What I Didn’t HearWhat I Didn’t Hear


Author’s Note:

All characters are at least 18 in this story. Additionally, there is incest and graphic sexual content with BDSM relationships later in the story. If this isn’t your cup of tea, I would advise you not to read any further.

Being my first attempt at writing, it was a lot harder than I thought. I hope you enjoy it. It will be a long story with over 100k words and does take some time to build up. So it’s not a quick fix.

I would also like to think Jackbellend for his feedback and help.


Chapter 1

It was the last day of high school, and college would follow shortly. I found myself excited for the new adventure which awaited but still a little nervous about being on my own. With all the noise from everyone fleeing their classrooms and trying to get out of here, I found myself feeling nostalgic. I would miss this place, even though I couldn’t wait for it to be over while I was here.

My sister, on the other hand, had one more year to go. She was the more intelligent one and always helped me with my homework. I struggled with the idea that I would have to do this on my own in college.

Those thoughts bounced around my head as I headed down the hall for one last time. I reached the corner of the hall and saw my sister, Katie. Her head was on her locker as she sobbed. I quickly walked over to her, concerned. She looked up at me. Her mascara ran down her face, and I saw the hurt in her eyes.

“What’s wrong, Katie?” I asked in a panic.

“I’m so stupid,” she said as tears streamed down her face. “How could I be so stupid?” she repeated with anger this time. “I wanted to spend my summer working on a tan by the pool, and now it will be spent in summer school!”

I looked at her, puzzled. “What the hell happened?”

As she started to tell me, my eyes drifted south to her large amount of cleavage on display. Her breasts rose and fell as she was still crying pretty hard.

“Wow,” I thought. She really had blossomed this year and started to fill out in all the right places. Her ass stuck out more than the other girls in school, and her breasts were almost double in size. Always having smaller breasts, she hadn’t upped her cup size yet. It only made matters worse as her undersized bra pushed her breasts out on full display.

“What am I going to do?” she asked, still hurting and crying a little too loud.

I hadn’t heard anything she’d said. I was so focused on her beautiful breasts I missed everything. All I could say was, “We will figure it out.” Whatever “it” was?

Our parents were pretty strict and didn’t understand what was so hard about school. We had moved a lot as my father, Tom, worked his way up the corporate ladder. One, he had started climbing when he was just 19, which is why my sister was 18 going on 19 in high school. Too many missed days had us held back in second and first grade.

My mother, Susan, was a stay-at-home mom until we moved back stateside. She had wanted more than that but couldn’t with us always on the move and taking care of us. My father and I never had a father/son relationship as he was quiet around me and always just spoke to my sister or mom. As if I was too stupid to get it without my sister’s help.

On the other hand, my mother always seemed interested in what I had to say or whatever I was doing. I had taken up golf as a kid and turned out to be a natural. It was golf that got me through most of the moving all over the world. There was always a golf course with people my age playing, and no matter what language, I could always make friends. My sister, on the other hand, wasn’t so lucky. She always stayed home and studied; that’s all she ever did, which is why she’s so intelligent.

“Well, let’s get out of here.” I grabbed her arm and turned her toward the doors at the end of the hall. As we walked down the hall and out of the school, her tears turned into sniffles. I told her it would be ok and not to worry.

“Easy for you to say,” she said.

As we made our way to my truck, she kept her head down, not smiling at all. I almost asked what was wrong, then remembered she had already told me. I would have to wait until she broke the news to mom and dad. I opened the door and watched her climb into my truck. I admired her plump round ass, something I now just noticed. All the way home, I couldn’t help but notice her chest. I was so distracted I almost ran off the road twice.

“What are you doing?” she asked, irritated.

“Sorry,” I tried not to look at her anymore and keep my eyes on the road.

“Please just get me home so that I can get this over with.”

I pulled down the long driveway, up to the house that wasn’t huge but way bigger than we needed. It was the house my mom couldn’t live without.

Neither mom nor dad was home. So I would have to wait to find out what happened.

“Hey, Connor, we’re playing 18 you in?”

The text popped up on the phone screen. I wanted to go, but if I went, I wouldn’t be able Ordu Escort to find out what happened. So I sat there in deep thought, should I go or…

“Earth to Connor,” she hissed.

“What?” I snapped back.

“Was that mom or dad? You better not tell them.” She sounded worried.

“I’m not saying shit; it’s not my business. I’ve already forgotten what it was anyway.” Maybe she would give me a hint.

“Of course, you don’t care if I get disowned,” she hissed as she got out and slammed the door of my truck.

I sat in my truck trying to figure out where have I been? When did she grow up and become so beautiful? Not that I was much older, but I was fascinated with her now, and it was affecting my day. “Fuck it,” I said out loud and got out of the truck. I headed to the garage to grab my clubs, threw them in the back, and headed to the course. It was a short, five-minute drive to the clubhouse. I pulled into a parking spot, grabbed my clubs from the bed of my truck, and strapped them onto the cart. I plopped down onto the seat of the cart my friend John was waiting in. Arriving at the first tee, I could see my other buddies, Mark and Will waiting on the tee box.

