A Summer of Slow Transition Ch. 05A Summer of Slow Transition Ch. 05


Ch. 5. A test for Pam and Bob and a party:

The following Wednesday Pam was at the grille getting ready to cook dinner for Bob and her. Charlie yelled over the fence to Pam, “Hey there lovely lady, getting ready to grille up some chow?” Pam turned to Charlie with that big smile of hers and said, “Oh, hi Charlie, would you like to join us, there’s plenty?”

“Thanks, but I don’t want to impose,” Charlie said.

“We’d love to have you join us, don’t be silly.”

Charlie opened the gate and walked towards Pam, admiring her youthful beauty and felt an instant tingling sensation in his balls. He stood beside Pam and put his arm around her waist and kissed her cheek. He then smiled at her and asked, “You had a good time this past weekend on the boat?” Pam instantly blushed and said, “It was fun. We all had a good time, as I remember.”

Charlie said, “You sure made Hank’s day. He told me all about what happened when you two were alone. So now the both of us have tasted you, in different ways. He told me that if he hadn’t shot his load jerking off to you earlier, he would have fucked you. He said you were ready and willing. Did you tell Bob what happened? I know you told him about us when you came over for coffee.”

“Hank told you?” Pam asked shockingly. “Bob told you I told him about you … and Hank too? I won’t say positively ‘No’, I was at a very vulnerable state with Hank, but I’m not sure I would’ve let him screw me if he had tried.”

“I’m glad Hank didn’t fuck you. I want my old cock to be the first … if you ever decide to have that happen, of course. Hank said he can’t remember the last time he felt so satisfied. Bob got real horny seeing Hank and me jerking off watching you and got even hornier when he told me about you telling him about you stroking my cock. You think he’d like watching you with me or Hank? Would you enjoy having him watch? You do know by now that Hank and I would both love fucking you.”

“I don’t know if Bob would want to watch something like that and I don’t know if I would want him to. I’m not even sure I would go that far with anyone else. I’ll admit that the thought of pleasing you or Hank like that excites me, I just don’t know. What I do know is that if I ever do anything like that, you would be the first.” Pam looked down shyly before she finished the sentence, as the last few words were said much softer and somewhat hesitantly.

Charlie’s cock was hard as a rock at just the thought and he said, “Glad to hear that. It has been such a long time and I can’t think of anyone I’d rather sink my old cock into. That would be so special and a dream come true. I need to sit down and hide this erection you gave me,” he said, as he took Pam’s hand and put it on his crotch. Pam felt his fat hard cock and immediately felt her pussy get even wetter than she already had been. Charlie moaned as Pam gave his cock a soft tender squeeze and proceeded to sit on a nearby lawn chair. Charlie looked at Pam and said, “If you want to find out whether Bob would enjoy watching, and you’d like being watched by him, we can always take some light liberties with each other today … as sort of an informational trial … nothing real heavy, just a little groping or fondling, you know. You don’t have to answer, I’ll just follow your lead.”

Bob came out of the house, a few minutes later, carrying the raw hamburgers and all the other necessities that Pam had not yet brought out and said, “Oh, Hi Charlie, didn’t know you were here with Pam.” Bob immediately noticed the large bulge in Charlie’s pants and knew that something had been going on, before he showed up. “You joining us for some food? Want a cold drink?”

Charlie said, “Yep, your lovely wife invited me to join you. If you have a cold beer I’ll take one, thanks.”

Bob thought to himself, “The horny old fuck is at it again.” He had noticed a strange look on Pam’s face when he first came out, but thought it was due to the heat and the sun. He now knew better. Bob went back into the house to get Charlie his beer and returned with the beer and two cokes for Pam and himself. He handed Pam hers and sat down next to Charlie, while Pam put the burgers on the grille. They both just sat there admiring Pam’s great ass.

Pam sat with the guys while the burgers were cooking and a conversation ensued about boating, fishing, and the water in general. Charlie asked if they wanted to go fishing again the weekend after next. Pam excitingly said, “Yes, of course. You’re not going out this weekend?” Charlie said that he would be spending time with his brother, Walter, and that Walter’s birthday was this coming weekend. He added that he lived alone and didn’t have any close friends still alive.

“Oh that’s so sad and so nice of you, Charlie. How old is he? Is he married? Does he have any kids?”

“My brother is going to be 70 and his wife died over 10 years ago. They never had kids either, like me and my wife. Walter kind of stays to himself now. I’m having him over Casibom on Saturday to kind of celebrate, so there’ll be no fishing this weekend.”

