A FantasyA Fantasy


A short time ago I was in a chat room when I met Glenda, a lady in her early 40s, who was very sexual and who thoroughly enjoyed showing off her naked figure through a series of pictures. She was blonde with short hair, about five foot six, slim, with delightful firm breasts and a pussy, which had the smallest amount of well groomed pubic hair you could wish to see.

Glenda had a penchant for wanting men to see her breasts encased in her pretty coloured bras whenever she was out shopping and we would frequently set her a task to do on a Saturday when she was out in the high street stores. She would love to recount to me the tale of her escapades and how many men she had looking down her blouse tops.

She also liked to watch me masturbate for her on cam and as I wanked, so she would flick through a series of photos showing her delightful naked body, which of course aided me in the task of cumming. One day a photo appeared of a young female wearing a bikini on a beach. My cock became harder just at the sight. When I asked who it was, Glenda told me that it was her 18 year old daughter and that the photo had slipped in accidentally. She then asked if I liked what I saw and I replied in the positive. Her name was Aimee and as far as Glenda knew she was a virgin. Before I knew it I came!

From that time on Glenda inserted the photo of Aimee into our masturbation sessions on a regular basis, normally at a stage when she knew I was close to cumming. She would ask whether I would like to fuck Aimee and whether I would like to cum over her breasts. She said that she would just love to see me buried deep inside her daughter’s cunt! Knowing her mother had no objection to me fucking her daughter made my orgasms longer and the cum I produced even more thick and hot. I made sure that Glenda knew that I wanted her first and foremost and that bedding Aimee was a fantastic second prize. Glenda told me that her daughter’s breasts were firm and full and would make lovely fillers for my mouth, and that her nipples were like pencil erasers. I fantasised as to what they would be like with my cock caressing them.

One evening, after a particularly heavy session with Glenda, when she finished up cumming before me, we decided that the time had come for us to meet in the flesh (lol) and fuck each other’s brains out (as they say!)! We agreed a date when we could both get away for a few hours without our respective partners knowing. Glenda then asked if she should bring Aimee and whether I would fuck them both together in the same room.

My first question was whether Aimee would want to fuck for the first time with and lose her cherry to a strange man and secondly whether she would fuck in front of and with her mother? Glenda told me not to worry about such minor points and to go ahead and make the arrangements.

Glenda found her daughter in her bedroom where she was listening to some music on her iPod. She was stretched out on her bed wearing just her bra and panties. Glenda sat down on the bed beside her and let her hand gently caress her daughter’s thigh. Aimee was a lovely girl with smooth white skin and dark, curly, shoulder length hair. As she had already told Phil, Aimee’s breasts were firm and full and a neat cleavage was in place even though she lay flat on her back. Glenda’s hand crept slowly upwards towards the v shape of her panties where her sweet young pussy lay.

“Mmmmmmm. I like it when you do that, Mom,” said Aimee, “It makes me go all tingly. Have you been talking to Uncle Phil again?”

“Yes, I have and he has agreed at last to meet me and, as he says, ‘fuck my brains out’!” said Glenda as her hand finally reached her daughter’s pussy, covered by the soft material of her blue panties. Aimee could feel a damp spot appearing between her legs; she opened her legs sufficiently for her mother’s fingers to gently caress her and she lay back and enjoyed the feeling.

“He has agreed to fuck us both together in the same room if that is what you would like,” Glenda said to Aimee as she pushed the material of her daughter’s panties aside and started to caress her smoothly shaven teenage pussy.

Aimee let her arms drop to her sides and closed her eyes as she felt her mother’s fingers start to penetrate her cunt. She loved it when her Mom did this to her; she wondered what it would be like to have a real cock inside her! Her Mom had pushed a vibrator and that black dildo inside Aimee’s vagina on several occasions, but she was sure it was nothing like the real thing — and her hymen was still in place! Her Mom had told her that it hurt the first time but there was nothing like a real cock popping her cherry — it would be real cool. Her Mom had put her on the pill to be ready for the first occasion but after that she was supposed to always ensure the man had a condom until she had just one regular lover. She could feel her love canal juicing up as her Mom increased the frequency of her fingers frigging her.

“Mom, will you watch as he pops my cherry?”

