An Older Woman Pt. 03An Older Woman Pt. 03


If you skipped the first section of this story, there may be one or two areas in Part 3 that are unclear. For this reason I would urge you to read Parts 1 and 2 first (at only 2680 words, it really doesn’t take long).


An Older Woman: Part 3 – Another chance:

It wasn’t until the following Monday that I got a text message from Barbara inviting me to call again. She said she had the Tuesday afternoon and evening free and as her husband was working away, would I like to come for an evening meal. She said if I like cooking I could help her to prepare it. I was thrilled.

In her message she explained that she hadn’t been able to let me know sooner, as she’d only just found out he would be working away. She asked me to bring some more of my work for her to look at, so it looked as if we might have all afternoon and evening together.

I was so excited.
I was just getting ready to leave after lunch on the Tuesday when I had another message asking me to come later. I honestly thought, ‘She’s going to put me off again’. I felt so down I almost told her I wasn’t coming, but then I thought ‘That would just be stupid’. I didn’t know what made her change the plan; it could have been anything. Anyway, I got there about 5pm, fully expecting to be sent home again with nothing happening between us.

I had decided to be a bit less subtle this time (less subtle? – Ha! That’s a joke). I wore a fairly short black wrap-around skirt (my favourite, because it comes off easily), and a white slightly transparent blouse. It was a snug fit and showed off my petite figure nicely, and I knew that as I moved, the nipples on my unfettered breasts would trace enticing little patterns in the semi-transparent material. I also had a cute pair of frilly lace panties that were just visible when I sat down (if I sat carefully enough).

I had plaited my hair in my favourite pigtails with black ribbons in bows at the ends, and I had splashed out on a new bottle of Givenchy Organza perfume (it’s quite heady and great for getting you noticed, especially when out on the pull). I got it for half price at one of the discount perfume shops in town. It was still 24 pounds but well worth it 🙂

When I arrived, Barbara was wearing a lovely slinky black dress that hugged her figure and showed just enough cleavage to be interesting but not slutty. Her hair was done the same way as it was when I had first met her. ‘Maybe she always has it that way’ I thought. Whatever the case, she looked gorgeous.

She was already preparing the food. She invited me into the kitchen and I helped a bit, but it was only a token gesture. She had almost finished by the time I got there. She had a prepared a casserole for us, which we ate while talking. We sat opposite each other at the table and I know this time she was looking at my breasts; several times I caught her looking away but I didn’t say anything; I just smiled.

After dinner we sat at the table and we talked for a while. She never explained why she had wanted me to come later, and I thought it rude to ask; I was just happy to be there. She asked about my course again. A few of the things I mentioned she acknowledged, seeming to show an interest in things I had already told her about before, so I don’t think she had really been paying attention the first time, but I didn’t challenge her. That would have made things very awkward.

She asked to see my notes again, and as I had left my bag in the lounge, I offered to go and fetch them. “I’ll come in there with you,” she told me. “We can leave the pots for Ron.”

“Ron?” I said, wondering who this guy Ron might be. ‘I hope she hasn’t got me here under a false pretence’, I thought to myself. ‘Maybe she wants to watch some guy shagging me’.

“Later Ron,” she said. “Sorry. I’m not very good at jokes,” but I laughed anyway, quite relieved. I thought it was clever, and I’d never heard it before.

We went into the lounge and this time she sat beside me on the sofa. I pulled out my work folder to show her again, opening it at a recent short essay I had written. I had made a point of having filed a very soft erotic piece as the next work, describing one of my liaisons with my current best friend and lover, Jane.

Anyway, of course when she had finished the ‘sample’ essay I pretended not to notice as she turned to the next work, which was the ‘planted’ erotic story, and she started to read that while I nonchalantly checked my phone. I gave her about a minute; enough time to read the first few paragraphs, before I looked up and ‘realised to my horror’ that she was reading the erotic account of my lesbian sex session with Jane.

I quickly made a grab for the folder ‘to hide it from her’, but she snatched it away, clinging to it and looking at me in astonishment. She asked if any of it was true. I gave her a well practiced bashful look and I told her “Some of it.” She said that I shouldn’t be ashamed of my sexuality. Barbara is clearly such a kind, loving woman, and she made me feel really comfortable and good about myself, Ümraniye Escort even though I had intentionally created the situation. She smiled warmly, and I couldn’t help feeling relaxed as I ‘nervously’ smiled back (I really should be an actress).

