A Night of Unconditional SubmissionA Night of Unconditional Submission


Summary: Fantasy of being a submissive slut comes true for 1 night.

NOTE 1: This is my 50th story to be released. With that in mind, I decided to do something a little special…I hope. Readers often ask if my stories are true. In almost all my stories there are just specks of the real me in them. Most are just naughty fantasies I wish I had the chance to live. This story is the first true story I am going to tell…well, mostly true….You can use your imagination to decide what is and isn’t true. It is a story that looks at my first love and our reunion, albeit very brief, three years after breaking up.

NOTE 2: A super special thanks to Estragon for his copy editing work.

NOTE 3: This is a Valentine’s Day 2012 contest entry, so please vote.

A Night of Unconditional Submission


Do you ever wish you could just go back in time and do things over, knowing all you know now?

Like wouldn’t it be sweet to get in your souped-up DeLorean and go back to your teens and early twenties and undo some of your past mistakes? Of course, you would…we all would. We were really fucking stupid back then, even though we thought we knew everything. Of course, I thought with the wrong head ninety-nine percent of the time and didn’t know a fucking thing about women. Shockingly, reading Maxim doesn’t give you the true insight you think it should.

Well, now in my mid-twenties I have learned many things, most completely irrelevant to this story. I won’t get into a big The World According to Mike (although it is sufficient to say that on its own it would make a riveting read). What I have learned that is relevant to this already meandering tale is that women are just as perverted and just as horny as we are. They just do a much better job of hiding it.

For example, when girls are alone together they can be just as foul- mouthed and sexually explicit as us men. Mind you, they do actually have other conversations as well, while men focus on sex, sports, cars and not getting sex. Men call that staying focused on the fundamentals.

So what is the point of all this rambling? Well, I recently bumped into my ex-fiancée, a woman I dated for seven years before we mutually, more me than her, broke it off. We agreed to meet for supper and catch up later that night and that got me reminiscing about our past.

Funny thing, reminiscing. We tend to remember only the good things and easily forget why we broke up in the first place. I remembered fondly her smile, the way she laughed, her long legs almost always in pantyhose or stockings, and that she was a pretty good little minx in the bedroom.

I recalled how she was rather shy and timid at first, each of us being virgins when we started dating in our senior year of high school. Truthfully, we dated for over a year before we went further than heavy petting and marathon make-out sessions. Christ, I was nineteen when I finally lost my virginity on her eighteen birthday. But like happens often in relationships, life got in the way.

When we were in the bedroom life was good, but that became less and less as time moved on. For all her great traits, her one major flaw drove me nuts. She was incredibly high strung and stressed about every little thing, which is the complete opposite to how I work. I always thought she would eventually change, for example, when she finished college and got a teaching job, but then the new stresses were lesson plans and marking papers. It was always something.

After graduating college, she got a teaching job three hours away, while I continued my schooling in medicine. Distance will always play havoc with a relationship, and ours was no different. We still saw each other every couple of weeks, but things were beginning to unravel. During the summer, I suggested we take some time off and she didn’t fight it. I got busy in my internship and screwing nurses, while she did whatever she did. I called this my slut phase as I refused to exclusively date anyone, instead choosing to play the field. It was during this time I learned that women were just as sexually devious as men. It was also during this experimental period that I realized Jasmine was submissive and I, being too nice a guy, had missed so many obvious signs in my inexperienced younger days.


Seeing Mike brought back every insecurity and unfinished feeling I had kept buried the past three years. Mike was my first love and although I had dated a couple of guys since then, none compared to him. He was funny, sexy, intelligent, well-mannered and great in bed. Also, and I am sure this is odd, his scent alone was a turn-on. When I moved away from him to teach, I actually took his pillow so I could still be close to his scent.

The thing was we never really broke up. We took a break and next thing you know one year becomes three and you are left wondering what happened and where the time has Demetevler Escort gone.