“Yes, if that is what you want, my love,” said Glenda. “He will erzurum seks hikayeleri fuck me first and you can sit and watch. Would you like that?”

“Cool. Will he undress me?

“If you want him to, he will. Strip you naked after he has undressed me. Then you can undress him and practice your cock sucking on him before he fucks me!”

Aimee felt her juices flowing faster than ever.

“Mom. Can he undress me first? I would like that — and then I will undress him and suck his cock. Before he cums I will tell him to undress you and I will sit in a chair and masturbate whilst he strips you and fucks you — God I do so want to watch him fucking my Mother. I want to see him cum inside you and then see his cum ooze out of your cunt and stream down your thighs. I want to see it happen to you before you watch it happen to me. I want to feel his cock inside me for the first time, breaking my hymen, fucking me and feel his cum spurt into my womb and then ooze out of my tight pussy. I want to feel both of you licking that cum from my pussy — my mother and her lover both sucking your daughter’s cunt and swallowing his cum!”

“Mom — take my panties off and suck my pussy! I want to feel your tongue on my smooth damp pussy! I want to feel your tongue inching inside my slit. I want to feel you sucking my clit!” said Aimee.

“Let me remove your bra and caress those lovely teen breasts,” replied Glenda, “Uncle Phil says he wants to lick them and suck them; he wants them to fill his mouth! Here, let me help you undo the clip and let me do to them what your Uncle Phil wants to do.”

Aimee leant to one side allowing her mother to undo the bra clip and pull her bra from her shoulders. Her breasts were indeed well developed and had a pleasant mound to them with the nipples showing great hardness. Glenda allowed her lips to sink to her daughter’s soft white breasts and she started to gently lick them; she had often kissed her daughter’s pussy but this was the first time she had kissed her breasts. It was a lovely feeling, her lips caressing breasts for the first time. She had never done this before, not even with her girl friends — perhaps she should try it with one of her friends — maybe Sara who had nice firm tits and plenty of them. Just the thought and the action of kissing her daughter’s breasts made her damper than ever between her legs.

“Would you like to suck my pussy whilst I suck yours?” Glenda asked her daughter. “I have yet to show you how to 69. We could satisfy each other that way and maybe you could do it with Uncle Phil some time.”

Aimee looked at her mother and nodded her head. “Yes please Mom — I want you to show me as many ways as possible of pleasing Uncle Phil. Whilst I have never met him, I know you like him and he must be OK.”

Glenda stood up and began to take all her clothes off as her 18 year old daughter watched. Soon she was naked — the very first time that both mother and daughter had seen each other completely naked; they had been partially naked from time to time but never fully naked like this before. Glenda sat on the side of the bed and let her hands run over her daughter’s breasts and down to her pussy, whilst Aimee gazed on her mother’s naked breasts and cunt. She stretched out her hands and ran them over Glenda’ breasts and down her body. She shivered in anticipation of feeling her mother’s mouth and lips on her naked pussy, sucking her, making her juices run faster, hopefully giving her an orgasm — something her mother had already introduced her to. She, however, wanted the orgasm which came at the end of a cock!

Glenda turned until she was facing the foot of the bed and then moved onto her side so that she was head to cunt with her daughter and her daughter was the same with her.

“This is what they call 69, my darling daughter; I can now easily kiss your pussy and you can kiss mine, just like this!” and so saying she bent her lips forward and gently kissed her daughter’s pubic lips. She sucked and licked and felt a thrill pass through her daughter’s body. Seconds later Glenda felt her daughter kiss her pussy and felt her daughter’s hands caress her breasts. She was juicy and she now felt Aimee’s fingers start to probe the entrance to her sex and slide so very easily inside.

The two females continued licking, sucking, caressing and feeling each other for a long time until together they came in one almighty orgasm and then rolled apart and rested.

Glenda turned her body and took Aimee in her arms. They kissed as if they were lovers — which of course they now were. Age made no difference.

“Shall I tell Uncle Phil that your virginity belongs to him?”

“Cool! Yes — my virginity is his!”……………….

“Hi there, Glenda. I have booked a room at the Regency Country Hotel from Saturday at noon until noon on Sunday. I know you will be unable to stay all night but it gives plenty of time during which we can be together on both days. Will that be OK with you?”

