A Handyman’s Memoir Ch. 18A Handyman’s Memoir Ch. 18

Big Dicks

It was a crisp, cool, late autumn Friday, and I was back in Chrissy and Ally’s ritzy neighborhood, working at the home of Donald and Antony. An argument could easily be made that they were my best customers. They called me often for lots of different types of jobs, and they were always a joy to work for—friendly, each with a great sense of humor, and theirs is probably the happiest and most well run household of any that I work in.

Donald and Antony are a gay couple, as you may have guessed, and they have two sweet, well-mannered adopted kids. I’ve done all kinds of work for them—everything from building a nursery for the youngest child, to hanging their considerable art collection. Every time I’m in their home I have a good time, and I look forward to their calls, which come often.

On that particular Friday they wanted me to hang another new painting, an easy job because it didn’t involve rearranging an entire wall that time, so I left it for the end of the day and I got there around 4:00 PM. Antony and I were in their driveway chatting about life as I gathered my tools when a leggy, dark-skinned woman emerged from the house next door. She walked down her garden path and turned up the sidewalk, carrying what looked like a small overnight bag over her shoulder.

“Greta, come here a minute,” Antony called to her as she passed in front of his house. As she got closer it became clear how strikingly beautiful she was.

“I’ve told her about you,” Antony said quietly to me as she approached. “She’s just divorced last month and she’ll need help to keep her house going if she stays here. I hope she does, we love her.”

When she got closer, Antony spoke up and introduced us. “This is Steve, the wonderful handyman I was telling you about. Steve, this is Greta.”

“Hello Steve,” Greta said, extending her hand to me with a nice smile. She had a strong English accent.

“Hi Greta, pleasure to meet you,” I said, returning the smile.

“Antony and Donald told me about you,” she said. “I’m glad to have the chance to meet you. Do you have a business card I could take with me?”

“Isn’t he just gorgeous?” Antony said to Greta as I reached into my truck for a card. He and Donald loved to flirt with me, even though they knew I was as straight as straight can be.

“Antony, your terrible!” Greta laughed. “He and Donald are quite smitten with you,” she said to me as I handed her my card.

“Truth be told, I’m quite smitten with then too. If I was a gay man I’d be running off with both of them,” I said.

“Oh Stevie, you just made my day! Wait’ll I tell Donald later,” Antony said excitedly.

“I’ll be calling you Steve,” Greta said after we finished chatting and she turned to leave. She had a jacket on so I couldn’t make a full appraisal of her obvious beauty, but her ass and long legs were quite spectacular in tight bluejeans as she walked down the driveway. She turned up the street, and went into another neighbors house.

Antony and I went inside, and he told me more about Greta as I hung the new painting. Her parents were from Kenya, but she was born and raised in England. She was in her mid-thirties, and she and her husband had met when he was attending a university in England many years ago. Now he was a successful business owner who traveled a lot, and he had numerous affairs. “A woman in every port,” Antony said. Greta got fed up and divorced him. She got the house and a huge chunk of money, and Antony said she was like a new person since the divorce—all the stresses of an unhappy marriage washed away.

He went on to say that some of the other divorced women in the neighborhood had taken Greta under their wing, and that they got together on Friday evenings at the house Greta had gone into to drink wine and gossip in the hot tub. Imagining Greta’s long legs slithering against mine in a hot tub gave me a jolt of energy, and I finished the picture hanging job in no time. When I was finished and cleaning up, my cell phone rang.

“My name’s Lindsey Jacobs,” the caller said. “I live a few houses up from Donald and Antony. I seem to have had a small power failure. Is there any chance you could stop by when you’re done there and have a look at it for me?”

I told her I’d be right up, and mentioned it to Antony.

“Oh Stevie, that’s the hot tub crew. You might be in for a wild night. Sounds like a set-up to me,” he laughed. “Greta’s sweet, but some of those other women are voracious man hunters. Lindsey’s one of ’em. I wonder who’s over there today. Looks like Lindsey’s car and one other. Some of them walk though.”

“Well, it can’t hurt to have a look, right?” I said, winking at Antony.

“Better you than me Stevie, better you than me,” Antony laughed. “Don’t forget to tell me all about it next time you’re here. I want to hear all the juicy details.”


I packed up and drove over to Lindsey’s big circular driveway. I parked next to a Mercedes SL convertible and a sleek Jaguar sedan. Judging by their rides these were some wealthy divorcees. kütahya escort I knocked at the door and a moment later it swung open.

