Subject: A cumdumps journey – part 11 Preface: I know it’s been a minute since I submitted. Been super busy. Unfortunately work from home couldn’t go on forever. I really enjoy putting this down in words and really looking forward to your feedback as usual!! Message me: ail Chapter 11: Self-acceptance There was a perceptible change in my attitude since the night I gave control of my mouth over to Paul. This kind of power play scenario had never crossed my mind up until that point and Paul had known precisely how to reel me in – with the promise of an eye-wateringly large, black cock. The experience of that night had been intense. I hadn’t realised until afterwards – over the following days even – just how intense it had been. Without any thought of the possible consequences I had given another man total control over me and effectively surrendered my free-will. He had used it to abuse my body and live out his own deep-seeded fantasy. Over the course of those several hours, my pharynx had been transformed into a channel for intercourse, just not in the traditional sense. In this case, the pleasure and sexual fulfilment had been given only unilaterally to the men who had requested the use of this new genital channel to release their biological essence through the stimulation of their own large sexual organs. I myself had not requested, been offered or achieved any kind of sexual orgasm of my own – in fact in some cases, the reckless abandon and forcefulness that some of those men had chosen to inflict on me had left my throat reeling for the past few days; I recovered slowly and it was a constant reminder of the numerous cum-loads I had swallowed. During that same time, I had slowly come to terms with and even found my own intense, retrospective enjoyment of the scene as it had played out that night. I knew that – while I hadn’t been stimulated sexually – there was a psycho-emotional pleasure that coursed through my mind as I moved from apartment to apartment waiting to see whose phallus I would be draining next. I hadn’t heard from Paul since that night and yet he hadn’t left my thoughts for one minute. Whether deliberate or not, he had penetrated deeply into my mind and the power that he held over me – the control that he had exerted – left a lasting impact. I couldn’t wait to relive a similar experience again. *** I still had another week of my annual vacation ahead of me, yet rather than going out to enjoy the city, the heat kept me home most of the day. I lazed around longing for the cool evening air when I could go out to enjoy the relatively agreeable nocturnal climate. A nightly trip to the woods had become a solid routine, and it seemed clear to me that I wasn’t the only person who was enjoying a vacation with a lazy week in the city. Every night after dark the woods would be bustling with action, so much so that I would occasionally go home to relax and return later in the night when the number of men trawling in the shadows had trailed off a little. However, I often found the greater number of men, the less likely it was to successfully pick up – I guess more choice meant more hesitation and more competition of course. Nonetheless, I occasionally crossed some of my well-known regulars which kept my desires from simmering over. Sucking as little as two men was far too few for me during those nights – and I would continue to walk laps around until my tally was nearing at least three or four. My thirst was becoming a real addiction. It was late one night when I had taken a time-out at home to wait out the rush that I noticed Bobby XL’s familiar profile close-by on my Grindr grid. I felt my stomach drop as soon as I noticed him. It had been weeks since I last saw him – without word he had dropped off the radar. It was him who started me on this journey – bringing me out to the woods, penetrating my body physically and spiritually with his huge appendage and dominating energy. He had pushed me to do things I had never had the courage to do alone, and when I gave myself up to him completely, allowing him to use my holes for his pleasure, he did just that – abandoning me soon after like unwanted trash. With time I realised that this relationship was instrumental in guiding me towards my destiny as a cumdump. He had pushed me to do things I couldn’t have had the confidence to do myself and broken down my limits and sense of who I was. The void that he left needed Erzurum Escort to be filled and without any other support, I found that fulfilment satisfying anonymous men in the forest; giving them pleasure and letting them use my hole for their own needs. The simple knowledge that he was close by was enough to make my heart skip a beat. It had been weeks since he last fucked me; an encounter that had been particularly degrading. He had fucked my hole with an aggression that was difficult to forget and I remembered telling him at that time that he had ruined me – and it was true. I had noticed a change in my asshole since those nights – a change that I thought might disappear with time but hadn’t. I remembered being told there were consequences to being a bottom, and in my case I had inescapably become a total bottom searching out only the most very well-hung tops to serve. On a number of occasions, from Bobby to Karim, and my own quest with a butt plug, my hole could have been described as a wrecked cunt and I was often reminded of this at unexpected moments. In some ways I was more attuned to the sensations of my anus, but at times it was difficult for me to perceive whether the urge I felt was a need to pass wind or whether it was a real bowel movement. The urgency of the pressure was often much more pronounced too and when I had to go, I really had to go. On a few occasions I had wanted to send a nice ass picture on Grindr to a potential date, only to notice that my sphincter was now visible even in the resting position and especially so if I spread open