Allen’s Sweet Surprise – Part Two: The Yummy ConclusionAllen’s Sweet Surprise – Part Two: The Yummy Conclusion


I felt a light tapping on my bottom.”Mmmm,” I said. It felt kinda good, this mysterious spanking.”You can open your eyes now,” said Allen. I opened my eyes and turned around.”Meet Kandi,” said Allen, blinking her lush eyelashes and smiling at me sweetly like a schoolgirl.Kandi had stunning electric blue hair and dazzling green eyes. She was sporting a pink polka dot skirt that showed off her long lean legs which ended in a pair of black spiked-heeled shoes. Her white blouse was unbuttoned Beşevler escort Bayan just enough to tease and in her hand she held a giant lollipop which she was using to spank my behind!”Kandi, you naughty little girl,” I said. “Why don’t you go lay down on that bed so I can explore what’s underneath that sexy outfit of yours?”Kandi did as she was told. Now that Allen was gone, I was in control.I shed my jogging pants and tee shirt which Çankaya escort looked shamefully shabby compared to Kandi’s stylish outfit.I climbed into the bed beside Kandi and ran my hands up and down her silky legs.”Oooh,” she moaned, glancing down at me. “Baby, that feels sooo good.” She was licking her lollipop like a little schoolgirl between her moans and her groans. “Kandi, you’re very sweet,” I said. I slid my hand beneath Kandi’s skirt Cebeci Escort and pulled it up over her thighs. “Oooh, Kandi,” I said when I saw the pink satin panties that covered her giant clit. “Very nice,” I said. Then naughty little Kandi pulled her clit out of her panties so I could see it.”You’re a slutty little thing,” I said. Kandi looked at me with those emerald green eyes and smiled her sweet little smile, twirling her long blue hair around her finger.”Yes,” she said and I watched the grin disappear from her mouth as I swirled my tongue around her pink clit.”Oooh….God,” she moaned. “Suck it harder!” So I sucked and I sucked and I sucked it.”Mmmm…oooh….” she cried. My pussy was feeling pretty good too but when I climbed on top of Kandi’s huge clit it felt much better.

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