“Oh my, Greta was certainly right,” the smiling woman said, giving me a quick once over. When her eyes made it up to mine she said, “I’m Lindsey Jacobs. Please come in.”

Lindsey was wearing a black bikini, with a very shear black cover-up, unfastened and hanging open. It had fuzzy lime-green fur trimming all the openings, and looked like something from a Fredrick’s of Hollywood catalog from the disco era. She was a voluptuous woman—Marilyn Monroe’s healthy body came to mind—and looked to be in her early forties. She was tall, even in her bare feet, and she had a glass of wine in her hand. I introduced myself, and Lindsey brought me into the kitchen/family room where the other women were, her lime-green and black negligé flowing behind her.

“You’ve met Greta. Thankfully she alerted us to you being in the neighborhood, otherwise I don’t know what we would have done. And this is Barb and Liz,” Lindsey said, introducing me to the other women. They both had high-style haircuts and expensive looking bikinis on. Liz was pleasantly plump, as a lot of women are these days. Rubenesque is a nice word for it that seems to have fallen out of favor. Her tits were quite massive, and threatened to shatter her bikini top into little pieces at any moment. Barb was also well endowed, though less so than Liz, and the two of them had fantastic smiles. The older I get the more I realize how much I enjoy a sexy mouth on a woman—the way it curls when they smile, the way it moves when they talk—and these two had wonderfully sexy smiles. Greta, who I had met with her jacket on, was now revealed to me in her bikini, sitting with her long legs crossed on a modern designer chair, looking like a long, lean magazine model from the 70’s, complete with a short, natural looking ‘afro’ haircut.

“We were hoping to spend some time in the hot tub,” Lindsey said, “but the pump stopped working as soon as I turned it on. Is that something you could take a look at?”

“Sure,” I said, “let me go grab a few tools, and I’ll be right back.”

I got a voltage tester and an amp meter from my truck, and Lindsey showed me where the electric panel was in the basement. I could immediately tell the breaker was in the ‘off’ position, which meant somebody had switched it off, and it didn’t trip due to a fault. Antony was right, it looked like a set-up to get me there. I didn’t mind though, and played along. I switched it on and asked Lindsey to go up and turn the pump on so I could test the amperage draw. Everything checked out, so I put the service panel cover back on and went upstairs. Lindsey met me in the kitchen, and through big french doors I could see the other three girls already in the hot tub out on the massive multi-tiered deck.

“Is this your last job for the day?” she asked.

“Yup, last for the week actually, unless I get an emergency call,” I said.

“Oh good, then you must stay and have some wine or a beer with us. We’ve got some good snacks too,” she said.

“Sure, a beer would taste great right about now,” I said. “Let me finish up though, I wanna have a look at your pump.”

Lindsey led me out through the french doors and said loudly, “Are you decent girls? Handsome man approaching.”

“Decency’s overrated,” Liz said, smiling and sitting topless with her huge tits and massive dark nipples just above the water. Lindsey and Barb howled with laughter, and Greta looked a bit embarrassed by the others. As I walked past the tub I could see she was the only one of the three with her suit on — Barb was topless too.

“You ladies sure don’t waste any time,” I said with a smile. “What if I told you there was a chance of electric shock in there.”

“Ooo, you mean you wanna give us a jolt?” Liz said, her great smile even bigger now. The others giggled. Even Greta seemed to be loosening up to the situation.

I told Lindsey I’d need to go under the big deck to check the pump.

“Oh Lin, don’t make him do that,” Barb said. “For goodness sakes, tell him.”

Lindsey looked a little embarrassed.

“No need, I already know,” I said. “I just thought I’d play along.”

“I had no part in this charade Steve,” Greta said in her lovely English accent. “It was all them. I never should have told them about you. I really should have known better.”

“Don’t worry about it Greta, I was warned before I even got here,” I said, smiling.

“Antony? What did he say about us?” Lindsey asked, scrunching up her face, pretending to be mad at him.

“Oh, nothing bad,” I said. “Just that he thought it sounded like a set-up. And that he wants to hear all the juicy details next time he sees me.” We all laughed.

“Well then, we better make it juicy, huh girls?” Lindsey said with a big smile. “How ’bout that beer Steve. Make yourself comfortable.”

Lindsey went inside and turned on some electronic dance music. There were hidden speakers all around the deck, malatya escort and it filled the crisp autumn air with a pulsing beat. The daylight was fading fast and she adjusted the lights so the glow from the tub was the most prominent, and she came out with a cooler full of beer and three more wine bottles.

