Back into Swinging Ch. 02Back into Swinging Ch. 02

Anna Bell

Dinner was nice. The three of us helped prepare dinner. Wendy organised the pot we needed for cooking then set the table whilst I peeled and chopped spuds and Bert opened a bottle he selected from the wine collection and sliced up a loaf of bread. Once the spuds were cooking and the table set, we sat down with a glass of wine.

“Here’s to lots of fun, the start of what I think will be a great friendship and the night ahead,” I toasted.

“I hope you don’t think I was pushy or slutty Bert,” Wendy said. Usually I sit back and wait for someone to take the lead and I’m not really sure what came over me today, but something you said made me want you. When you then whispered in my ear that you thought I was pretty and you have not felt so horny for years I just decided we should make the most of the moment.”

“I still can’t believe I came so quick. I’ve not had sex since my wife died but I have masturbated a bit since we met on Friday. None of it seems to have released the pressure. I’m already looking forward to finishing dinner and what might happen after that.”

“Are you always that horny that you masturbate that often?” Wendy asked.

“No, I didn’t masturbate or even really think about sex for 12 months after Kirsty died.. When I started sorting through her stuff after the anniversary of her death I began to get some closure and also found some things that I’d forgotten about. There was a hard drive with photos of the two of us. Teasing, naked porno photos that were kept away from where anyone may find them. That was the first time I had any sexual thoughts and since then I’ve looked at those photos and remembered the good times we shared and masturbated to them every few days.

“Well don’t feel bad that you came quickly before. I know a cock in me is way better than anything I can masturbate with and I’m guessing a real pussy is way better than your hand. You wait until Tony gets his turn later, he will be the same and we had sex twice last night and again this morning. I just know that the first time for him when we play with others is always quick. Do you often lick a woman clean after cumming in her?”

“Well, other than our friends that we used to play with I’ve not had sex with any other woman other than my wife since we married in 1983. My wife never let me lick her clean, but I didn’t try often. It is something that I’ve always wanted to do but usually after I’ve cum I lose interest in that. The friend that we used to play with was always safe sex, they had quite a few others they fooled around with and she used to be allowed to play with guys alone as well so we didn’t think they were safe so I never made any cream pies there.”

“So what changed today? Why did you want to lick your cum out of me?”

“Today I was still horny. Sex with my wife was always a one-off thing and once we were finished I was no longer horny. With you, I was still very horny. It was though I came but my body didn’t register, have you not noticed I have not gotten soft yet?”

“I had noticed, you and Tony are the same.”

“How often do the two of you have sex?” Bert asked. “Before my wife died we used to manage about every second day but weekends were nearly every morning and every evening, but if our friends were with us we might have anywhere from maybe three to eight sessions in a night and that was once every month or so.”

I sat back and listened to the conversation between Bert and Wendy. I was glad she was actively involved in the conversation as she is often the quiet one listening to me. “We tend to be similar, every couple of days usually when we go to bed but when others are with us we might do two or three times before calling it a night. Sometimes we have had a visitor stay overnight and on a couple of those occasions we have a bit more fun the next morning.”

“Given the chance I’d like to make love to you rather than just fuck if that is ok,” Bert said. I’m not saying I love you but you are pretty and an incredibly lovely person; I’d like to see if we can share an intimate time rather than just a frantic fuck if that is ok. Is that too much for you? I hope I’m not stepping over any boundaries.”

“Later on I think that will be nice,” Wendy said. “I think for the next little while though you guys are going to be desperate for sex and you will be enjoying the more frantic pent-up release of lust rather than wanting to make love. I’ve never had sex with anyone with Tony watching before and I could tell from how horny he was that he enjoyed watching, but he won’t last long when we get started. Hopefully you will last longer this time so that you and I are still going after Tony has finished. It won’t take much of him watching us again until he is ready for more. Once you cum then Tony and I will probably still be going and you can watch until you are horny enough to join in again. If the two of you can keep cumming at different times we might see if we can match what you used to do with your neighbours and get towards eight sessions.”

“That Ankara escort sounds lovely but those eight sessions might have been from mid-afternoon, starting out in the pool through to mid-morning the next day, not all in one evening,” Bert said.

