An Embarassing AfternoonAn Embarassing Afternoon


My loving Mistress, Annie, occasionally gives me a special present. She knows that I love being embarrassed or humiliated, and she arranges a special afternoon dedicated to my pleasure. Of course, she loves watching me being embarrassed and says that the red color of my deep blushes is her favorite color. We had been shopping, I needed some panties, and after a visit to Victoria’s Secret we entered Bloomies for a snack. What she did to me in VS is another story I may tell some time. Let’s just say I had a good time, and my thong almanbahis şikayet was still damp from the excitement I had experienced. Mistress also had several chances to see her favorite color. We each had soup and a salad and we were sitting with our coffee, chatting. I started to get out of my chair and Mistress asked where I was going. I said that I had to visit the ladies room. This usually isn’t a problem, but with a gleam in her eye, Mistress told me to sit down. I started to protest, but I could see that almanbahis canlı casino she had something in her mind and I was going to be a part of it. Always a dutiful sub, I sat back down, immediately. We continued chatting, as I sat there squirming slightly, I really had to go. Mistress ignored all the signs and continued with a story she had been telling me. After about five minutes I asked politely for permission to visit the ladies room. Mistress looked at me and with a polite smile said, “No, stay seated.” almanbahis casino Of course I obeyed, but the need to pee was getting more intense. I wriggled around on the chair, trying to get comfortable, but I had no success. I had to pee and there was no escaping it. I knew that if I messed up my clothes any further, or left anything on the chair when we left, I would be in real trouble. Mistress isn’t mean or cruel, but occasionally she likes to see me in real distress. If I did something that I knew she didn’t want, I wouldn’t put it past her to lay me over her legs, right here in Bloomies, lift my skirt and spank my thong covered bottom. I continued to sit and squirm. I had to go so badly it was actually giving me a sexual thrill, about which I am sure Mistress was aware.

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