Suddenly, without warning she grabbed my face with both hands and kissed me full on the mouth, only for about half a second, then just as quickly she let go and apologised.

“Oh! I’m so sorry. I don’t know what came over me,” she said, looking abashed.

I just sat there and smiled. “Why?” I asked her.

“I couldn’t help it,” she told me, clearly embarrassed.

“No! I mean, why apologise?” I asked. She admitted to me that she had wanted to kiss me last time but she didn’t want to scare me. I told her I wished she had done.

She looked at me for what seemed like half a minute. I just waited for her to make a move. She was so gentle. She leaned in uncertainly: almost nervously, cupped my face, and kissed me softly on the lips. This time I opened my mouth slightly. As soon as she could see that I wasn’t going to pull away she hugged me and began kissing me so passionately. I slid my arms around her neck and leaned back as her hand found my breast. She began unfastening my blouse and I moved my hand up and gave her breast a squeeze, so full and firm.

Soon the front of my blouse was undone and her hand was inside. My body is very petite so I never need to wear a bra, and my nipple quickly began to stiffen and nuzzle into her palm, and she squeezed it gently. She was kissing my mouth, then my face, my neck and bare shoulder, and I could feel myself getting wet. I thought she was going to strip me and fuck me right there on the sofa, but just as suddenly as it had begun, she stopped.

“What do you want from me Macey?” she asked. She put her hand to her face, looking confused.

“You offered to help me with my English project work,” I told her honestly, trying to look innocent.

“No… Well… Yes, I know I did,” she replied, “but that’s not why you came here is it. What do you really want from me?”

I reached out to touch her cheek with the back of my fingers and she looked back at me, puzzled, as I stroked her hair and the side of her neck. “What I’d like is to mess up your hair,” I half whispered, with a wicked little smile.

We just sat there for a moment and I wondered, ‘What are you thinking?’, before she asked, “Are you sure you really want to do this?”

“I’ve never been more sure of anything,” I whispered, my voice sounding inexplicably cracked.

“I’m old enough to be your mother,” she told me, “older in fact.”

“Sometimes I wish my mam could have kissed me like that,” I told her. “You make me feel so good. Why didn’t you kiss me last time?” I asked. “What was the problem?”

“You were wearing the same perfume as your mum. It just make me think of her too much.” ‘How stupid of me!’ I thought. ‘I had only pinched some of mam’s perfume so I would appear more sophisticated, and all it did was to put her off’.

“There is something else,” she told me.

“What?” I asked, bemused.

“Well… It’s the pigtails,” she said, sounding reluctant to tell me.

“Don’t you like them?” I asked her, smiling broadly and wide eyed as I gripped the ends and pulled alternately on them, making my head rock from side to side like a little doll.

“They’re very sweet,” she said. “Probably too sweet,” she added with a smile. “They just make you look like a little girl.”

“I thought you’d like that,” I told her, pouting excessively and fluttering my eyelids at her. I was really playing this.

“I do, but… You’re so very small.” she added, “With the pigtails too, it just makes you look too young. If I hadn’t been invited to your 18th birthday celebration I would have thought you were no more than about 14 or 15.”

“Oh, I said, my tone unmistakably disappointed. Why didn’t you come?” I asked, as I untied the ribbons.

“I didn’t know you then, she said, helping me to tease the plaits out of my hair.

“Pity,” I told her, shaking my hair loose and thinking, ‘I had another celebration a few days later that I wish you had been at too’. Perhaps it was just as well she wasn’t there though. I can just imagine what Jane would have done with her. I would have been watching in envy.

“That’s better,” she said kindly. “Now you look more like a grown-up,” she teased as she fluffed my hair up and stroked it around my face, then held my head gently as she kissed me softly on the lips again.

Hardly another word was spoken. She stood, took my hand and led me upstairs to the bedroom, my blouse still open. As she sat me beside her on the foot of her marital bed she kissed me again. We were still kissing as her hand slid up to grip my breast once more. She fondled it and squeezed the nipple gently, still kissing, then opening the front to expose me, looking for all the world as if she’d never seen what a bare breasted girl looked like.

She was Ümraniye Escort Bayan undressing me, but it wasn’t hurried; it wasn’t crazy or lustful or urgent, it was so sweet and gentle, almost hesitant.