“Well, we started a bit later than mid-afternoon but today is Sunday and tomorrow is a public holiday, do you have to be anywhere?”

“No but I didn’t bring any toiletries or changes of clothes as I thought we were going on a picnic and wasn’t expecting anything further.”

“We have spare toothbrushes or you can borrow mine if you like. You have just had bareback sex with me and came in my pussy, I think we can share a toothbrush. As for clothes, why would you want any? Tony likes me to wear nice lingerie and sometimes leave some of that on for a play session but I don’t plan on you leaving the house until you go home. If you are more comfortable going home because we don’t know each other that well then of course you can but the way I feel right now you can stay a month!”

“Let us see how the night goes but right now I don’t feel like I ever want to leave. Is it rude to ask some personal questions?”

“Go ahead” Wendy said, “If I’m not comfortable I’ll say so but I won’t know until you ask.”

“Have you ever tried group sex. You have told me that you have met plenty of guys for threesomes and have mentioned couples so I’m guessing foursomes like I used to have but have you ever done anything with groups bigger than that? Multiple couples like an orgy or multiple guys in a gangbang?

“We’ve been to parties where sex is different than meeting the way we have, it is more sort of a ‘just let’s do it’ . Some of those times have been like an orgy because people move around and one cock may replace another. As for a gangbang, I don’t like that term. It is in the same category as calling a girl a slut. I would like to try maybe three or four guys one day but not in the party-type situation where, people just swap around partners midway through.”

“I have never looked at the gangbang word like that, I do understand what you mean though. It sounds like a bunch of guys using a woman rather than the group of people – who just happen to be one woman and a number of men – sharing an enjoyable time. I would like to be part of something like that one day, a fun and respectful version of a gangbang. We should think of a nice name.”

The alarm went off. The spuds needed to be drained and mashed with a knob of butter and some cream. As I mashed Bert lightly toasted the fresh crusty bread he had sliced earlier. Refilling our wine glasses and after quick toilet stops Wendy served up dinner, a lovely casserole with the freshly-mashed spuds.

As we made our way to the table Bert moved behind Wendy and started to lift her shirt. Wendy protested in a token fashion but Bert reminded her that her nipples are no longer in threat of being injured over the stove and proceeded to remove her top and her bra. My cock had relaxed quite a bit while we were finalising dinner but was now standing tall again as – I noticed – was Bert’s. With Wendy now left wearing only her panties we took our seats for dinner.

Bert raised his glass for a toast, “To lots of fun, a shared toothbrush and an enduring friendship.”

As we ate we chatted about mundane things, no sexual thing was mentioned at all and even sitting around partly naked(or mostly in Wendy’s case), it was a very comfortable and relaxed meal.

After we had finished eating Wendy asked who wanted desert and gave a couple of options including fruit and ice cream. None of us actually felt like more food but Bert piped up and asked, “Do you have any cream pie on offer?”

Wendy looked at him curiously, “I’m guessing you are asking about eating me again, and yes it still feels creamy but was it that nice that you want more?”

“You bet, I loved it. You have a lovely, tasty pussy.”

“I did tell you earlier that we had sex this morning before we met you at the park, I also wanted to start with a shower. I wasn’t feeling 100% clean before, but I figured I was just going to get your cock in me and you were not going down on me so it would be ok. Then you had a lick and stuck your tongue right up me and I thought you would have hated it because of Tony’s leftovers still in me.”

“I could smell your pussy when I opened your legs and pulled your panties aside. I’ve not smelt such a divine smell for years. Just the smell of my wife hours after having sex was enough to make me horny and wanting more. I think that may have been a big part of me cumming so quickly.”

I picked up the three plates and as I walked to the dishwasher Wendy said, “Well, maybe you can have more cream pie later but I feel a bit yuck right now so I’m going to have a shower. You can have a shower after me if you like or you can come and scrub my back for me if you wish.”

Bert looked at me and asked if it was ok for him to have a shower with Wendy. “You saw the Escort ankara size of our shower, I’ll be joining her and there is room for more so if you want to then feel free. Wendy can scrub my back as you scrub hers.” I told him.