“This ought to get us started,” she said, as she set it all down at the edge of the tub. “Come on Steve, you’re not shy are you?” Her bikini top was off in a flash and she settled her voluptuous body down into the hot water.

I sat down on a nearby lounge chair and removed my clothes, all except my tight boxer-briefs.

“Oh, you’re not going to leave those on, are you?” she said with a pout, pretending to be sad. “Juicy, remember? We’ve gotta make it juicy for Antony. Oh, that didn’t sound right, did it.” We all laughed hysterically.

“Is that a unanimous request?” I said, with my thumbs hooked in the waist band, ready to strip. “I don’t want to be too presumptuous with you ladies.” I scanned all their faces, but I was looking mainly at Greta, and she nodded quietly, looking up at me with big eyes.

“Do they do these kinds of things in England?” I asked her as I lowered my naked body into the blissfully hot water next to her.

“Not where I’m from. That’s why I’m here,” she said with a smile, and we all laughed.

We all talked like we’d known each other forever, and there was lots of joking and gales of laughter echoing off the back of the big house. As the wine flowed the bikini bottoms came off, and soon we were all naked. Greta was the last to strip, taking both pieces off almost imperceptibly while the rest of us were deep in conversation. I noticed, of course, because I had been waiting for it.

“May I just say,” I said, “now that were all sitting here as nature intended, I’ve never seen four more beautiful women in all my life.”

“With all the wine I’ve got in me, I actually believe him,” Liz laughed.

“The truth is easy to believe,” I said, pouring on the charm.

Somewhat surprisingly, sweet Greta was the first to touch me, her hand sliding from near my knee to my groin and onto my flaccid penis in one slow motion beneath the bubbly water. She squeezed me gently, and almost instantly I was growing in her hand. The others caught on to her subtle movements, and were glancing down occasionally as we continued to talk and laugh. The conversation continued normally, but I could sense everyone’s temperature rising, their bosoms heaving slightly faster, and their glances at Greta’s arm a bit more intense.

When I first stripped and sat down in the water with them I thought that at least two of them, Lindsey and Liz, would be all over me in no time, but it turned out they were all a bit shyer than I’d anticipated. Perhaps their divorces had shell-shocked them a bit, and Antony was wrong when he called them ‘voracious man hunters.’

Whatever was going on, I had fallen under the spell of their wonderful laughs and sexy smiles. The fact that their lovely tits were all on view and I was gulping down beer at a rapid rate didn’t hurt either, nor did the pulsing beat of the electronic dance music, which at the moment reminded me of the soundtrack to a porn movie. Quite fitting I thought.

My cock had quickly grown rock hard, and Greta’s touch was lovely—a gentle and slow stroking. All the girls already knew what was going on beneath the bubbly water, but if they hadn’t I’m sure my face would have given it away.

“Steve, you look like you’re thinking about something wonderful. Care to share?” Liz said, with a knowing smile.

I opened my eyes, which had been closed momentarily, and said, “I’m thinking how lucky I am to be sitting here with four of the sexiest women in the world.” Greta, knowing everyone was watching, started stroking me faster and harder, and I moaned in appreciation.

“You could make a girl cum with words like that Steve,” Lindsey said as she moaned, both her hands below the water pleasuring herself.

Barb, who had been three feet away, slid over close to me and ran her hand up my inner thigh. She moaned as she reached the scene of Greta’s action, and she began fondling my balls. I moaned even louder, and the two of them took turns stroking my cock. I could see that both Lindsey and Liz were in full masturbation mode, eyes half closed, breathing heavy, and chests heaving. I rearranged my arms and slid a hand onto each of the pussy’s next to me, and suddenly the beautiful chorus of moans was drowning out the music.

Liz was the first to cum. Her shoulders were on the edge of the tub, and her torso slowly rose up through the water as her moans and soft chirps rose in volume. Our eyes met as she reached her crescendo, her pussy now in full view on the surface, water splashing off of her fast moving hand as she exhaled sharply and muscle contractions rippled through her soft belly. Her deep baritone moan filled the night air.

“Oh my god!” she said quietly as her curvy body sunk slowly back beneath the water, her eyes manisa escort closed and her hands now caressing her huge heaving tits. “God . . . that was . . .” her voice trailed off as her eyes slowly opened and locked onto mine.

“That was beautiful Liz,” I said.

“My ex never made me cum like that. Good Lord!” she said breathlessly.