“We should have a little something for your brother this weekend,” said Pam.

“That’s a personal family moment, Pam. I’m sure Charlie and Walter want to enjoy each other alone,” said Bob.

Charlie piped up and said, “That’s a great idea, Pam, I just wouldn’t want to tie up your Saturday.”

“Don’t be silly Charlie, we don’t have anything special going on. We’d love to help you try and cheer up Walter, any way we can. It would be our pleasure, wouldn’t we Bob?”

“Yeah, if you think we might be able to help,” said Bob.

“I can’t think of anything that could cheer up Walter more than your lovely wife. She’s a glorious sight for any old man and her beauty might be just what the Doctor ordered for my otherwise lonesome brother. That would make Walter feel special, he’d enjoy it, I’m positive.” Charlie looked at Pam and gave her a knowing smile that wasn’t missed by Pam.

Pam got up to take the burgers off the grille and gave Charlie a curious look and thought she had a good idea what Charlie was implying.

They ate, had some laughs and just had a nice relaxing time while they digested their food. Bob got up and said to Pam, “You cooked, I’ll clean up. Keep Charlie entertained.”

Once Bob was in the house, Pam looked at Charlie and said, “I know what you were talking about when you said Walter would enjoy me, I’m not teasing your brother, so get that right out of your head. Besides, Bob would be right there.”

“I suspect Bob would enjoy it just as much as old Walter and you. There is a way to find out thought. I’m not suggesting you put on a show, just give him an occasional glimpse every now and then when the opportunity presents itself. See how things go and see the reactions you get from him. You may enjoy turning on a 70 year old man on his birthday, as much as you enjoy me and Hank. You’d be the best birthday gift anyone could give him. Just think about it.”

“Don’t plan on it and get your hopes up. It’s not going to happen.” Pam said sternly. What she didn’t let on was the fact that the thought of getting another old man excited, who was a virtual stranger, sent mini-electrical pulses throughout her body. “What is happening to me,” she thought. “That seed that Bob planted about giving pleasure to old, lonely men, has really made me look at things differently and find it very exciting thinking about giving them something they never thought they would see or get, ever again,” continuing to think to herself. She felt the wetness returning that she experienced earlier at the grille with Charlie.

Charlie said, “Well, I’ve got to get going. Thanks for the burgers and thank Bob too. Think about what I said and if Walter enjoys what you do, we can go fishing the following Saturday, just you, Bob, and me. Would you like that?”

“Just the three of us? Yes, I’d like that very much. Just don’t expect much from me with Walter. I’m just going to give him little glimpses, like you said. That’s if I decide to go along with your suggestion.” Obviously, she already had.

“Just glimpses, honey, we wouldn’t want Walter to get so worked up that he loses control. He doesn’t own a boat, but his boat is much bigger than mine, if you know what I mean.” Charlie started to get up from his chair.

Pam asked, in a sultry voice, “Do you need to leave right now?”, and placed he hand on his thigh, rubbing softly.

“No, not really. What did you have in mind?” Charlie asked, in excited anticipation.

“Come into the house with me.”

Pam went inside, with Charlie following, and said to Bob, “Charlie wants me to show off my body to his brother as a birthday present. Can you imagine?”

“Naked?” Bob asked, loudly.

“No silly! He said just some quick sexy glimpses, every so often. He said it would make Walter’s birthday party special.”

“Nothing wrong with a provocative mini-flash here and there. Hell, you’ve let both Charlie and Hank see your tits, and more. Shit, you even let them suck them. What’s one more old man? Besides, you enjoyed it just as much as they did.”

“I don’t know, Bob … This seems like it might be getting a little out of hand.”

“It’s up to you, your call. After everything that’s happened, I don’t mind one more old man looking at you in a sexual way. Whatever you decide is fine with me.”

Bob came out of the bathroom and was surprised to see Charlie sitting on the couch, wearing a coy smile.

“Oh, hi Charlie, I didn’t know you were here. Is everything alright?”

Pam sauntered to the couch and sat close to Charlie, and said, “That’s what we’re going to find out right now, once and for all. Sit down across from us, Bob.”

