Priyanka looked around her room one last time before shutting her suitcase. This was it; she was finally leaving home to go to college. She was excited to begin a new life in a new place, have new experiences, and meet new people. Priyanka had received a scholarship to go to out of state college in New York City. Her family had moved to the USA from Mumbai, India when she was a little girl and had lived in the southern state of Texas. While she loved her life in Texas, she longed for the Northeast where she had heard that life was a lot more cosmopolitan, like her childhood town on Mumbai. She was looking forward to walking in downtown Manhattan with friends, going to the local coffee shops, and of course also to studying in one of the best universities of the country.

Priyanka flew directly into JFK airport in New York City, and then took a taxicab to the university. Curiong the cab ride, one of the biggest difference she saw was that every where she looked there were people of all races. Unlike Texas, there were Hispanics, Orientals, African American, and Indians. Lots and lots of Indians, which completely thrilled her.

She had been assigned her room in the dorms and her parents had insisted that she live in the all-girl dorms. She didn’t now who her roommate was going to be but hoped that she would be someone nice. Priyanka went into the dorm and registered herself with the Dorm Director and then proceeded into the room. She opened the door and was not surprised to see half the room already decorated as she was just told that her roommate had checked-in the night before. What did surprise her was the fact that the room was decorated with Indian décor. She looked at the door of her room and saw that her roommates name was Jaya and in her hurry to come into her room, Priyanka had missed the name completely. She really hoped that Jaya would be a nice girl since she really didn’t want to have a difficult relationship with a fellow Indian.

Priyanka started unpacking and setting up her side of the room. As it started to get dark, her room door opened and in walked in Jaya. Both girls looked at each other and instant broke into a wide smile.

“Hi!” they both said enthusiastically and in typical Indian fashion just gave each other a hug. All walls of formality instantly disappeared. They immediately hit it off, and after a few moments of pleasantries, Jaya started helping Priyanka unpack. They talked for hours and Priyanka told Jaya about herself and her family back in Texas. Jaya shared that she was an international student and her family was still in Mumbai. Hearing that Priyanka jumped up with delight.

“I was born there,” she said entusiastically. “This is so wonderful. You have to tell everything about it. I haven’t been there is ages.”

“No wonder you’re so beautiful, your a mumbian!” Jaya said. “One thing you have to know that Mumbai is the most happened place in India. Just remember that and everything will be fine because we Mumbaians take our city very seriously.” She added with an air of pride.

“Ok madam.” Priyanka said in mock seriousness. “And you should be the one to talk about my looks, have you looked in the mirror lately? You should be in Bollywood. speaking of which, have you seen all the movie actors and actresses? After all Bollywood is in Mumbai right?”

“Yea I’ve seen a few” Jaya said with a laugh.

“What are you laughing about?” Priyanka asked.

“Well you are only the tenth person to ask me that in two days.” Jaya replied with another laugh.

The girls continued to ask and the comfort they felt with each other surprised both of them.

“I hope I’ll be able to settle down here.” Jaya said with a bit of apprehensiveness in her voice. “I know people do it all the time, but I tend to get a bit homesick now and then. I mean I’ve never stayed away from my family. My older sister went got her degree in Mumbai so I’m the first one to leave home.”

“Well this is my first time away from home too. I’m sure we can help each other time in time of need. That’s what friends do right?” Priyanka said back with little bit of encouragement.

“Right.” Jaya cheered back up.

Priyanks then looked at Jaya and said “I’ll make a deal with you, you tell me all about India and Mumbai and I’ll help u get acclimated in the US.”

“Deal!” said Jaya and the two girls hugged again.

Priyanka and Jaya friendship grew as time went by. Both were very good natured and had a lot in common. Priyanka let her talk to her family back in Texas who invited her over whenever Priyanka few back home. Jaya’s parents in India were very happy to hear that their daughter was living with an Indian girl. While the girls did not have the same majors, they did share a few classes the first semester. So the girls studied together and helped each other out with homework. Priyanka was amazed at how smart Jaya was and often looked at her in admiration.

