we’ve done today has been exceptional. Maybe it’s because we are living in a dream. We don’t know where we are or how we got here. We don’t know anything about our surroundings. We just know that we are living in luxury and we are alone. Everything we have done has been mind-numbing.”Pam lowered her voice to a whisper and said, “And to tell you the truth, I can’t wait for the next thing we do.” She pushed Ted down on a chair and sat on his lap. She put her mouth to his ear once again and whispered, “I want more, baby. For the first time, I’m beginning to understand what you mean when you say that you can’t get enough of me. I’ve never cum so much in my life and I can’t wait for it to happen again.”“Then I think that we should get into one of the showers in one of these big bathrooms and plot our next act of sexual madness,” he said while stroking her breast.Pam giggled and said, “I like the way you think.”After some debate, they returned to their bedroom after another quick stop in the kitchen for something else to eat. After all, it had been a while since they had dessert and had undoubtedly worked off the calories taken in with the ice cream and Amoretto. While digging through the refrigerator, Ted found some sliced cheese. In a nearby cabinet, he found some excellent crackers. He turned to see Pam holding a bottle of champagne and two glasses and smiling broadly. Ted looked at her for a moment and said, “Sure, this is a holiday and you can have all the bubbly you want.”Pam kissed Ted quickly and took off at a run for the bedroom. He watched her leave, picked up the cheese and crackers, and walked after her.When Ted found her in the large bathroom, Pam was running water in the giant tub. Unlike the tub in the other main bedroom, this one was elevated and had plenty of space around it to hold their drinks and snacks. Pam gave him the “big smile” as he entered the room and said, “I’ve decided that we need to bathe our private parts in some warm, soothing water. Besides, this tub has some jets that spray water over those parts and help them prepare for more adventures.”“Should I assume you will stay awake long enough for a new adventure?” Ted asked.Pam took the plates Ted was holding. Before she turned away, Pam leaned over and gave me a quick kiss saying, “You should assume that as long as I’m awake, I’ll want more. And I’ll assume that as long as your dick is hard, you want more.”Ted stood there a few seconds and waited for her to put the plates down and turn back to him. She looked at Ted’s face and laughed. “OK… OK… I know! You want more even if you aren’t hard.”Pam kissed Ted, put her arms escort kocaeli around his neck and said, “Let’s get in this big tub, drink some champagne, eat some snacks and decide on what happens next.”Minutes later, they were both deep in the large tub with water jets massaging them below the water level. It excited Ted that Pam wasn’t looking at the clock but was willing to ‘party’ as long as she could on their memorable trip. They were talking and laughing above the water and touching each other below.“Have you ever watched us having sex in the mirror in the bedroom at home?” Ted asked.“I did once,” Pam answered, “And I don’t know why I haven’t since, but I remember getting very excited one night when you were on your back and told me to turn around so that you could watch my ass while I fucked you. Now I remember how hot it was to look into the mirror and watch as I slid up and down on your cock. I could see it happening in the mirror and feel it between my legs. It was exhilarating and I remember cumming very hard, but I don’t think I’ve ever done it since.”“Sometimes I worry about you,” Ted said with a chuckle.“I know… I know,” Pam said. “You would think if I thought it was so hot, I’d want to do it again, but I didn’t.”Ted smiled and held his glass up in a mock toast. “The good thing now is that I know,” he said. “And I’ll remember to do that to you again and again.”They were both very still for a while, simply letting the warm water run over them. They weren’t really touching each other as much, as their legs were very close. The tub jets were making a bubbling noise, but otherwise, there wasn’t any sound.“Can we go to bed now?” Pam asked.“Of course we can,” Ted answered. “Are you ready for some sleep?”Pam looked at him for a while and said, “No. I’m not ready to sleep, but I want to be in bed with you. I want to feel your naked body against mine. I don’t know what else will happen, but I want to feel your skin against mine without anything else between us. Is that OK?”“Sure, sweetness. I can’t think of anything nicer,” Ted told her.He got out of the tub and found two enormous towels. Ted held one out for her and wrapped it around her when you stepped out of the tub. As he turned to ensure that the tub jets were disengaged, Ted felt Pam wrap the other large towel around him. When the tub noise stopped, he hit the drain switch and turned to Pam, only to find her towel on the floor.Ted looked up just in time to see Pam’s bare bottom climb under the sheets in the softly lit bedroom.Ted dried himself on the large towel and followed her to the bed. They curled up facing each other on the cool, soft sheets, exchanging kisses and smiles.“It’s been a nice day, hasn’t it?” Ted said as he gave Pam a small kiss.“It’s been a wonderful day, baby,” she replied. kocaeli anal yapan escort “I had my first ride on a private plane. And it was an exciting trip. We had a driver pick us up and bring us here. And then this house alone is spectacular. Playing in the pool and drinking champagne. It has been a wonderful day and I got to spend every minute of it with you.”