I had hoped he had turned into a fat slob or something, so that when the inevitable bump into each other occurred, I could clearly be the one who had moved on.

When I saw him in the hotel lobby, though, I realized it was me who never moved on. I still wore stockings or pantyhose almost every day, something I did originally because it was his fetish. Even odder, he insisted I only wear sheer, sandlefoot stockings as he wanted to clearly see my toes at all times, which I still wore. He was a leg and toe freak, and by pleasing him so long with this attire, I had become a stocking freak too.

Thus, it was ironic that when I bumped into him after all these years, I was in jeans, just having got off a three hour flight, the day before Valentine’s Day.

When I saw him,I flashed back to our lengthy relationship. He was my first serious boyfriend, and the boy I lost my virginity to. He was my first and only true love. Even now with other men, I compare them to him, although that’s so unfair.

At one point we were to be married. We even had our two childrens’ names picked out: Ethan and Savannah.

One last problem was we were both each other’s firsts and onlys. When I moved away to teach I began having doubts. Would he be the only one I ever was intimate with? The longer we were apart, the more curious I became. Plus, no matter how much I hinted that I needed to be told what to do, he never caught on. I realized he was too nice to treat me like the submissive slut I fantasized about. I myself didn’t understand it, but I craved being told what to do, to just let go and be submissive. It was the complete opposite of how I lived the rest of my life, where I had to be in control of everything. Things had to be perfect and structured. I needed order to be comfortable or I stressed out. I admit it, I am really high maintenance. That was probably why I craved the complete letting-go in the bedroom, but Mike never caught on to my many obvious hints.


Dating lots of women over the past three years, I learned a lot. One thing I learned is that often women in positions of power or authority often are very submissive in the bedroom. I wondered on occasion, when I thought about Jasmine, or watched any of the five different porn videos we made and I kept, if she was submissive. She didn’t fit the textbook definition in regard to her job, but in retrospect she definitely had some tendencies that had me wondering. When I was nineteen, such a concept wasn’t even on the radar, but now, many years and experiences later, it kind of makes sense. In retrospect, Jasmine gave me many hints that my younger ineptself never caught on to.

For example, she is still one of only two women to allow me to videotape some of our sexual encounters. Of course, all but one included a fair amount of wine, but still she willingly allowed me to tape her sucking my cock, fucking her trimmed but hairy pussy, and me going down on her. On top of that, she always wore pantyhose or stockings for me, when we went out, when we were driving on a trip and even at home when we were lounging around. No women since had been so accommodating to my stocking and foot fetish.

Lastly, I recall one nightcap particularly. We had broken up, like we often did, but this time she had begun seeing some other dude. It had only been a couple of weeks and I was pretty sure she hadn’t done anything too extreme with him yet. It was December in the middle of college finals, so she was pretty stressed out. Once finals were done, she headed home to spend the holidays with her father and three siblings. To Jasmine’s surprise, I was already at her dad’s house having coffee when she arrived. As expected, she had not yet told her dad about our break-up. Her father loved me and so I decided to try and win her back.