Pam looked at Charlie and smiled, then looked at Bob, in a very sexy way. She began, in a very sultry and confident voice, “Everything that has happened, thus far the past few months, Casibom Giriş has been at the urging of you. You’ve wanted me to become a much freer-spirited wife sexually. You suggested that me being naughty and doing different and naughty things, I might find that I would enjoy the whole process. Well, bringing Charlie into the equation, with the enormous age difference, is about as different and naughty as it could get, for me. I’ve discovered that everything that’s happened up to now, physically between Charlie, Hank, and myself has been extremely exhilarating and pleasurable. There are still a number of questions that have gone unanswered. Do you follow me so far?”

“Yeah, but I don’t know where this is going. We’ve talked about this with great candor and honesty. What needs to be still answered, and why now?” Bob asked, puzzled and a little nervous curiosity in his voice.

Pam, placing her hand on Charlie’s upper thigh, continued. “Well, you completely enjoy me giving you a detailed report of everything I’ve done with each, and what they’ve done to me, as I have. I saw how you were enjoying my gardening antics, that first day. I saw how much you enjoyed watching me visually having sex with Charlie and Hank, while they masturbated and ejaculated. None of which there was any physical contact. You don’t know if you’d enjoy actually watching one of them touching me sexually, and I don’t know if I would enjoy it just as much, if not more, if you were watching me being naughty sexually with them. I think we should have both of those answered before we go to Walter’s birthday party to allow me to feel comfortable and free to do as the spirit moves me, so as not to offend you or cause an undesirable and embarrassing scene, and to know what we really are or are not comfortable with moving forward. Does that make sense to you, or am I sounding completely ditsy and somewhat out of control?”

“I understand where you’re coming from, and you don’t sound ditsy or out of control. What do you think you might do to Walter at the party that you haven’t done in front of me already? Bob asked, somewhat excitedly.

Pam’s eyes lit up and a huge naughty smile came over her face. She looked at Charlie, who already had a visible hard-on, then looked at Bob, and said, “Would you enjoy seeing me do this?” She then reached over and grabbed Charlie’s cock and started stroking it, over his pants. “It’s so fat and hard. I love feeling and stoking it.” This went on for a few minutes while Pam made cooing sounds and Charlie had his eyes closed. Bob was surprised and getting a rapid and raging erection. “Hmm honey? Or if I did this?” She then got up and sat on Charlie’s ‘lap strategically and began gyrating seductively. “I love feeling this old, fat and hard cock between the cheeks of my ass. Would you like seeing him playing with my tits, Bob, while he dry fucks my ass?” She then took hold of Charlie’s hand and placed one on each of her tits and told him to make them feel good too. Bob was watching this scene and unconsciously grabbed his cock and started massaging it, over his pants. “You do like watching me and I like doing it in front of you sooo much. It feels so good I’m getting close to orgasm. Take your cock out Bob, I want to see how much this is enjoyable to you. Jerk off and let me make you cum.”

“Really?” Bob said, questioning.

“Yes, really. Hurry, I’m almost there.”

Charlie was humping in unison with Pam’s gyrations, while he continued to hungrily squeeze Pam’s tits.

Bob took out his cock and began masturbating.

“That’s it honey. Let me please the both of you at the same time. Ooh, I’m going to cum soon, baby. This is so fucking hot. You like this, honey?” Pam hungrily growled in utter lust.

Bob heard Charlie say, “Oh fuck, I’m gonna cum.” Pam said, “Yes Charlie, I want to make you feel good too.” Charlie’s cock was still in his pants.

Pam suddenly put her hand on her pussy, and yelled, “Oh yessss, I love being naughty. I’m going to cum right now!”

Bob was now rapidly jerking off and just as close to cumming as Pam and Charlie.

Charlie gave out a loud grunt as his legs stiffened. He moaned, “Oh, so good … cumming, cumming.”

Pam yelled, “I am cumming too, Charlie!”

Pam looked at Bob with the most lustful look he had ever seen on her and shot a huge load all over his shirt, pants, and the carpet.

Pam rolled off Charlie’s lap and just laid there, breathing heavily and contently.

Once Charlie semi-recovered, he leaned over towards Pam and whispered in her ear, “Now I know I’ll never be totally satisfied until we really fuck each other.”

Charlie started to get up and said, “It’s so fucking hot in here, I need to sit outside and recover, before I attempt the walk home.”

As he got up and staggered to the door, Bob noticed a huge wet spot in the front of Charlie’s pants. Charlie went out and sat on one of their lawn chairs, totally satiated.

With his cock still hanging Casibom Yeni Giriş out, Bob went to the bathroom and got a towel to clean up the floor and himself. He went to the kitchen sink to dampen the towel and saw Charlie slowly walking towards the gate. He was cleaning up the carpet when he heard rustling on the couch. He turned and saw Pam sitting and looking at him. He sat on the chair and put his cock back in his pats.

