A Little Bit of ForceA Little Bit of Force


“Don’t you dare make me cum yet, I’m not done with you,” I exclaim. She looks so riveting when her mouth is around my member, as though that is exactly where she is meant to be. I could watch her for hours, though I don’t think even she has the stamina to endure several hours of deepthroating. Every time I feel the back of her throat with my head, I feel as though I’m going to blow my load there and then. It’s getting too much, but she’s not earned it. Yet. “Up!” I command. Immediately, she does as she’s told of course. On her feet now, she’s right where I almanbahis want her. Spotting the familiar hallway wall of her flat behind her, I grab onto her hair with my left hand and her arm with the other, shoving her against the wall; the impact cushioned by her large, rounded breasts. With my foot, I drag her legs apart, pull her hips back from the wall slightly and place myself at the entrance to her waiting cunt, pausing for a while. “Please don’t,” she says, with the voice of a petulant schoolgirl. “You do this every time!” For a moment, she pauses. almanbahis yeni giriş “You’re right,” I respond. “I’m sorry.” Lightly gripping my hardness with my hand, I again position it at the entrance to her sex and guide it inside her, aided by the fact she is completely soaked. She seems almost surprised at the lack of punishment. It’s almost as if she doesn’t think there’s going to be one. Using the moisture of her wet slit, I hold the base of my member once more, pull out and position it against her tight anus. For a split second I pause, almanbahis giriş allowing her to realise what is about to happen. “You can’t! Not without lube!” she exclaims. With a devilish grin, I push against the proverbial barrier that is her ass and thrust lightly. My head, still caked in her juices, goes in with ease. She bucks her hips lightly on my cock, trying to pull away. Not going to happen. With both hands, I grip her bucking hips and slam the remainder of my shaft inside of her. She releases a pained grunt, which within seconds turns to pleasure as I feel the sensation of her tightness against me. I know she gets off so easily from anal, I bet she’s pretty close already. Slowly, I position my mouth as close to her ear as I can. “I know you want to come for me princess,” I whisper.

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