“That will be great. I will make the necessary arrangements to be there for as long as possible. I hope the bed is king-size!”


“Because Aimee is coming and she is going to give a present to her very special Uncle Phil.”

“What is that?”

“Her virginity!”

“Oh my God!”…………………..

I arrived at the Country Hotel and booked in. It was a large recently refurbished old country house standing in many well manicured acres of its own grounds. It had a 9 hole golf course and several tennis courts. Inside it had its own gym and a swimming pool — none of which I anticipated using. My exercise would be of a different kind!

I found my way up to the room which had been allocated to me and was pleasantly surprised with it. Most importantly was the bed, which was queen-size and would more than easily accommodate all three of us! I lay on it and found it to be comfortable and delightfully bouncy for fucking. As I lay there my thoughts turned to naked images of Glenda riding me and, as I undid my fly and pulled out my erect cock, naked images of an 18 year old Aimee sucking me for the first time also appeared. Mmmmmmmm. My hand was slowly caressing my hard cock and a drop of pre cum had formed. No! Keep it all for later. With two sexual women to satisfy (OK! one woman and one still virgin teenager!) I was going to need as much as I could produce.

I had a quick shower and then put on just my trousers and a shirt — make it easy for them to undress me! Then I went downstairs to meet my guests for the first time and take them to lunch.

When I reached reception it was just in time to see a lady and a very shapely teenager walk through the main doors. Bearing in mind the only time I had seen them had been on the computer, I assumed that these were my fuck buddies. Glenda was about 5ft 6inches as was her daughter. She was wearing a white blouse with top buttons undone; a white bra could be seen though the material of her blouse and I envisaged the firm breasts hiding there waiting my mouth and lips. She also wore a grey skirt with a nice flounce to it and I noted for when we got to the room that the zip was on the side.

Aimee was wearing a blouse also and a pair of jeans — both of which showed off a figure which was sharp (the body) and perky (the lovely teenage breasts). God — let me see what is hiding underneath! I already knew that I wanted her.

I went over to them and introduced myself. Glenda reached up and gave me a kiss directly on the lips and with her mouth partially open. Aimee reached up and putting her hands around my neck, pulled my lips down to her and gave me an equal kiss; she said, “Hello, Uncle Phil. I have been so looking forward to meeting you.”

She must have felt my cock move against her; Glenda almost certainly noticed if the grin she gave me was anything to go by.

We partook of a very pleasant lunch and, considering it was our first time together, the conversation flowed easily over a wide range of subjects with the word “sex” not being mentioned once! Towards the end of the meal Aimee excused herself to go to the toilet. I looked at Glenda and saw a very sexual person, who I wanted under me, on top of me, anywaywhichmay providing I was filling one of her orifices and feeding her my cum……………….and I also wanted her 18 year old daughter!

Glenda looked at me and said, “When we get up to the bedroom (and I assume that is where we are going next) will you please undress Aimee before you undress me. Then let her undress you and allow her to suck your cock. She has said she will not make you cum so you can cum in me. She wants to do it this way for the first time so that she can then sit and watch me being fucked by you. She wants to see what it is like to be fucked before you fuck her.”

I looked at Glenda in amazement. “Does she know how to suck cock?” I asked.

“Yes,” said Glenda, “she has been practicing on my vibrators and dildo for the last few days and I have taught her exactly what to do. She says she loves it and cannot wait to get her lips around the real thing.”

The look on my face must have been incredible.

“Aimee and I have talked it through a lot since the two of us agreed to meet, and especially since she said she wanted you to have her virginity, and this is what she wants.”

“If that is what she wants, then that is what she shall have.”

I got up from the table and went to Glenda and gently kissed her.

“I think that Aimee should be proud of having a mother like you,” I said and putting my arm around her waist, we moved towards the restaurant entrance to meet Aimee…………..

Some five minutes later I opened the door to our room and we all trooped in. Both women were well pleased with the room. Glenda moved across to Aimee and whispered in her ear. I did not hear what was said but Aimee came to me and, putting her arms around me, said quietly, “I believe you are going to undress me first!”

“Are you completely sure, Aimee, that this is what you want? If at any stage you become uncertain you must stop me and I will just make love to your mother.”