Pam, in a soft and contented voice said, “I guess we answered two of the questions. How do you feel about all these new goings on?”

Bob hesitated a moment, then replied, “I loved you before this, and I love you more after. I told you I was fine with wherever you took this and you were happy and enjoying it too. I meant it then, and am sure about it now.”

“I love you too, Bob. Make no mistake of that … EVER! I still don’t know if I would ever really fuck Charlie, but I know now, and am sure, that you’ve meant every word you’ve said. I know you’re okay with whatever happens now, in front of you or without you there to see it. You were right all along, doing naughty things is enjoyable to me, and I love knowing that I am pleasing old men and giving them something they never would experience again. There is something so outrageous about it that makes it so exciting to me. Thank you for helping me find that freedom. I love you so much.”

“Well, we’re all fucked out, so there is nothing else to do but take a nap and make plans for Walter’s birthday party. Care to join me?” Bob said, jocularly.

“Second best opportunity I’ve had today. Let’s go lay down for an hour or so.” Pam giggled with some relief in her voice, grabbed Bob by the arm and led him to the bedroom.

Around noon on Saturday the phone rang. Bob answered it and after a quick conversation, hung up.

“That was Charlie just telling us that Walter had arrived and for us not to bring any food. He said he was going to grille up some sea bass he had caught last week.”

Pam came out of the bedroom wearing a thin, yellow, low cut sun dress with just tiny white bikini panties and no bra. She looked exquisite, as always. She wore sun dresses a lot during the heat of summer, so Bob thought nothing of it. They got a bottle of wine from the fridge and Pam grabbed the birthday card she had bought for Walter. Bob looked at her quizzically and she simply said, “It’s Walter’s birthday, we can’t go over there empty handed.”

Bob said, “No bra today, and you’re about to meet a perfect stranger? I guess you really do enjoy tantalizing and horning up any old man. You’ve come a long way, honey.”

“Know that I know we both love this new freedom and I can get you horned up while I’m arousing some old lonely guy and myself, I do feel comfortable knowing all is okay and will be okay between us afterwards, yeah, it’s liberating and will really be fun with no guilt associated with it.”

They entered Charlie’s yard and he yelled out, “Well, there’s the frog and the lovely princess.” He took Pam’s hand and brought her to a very old looking man that resembled Charlie a little, who was sitting in a chair, Bob followed. Charlie positioned Pam right in front of Walter with the sun to her back and introduced the three. Charlie said, “This is my lovely young neighbor that I’ve told you so much about.”

Walter looked Pam up and down while the sunlight shined through her sundress, exposing a light silhouette of Pam’s youthful, perfectly shaped body. Walter paused and a broad smile suddenly appeared on his face as he put out his hand and said, “Very pleased to meet you.” Charlie leaned over and whispered, “See? I said you would make Walter happy. That dress is a nice touch, and no bra, wonderful, keep up the good work.” Pam just sucked her teeth, making a “tsk” sound and gave Charlie a wispy smile and said, “You know how I like to please.”

Pam turned back to Walter and handed him the envelope containing the birthday card. She leaned forward towards him, exposing a very nice amount of cleavage and said, “We’ve never met, but Bob and I couldn’t come to your birthday party without at least a card for you. Happy Birthday, Walter.”

Walter couldn’t take his eyes off of Pam’s tits. Her thin, light dress was almost transparent in the light, giving Walter a clear view of her nipples and areola, hidden by only a thin, transparent dress top. He took the card and said, “Thank you very much,” and put it on his already slightly bulging crotch in an attempt to hide his excitement; an excitement he hadn’t felt in over a decade.

Bob noticed how mesmerized Walther was with Pam, he just stuck out his hand and said, “By the way, I’m Bob, Pam’s husband. Nice to meet you and Happy Birthday.” Walter shook Bob’s hand and, uninterestingly said, “Thanks, nice meeting you too.” His eyes rapidly returning to Pam’s cleavage and nipples.

Bob thought to himself, “He obviously doesn’t give a fuck about associating with me, he’s too busy fucking my wife with his eyes, can’t say that I blame him though. I’ll just grab a beer and a seat.”

“You want a something cold to drink, honey?” Bob asked Pam. “Not right now, Bob, thanks. Maybe Walter does though.” Walter just shook his head, making a NO gesture.

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