“What are we playing for today, boys?” John said as we pulled up.

“20 bucks a man, two-man scramble?” Mark said. “You and Connor vs. Will and me?”

“Ok,” John shot back. “Let’s add a cherry on top. If we win, we get 20 bucks, and you both have to sneak a picture of your sisters naked and send them to us! Of course, we’ll do the same if we lose.”

“I’m in,” said Will.

“Me too,” said Mark.

“What about you, Connor?” John asked.

It caught me by surprise. I wouldn’t have cared any other time, but now I didn’t want anybody else to see her but me. I knew we would win but didn’t want to take the chance. “Nah, dude, I don’t want to see my sister that way; it’s disgusting.”

“Don’t be a pussy.” Mark said.

“Pussy. Pussy. Pussy.” was the chant that started and seemed to get louder. “Fuck it,” I said. “You guys suck anyway. Don’t puss out when we kick your asses.”

I stepped up to the first tee. Having played this course what felt like a hundred times, I knew what to do. Hit a little draw out over the bunker and let the downslope of the bunker take it another 30 yards up the fairway. That’s precisely what I did. John, my playing partner, stepped up and hit a huge slice to the right out of bounds. It didn’t make a difference since we were playing a scramble.

“What the hell was that, John?” I said. As he mumbled “fuck” and bent down to pick up his tee.

Will stepped up and hit one of the best drives he had ever struck. Mark followed suit and stripped it right down broadway.

They were first to hit. I had outdriven them both by 20 yards. “Did y’all use your purse to hit that drive?” I asked sarcastically, trying to get into their heads.

“Fuck you!” Will said as I stood next to my ball, getting the yardage from my range finder. They both hit excellent second shots into the green with a good chance for a birdie, maybe a ten-footer.

We had to just carry the bunker with a little spin at our angle, and we would have about three feet for a bird. John hit a solid shot; it ballooned up into the wind and came up just short in the bunker.

“Man, fuck! I struck that perfect.” He growled.

I went back to my bag and went up a club and choked down on it so it wouldn’t be long. We needed to be on the green. I played a little cut into the wind with the extra club, trying to get it to sit down softly. As soon as I struck the ball, I knew I hit it perfectly.

“Be good,” I yelled at the ball. It landed about a yard on the green and rolled up to about a foot for a gimmie. “That’s a bird,” I said to John. “Now get your head out of your ass and play some golf,” He did. We were up by five at the turn and never looked back.

When the round was over, Will was handing me my $20 bucks. “When you go pro, can I be your caddie? We are going to suck next year without you on the team.”

I had a full ride to play college golf at a top school and was excited about taking my game to the next level, with the hopes of turning pro one day. This was what I dreamed of. I wanted to play in the Masters next to Tiger Woods and have a shot to win coming down the stretch. I had made a thousand putts on the practice green; that was for the win on the 18th green. It’s what I practiced for day and night, a chance to wear the green jacket. I was the best player on my team and had single-handedly won our school the state championship last year. The only tournament at which my father was present. He was proud of me and actually shook my hand and told me so. It was one of those rare times he had something nice to say.

“Don’t forget those pictures, fuckers,” I said, climbing in my truck and knowing it would never happen. “Later y’all, same time tomorrow?”

“Hell yeah,” Mark said. “I need to win my money back.”

I was happy with myself, knowing I had Ordu Escort Bayan something on the line, and a bit of pressure didn’t affect my ability to play. Even if I had lost, there was no way I would give them a picture of my sister’s beautiful naked body. What were they going to do? Either way, I felt incredible as I pulled down the driveway towards the garage.

As I walked into the house, it was quiet, way too quiet at 7:00 pm.

“Connor, is that you?” My mom said, sounding irritated.

“Yeah, it’s me.”

“Where have you been?” My dad’s voice came booming through the house.

“Playing golf with the guys,” I said quickly and confused. Why the hell are they mad at me? I thought.

“Get in here; we need to talk to you.” Mom said, followed by “NOW!” from my dad.

Oh shit, She must have really fucked up, and now I have to hear it because it’s always my fault.

“Your sister told us you heard the news?” mom said.

“Yeah, she told me at school,” I sounded like it’s not my problem and sad for her.

Then that booming voice from my dad.

“What do you have to say for yourself?” His eyes looked like laser beams that would shoot out and slice me in half.

“Excuse me?” I asked, confused.

“This is your entire fault!” he said. “If you weren’t so stupid, your sister wouldn’t be in this situation. You think you’re this great golfer, and you don’t need school. That might have helped you get into college, but without your sister’s help, you’ll flunk out and end up back here thinking you can live off of me. Well, I’m here to tell you, you have another thing coming if that’s what you’re thinking. Now get the fuck out of my face!”

My mom sat there with her head down, not wanting to add anything as he was already pissed at me.

I headed up the stairs to my room as he screamed from downstairs.

“You’re going to sit with her every day at school. So cancel all your plans. You understand me?” he said, almost screaming.

“Yes, sir,” I said as I slammed my door.