The others giggled a little at Liz’s comment, but were embroiled in building orgasms of their own. I think Liz’s beautiful display freed their minds to cut loose a little, and as Lindsey’s torso rose mimicking what Liz had done, Liz moved quickly between Lindsey’s legs and started eating her pussy with lustful abandon.

“Oh my God . . . Liz!” Lindsey said in shock. From the look on her face I could tell this was something new between these girls. Her eyes rolled back in her head and she was soon thrusting her pelvis against Liz’s hungry mouth. “Fuck!” she yelled, as she slapped her wide spread arms down on the deck, and after a few moments an orgasm overtook her. It was silent, with her breath held, and her body twitched uncontrollably as she squeezed Liz’s head in a vice-like lock between her thighs. She finally exhaled loudly, and as she did her body vibrated and twitched even more.

“Holy shit Liz!” she said, barely able to speak. Liz slithered up Lindsey’s wet body, and they kissed passionately.

Greta moved between my legs, slid her hands under my ass and lifted me so my rock hard cock was above the surface. She took me slowly into her mouth, her big dark eyes looking deep into mine. Barb moved into position to help her, and they took turns sucking on me while the other either fondled or sucked on my balls. Barb could only manage about half of my length, but sweet Greta eventually let my full eight inches slither down her throat.

“God, he’s so big, how do you do that?” Barb asked Greta.

Greta let the full length of me slide out of her mouth and gasped for a little air.

“He is big, isn’t he? Such a beautiful cock.” Her English accent gave me the shivers, and she took me in balls deep again, moaning deeply as she withdrew a second time.

Lindsey and Liz were soon clustered around us. They all took turns sucking on my throbbing cock, and they caressed every inch of my slippery body. Liz had a powerful suction, and I was close to cumming on her first go around. When she got me back in her sexy mouth for her second turn I was more than ready to explode, and explode I did. With eight soft hands holding me up and caressing me, and sweet Greta kissing me deeply, I shot a massive load of cum into Liz’s mouth. She milked me clean, and swallowed every drop, the corners of her sexy mouth curling up into a wicked grin.

“A guy could get used to this,” I said, out of breath and trying to gather my wits. The girls giggled.

After we all caught our breath Lindsey slid in next to me, put her arm around me, and looked me in the eye.

“We’ve been in this tub every Friday for months,” she said, “and we’ve never touched each other. It looks like your sexy charm has unleashed the beast in us.”

She kissed me and threw her leg over me, straddling my lap. I grabbed her voluptuous tits and sucked one into my mouth, making her gasp. My hand found her ass and slid through the crack to her pussy, and I buried two fingers in her.

“Oh yeah!” she moaned as her hand groped for my cock. I was already half hard, and the heat of the situation was bringing me back to life quickly.

Barb was up out of the water, sitting on the edge of the tub with Liz’s eager mouth munching on her pussy, and Greta climbed out and got on all-fours over me, her knees right at the edge of the tub. Lindsey repositioned me slightly and pushed my head down onto the deck, so Greta could lower her dripping pussy to my mouth. I was almost fully hard, and Lindsey slipped me into her slippery pussy.

“Oh shit!” she exclaimed as I filled her up. “I’ve never had anybody as big as you. Oh God that feels good!” she exclaimed as she began humping me.

Barb screamed loud as she came powerfully on Liz’s talented mouth, and Greta was grinding hard on my face and tongue, moaning out mumbled words in her lovely accent. Lindsey was thrusting wildly on my big cock, water splashing all around her, and her moans rose up into a full blown howl. I pumped up into her as best I could, and she came like a maniac and fell back off of my lap into the water. She came up with her hair soaked, laughing and gasping for breath. Barb and Liz joined in her laughter, and Liz helped her get to a seat and fixed her hair a little.

“I’ve never cum like that before. What the fuck is goin’ on?” she said breathlessly, her body continuing to twitch and spasm as she sat there. Liz kissed her softly.

“Good sex Linny, that what’s goin’ on,” Liz said quietly. “None of us have had it for awhile . . .”

Greta was up in a squatting position above me as she came, her slender hips gyrating wildly, grinding her pussy hard on my mouth. She had her hands on her small tits, and she yelled, “Oh bloody hell!” like a good English girl. As her orgasm overtook her, she dropped to all-fours, and pressed her pussy into my mouth so hard I thought I’d need a trip to the dentist after. She grunted wildly as the waves of pleasure swept through her.

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