Our Love Life ReawakensOur Love Life Reawakens


It was the first week in March, the weather in our part of the world didn’t seem to want to make up its mind whether it was winter or not so we were stuck in a funk of grey, blustery days with rain, snow, or sometimes both. Covid restrictions had shut down or restricted most of our favorite activities so we were in a deep rut, working from home day after day. It was getting depressing. Our sex life had really suffered too, despite our being cooped up together, we just didn’t take the time to make love like we used to. In spite of my age (early 60’s), I still get more interested in my wife with the prospect of spring being just around the corner. This year, I was determined to re-light the fire in both of us.We were sitting on the couch watching some crime show re-run when I asked her if she wanted to do anything this weekend She just shrugged her shoulders and said, “Not especially.”“How about we go downtown, have a nice dinner, and get a hotel room?” I asked. “We haven’t had a lover’s weekend in a long time.” Her eyes brightened somewhat and she agreed. I went online and reserved a room at an upscale downtown hotel and made reservations for our favorite pub. I did some online research and learned about delay gels and cock rings that could be used to prolong a man’s erection and delay orgasm. Then I looked at toys. Anne and I had owned a few toys in the past but they kind of fell by the wayside as our lovemaking became less frequent. I had always believed that bigger was better when it came to both cocks and toys. I was quickly disabused of that myth, telling me that the surest way to get a woman to increase her interest in sex is to find her g-spot. I’d heard of it, had spent many hours trying to find my wife’s but was beginning to think it was a myth.Telling Anne I was going out to run a few errands in preparation for the upcoming weekend, I took a few hours of banked overtime and headed to the toy store. She just smiled and warned me not to go overboard, a nice dinner and a night in a hotel bed would be plenty for her. Boy, was she in for a surprise!Finally, the big day came, I had done some more research on the web, picked up some flowers, sparkling wine, and Anne’s favorite treat, packed a suitcase including her red silk nightie that I love so much, she looks so hot in it. I had arranged with the hotel to have an early check-in so I drove downtown while she was at her mid-day exercise class to get everything set up. About 4:00 PM, we left home for the hotel.When she entered the room, she stopped and just Ankara escort looked around at the flowers, the wine in the chiller, the chocolate-covered treats she likes, she turned to me and said, “You didn’t have to go to all this trouble you know. You are getting laid tonight regardless.” She kissed me softly.“I figured that,” I kissed her again, “but there are some things I want to talk about, some questions I want to ask you.” She nodded agreement and we went inside. She declined a glass of wine for the moment, climbing onto the king-sized bed, she patted space beside her. I crawled up next to her and we started making out. I slid my hand down to her crotch when she stopped me.“So, let’s talk,” she said, “then we’ll see where this goes.”We talked about my PE and how the gel and the c-ring might help. I showed her the vibrator and how we could use it to find her g-spot.“We’ll try it,” she stated frankly, “who knows?” Her smile gave away her eagerness. “Are those all the questions you had?”I shook my head no. “I have a few others. Do you remember the first time you went down on me, you let me finish in your mouth? Any chance of that happening again?” She shook her head.“Do you remember what I said afterward? If you ever want me to suck your cock again you won’t let that happen?” Her stern look said it all. Okay, I figured, a swing and a miss.“Fair enough,” I said, “I’ve always said I’d never ask you to do anything you don’t want to do.” She smiled at me and nodded as if to say thank you. I continued, “When we use that ring, it’s easier if my pubic hair is trimmed and the area where it fits is shaved clean. The added bonus is that it makes me look bigger!” She raised one eyebrow and started giggling. “When you see me, do not laugh. That’s the cruelest thing a woman can do to a man is to laugh when she sees his cock!” I started laughing along with her, the bed shook until we started to calm down.“I promise,” she said, placing her hand over her heart, “I won’t laugh. Can I at least smile?”“I can not think of a finer compliment than to have the woman I love smile when she sees my cock, all five and a half glorious inches of it!” We collapsed into laughter again for a few minutes, when we calmed down, she spoke.“For the record, I think your cock is beautiful, all five-and-a-half glorious inches of it!” She gave me another squeeze. “Anything else?”“As a matter of fact,” she sighed, exasperatedly, “I have a couple more things. Would you let me trim your down-there hair? You know, so it Ankara escort bayan doesn’t get caught up in the ring when I’m inside you?”