my cheeks – the line of my ass-lips could be made out to protrude lightly. Its shape and form had visibly changed too; what had previously been a nice, puckered ring, now took the form of a long inviting slit – fulfilling the description that men often gave it when they talked about enjoying the warmth and depth of my “pussy”. Had I been presented with this information or a photo of my man-pussy only a few months before, I likely would have been mortified and I would imagine the majority of bottoms would be too, yet I had found a kind of self-acceptance about my new sex organ. I was becoming prouder of its resemblance to a cunt and all those inconveniences served only to remind me that my hole was open and being transformed in a way that would cause it to better be available for huge meat. So that night when I saw Bobby’s profile close by, I instantly knew I had to go and at least offer him the use of my hole. I jumped in the shower to douche my hole and – despite the risk of being rejected or worse yet, completely ignored – I headed out into the woods with my ass-pussy ready for his giant, black cock. It took several laps in and out of the bushes before I caught a glimpse of what I was sure was his silhouette. I waited patiently, preferring to engineer an encounter that seemed random and unexpected. I found a secluded spot that was on the path not too far from where he was and I stood with my ass pushed as far out as I could muster – I didn’t want there to any doubt what was on offer. He began walking in my direction and as he neared I could see the large bulge under his jogging bottoms, the size of his meat was obscene and it made me want to feel him inside me more than ever. He slowed on the approach and I knew that he recognised me – I must have looked different though. Before I had been shy and retiring, not willing to flaunt what I was offering, preferring instead to engage in a flirtation before withdrawing with the man to an isolated patch of forest. Now though, I would have been ready to lower my shorts right there at the side of the path, oblivious to any other passers-by – even turned on by the thought that others could be watching us. I walked forward to meet him on the path, and reached out to grope his semi-engorged appendage as he and I came face to face. Surprisingly he appeared to be pleased to see me and grinned widely when I squeezed his growing cock. I could tell he had his cock ring on which told me that he was most definitely in the mood and I was in the right place at just the right time. I followed him as he led us off into the woods. We ventured far from the paths I was familiar with and eventually we reached a point where we couldn’t go any further. Bobby ducked under and through some bushes and I followed him, finding ourselves in a small clearing up against a fence. He unbuttoned Erzurum Escort Bayan his jeans and his beautiful, dark-chocolate slab burst out from hiding. I couldn’t fail to be awe-struck every time I had the chance to observe the incredible volume of his enormous horse cock hanging heavily from his powerful frame. He spat into his hand and began jerking himself, his huge appendage glistening in the faint moonlight. SHIT! It suddenly dawned on me that I hadn’t brought my pouch. Fuck! Fuck! No lube and no poppers. I felt winded – the tools I needed to make this work when I needed them most. I’d been in such a rush, they hadn’t even crossed my mind. Shit! What was I going to do now? I was running through all the scenarios I could think of. Without reacting, I approached Bobby and knelt down in front of him drawing his cock into my mouth, but he immediately dragged me up to my feet. “I wanna fuck”, he said in no uncertain terms. “I don’t have any lube or poppers,” I croaked and began to crouch again, but Bobby immediately pulled me up. He was tugging at my shorts and I had intentionally put on a pair that I could get out of in an instant. They fell to my ankles and I was stood in front of him naked from the waist down. I followed his eyes as he looked down at the now fully-engorged, black meat-pipe that separated us, he spat a long line of saliva square in the centre of his shaft and took his hand to rub it around. He looked back up and stared directly into my eyes. I felt utterly powerless and without a word, I turned and faced against the fencing behind me, bracing myself for the onslaught I knew I was about to endure. Using his hand, Bobby slapped his cock hard against my ass-crack then began rubbing it up and down with a strong pressure as it brushed up against my wet orifice. After a moment I felt the slapping stop and the large bell-end push against my ring-piece, the first inch or so pushed inside and my hole parted easily to accommodate him without any discomfort. Maybe this will be easier than I thought, I said to myself as I hoped the anticipation would be worse than the actual event. Certainly my ass-pussy was looser than the previous time we met. My relief only lasted a moment though. Bobby pushed himself deeper inside me with a force that drove me forward to slam my whole body against the fencing. With nowhere to go, I couldn’t escape his advance and the burning sensation of his cock entering my rectum seared through me causing me to cry out. My natural reaction was to reach back and push him away. He stood firm though – impaling me deep into my guts. We stood like this for a few moments, I felt the warmth of his body up against my back and the burning of his meat stretching my anus wide open. Over the past several months I had become accustomed to large cocks but only with the help of poppers. In that moment, I felt like I was being split in two and the pain gave no sign of abating. I moaned and groaned as my sphincter spasmed violently around this large invading phallus and my breathing became shallow. “Please…it hurts,” I groaned feeling my body go limp as I thought I might collapse to the