Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful Ch. 02Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful Ch. 02


Santa’s day to deliver

Santa throws the blankets off when the alarm rings. He attempts to roll out of bed but there is a body in the way, as someone is sleeping there. He starts to roll across to the far side of the king size bed but only to find 6 more of the bodies like the one on the other side of himself. As he becomes more awake, he realizes that these are his elves for the toy factory, he also realizes that they are not clothed. So, Santa was sleeping with 7 nude women all at one time?

He figures a way to get out of bed, realizes that he too has no clothes on, and grabs a robe that was on a clothes rack to be wrapped and placed in his sleigh. He slips the robe on as he is walking to the kitchen for coffee, when just outside the kitchen door, he sees his reflection in a mirror and realizes that he had grabbed a ladies silver lace transparent neglige.

Oh well, he thought, in for 7 naked elves in bed, in for a drag queen.

When he finished his coffee and plate of crisp bacon, he went to his tailors office to get his santa suit for his years work tonight.

The tailor first admired his neglige and fondled him underneath the robe just as though it was not transparent. She had been his tailor since the beginning of the ‘Gay Rights Movement’. His santa suit each year had two to five options for him to choose from. He had the ultimate final word. They had turned the choosing process into a sort of ritual, and all (well most all) had fun and laughed together, which their boss should have recognized as good for the company’s work culture. But she was never around for this fun, so they were just her employees, not a work culture – to her at least.

The first choice this year was the exact same pattern as he had worn forever before she became his tailor.

He looked at it and remembered hundreds of nights in and out of it.

The second choice was a Michael Jackson style jacket and Jackie Kennedy riding jodpur pants with Uggs. All bright red and white. Gay! He was Bi, so it was too gay for tonight, however… He decided to keep it handy, maybe for his Caribbean vacation coming up again. There was a waiter at the hotel there that he had noticed to have a large bulge in his pants.

The third choice he chose to try on. A tailored porno blouse in lieu of a jacket. Not just a blouse, it was a blouse for crossdressers. The blouse was red and white, and when he put it on, he looked hot. He now had breasts and cleavage and a very flattering blouse. Next he wore a Patent Red Leather Belt 6″ wide over a flared knee length white and red skirt. He wore red pumps and sheer red stockings and garter belt. He would, with some make up and a wig become so visually a woman that only someone watching the crowd would notice.

The fourth choice was a shiny light weight velvet feeling suede with white lace trim. This too he tried on. He looked so comfortable in it, it was decided to market it as his pajamas.

The fifth choice was a real stunner. She had created a quick release zipper and a secure suspenders that didn’t fall off of his shoulders. The shirt was sexy slick. The pants fit him almost skin tight, and the hat was so feminine that his hips automatically swayed with an exaggerated movement when he walked in the outfit. He decided to wear this to the U S Marines Toys for Tots pickup last thing before he started delivering all his packages. There was a Gunny there that would fall all over him in that outfit. He had seen the Gunny’s cock, and he was looking forward to sucking it.

When he was ready for the Toys for Tots appearance, he loaded one elf who was wearing a set of crotchless fatigues with Senior Chief and Master Gunnery Sergeant stripes. She was ready to fuck a bunch of non-com Marines by her command; “Fuck Me!”

She was taller than most elves at 4′ 9″. She was about 99 pounds naked, and had beautiful eyes that changed color to match your expectations when you looked at her. She had a shaved crotch. Her outer labial lips were very long, hanging about 3 inches below her body. Her lips were naturally mahogany colored and always sensitive to her panties, so she usually wore a crotchless thong. (You tell me what that would look like).

As they flashed to the appearance, she had a tok of Alaska Thunderfuck marijuana. Actually, she had many toks; as did Santa. They transported into the mall in front of Victoria’s Secret and Cinnabons. They first had cinnamon rolls to curb the munchies, and then received japon porno the Toys for Tots collection. The Marines loaded the sleigh and Santa and the elf snuck in Victoria’s Secret and grabbed a set of lingerie for each other. They handed each other their selection, slipped into a changing room together and stripped. She was aghast to see Santa with a variety of different colored and shapes of cock rings stretched out on his sagging scrotum which pushed his balls about 5″ away from his body.

He was erect. The head of his cock was brilliant bright red and distended and engorged to the point that the skin was seemingly stretched bow string tight over the cock’s head. His testicles appeared to be strangled and were dark blackish maroon and mahogany and felt hard, cold, and firm to her touch The shaft of his penis was stark white, and transparently pink.

To reiterate, his cock head was bow string tight it was so full of blood. It was dark colored. The shaft was pale and light pinkish white and coursed with throbbing pulsing blood veins that shown blue through the transparent skin. His testicles were stretched un-naturally about 5″ down with a variety of cock rings. They were both blackish and cold, and firm like they had been squeezed for a long time. He had a separate small ring around his scrotum so that the testicles were separated and appeared like one large olive, and one jumbo olive, as his balls were very different sizes.

She kissed all of his balls and testicles and ignored his penis completely. He reached under her to find her normal sized vagina and clitoris were ready for strumming, which he began immediately. She rose onto her toes like a ballet dancer and literally danced her cunt on his fingers until she collapsed on his hand in a swooning orgasm that lasted but a few seconds. His hand was soaked, which they both dried off with their tongues.

He picked her up and placed her on the snow screen panel in front of him (like a dashboard) where she found comfortable stirrups for her feet. As they sailed through being transported back to Toyland, he leaned forward and nuzzled her cunt and licked at her asshole until she had fully slimed his face. He was a champion pussy eater, and had done his best with lezbiyen porno her. She was rag doll limp when they reappeared in Toyland. The home crew elves unfastened themselves from each others pussies and tits and unloaded the sleigh. Then they reloaded it for his year’s work tonight.

The crew hated for Santa to leave, as he was their sex partner and they were ALL horny. They had grown used to at least a fingering daily. However while he was on the road delivering, they were all at class learning how to build next years delivery, which was all business and little play.

However there was one elf, (isn’t there always one?) that knew what was going to be learned, so she snuck into Santa’s sleigh just before he left. As he had arisen from Toyland, she popped out of his bags of toys and perched on the snow screen panel earlier described. He was delighted for the company, upset about her stowing away, and immediately thinking of how she might taste. She remained in the sleigh when he stopped, and grew bored even though it didn’t seem like he was gone for as much as a second.

The earlier photographed living room sexual encounter was indeed recorded by that woman with the intent of making a fistful of loot. However, at this stop the elf again stowed away in his bag and was inside the living room with the woman and Santa the entire stop. She noticed the camera and snatched the memory chip as she was fleeing when Santa left. She placed it in a hiding place on the sleigh to retrieve after they returned to Toyland.

Onward they flew through the night. He encountered more humans, and had many interactions, but always left no physical evidence of his visit, other than his night’s work of Christmas delivery at each stop. He received four more blow jobs, three from women, and one from a toothless old veteran who was lonely. He saw kids getting high smoking, and young adults using ecstasy, he saw two women performing mutual cunnilingus (96). There was a man dressed in a cowboy hat, six shooters, and cowboy boots jacking himself into a shot glass. Hmmm… Two men watching Rocky Horror Picture Show while stroking each others cocks. He watched as two 70 year old men fucked a 70 year old woman. He ate four pussies and sucked off three cocks, had sex with a couple from Iran, and then received a dildo in his mouth and ass from one 18 year old college girl.

When they arrived at Toyland, he had just finished eating the elf’s pussy to her 23rd orgasm of the night.

All in all it was a slow night’s year’s work.

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