Jaya on the other hand was always on awe of Priyanka’s confidence. When they hung out together on weekends, and went out together Kadıköy Escort with friends, to college parties and sometimes even explored the city, Priyanka was always the leader and true to her word she help Jaya get acclimated to like in the US. Priyanka introduced Jaya to her first taste of alcohol which the girls enjoyed in the privacy of their rooms. Both of them got pretty buzzed and ended up having a pillow fight in their pajamas. When the university shut down for Christmas break in December, Priyanka took Jaya back to Texas to meet her family. Priyanka parents welcomed Jaya with open arms.

Their second semester was just as good as the first one. Their friendship continued to grow and soon they had become inseparable except when they were in classes. When the semester ended, Jaya went back to India and Priyanka went home. They kept in touch through emails and chats and updated each other regularly on what was happening in their lives. They also realized how much they missed each other. It was apparent that an unmentioned emotional bond had formed between the two and the day wouldn’t be complete if they didn’t chat for at least a little bit ever night.

Both were looking forward to the fall to return college, and in September their reunion was like that of school girls and not college women. There was screaming, and hugging, and giggling, and jumping. Such was their friendship. They were always there for each other in good times and bad moods; through laughter and tears; through aggravation of school, and homesickness. They weren’t friends, they were they were best friends, and if genetics wasn’t a factor, they would be sisters..

The following October Priyanka and Jaya were invited to a Halloween party organized by the University’s Indian association and both decided to dress up as Indian brides. It sounded like a great idea since it would be excellent opportunity to show their culture off to the Americans and also fulfill the purpose of a costume. The girls applied mehendi (henna) to their hands and feet (Jaya was very good at this did most of the work). They wore their most formal dresses which comprised of a short embroidered blouse with a long full length skirt accompanied with the ghoongat (Veil). This latest fashion allowed their midriff to be bare so both girls added thin gold waist chain to the jewelry that they had which they wore just below their navel. While not as grand as the real bridal jewelry, the girls augmented their dresses by putting on the Teekas (forehead jewelry), rings, bangles, bracelets and anklets.

When the finished dressing, Priyanka got her camera out and started taking Jaya’s picture.

“Hey let me take yours. You look gorgeous, dear.” Jaya said gleefully. “If this was your wedding day, your husband would have gone nuts.”

“Yea well” said Priyanka not to be out done, “If this was your wedding night, you husband would consider himself a very lucky man.”

Jaya simply blushed at the comment and started laughing.

Priyanka was taller of the two at 5’6 and had a slim figure. She wasn’t very big-chested and sported average 34 b cups and a thin waist and slightly rounded butt. She had shoulder length black hair and was of wheatish complexion. Jaya was a couple of inches shorter and was more rounded. She was fairer than Priyanka so her mehendi really stood out in start contrast to her green eyes. She also had a fuller figure with 36c cups, and a rounded butt. The long hair ended just an inch above her lower back. Both the girls had very sweet faces and tonight both looked like exquisite brides.

Priyanka had bought a used car this year so they drove to the party which was being held in a banquet hall. When the girls walked in, almost every head, male and female, turned to look at them.

Jaya turned to Priyanka and whispered, “I thinks our costumes as a hit.”

Soon the girls were surrounded by guys asking them for a drink and dance. Being more experienced and knowledgeable in such situations, Priyanka had instructed Jaya to stay close to her. She knew that parties like these were almost like hunting grounds for horny boys and not being naive she knew that both the girls would be a prize catch for any guy.

Within moments both the girls were dancing with two very handsome guys. Once was dressed as a European Count and the other as a rock star. The music and atmosphere was lovely, and the guys kept bringing them drinks on the dance floor. Both the girls were very conservative in their drinking since they didn’t want to get in trouble or be taken advantage off. Soon the foursome found a corner booth and started to relax and talk. The guys were really charming and both Priyanka and Jaya were enjoying the company of their respective “dates”.

Once the music started to pick up again, Jaya’s date took her hand and pulled her onto the dance floor again. Soon they were dancing out of sight while Priyanka was busy chatting with her. She could feel herself being attracted to his charm and the more they talked the closer Kadıköy Escort Bayan they got to each other. He kept praising her beauty and his words were like sweet nectar. The more she heard his manly voice the more she could feel being pulled to him. This man was someone special she thought since he was arousing her without a single touch.