ground. Bobby pushed deeper inside and a sharp shooting pain ran through my gut – at least I knew he was now fully embedded. We continued standing there with my ring gripping tightly around the wide girth of his dick – I could feel him tensing and the throb of his endowment sent shivers emanating out from my asshole; I was sure I could sense the pulse of his heartbeat through his cock and into my colon. Holding me firmly, he slowly began to find a rhythm and the real fucking began. For the first minute or so the thrusts burned and the fuck was excruciating, yet at some point either his saliva or the mucus inside my rectum provided enough slip for his advances to meet less and less resistance; the discomfort slowly turned to the familiar tingling, tickling and filling sensation that being fucked by such a large cock usually entails. I couldn’t believe it, but I found myself moaning in pleasure as he buried himself with lunge after lunge ball’s deep into my man-cunt. I wanted to reach around and feel myself, but I was scared about what I would encounter. Bobby was fucking me hard now with a violence that he seemed to reserve solely for when I got to the point of enjoying the sensation of his oversized dick inside me. The pressure was Escort Erzurum building and each time he pulled out, my asshole released a loud, sloppy fart before he rammed the air back in with a forceful lunge. His body slammed painfully against me; pushing my face roughly into the fence as he used my fuck-tunnel as a living fleshlight to jerk himself off. Then with a long stroke, he pulled himself fully out, bent over behind me, and inspected his handy work: “Fuckk! This pussy is ruined!” he declared, satisfied with himself. I felt a finger enter me roughly and I knew the lack of any reflex by my sphincter to grasp down on him meant that he was absolutely right; it was ruined. He had kicked my back door in with a violence that would need some time to recover – if it ever fully retook its former shape again. Yet as I stood there leaning forward against the fencing with my ass stuck out behind me, the sloppy gash between my cheeks exposed and gaping like never before, the only thing I wanted was for him to finish off the job. I longed for him to thrust his huge meat back inside me with no lube and no poppers and to push me to my absolute limit. I felt more vulnerable than ever and yet I was no longer ashamed or embarrassed in any way to give myself to him. From somewhere deep inside me I had to tell him. I needed him to know that while I stood there with my sloppy hole exposed. “It’s yours…this hole is yours…I want you to own it, fuck it, destroy it any way you want.” I couldn’t really believe I was saying it – but the emotional release I felt giving words to my deepest fantasies in this way was astounding and I didn’t care if I would regret it later on; it felt worth it to expose myself like this to him in the heat of the moment. Looking behind me towards him, I caught the grin on his face as he stepped forward and lined himself up to penetrate me again. His penis entered me and I consciously pushed back as hard as I could to ensure he achieved the absolute maximum depth possible. I wished I had a video of this moment of me resigning my body being subjugated by his powerful domination and I made the decision to offer no resistance. Bobby fucked my cunt deeply and continually for the best part of the next hour. He alternated between long strokes and deep, intense jabs, piston fucking and slow, intentional penetration. There were times I felt he was close to coming, but instead he would simply withdraw momentarily before going at me again. The last time he had fucked me had been a defining moment – this time it was life-changing. He had taught me to completely let go and give my hole away for the pleasure of the man using it. I felt more than ever that he had made me achieve my desire of being a fuck-hole for a man to dump his cum into. I had asked him to destroy me and he had done it in the most incredible way. He had broken down my previous self and created a new me. When Bobby eventually did cum inside me, I felt like he was gifting me with a new purpose – I would forever be changed and I had him to thank for it. Afterwards, he was much friendlier than in previous encounters and I felt like we were sharing the same experience – with him having achieved his desire of completely turning me out. As I struggled to walk alongside him – conscious of the wet, wide-open cleft between my legs – I knew that my fondness for him had not been misplaced after all. Whatever happened after this, this man would always have helped to steer my journey. — So over the past month I have really struggled to find the time and motivation to write even though I enjoy it and seem to get good feedback. I have other stories now and plan to really invest a set time each week to creating search me on twitter and patreon – my handle is bucksgaystories I previously mentioned that I had submitted other stories to but for whatever reason they haven’t been published – and I didn’t get any feedback on that, but I still really want to share them.. Teaser of “A Young Slut’s Awakening”: With that he began unzipping his jeans and pulled out his large, plump cock which hung down in all its majesty. Seeing it hanging like this, I was able to appreciate for the first time a real man’s big, black cock hanging in front of me for the first time in my life. I was fascinated. I wanted to touch it and feel it; breath it in. I reached forward and took it in both hands, wrapping my small hands around the extreme girth. It was huge. I could barely close my two boyish hands around it, as it gradually began to swell before my face. I started stroking and rubbing it like I had the other day – exactly how I would do to myself when I wanted to feel that amazing feeling of my whole body tingling.

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