Are You Mad at Me?Are You Mad at Me?


My annoyance with Mina grew as I read her latest text message. Milk, eggs, bread, butter, breakfast cereal . . . the list went on, and was one of several such requests today. Already I had completed my seven hour teaching schedule for the day, picked up the kids from school, and driven them to a friend’s house. Now she had me going around town picking up groceries and running errands as well. Normally, I would be ok with this but this week it was her turn to be doing these things, and she had been free all day as far as I knew. So why couldn’t she have done some of the work herself? It didn’t help that she prefaced most of her texts with the phrase ‘Oh, and one more thing…’

It was unfortunate that my mood was being ruined on a day like this, at the start of the weekend. It was a crisp, silvery autumn afternoon as a number of dark clouds loomed over the horizon, a gentle breeze perfumed the air with the scent of wet foliage and the distinct aroma of dead leaves being burned somewhere in the distance. I particularly enjoyed the fact that hardly anyone was about as I drove into our neighborhood, eagerly anticipating the end of an unusually tiresome day. Mina had better be prepared to pick up the kids herself later this evening, I thought to myself. Her youthful, almost childish nature had been what first attracted me to her when we were students ourselves. Likewise, my contrasting seriousness and calm silence had been what she liked most about me. Now however it seemed her carefree nonchalance might take its toll on my otherwise stoic resolve. It almost seemed as though today she deliberately wanted to test my patience. Was she playing some sort of game? Taking some sort of impish pleasure in my silent endurance? A girl can only take so much. These thoughts were running through my head as I pulled into the drive of our modest but charming suburban home.

As I opened the front door, grocery bags in each hand, I immediately caught the scent of ginger and vanilla in the air. The subtle sweetness mingling with acidic sharpness was a beautiful combination. I removed my sweater and shoes and went into the kitchen. Baking ingredients and used utensils were strewn about the kitchen counter, and something that smelled delicious was baking in the oven as I went to restock the refrigerator.

A pair of arms wrapped around my waist from behind, and I felt Mina nuzzle her face against the back of my neck, her warm breath sending a shiver through my body.

‘Are you mad at me?’ she whispered softly into my skin,

‘Wh…’ I started Anadolu Yakası Escort to say,

‘Shhhhhh’, she stopped me, ‘I’m going to make it up to you. Don’t say anything.’

I turned around about to speak but my words caught in my throat. She was completely naked. Her golden skin looked smooth and creamy in the soft light streaming in through the kitchen window, her black wavy hair shrouding her forehead and shoulders. Her beautifully rounded breasts were resting on her now folded arms, dark nipples erect. There was laughter in her warm brown eyes, and a wicked smirk that made my imagination run wild.

‘Ok’, was all I could manage to say.

‘Good’, she dropped to her knees right there and began undoing my pants, ‘take off your top and bra.’

I did as I was told, mesmerized by the moment, and feelings of anticipation as they welled up warm and tingly in the center of my body. Her dexterous hands and a few quick pulls suddenly had me out of my pants and underwear. My pale skin was exposed to the warm indoor air, and I brushed my straight brown hair from my face to see her kneeling with her face mere inches from my groin. I imagined she could feel the heat radiating from me. I drew in a sharp breath as she quickly laid a kiss tantalizingly close to my vagina, her soft, full lips lingering sensuously before pulling away. She looked up at me with those twinkling eyes, opened her mouth slightly and moved in towards me again. She was so close I could feel her breath hot between my legs. I waited with my eyes closed for the sensation of the inevitable intimate contact. She stopped and pulled her mouth back without touching me. She laughed at the confusion in my eyes as she stood up to press her body fully against mine. Her arms went around my neck and she slowly began to kiss me fully on the mouth, her tongue dancing against my parted lips.

Mina looked at me with those deep, smoky dark eyes, ‘Sarah, we don’t need to hurry. We have the house to ourselves for a few hours, and I’ve needed this for weeks. I know you have too. I don’t just want to fuck, I want to make love to you.’ As I started to speak she cut me off again, ‘you’re not supposed to say anything, remember?’

She took me by the hand and led me up the stairs to our bedroom. The caramel bed covers and plush golden carpet gave the room a warm, comfortable feel and I resigned myself to enjoy Mina’s control in obediently mute submission. After all I was the silent one and she the bubbly romantic. After this Anadolu Yakası Escort Bayan difficult week of long days at work, and the stress of looking after the children I longed to be with Mina like this, allowing myself to be free of responsibility and having her melt my worries away with her loving touch. So I was surprised when instead of leading me to the bed she led me straight into the bathroom.