As I stood up from loading the dishwasher Wendy stood, gave me a hug and said, “Let’s go.” She reached her hand out to Bert, took me in her other hand and led the way to the ensuite. Wendy started to unbutton my shirt, looked back at Bert and said, “I don’t shower with panties on, you can take them off me now.”

Bert was quick to grasp the sides of her panties and lower them over her hips. Wendy pulled my shirt from my shoulders then turned around, grasped the bottom of Bert’s shirt and lifted it over his head. We were now all naked and my erection returned, poking into Wendy’s side. I moved around her and reached in to turn on both showerheads as well as our side jets. The builder who had done this extension of our master bedroom, ensuite and retreat had suggested this shower configuration and once all the works were complete had even been the first extra person invited to christen the shower with us. Once the water was at the right temperature I entered the shower and turned to find Bert and Wendy molded to each other, sharing a deep kiss with Bert’s hands holding and massaging Wendy’s bum cheeks.

“Shower’s ready,” I said.

Wendy stepped back from Bert, his cock was at full mast and Wendy had a smear of pre-cum between her belly button and the underside of her boobs. They both entered the shower and I handed each of them one of our body sponges with body wash gel on them. I turned my back to Wendy as she started to scrub my back. It didn’t take her long until she told me to turn around and she started doing my chest and arms, moving down to my firm cock. Bert was still working on Wendy’s back but asked her to lean forward a little. As she did he ran the body sponge down her bum and over her pussy.

“Be gentle with that thing down there,” Wendy told him. “Those parts of me are delicate.”

I watched as he moved his hands back up toward her shoulders, then reached under her arms to grasp her hanging breasts. Bert moved his pelvis forward and his cock ran up between Wendy’s bum cheeks. He pulled back and did the same again and kept repeating that action, however I noticed that each time he was shuffling his body lower so that his cock was starting lower and lower each time. He moved forward but his cock didn’t appear above Wendy’s bum.

“Have you got a pussy full of cock?” I asked Wendy.

“No, it slid around the other way,” she replied as she stood and turned around, preventing any further attempts by Bert to penetrate her pussy again.

“Sorry buster,” she said to Bert. “Tony needs a turn before you get another go and I’m yet to scrub your back… Be a good boy and turn around.”

Wendy added more lotion to the body sponge and gave Bert a back scrub. Her other hand had reached around Bert and as I moved to the side a little I could see she was stroking his cock. I was desperate to cum after watching Bert fuck Wendy earlier, then watching him thrusting against her ass and thinking he had penetrated her pussy again. After 33 years together I knew exactly how to position myself for a direct entry into her pussy with my cock. I got into position, used my hand to encourage her to bend over a little further, and guided myself straight in. I know a little of the lube in her was mine from earlier today, a fair portion was certainly Bert’s, but I’m sure there was a lot of her own womanly juices there because she was sopping wet and that made my entry so easy.

I’d like to say I fucked her for ages to multiple orgasms but there was no way I could last that long. Wendy moaned as I penetrated her, a deep satisfied sound filling the shower cubicle. Bert turned around, saw what was happening and grinned at me. He placed a hand on her shoulders and moved forward hoping – I guess – that she would take him in her mouth. Wendy was enjoying me in her too much and placed a hand on his hip to brace herself whilst I fucked her hard and fast. We know what each other liked and how to get each other off.

“Fuck that feels so good,” I told Wendy. “I won’t last long, are you going to cum with me?

“Just keep going fast like that, I’ll cum when you do.”

“If I last two minutes I’ll be surprised.”

“I don’t care, I want you to cum so we can get out of the shower and get comfortable on the bed with all three of us having fun.”

“Do you want me to stop so we can move to the bed now?” I asked.

“Don’t you dare, I’m close, I want you to cum so that I can.”

“Here it cums,” I said as I felt the contractions starting and my cum started spurting into her. “Oh gee that feels so good, I needed that so badly, you are an awesome lady, I hope you really enjoy tonight.”

Wendy was moaning as she orgasmed. It was over in about two minutes, from the time I entered her until the time she Ankara escort bayan straightened up after trying to expel most of my cum from her pussy and rinsing herself off.

We turned the water off, grabbed towels and dried ourselves.

“Bedroom. Now!” Wendy instructed Bert and myself.