“I am totally certain, Uncle Phil, that what we are about to do is what I want to do. Mom has explained to me that when you take my virginity, it will hurt for a moment but afterwards I will enjoy the fucking which we have together. I would much prefer you to fuck me for the first time rather than one of the boys in my school.”

My hands came up from her waist and rested on the material of her blouse covering her breasts. I guessed that she was about a 30B — they felt firm and just waiting to be sucked. At the same time I felt my cock starting to harden. I gently caressed them and felt Aimee tremble under my hands. I looked down at her face and saw her eyes were closed — I bent my lips and kissed her eyelids and then moved my lips down to her lips. Our mouths met and her lips opened to receive my penetrating tongue. She pressed herself more firmly against me.

My hands moved to the buttons on her blouse and gently I began to undo them from the top down to the waist, revealing the plain white bra which encased those lovely mounds of delight. We were still kissing and my cock was getting increasingly harder.

My hands removed her blouse from her snow white shoulders and I allowed it to fall to the carpet. I then undid the zip at the side of her grey skirt and allowed that garment to also drop to the floor. She was wearing white panties, cut low over her hips.

I took Aimee in my arms, as her mother watched, and kissed her as she had never been kissed before. Our mouths opened to each other and our tongues reached for each other, twirling and encircling like two snakes dancing with each other. Aimee held me tight whilst my hands ran up and down her naked back until they stopped at the catch of her bra. Gently I undid the catch and, stepping away slightly, I removed her bra from her teenage breasts. They were firm, white and beautiful. The nipples were rock hard. My head dropped and my mouth took first the left and then the right breast in my mouth. Aimee shuddered as I did this and I heard a deep intake of breath from Glenda.

Looking Aimee straight in the eyes, I allowed myself to kneel before her. Reaching up, my thumbs hooked into the sides of her panties and I slowly pulled them down to the floor. Her pussy, with a soft growth of pubic hair, was on a level with my lips and I could smell the fresh scent of her pussy with the slightest touch of dampness about it. I gently let my lips touch her pussy and lick the juice which was emanating from her slit. She put her hands to either side of my head and pushed my lips more firmly onto her skin and soft hair. Glenda was going to have to show her how to shave and make her pubic area so smooth and white.

I continued to kiss her until I could feel her start to tremble at which time I got up and took her in my arms again. I looked at Glenda, who was sitting in an easy chair with her hand up her skirt rubbing her own pussy quite firmly. She gave me a look of real lust.

“Do you want to undress me?” I asked Aimee. She looked at me and nodded her head.

“Let me just slip my shoes and socks off and then you can remove what is left,” I said to her.

I quickly did as I said I would and then stood in front of this beautiful naked teenager, my arms hanging at my sides and a definite mound at my crotch.

She came to me and started to undo my shirt. She pulled it out from around my waist, finished undoing the buttons and then pushed it from my shoulders. Her hands wandered up and down my chest; then she bent forward and kissed and bit my nipples. I had not been treated to an experience like this for many years. I looked across again at Glenda, who smiled and winked at me.

I felt her hands now stray to my trousers and she undid my belt quickly followed by the zip at the front. My trousers became loose and Aimee allowed them to fall to the floor. Two rapid intakes of breath as both women saw that I was wearing nothing underneath. My cock, for so long held in by my trousers, was now free and it shot to attention.

Holding my hands out, I took Aimee’s hands in mine and placed them around my cock. She initially held it as if it were a plate of glass but slowly she started to rub it backwards and forwards in the way her mother must have shown her. Her hands were so soft on my hard cock and she masturbated me with great finesse. There was no doubt that she was enjoying what she was doing.

“Your Mum said you would like to suck my cock before I fuck her. Is that true?” I asked.

Aimee looked me squarely in the eyes and said, “Yes I would.”

“Then kneel down and show me what your mother has taught you,” I said, looking again at Glenda who smiled back at me.

Aimee, without releasing her hold on my cock, knelt in front of me. The next thing I felt was her soft mouth closing around my cock and her lips began to masturbate me. Her hands took hold of my balls’ sac and began to caress it. This was bliss! I looked down and saw her pointy breasts jutting out below the mouth firmly attached to my cock. God I was finding it hard to contain my semen inside my body (no sperm to worry about — I had had the snip many years ago!).

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