“Of course,” she said, matter-of-factly, “why wouldn’t I? I’ve tried shaving my ‘down-there hair’, as you put it, but I would think it would be easier for someone else to do it.” Anne’s bush is full and thick, she had only ever trimmed her bikini line during the summer, had never gone full Brazilian.“Really? You would let me do that? I figured that one would be a hard no,” I said, surprised. “One last request.”“What would that be?” she asked.“I know you don’t masturbate much,” I started, Anne put her hand up to stop me.“How do you know that?” she asked, “You have no idea how much I masturbate when you’re not around.” I was a little surprised by that statement.“All right, that makes this a little easier,” I continued. “Would you let me watch you masturbate?”She thought for a minute. “So, like a live show? Let me think about that one.” She looked at her watch, “We don’t have time before our dinner reservation. Let’s go have dinner and then we’ll come back here. We can take a soak in that great bug tub in there, you can shave whatever you want, and then we’ll try out our new toys.” She kissed me passionately, rubbing my cock with one hand, taking my hand in her other one, and guiding it to her pussy. “I’m going to show you such a good time!” she whispered as she got off the bed. I could hardly wait.The pub was only a few blocks from the hotel and it was a very nice day, sunny, calm, and warm for the time of year. Dinner was great but I found it excruciating to have to wait until we got back to the hotel. I of course rushed through dinner, she prolonged the agony by lingering over the dessert menu and asking for a second glass of wine after our meal. “Patience,” she mouthed to me as she just smiled enigmatically. “Isn’t the band good? Maybe we should stay and listen for a while?”Ordinarily, I would be all for that but on this night, all I wanted was to get back to the hotel. She finally relented, I paid our dinner bill and we set out to walk back. The sun had set while we were at dinner and there was a chill in the air. We put our arms around each others’ backs as we walked, arriving back at the hotel in about ten minutes.“You go on up,” Anne said, “open up that wine, I’ll be up in a minute.” I think she was enjoying my torture. I went up to the room, popped open the wine, and poured a couple of glasses. I was just finishing brushing my teeth Escort Ankara when I hear the door open. Anne was carrying a small bag and a gift box, the sort that you might put a sweater or blouse in when giving it as a gift, it had a deep blue ribbon around it, tied in a bow.I looked at her quizzically, “Patience,” she said, “you will like this, I promise.” She kissed me before pushing me out of the washroom, closing and locking the door behind her. I busied myself, taking our toys and stuff out of the silk bag and arranging them on the nightstand. I downed my glass of wine and poured another and was looking out the window at the harbor view when I heard the washroom door open.Anne and I are an odd couple, I’m about 5’ 7” but she is nearly 6 feet tall and is rather full-figured. My BBW (Big Beautiful Wife) was standing, leaning against the door frame dressed in a deep blue bustier with lace panels on the front and sides, stockings of the same color held up by straps attached to it. A thong of the same color covered her bush, which I knew that in a very short while would be removed to reveal a smooth and slick pussy. Her breasts pillowed out the top and looked so inviting, I just wanted to go over to her and bury my face in their softness. She had put on makeup, not a lot, just enough to accent her features, her lips were painted a deep red. On her feet were black heels, making her at least four inches taller, she walked over, towering over me, I almost came in my pants looking at her, she was so gorgeous.“You like?” she whispered, leaning way down to nuzzle my earlobe. She knows I melt when she does that.“I like,” I croaked, “you look amazing! I thought you weren’t into lingerie?”“I wasn’t,” she said, looking down at me imposingly, “but I figured I’d make an effort too. She kissed me again, “I wasn’t sure at first but now that I have these, I really like them, they make me feel sexy!”I held her close, “They make you look sexy,” I said, “you always look sexy to me but this… WOW!” I pulled her head down and kissed her, thrusting my tongue into her mouth, she returned in kind. She was never much for French kissing but tonight she was different. “How about I go fill the tub and we get on with the plan we talked about before dinner?” I suggested. Anne nodded, taking a sip from her wine glass. I found it curious that her lipstick left no stain on the glass.I got the tub going as Anne laid out everything I would need to shave her pussy. A can of ladies shaving cream, a razor, and clippers were laid out on a towel on the edge of the raised platform around the whirlpool tub. The tub was pretty big so I knew it would take some time to fill so I went back out into the bedroom, Anne was sitting in the lounge chair, her phone in her hand. “Just checking some emails,” she said, hiding her screen from my view.

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