An Affair StartsAn Affair Starts


Lunch was nothing fabulous, just a few deli sandwiches, some soft drinks, and a beautiful view of the river. An ordinary pair of friends chatting about the past and their current problems in life. From the outside, everything looked as plain and simple as elementary math, but the sum was not what it seemed to be. Eric and Dawn had met through a mutual friend a few years prior, and a torrid, but brief affair had ensued. Problems had arisen as both were married, but not to each other. As time passed, they had become friends, corresponding via the internet, phone calls, the post, and the occasional face to face meeting. Both of them were always careful to be cordial and polite while in public, but yearned for a second chance to be more than just friends.

Lunch was over, and as they left the river side diner, they both smiled, being able to spend time together, share some food, and hoping and wanting to share more, but unable to tell each other. Eric was getting impatient with himself for not telling Dawn about how he felt, and was trying to muster the courage to say so when Dawn said exactly what he had wanted to say for almost two years. “I really do miss seeing you, and wouldn’t mind seeing more of you…if you know what I mean.” Dawn’s statement dropped Eric like a ton of bricks, but he quickly recovered, and started to figure out how it would work without either of their spouses finding out. The idea passed out of his mind the second Dawn kissed him. Her kiss was like a fine velvet pouch, lined with the most exotic silk, and given freely to Eric.

His emotions and passions overtook all of his logical thinking, and made him do as Dawn was implying. Driving to a small motel on the outskirts of town, Eric and Dawn checked into a room with one thought on their minds, and knowingly set about to cause each others emotions to explode in ecstasy, not caring of the consequences. After closing and locking the door, Eric made sure the curtains were closed tightly, as he wanted no one else to see what he would. Dawn removed her light jacket as Eric locked the door, and watched bursa escort as he checked the curtains, knowing that Eric would do most anything she wanted him to, and maybe even some things she wasn’t ready for, but her thoughts of pure lust clouded her mind to a point, as she knew they clouded his as well.

Eric walked up to her, gently placing both of his hands on either side of her head, bending down, he gave her a simple kiss, ever so lightly on her left cheek, pulling back to see her reaction, and then kissing her cheek again, but this time, he did not pull back. He moved up slightly, nipping at her earlobe, and running his tongue along the outside edge of her ear. Dawn could feel her body starting to heat up, and could feel his beginning to boil as well. Dawn brought her arms up, positioning her hands in a similar fashion and started to kiss back, in a very soft, silky way, becoming more and more intense as time passed. Eric slid his hands down her body, stopping at her hips, pulling her closer, using his hands as a vise, a gesture not needed, as Dawn was eager to get closer to him.

While kissing, Eric slipped off his shoes, Dawn following suit, keeping each other’s lips in extreme proximity. Eric moved his hands to the back of Dawn’s mid-thigh skirt, rubbing her ass briefly through the material, then slowly unzipped the skirt, allowing it to fall to the floor, floating gently from her body, crashing without a sound at her feet.

He proceeded to rub and caress each of her ass cheeks, feeling the smoothness that each cheek provided. Dawn was only too happy with the course of events, and reaching down, she undid Eric’s belt. and unsnapped his slacks, listening to them plummet from his waist to the carpet below. The temperature of the room was beginning to increase, but wasn’t noticed by either of them. Eric slowly stood back, allowing himself to step out of his pants, and some room to remove Dawn’s blouse. He unbuttoned her top slowly, gently pushing the fabric open each time a button was undone, revealing a black lace bra, barely able to contain her ample cleavage. bursa escort bayan Slowly removing the blouse from her body left Dawn in only her bra, a matching thong, and an inviting smile, an invitation to her most private assets. Eric unbuttoned his shirt, removing it, leaving him in his simple blue briefs. Eric led Dawn to the queen sized bed, having Dawn lie down, so he could make love not to her, but to her entire body.

Eric started by massaging and sucking Dawn’s toes, something she had never experienced, and something that became an instant turn-on for her. Eric traced his fingers along the length of her legs, massaging her knees, and giving light kisses to the back of Dawn’s knees, lighting another fire with in her. Crawling between her legs on the bed, Eric slipped a finger between her thong and creamy skin, and deftly removed her thong in a quick motion, revealing a moist area ready for attention. Eric lowered his head, and began to encircle her navel with his tongue, caressing her firm belly, and feeling her muscles taught with anticipation. His hand disappeared from her sight, and instantly she knew where it was as he started to lightly rub the outer lips of her vagina.

He moved his finger in an up and down motion, pressing a little bit harder with each pass. He pushed on her clit, and slowly inserted his index finger, finding no resistance, probing for a hot spot inside of her, always seeming to find one, causing Dawn to moan and whimper in pure delight. As Eric continued to finger Dawn, he reached up with his free hand, and unsnapped her lacy bra, allowing it to fall away, exposing Dawn’s breasts. He cupped a breast in his free hand, and positioned himself so that he could lick her nipples, occasionally nibbling them, while still plunging his finger inside her now very wet love box. Eric removed his finger, letting Dawn lick it clean, as she enjoyed this, and started to kiss her again, this time with much more meaning and force. Dawn could tell that Eric was ready for something else, and she wanted it as well.

Eric sat up, and Dawn got escort bursa up, and started to massage Eric’s cock with firm, short strokes, making sure that he would be as hard as possible before entering her. Dawn also wanted to make sure that Eric was well lubricated, so bending over, she kissed the head of Eric’s cock, teasing it, and tasting a bit of his pre cum. Dawn slowly enveloped about a half of his cock, slowly moving it in and out of her mouth, tasting more and more of Eric, and getting faster in her rhythm as she went along. Sensing Eric’s readiness, Dawn lay back down, and Eric moved forward, guiding his rock hard shaft towards her cunt, and stopping only momentarily at the opening, before plunging his entire length in side of her.

The instant gratification was nearly unbearable, and both of them allowed there lust to take over. Eric started to pump Dawn, slowly at first, but quickening his pace as she bucked back against every thrust, feeling him strike bottom each time, feeling both the pleasure and the pain, and revelling in both. Eric grabbed her hips, and began to pump with everything he had, building himself into an eruption of lust. Dawn could feel herself building towards the threshold of release, and started to dig her nails into Eric’s back and moaning loudly with contentment. Eric started to groan along with Dawn, getting louder with each thrust, and more intense with each second. Eric felt his cock start to spasm as Dawn could feel the walls of her vagina contract, each of them cumming in unison, moaning and screaming together, constantly moving with each other, spending all of their emotions on each other.

Dawn started to come down from the high, and Eric felt as though he had run a marathon, but his gold medal was before him, and he would gladly run it anytime she wanted. As they separated from their embrace, Eric lay on his back, breathing heavily. Dawn snuggled beside him, holding him like it would be the only way to hold onto these memories. Eric was also wondering if they would ever have a chance like this again, to be free of all restraints in life, and only worry about the person you are with, and his answer was given to him when Dawn slowly rolled herself into an upright position beside him, and started to suck his cock, causing everything to start again…

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