We never had a chance to talk all night, as we were kept busy with catching up and playing cards with her family like we always did. Once it was bedtime, Jasmine went to brush her teeth and I followed her in a few seconds later. Instantly, she asked why I was at her father’s house. I responded that her father had invited me, which was true, and that I really enjoyed spending time with her family, which was also true. This softened her heart because she came from a very poor family, but her father meant everything to her. I leaned in and whispered into her ear, her ear and neck being her weak spots, ‘You look good enough to eat.’ She allowed my hot breath to linger on her ear for a few seconds before pushing me away. She weakly reminded me she had a boyfriend and I shrugged and said ‘So you do.’ I brushed my teeth, but was confident she would be mine again soon. We had never slept in the same room at her father’s house out of respect to him, so I had to wait till the next day to test my theory. In the morning, during breakfast I mentioned I Dikmen Escort would be going home early tomorrow morning to make it in time to see my parent’s on Christmas Eve, a family tradition. As I anticipated, Jasmine was surprised that I was leaving so soon. Knowing she hadn’t told her dad about our breakup, I made sure to kiss her, hug her and hold her hand in front of her family. I could tell she was wavering by the look in her eyes and the fact that she took my hand when we and her younger siblings went for a walk. It was just a habit, but still it was obvious her body was taking control of her conscience. That night, at bedtime, we again ended up in the bathroom and this time I took the risk. Once the door was closed and locked, I pushed her down onto her knees and unbuckled my jeans. As expected, she pulled out my seven inch hard as a rock cock and took it in her mouth. Now usually she was tentative when sucking my cock and only did it long enough to get me primed to fuck her. But this time she bobbed up and down eagerly like a little slut. The fact that it had been a couple of weeks since I last shot a load and the thrill of her submissive attitude as she gobbled me whole had me boiling in only a couple of minutes. I warned her I was going to come, because she hated swallowing my cum, and much to my surprise she kept going and allowed me to spray my seed into her mouth. Some hit her cheek and the floor, but the sight of her being a cock hungry slut was really hot. I pulled her up, unbuckled her jeans and fingered her. I explained that she was mine and she was to get rid of this other guy. She whimpered in agreement as my finger pleased her. I nibbled on her ear, hard enough to leave a small mark and teased her that the mark was a symbol of whose girl she was. When I knew she was close, I pulled my finger out of her and told her I would continue pleasing her after she had got rid of the other dude. She whimpered and begged me to finish, but instead I walked out the bathroom, leaving her revved up.

A few days later, she returned to college, and we met for a pretty great New Year’s Eve two person party that included our first porn video, and our most powerful love making session ever. She was a different person, so eager to please me, but I was too stupid, naive and inexperienced to realize what I had, a completely submissive woman.

During the evening, Jasmine admitted she had not yet broken it off with the guy, saying she felt she should do it in person. The next morning, there was a knock on her door and she freaked out, knowing it was probably the boyfriend. I ordered her to answer the door naked except for the somewhat ripped black thigh high stockings she was currently wearing. She hesitated, gave me a pleading look, but obeyed answering the door naked.

I walked up behind her, naked too, and said, “Hey, I’m Mike.”

He looked dumbfounded. Jasmine began to explain, but the guy walked away with a stunned look on his face. I led Jasmine back to the bedroom and we had a glorious morning fuck. Within seconds, her guilt and humiliation was replaced with raw sexual energy. It was the rawest, most powerful sex we ever had. Unfortunately, I didn’t clue in to the obviously sweet situation I was in.

As the years passed and my sexual conquests grew, I realized the obvious signs that I missed before.

I often wondered how things might have turned out differently if I had known then what I learned now.


Men are stupid. I mean I gave so many hints of what I wanted, and yet he never caught on. I wish I could have just said it, but a part of me was ashamed by what I desired. Such naughty desires were not what a dignified woman craved.

I remember the Christmas break when he was so determined to win me back. He was a different person that week. He showed a confidence and arrogance I didn’t usually see in him. I mean he was always confident in whom he was, but then he was so dominant and cocky. When he pushed my head down to suck his cock while at my father’s house, instead of thinking you got some fucking nerve, I got instantly wet and rewarded his domineering move by attempting to swallow his cum, something I had only done on a couple of occasions. His power over me was overwhelming and I, of course, dumped my boyfriend, who I was just using to get back at Mike, and went back to him.

When he, a few days later, had me go to the door naked and humiliate myself in front of Greg, I thought he finally understood the power he had over me. I thought finally he understood what I needed. Alas, he didn’t. Men are stupid.

My last ditch attempt at letting him know my feelings was when we were apart for a couple of months. In his usual humourous way, he sent me an application form he had made, called Application to One Day Marry the Legendary Mike Weber. I still have a copy of the form and my answers. I decided to take a chance and answered the questions with shockingly upfront Elvankent Escort honesty, presenting to him, I hoped, my completely submissive nature.