This account would take another 20 pages just to include half of what happened that night, so a summary with a couple of highlights will cover the fun part of it.

It was 7:40pm when we entered the bedroom after our communal shower, we started playing with Wendy laying on her back and us guys each massaging one side of her. I ran my hand up an inner thigh and her legs opened a bit, allowing hand access to her pussy. For a while Bert and I were in sync. As I moved to her upper half he was moving to her lower half but eventually we ended up in the same place. I ran my hand up her inner thigh and felt the back of Bert’s hand brushing mine. I looked up at him as he looked up at me. I mouthed the words ‘finger her’ and as we reached her pussy each of us entered a finger into it. That made Wendy let out a little sigh of happiness but also prompted her to sit up.

“I’m going to get plenty of attention from you two this evening, how about you let me play with you? I want you to kneel beside each other so I can suck you both.”

She looked at Bert and said, “You tried to put this in me before and I didn’t let you; now would you please fuck me doggy style while I keep sucking Tony?”

Bert moved behind Wendy and entered her gently, slowly building up pace. After a couple of minutes he looked at me and asked if I wanted to swap. Wendy told him to please keep going as he was feeling great in her and she was building to an orgasm.

“Last time I came with you, do you think you can cum with me this time?” she asked. “Your cock is hitting just the right spot and if you said you were about to cum I’d be there as well”

“Well I am about to cum, that is why I wanted to swap,” Bert said.

“No need to hold off, I love it when you cum, I want you to cum as often as you can. I don’t care if I don’t cum but this time you have me close, so let’s see if you can get me there again.”

“I really can’t hold back much longer,” Bert said. “I’d love you to cum also, I’m so, so close. Can I cum in you again or do you like it somewhere else?”

Don’t you dare pull out, just push in deep and fill me up. I can feel you getting harder and bigger in me, you are close aren’t you.”

“No, not close, I’m cumming now,” Bert groaned as he fired off his second load of cum into Wendy’s pussy.

We were still going strong a couple of hours later when my phone rang. I had cum a few minutes earlier and was recovering whilst watching Bert giving Wendy a slow fuck from his position behind her. He had her left leg lifted up and I could see his shaft entering and exiting her vagina amongst the mess of creamy cum that was smeared all around her pussy. I had cum twice since the shower and although I had stirrings in my loins again, I doubted my ability to cum again. Bert had cum three times and seemed to be getting close to a fourth orgasm. I don’t think I could get close to his description of eight times like he used to do with his wife and neighbours.

I looked at the phone and it was a private number, so I let it go to message bank. About 30 seconds later the phone rang again, once again a private number. Thirty seconds later another call from a private number. Thinking there must be an emergency, I answered the call this time.

“Hi Tony, this is Rob. Sorry to be calling so late. I’m in Wangaratta and calling from the cop shop. I was driving through town after visiting my Dad and I stopped for fuel and a coffee a couple of hours ago at the golden arches back on the highway and some prick stole my car. Any chance you could put me up for the night? My son can come and pick me up tomorrow but he has had a few too many drinks this evening.”

I told him we had visitors but it should be ok. I couldn’t say no to a friend in such a situation, it would mean it was the end of our fun for the night. Rob wasn’t a play friend, he was a guy Wendy had gone to primary school with and who I had met in high school. We saw him every so often as we shared similar interests and followed the same footy team. I asked if he wanted me to pick him up but he said the cops were happy to drop him off at our place and he could be here in about 10 minutes.

During the call I’d walked out of the bedroom and as I walked back I saw Wendy on top of Bert, his cock buried deep in her and cum flowing over his balls. My own cock twitched but I had to stop the fun times.

“Sorry Bert and Wendy. We have a visitor arriving in a few minutes.”

“I’ll just grab my stuff and get going,” Bert said.

“No need for that” I replied, “I told Rob we had visitors. Rob doesn’t know anything about us ever having bedroom visitors though, so no mention of that and all is fine, you are welcome to stay the night. You will have to sleep in one of the spare rooms though.”

“I need a shower before Rob gets here,” Wendy stated as she went to the ensuite. Bert and I decided we needed showers also. Bert went to use the main bathroom at the other end of the house while I shared with Wendy.

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