As he leaned closer, Priyanka arched her face forward and closed her eyes. His lips were soft on hers and he gave a gently suck on them pulling her lips even more. He placed his hand on her face gently and parted his lips. Priyanka responded in kind and they kissed a bit more passionately. He placed his arm behind her back and gently pulled her closer to him and kissed her again. Priyanka was enjoying his musky aroma, his lips and she could feel herself get very aroused. Her body was responding the way any woman’s would and she could feel her neck started to warm up very intensely. Her breasts were starting to get warm and she could feel her pussy start to tingle. She felt her lips part more and could feel his tongue exploring her mouth and Priyanka felt her tongue get a life of its own. The kissing became more and more zealous and suddenly her woman’s instinct kicked in and she broke the kiss with a jerk, leaving both of them panting for breath and looking flushed.

Trying to catch her breath Priyanka looked around the dance floor and couldn’t see Jaya. She looked for a few moments and then decided to check up on her friend feeling a bit guilty for forgetting about her. She excused herself and walked into the dance floor and still didn’t see her. Getting a bit concerned she went to the ladies room with no luck. She tried Jaya’s cell phone and still no response. Now getting very worried, her own horniness forgotten, she went outside to the parking lot and asked around and fortunately found an attended seeing a girl dressed like Priyanka go into the parking lot with a guy.

Running frantically, she saw that Jaya’s date in the car with Jaya, and when she got to the car, she was shocked to see that he had his hand up her skirt, she we kissing Jaya’s neck and Jaya had tears on her face. She also seemed to be on the verge of passing out from the alcohol and was in no position to fend off her aggressor. Priyanka completely lost her temper and banged on the door.

“Get the fuck out you bastard.” She yelled. “I’m calling the cops”

“Holy shit!” the guys turned and opened the door and got out.

Priyanka took one look at Jaya’s state and slapped the guys with all her might. Without waiting for anything, she pulled a sobbing Jaya from his car and immediately walked to her own, which happened to be parked nearby. Priyanka drove straight back to her dorm, while Jaya continued to cry hysterically. When they got back, Priyanka took Jaya in her arms and helped her walk back to their room. Jaya had stopped sobbing but her tears were still streaming down her cheeks.

Priyanka opened their door and helped Jaya to her bed and locked the door again. Jaya couldn’t stop crying as she lay down and turned on her side and pulled up her knees. It was such a sad site to see Jaya dressed and adorned as a bride and crying her eyes out. Priyanka walked to her and lay down next to Jaya spooning her and placed her arm across her pulled her closer.

“It’s ok my dear, its ok.” She said softly. “I’m here; no one’s going to hurt you now. Shhhhhh, my dear, I’m here, I’m here”

Jaya took comfort in her friend touch which was a lot more loving than the ones she had just so horribly experienced. She closed her eyes and tried to forget his face and slowly allowed herself to melt into her friend’s safe embrace. This was not the way tonight was supposed to be, it was going so well until he turned out to be such a creep. She felt so stupid when she trusted him enough to get into his car. She was getting cold talking and walking with him and he suggested they warm up in the car. The more she thought, the angrier she got. She was just relieved that Priyanka came for her. She could never forget that and she felted blessed that Priyanka had been her angel.

Still decked up in their jewelry the girls looked like a work of art, laying down together with ones arms draped over the other. Jaya had started to calm down a little and Priyanka started rubbing her hand over Jaya’s bare arm. She stopped crying and soon was breathing normally again. Priyanka shifted to get off the bed but Jaya held her hand.

“Please stay with me.” She whispered.

“I’m just going to change.” Priyanka said soothingly

“No, please don’t leave.” Jaya asked again. “I need you here, please.”

Priyanka obliged and placed her hand over Jaya’s tummy. Jaya pushed back into her even more as if trying to hide herself in Priyanka’s warm arms. Priyanka could feel her breasts being pushed back into her chest and her face was right by Jaya’s neck. The girls were in a perfect lovers embrace. Jaya’s perfume smelled wonderful and Priyanka closed her eyes as the aroma slowly filled her Escort Kadıköy senses. Unconsciously she slowly started to move her hand in small movements over Jaya’s tummy. She felt her fingertip making slow circles around Jaya’s belly button, trailing her waist chain and Jaya’s sighed slowly in response.