I could smell vanilla again, and could only assume it was from the candles which covered every flat surface. There were rose petals on the floor, and it was already warm in here. Mina had really thought this through. My desire for her intensified as I realized how much she had anticipated this. She led me to the white tub which was half filled with warm water, and got in first, beckoning to me to join her. She sat to one side, and pulled me so I was sitting between her legs, my back pressed against front. Her body felt warm and wet. Her hands caressed my shoulders down my arms to my waist, pausing there for a moment before coming back up towards my breasts. She gently held them in both hands, slowly applying pressure and massaging them, squeezing gently. I felt her lips upon my neck, her tongue tracing a line up from my shoulder to my ear as her fingers started kneading my hard nipples. A low moan escaped me, because her touch on my breasts and my ear was causing a throbbing sensation in another part of me. The stress of the day seemed to fade away, replaced by a hunger, a space that wanted more of Mina, was ravenous for her fingers, her tongue, her lips, her vagina, every part of her.

I reached out and touched her legs, rubbing up and down the length of her golden creaminess. I could feel how hot her pussy was against my ass. I reached carefully behind myself, following her thighs to her groin, half expecting her to object. I took her silence as an invitation, and cupped her whole vagina with one hand, just holding it there not rubbing or moving for a few seconds. Mina’s breaths came slower and deeper now, and she held me tighter to herself. I began an up and down motion with my hand, using my palm to rub her in small circles. I felt her body tense with pleasure and she buried her face in my shoulder, moaning her pleasure. I moved my hand a little faster, I could feel her clitoris’ hardness and that aroused me even more, knowing how much she was enjoying this. I began to use three fingers, rubbing the most sensitive part of her, still gently but more firmly. Her body began to tremble and Escort Anadolu Yakası her moans became louder and louder until she was almost crying out. She pushed against my hand, panting loudly to catch her breath as she arched her back from the intensity of her pleasure. She reached down and caught my hand, signaling that she needed a moment. She reached around to give me a deep, long, passionate kiss.

‘Your turn’, she breathed, ‘I want to do you from behind’.

I leaned onto the other side of the tub, resting my arms on the flat tiled surface, arching my back. She could easily reach both my ass and my pussy and she knew I loved it like this. She played with my ass cheeks, rubbing both all around with her hands, gently raking them with her fingers. She squeezed them hard, making me gasp from the sudden hard sensation. Before I could recover from that move, she buried her face in my butt, lashing her tongue against my clit in light but quick circles. Her sudden assault had me gasping and moaning, swaying my hips, rubbing my groin all over her mouth. She took the upper part of my pussy into her mouth and began to suck, massaging me with her tongue. She found an irresistible rhythm with an up and down motion, licking me harder as I grew closer and closer to my climax. I felt the liquid molten heat building, spreading through my body, I was close. She stopped licking.

I looked over my shoulder to plead with her to keep going when I felt her face higher up my ass. Her mouth was over my asshole, licking, stroking, tasting on and all around it. The shock from having her switch so suddenly temporarily slowed my intensifying pleasure. Then I felt her fingers in my pussy as her thumb rubbed my clit, and her tongue began to press harder, pushing into my ass. Her face pushing into such a private part of me while her fingers penetrated and rubbed the other harder and faster, was almost too much to bear. Long past moans I began crying out, nearly screaming as an overwhelming orgasm broke all over me. I trembled and shook as I came in Mina’s face and against her hand, hips still thrusting. Even after she took her hand away my whole body spasmed with her face still buried in my backside. When I could find my legs I turned around and took Mina in my arms, kissing her hard and holding her tightly to myself. After a few moments, I relaxed my grip and we continued making out, naked in the tub for a while longer, Mina half lying on me, both stroking each other’s bodies in the aftermath of our passion.

We dried each other off and went to the bed. I held her in my arms as we prepared to sleep.


‘Yes, honey?’

‘Sometime next week I want you to surprise me.’

‘You got it. I love you Mina.’

‘I love you too’

We continued to lie in each other’s arms for a long while, then Mina said a little timidly, ‘Who’s going after the kids?’

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