As I sat there beside her, one hand slid around my waist and caressed my lower back, her fingertips tracing the groove of my spine slowly upward inside my open blouse as her kiss engulfed me. Her other hand reached up to hold my face against hers as her tongue entered my mouth. Her hand reached around my neck then up behind my head as her tongue began probing my willing mouth. I began sucking her tongue erotically, meeting her tongue with mine as I moaned softly.

I’ve seen so many movie clips of Japanese girls and young women kissing, and I love the beautiful sounds they make. They’re so submissive; so erotic, and they excite me, so I thought I would try for myself, to see if it had the same effect on Barbara. It did. She seemed inspired by it. Her hand slid down over my neck and she slipped the open blouse off one shoulder, kissing the bare skin, then reaching around behind me her other hand still squeezing my breast as she slipped the blouse off the other shoulder, letting it fall silently on the bed behind me.

“What are you going to do to me?” I asked, trying to sound as innocent as I could.

“I really don’t know,” came the honest reply. “I’ve never done anything like this before.”

She looked down at my pert little breasts and caressed them with both hands. “Well, you’re not doing too badly so far,” I smiled. “Just do for me what you would like me to do for you,” I whispered softly.

She bowed her head down and kissed one firm little breast gently, curling the tip of her tongue around the stiffening nipple. “Ooohh… that feels so nice,” I whispered. She began suckling on it, tugging at the pert nipple, and I moaned like one of those passive, subservient little Japanese girls that I so loved to watch being seduced on screen.

“I don’t know what to do,” she repeated.

“Just do what you want,” I told her.

“I don’t know how to please you.”

I sighed. “Do you have any idea how wet I am?” I asked her.

“No, she said, sounding as if she thought there was something wrong with that. I took her hand and guided it between my thighs as I parted my legs, pressing her fingers against the sopping wet gusset of my panties.

“Oh!” she said softly. “Oh!” She looked surprised.

I moved her hand up and slid her fingers inside the elastic waist band, parting my legs as I made her reach down to the bald, shaved labia. “Now do you know?” I asked.

“I… I…” she began, but I stopped her.

“Play with me,” I breathed. “Tease me.”

She pushed me back gently until I lay on my back and she began to kiss and suck gently on one breast then the other, as her fingers teased my labia and began to ease into me. “I’m really not sure about this,” she told me, stopping again. “I’ve never done anything like this,” she admitted.

“Maybe I should drive then,” I suggested with a smile. I sat up and pulled gently on the bow at her side, releasing the tie around her waist, and letting the gown fall open. It was one of those dresses with built-in bra cups so, as the front of the gown fell open, it released one beautiful full breast. I slid a hand inside and cupped her, marvelling at the warmth of her body as I manually replaced the support that the dress was no longer providing, and she gasped slightly.

“Do you like that?” I asked.

“It feels strange,” she said.

“Strange? In what way?”

“Well, I can’t say I don’t like it,” she explained. “It’s been so long since anyone did anything like that with me,” she sighed, “but I never imagined having another woman do it to me… and certainly not someone younger than my own daughter.”

I smiled. “But you do like it?” I asked, rubbing my thumb against the bobble of her nipple and rolling it gently. It already felt quite firm and it became even stiffer very quickly.

“Oh God,” she moaned softly.

“That’s all I needed to know,” I told her with a smile. I pulled the front of her gown open slowly and she tried to cover herself with one arm. “Come on now,” I cautioned her. “You have me stripped to the waist. Fair’s fair.”

“I’m embarrassed,” she complained, looking bashful as she coloured up.

“Don’t worry,” I said smiling. “It’s not like it’s something I haven’t seen before,” I told her with a wry grin.

“You haven’t seen ‘me’ before,” she objected.

“More’s the pity,” I told her, coaxing her hand away to reveal a surprisingly firm and self-supporting breast. She was just the perfect size, I guessed a generous ‘C’ cup, with very little sag considering her age. She was more firm than a lot of girls of my age, and the nipple was smooth and light brown. It looked so inviting.

“Let’s just play with each other for a while,” I suggested, pulling the other side of her gown away to reveal my new plaything’s twin sister. I reached Escort Ümraniye forward to fondle the delightful pair, one in each hand, teasing the nipples with my thumbs as she closed her eyes in delight.

“Kiss me,” I sighed, leaning forward. She accepted my kiss for a moment, then pulled away. “What’s wrong?” I asked.

“You’re so much younger than I am,” she said. “It doesn’t feel right… you teaching me,” she told me.

I gave them a gentle tweak. “Does that feel nice?” I asked.