Maybe it was the unquenched arousal with her date, or the drinks she had had, or the fact that Jaya was an very beautiful bride, Priyanka for the first time in her life felt her self getting aroused with another female. Not just another female, but Jaya, her best friend. She always felt close to Jaya and thought Jaya was a wonderful, beautiful and sexy woman, but she had never consciously fantasized about her. Jaya too could feel Priyanka finger on her bare skin which was now slowly moving up and down her tummy from the end of the blouse to the start of the skirt. Jaya was a virgin and had never been touched intimately (other than the gruesome incident a few hours earlier) so she was surprised at how natural, comfortable and good it felt. She felt safe and comfortable in Priyanka’s arms and right now that’s all that mattered.

Feeling Jaya relax even more, and simply giving into her natural need, Priyanka planted a very soft kiss on Jaya’s neck. Her lips felt very soft and tender to Jaya, who just closed her eyes and let out an even calmer sigh. Closing her eyes, Priyanka let her instincts guide her and gently licked a small trail on Jaya’s exposed neck with her tongue.

The sensual warmth of the kiss on Jaya’s neck made her shudder once more. Priyanka’s arm had slipped from Jaya’s tummy and her hand now stroked up and down Jaya’s arm. The kisses were gentle and slow, not rough or hard at all, just tender and soft. Jaya shuddered again and her inner fears kept telling to make her stop but her sensuality want not allowing her to. Her body needed to be loved, it was asking for it, begging for it, craving for it, and she could not think of anyone better than Priyanka, her best friend to help her right now. Jaya’s blouse had a wide neck, which allowed Priyanka to gently kiss Jaya cross her shoulder and back up to the neck.

Jaya turned and faced her best friend who pulled back her arms with a slightly fearful look.

“Please, Jaya, don’t be angry with me.” Priyanka said apprehensively.

Jaya took her best friends hand and squeezed it.

“No, Priyanka, it’s all right. I don’t want you to stop.”

Priyanka’s eyes glimmered with passion as she moved closer to Jaya. Slowly her arms encircled Jaya and Jaya’s responded in kind. Now there was a warm, sensual body in Jaya’s embrace.

Slowly, very slowly, Priyanka’s lips moved towards Jaya, as their bodies got closes, their breasts pressed each other and their legs begin to intertwine. Jaya’s heart pounded like a bass drum, anticipating the moment of that first contact. As their lips met, a charge of incredible sensual force surged through both the girls, making every part of their bodies tingle.

“Ohhhh,” a moan escaped from both the girls at the same time.

Jaya’s lips were so unbelievably soft and wet. They were like none Priyanka had ever kissed before. She slid her hand to the back of Jaya’s head and pulled it into her as their kiss grew more intense. Her hands slid up and down Jaya’s back and into her hair, loosening it. Priyanka could feel her breasts rubbing against Jaya’s through the many layers of fabric as she began moving against her. The kiss seemed to go on and on.

Priyanka, using her sudden burst of sexual energy, rolled Jaya onto her back and came on top of her and slowly started to moved on her. Both the girls were still dressed in their bridal attire and by the look of lust developing in their eyes, they looked like brides about the experience their wedding night.

Jaya opened her legs instinctively and feeling Priyanka slip between them. The gentle thrusting motion of Priyanka’s hips created friction against Jaya’s panties, which rubbed against her mound, causing her to flush with warmth and moisture. Jaya ran her hands up and down her now lover’s back. Jaya slowly brought her arms up and slowly slipped her fingers under Priyanka’s blouse. Her mouth broke their long kiss and moaned slightly.

Priyanka’s blouse was a tight fit so Jaya trailed her finger up to the hooks. She looked at Priyanka for her approval.

“Go ahead sweetheart,” Priyanka smiled.

Priyanka lifted herself above Jaya, driving her pelvis harder against Jaya’s pussy and allowed her to unhook the blouse and pull it off. Jaya looked at her best friends bra covered breasts. While the girls had dressed in front of each other, this was the first time she looked at them as sexual objects. While not as big as her own, Priyanka breasts looked extremely erotic. Priyanka has chosen to wear a nude colored lace bra that did nothing to hide her nipples.

Priyanka leaned over and whispered into Jaya’s ear “please don’t stop now.”

Taking her approval, Jaya unhooked the bra and freed the breasts from their confines. Jaya could see the raised mounds of the breasts and her heart seems to beat faster as she reached up and gently touch one of them. The skin was so soft and smooth, yet firm. The nipples were hard, surprisingly dark and Priyanka gasped as Jaya gently squeezed one of them. She cupped the breast for a moment before letting go.

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