Application to Marry Mike Weber

Please answer all the questions to the best of your ability. If the questions are answered truthfully and to my sexual satisfaction you will be well on your way to marrying the great Mikester and his amazing Wally.

1. What is your full name?

Jasmine Alice Luntz

2. Describe your dream man.

I always wanted to marry a man that my family loved, but it was crucial that this man had to be good with kids. That is what makes you so great. My dad loves you, my sisters love you and you are amazing with my nieces.

3. What is your favourite sexual position?

On my knees before your delicious Wally.

4. What are your goals in life?

-to marry one Mike Weber

-to be a submissive and completely obedient wife to one Mike Weber

-to have 2 cute babies with one Mike Weber

-oh yeah, and to be a teacher who impacts millions of students; lives blah blah blah

5. Describe in detail your dream pounding.

We are out at a lake and you make food for a picnic (no..I make it, otherwise it would be pizza pops and coke). We have a picnic, near a lake, on a blanket, drinking liquor and cuddling. Cuddling leads to making out and you pound me out in the open, oblivious to anyone who may see us.

6. Describe how much you like Wally.

I love Wally so much that I could handle worshipping him every day for the rest of my life . . . yes and this includes LONG after our wedding day.

7. What do you think about when you masturbate?

Brad Pitt.

Just kidding . . . kind of.

Honestly, me pleasing you and you pleasing me.

8. What is the naughtiest thing you have ever done?

-sucking your cock and swallowing your cum at my dad’s house was pretty naughty

-I also think obeying your order to go answer the door naked was pretty naughty

-allowing you to videotape us fucking was also rather naughty

-admitting in this application that I WILL OBEY YOUR EVERY SEXUAL DEMAND is also very, very naughty

9. Do you promise to suck my cock every day?

If ordered, although I sure would like my vagina pleasured every day as well.

10. Spit or swallow?

Whatever you desire, Master. What about facials for the camera?

11. Will you do anal?

Yes . . . but please be gentle.

12. Do you promise to wear nylons every chance you get?

Don’t I already?

I _______________ want to marry Mike Weber and will do whatever he wishes to become Mrs. Weber.

I thought these answers would finally make aware my true desires and needs. Alas, I think he took my answers as sarcasm, being very sarcastic himself. That said, I am not remotely sarcastic, so he should have caught on.

Alas, men are stupid.

I always wondered how things might have turned out drastically better if he wouldn’t have been so dense or I would have just verbalized my needs.

To make matters worse, I sent back a special application myself.


Sexathon Rules

1. Sexual positions must be thought up beforehand and submitted to the Director.

2. If you did not submit the above, you are to obey your partner’s demands completely.

3. Sex can occur orally, anally or the old fashioned way.

4. Each couple is required to have sex 7 times within the next 24 hours.

5. At least four different rooms and three different locations must be used.

6. At least one of these locations must be outdoors.

7. The word ‘no’ does not exist during the sexathon.

8. The applicant is to submit exciting sexual positions and activities and the other partner is to enjoy everything to the fullest.

I _________________ consent to participate in the sexathon and promise to bring my partner unlimited pleasure.

Alas, we never had our sexathon. Even though, seriously, how did he not catch on?

So I spent the next few years experimenting with different men, mostly bad boys, who would fuck me like a slut like I needed, but none of them had the warm heart Mike did when we weren’t in the bedroom. So when I saw Mike in the hotel lobby my first thought was ‘I have a second chance’. The fact it was the day before Valentine’s Day seemed as if Cupid was watching from above.


Then after all these years, there she was checking in the same hotel I was already staying at. I realized this was a chance to rekindle a romance and maybe find out if all my assumptions were correct.

I decided clearly this was fate and my chance to finish something I never completely started. I tapped her shoulder, “Hi, Jasmine, long time, no see.”

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