“Oh my God Macey,” she moaned, closing her eyes again.

“I’ll take that as a ‘Yes’,” I said with a smirk.

“But it doesn’t ‘feel’ right,” she repeated.

“Shut up and kiss me,” I told her, moving my face up to hers. She opened her mouth and accepted my kiss, allowing me to push my tongue in as she sucked on it gently. “I want to eat you,” I told her, pushing her back on the bed. I swung my leg over and sat astride her tummy as I opened the dress wide, taking both breasts in my hands, rolling them around and kneading them firmly.

“Oh God Macey,” she moaned again.

“What is it my love?” I asked softly.

“Nothing. Just don’t stop.”

“I can assure you I have no intention of stopping now,” I told her, smiling down at her beautiful body.

“How many times have you done this?” she asked.

“Why? Do you think I need more practice?” I laughed, bending down to lick one.

“Oh no. Definitely not,” she said, “but you can practice on me anytime you want if you think it would help,” she giggled.

“Oh, you bad, bad woman,” I told her, laughing. “Just for that I think I’ll punish you,” I said, tweaking her nipples more firmly.

“Oh no, she said softly, feigning her ladylike distress by placing the back of her hand over her forehead and turning her head to one side. As she did so, she exposed her bare shaved underarm for the first time, exciting me more than she could have possibly imagined, but it was far too early to reveal my weird fetish about where I liked to lick my lovers. At the same time the tendon on her neck pulled up into that delicious ridge of flesh that I loved, and it looked so inviting I simply couldn’t resist. I reached down and kissed her neck, giving the ridge a gentle bite.” Oh God,” she cried again. “Please Macey. I can’t stand it.”

“What can’t you stand my love?” I teased, my lips moving downward across her throat toward those wonderfully full, firm breasts. I shuffled down until my bottom was nestled on the top of her thighs and I took one full breast in my mouth, pinching the nipple between my lips as I squeezed it in my hand.

“That,” she moaned. “I can’t stand that.”

“Pity,” I told her, “because I’ve only just started.” I began to suck on the big, swollen nipple, pulling it up and stretching it, then letting it plop back as I released it, making her cry out softly as the mammaric flesh wobbled and jiggled like a big round blancmange. I did the same with the other one, delighting in her cries of pleasure as I teased and tormented her, first one then the other, over and over again. They looked good enough to eat.

“Stop. Please stop,” she moaned.

“Why? Don’t you like it?” I asked, pouting and looking hurt.

“Of course I like it, you silly girl. I love it, but I can’t stand it.”

“Oh, that’s a shame,” I told her, “because I’m going to do this until you beg me to eat you,” I added, suckling hard on one stiff nipple.

“Oh no,” she moaned. “Oh no. How many times have you done this before?” she asked.

“It’s rude to ask a lady personal questions like that,” I told her. “Just close your eyes and enjoy it.”

“Where did you learn to do this?” she asked.

“I used to be a baby,” I told her with a wicked little laugh.

“Oh my God… it feels so good,” she moaned softly.

“Wait ’til I get you downstairs,” I told her.

“What? Why do you want to go downstairs?”

“I don’t mean downstairs in the lounge or the kitchen,” I told her. “I mean ‘this’ downstairs,” I added, stroking her muff through her panties.

“Oh…” she moaned, sounding slightly nervous.

“Just relax and enjoy it,” I whispered. “Stop talking. Just relax. Let me give you what I’ve longed to do for so long.”

“You longed for me?” She sounded surprised.

“You’re so beautiful. How could I not want you?” I said softly, kissing my way downward over her smooth flat tummy.

“Oh no… Please no,” she moaned.

“I do wish you’d stop saying that,” I told her, “and I hope you’re paying attention my love, because there will be a practical test on this afterwards,” I joked.

“A test?” she echoed, giving me a quizzical look.

“Of course. You can do this for me when it’s your turn.”

“My turn?”

“Shhh…” I said softly, raising a finger to my lips.

I shuffled down further and pulled the rest of her dress open to reveal a pair of beautiful pink lace panties adorning her slim hips, a dark damp patch obscuring a light bush of golden hair from view. I slid down off the end of the bed and knelt on the floor at her feet, kissing her knees as I coaxed them gently apart. The skin of her thighs was pale and creamy, with hardly any sign of cellulite, and I began to kiss the soft flesh, starting from the inside of her knees and working my way upward, very, very slowly.

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