“And you enjoyed your playtime?” Ted asked.“Oh, God, Yes!” she answered with excitement. “Honestly, baby, I’ve never had that much sex in one day and you might think I would be satisfied. But you know, I really can’t wait for what comes next. I’ll be ready again as soon as you touch me.”Ted kissed her and said, “I think it was a good idea that I took that little blue pill that you gave me this afternoon.”“You didn’t need it,” Pam said with a laugh, “But there are plenty more if you plan to keep up this pace tomorrow.”“Would you like to keep up this pace tomorrow?” he asked.Pam kissed him, sliding her hand down his back and cupping his butt with her hand. “You know that once you told me that the more you get, the more you want. I thought that was clever but didn’t think much about it being true. The more we are together, the more I believe it. Maybe it’s just you and your magic fingers.”“And don’t forget my magic mouth,” he teased.“Not likely. No one has ever been able to drive me crazy with their mouth on my breast but you, babe. You drive me wild every time.”“Well, why don’t you drive me wild right now? Turn over and let me feel your sweet ass,” he said softly.She rolled over and snuggled up against him while he put one arm around her and cupped a breast. As Ted lightly ran a finger over her nipple, he said, “We’ll have to have sex in the Great Room tomorrow before Bill arrives.”“Right,” she answered with a yawn. Less than thirty seconds later, Ted could hear Pam was asleep. He gently squeezed her breast and lightly kissed the back of her neck. Ted released her breast and ran his hand down over her belly, then over her sweet, soft bottom. He whispered, “I love your mind. I love your body and everything that is you. I love you, baby. You are my world.”  Thirty seconds later, Ted was asleep. Saturday morning, Ted didn’t wake up until 9:30. He rolled out of bed, made a bathroom stop, picked up a blue terry robe, and returned to the bedroom. Pam hadn’t moved and was not showing any signs of waking. It suddenly occurred to Ted that he could smell coffee. He tied the robe around his waist and started following the smell. In the kitchen, Ted found a large black woman busily working. She looked at him and gave a big smile. “Good mornin’, sir.”“Good morning,” Ted replied, “May I assume that you are Matilda.”“Yes, sir. That would be me. I’ll jes bet you smelled izmit yabancı escort the coffee and followed your nose out here to find it,” she said.“And you’d be exactly right, Matilda,” he told her. “But there’s something else that smells awfully good.”“Now you jes sit down right there at the counter and Matilda will fix you a cup of coffee. And you is right about that other good smell. In about two minutes, I’ll be pulling a fine coffee cake outta dat oven and I promise yo mouth gonna drool when you tastes it.”Ted sat as directed and waited for her to pour him a cup of coffee. “It all smells wonderful, Matilda.”“Dis here coffee somethin’ special that Mr. Bill brings me from someplace in Washington. I think maybe it mus be Seattle. I didn’t know that they growed coffee up there, but I have to admit that it is mighty good,” she said as she passed a large mug over to Ted. “You want some cream with that, honey?”Ted took a sip and answered, “No thanks. This is very good and I’ll just drink it black.”Matilda put back her head and laughed out loud. “Yeah, jes like Mr. Bill say all the time, he likes his coffee like he likes his women. Hot and Black!” And she laughed again. “That man, I swear. If he wasn’t a white man, I might jes marry him myself.”After talking with Matilda for a while, she pulled her coffee cake from the oven. Ted’s immediate thought was that if it tasted as good as it looked and smelled, he would put on five pounds while sitting there. Matilda chatted as she worked her way around the kitchen, seemingly with four or five different projects underway. She mentioned that Mr. Bill was due in around 6 PM today and he had told her what he wanted ready for dinner. Apparently, he had ordered four thick stakes and specific side dishes, some of which were specialties of hers. Now she was working on getting them ready for his arrival.Matilda and Ted had been talking and eating her mouth-watering coffee cake for about thirty minutes when Pam came out of the bedroom wearing a matching light blue terry robe. She walked over and gave Ted a gentle good morning kiss and he introduced her to Matilda.As Pam stood there exchanging greetings and conversation with Matilda about how good everything smelled, Ted felt Pam put her hand in his lap for just a second and then move it away. Matilda handed Pam a glass of juice and offered her a cup of coffee. Looking down, Ted saw that Pam had placed one of the Viagra packages in his lap. He looked up and saw a knowing smile on Pam’s face. She said, “Don’t forget your vitamins, sweetheart.”“Do you think I should take two?” Ted asked as I put one on his tongue and washed it down with some juice.“Maybe one now and one this afternoon,” she told him while she accepted the coffee from Matilda.As Pam and Matilda began “kitchen talk” that only two women could follow, Ted swallowed the little blue pill and let his hand fall below the countertop. He slipped it under Pam’s short robe and between her thighs. He quickly moved his hand up to ensure Pam was not wearing panties and was pleased to find her uncovered.

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