I laid on my bed, trying to figure out what the hell I had done. Finally, I dozed off, not realizing I did. I woke up 5 hours later, starving. I got up, grabbed the collar of my shirt, pulling to my nose to smell it, “whoa” I need a shower. Hitting the music icon on my phone, I headed towards the bathroom. I left a trail of clothes across the bedroom floor before reaching the bathroom. Reaching in the shower, I spun the handle towards the top letting water flow from the showerhead.

I stood there waiting for the water to get hot and still reeling from the bitching I got earlier. How the hell is this my fault? I didn’t do anything. Still not having a clue why, I hopped in the shower and let the hot water massage my aching shoulders. Leaning against the wall with my eyes closed, I could still clearly see my sister’s large breasts as they heaved up and down as she cried. I could feel the excitement building in my balls as I thought about it. Well, I might as well take care of this now, nothing to clean up after. Putting a dab of body wash in my hand, I soaped up my shaft and started to stroke it. I came fast and hard with the thoughts of my sister’s tits and ass on repeat in my head. I had never came so much; I started feeling guilty almost immediately after the last shot of cum came dribbling out. I washed quickly. I wanted to eat and stop the guilty thoughts. I hopped out, dried off and threw on some boxers, and checked the clock on my phone.

“1:15 am holy shit,” I said out loud, “it’s late.” I opened the door and quietly headed downstairs. The hallway was completely dark, and I used the dim light from the kitchen as guidance as I crept down the stairs. Once I got to the bottom of the stairs, I turned the corner to the kitchen and froze; the door to the fridge was open with my little sister standing there with her back to me looking in.

Assuming everyone was sleeping, and she would be the only one up, she stood there in a crop top and a pink lace thong that rode way up her curvy hips. Oh my God, was she hot. No, she was beautiful and alluring. She was the most beautiful girl I had ever seen. Her wavy auburn hair was long and draped down her back just to the curve of her ass and over her shoulders as it fanned out over her right breast.

“What is it with you” she hissed?

I never even realized that she was looking at me.

“Are you losing your hearing?” She hissed even louder.

I couldn’t speak. The words wouldn’t come out. My eyes were still wide as I continued to scan her body.

“Why are you staring at me like that?”

“Connor,” She hissed louder. “Answer me.”

“Umm, I dunno. Your body is amazing, and damn, you’re beautiful.” Holy shit, I thought to myself. I didn’t mean for that to come out.

“What?” She said, shocked. “Don’t be a smart ass.”

“I’m not,” I shot back, which I didn’t mean for that to come out either. Holy shit, what am I saying? Shut up, you moron, I screamed Escort Ordu to myself.

“What are you saying?” She asked. “You really think I’m beautiful?”

“Yes!” Oh shit, I’m in it now. I thought.

“Why?” she shot back.

“Connor, Tell me why?” she asked, starting to get impatient.

“I can’t help it,” I said, whatever the hell that meant, and took off up the stairs as she chased after me.

“Connor, wait, stop damnit.” She said in a loud whisper.

I flew into my room and sat down on the edge of the bed, trying to figure out what the hell did I just do? How am I going to explain this to her? Oh my God, I fucked up! A few light taps on the door was followed by,

“Connor? Can I come in?”

“I guess so.”

I kept my head facing the floor. I couldn’t look at her; I was too embarrassed. Easing her way over to me where I was sitting. She put her hand on my shoulder. Her touch made me jump. It even felt hot to the touch. I started to sweat. I felt flushed and sick to my stomach. Not only that, but I just wanted to die right then. So much shame and guilt went through my mind. What was I thinking? I need to find a hole and crawl in it.

“I’m sorry I got you in trouble,” she said. “It just kinda came out. I wasn’t ready when they started asking me why I had to go to summer school. I was trying to make excuses, and they were bombarding me with questions as to why and how. It just came out; I still can’t believe I turned in the wrong paper. You’re paper, instead of mine.”

“What?” I said. “What paper? What are you talking about?”

“I told you in the hallway at school. I had turned in your essay that I helped you write for your final instead of mine. They thought you wrote it for me and that I had been cheating.” She said with a strange look on her face.

“I’m so sorry, Connor. I must have got the papers mixed up. Did nobody say anything to you when you turned your work in?”

“No,” I said. “Actually, come to think of it, Mrs. Williams said I had gone above and beyond, and it didn’t have anything to do with the topic, but because it was so well written, she gave me a C+, which I was stoked about.”

As soon as the words came out, I started to feel like shit. I had really screwed up this time, and I had no way to help my sister, my beautiful sister. Who was still half-naked in front of me.

“I told you this at school. Why are you acting so shocked?” She asked.

“To be honest with you, I didn’t hear what you said. I was so focused on your breast and how beautiful you were, I didn’t hear any of it,” I said and looked back at the floor. “I had so many thoughts at one time my brain shut everything else out. You were crying, and your boobs were like… like calling me in. I couldn’t help but notice that you had become so beautiful, and I hadn’t even noticed. Not that I should notice those kinds of things. You’re my sister. I shouldn’t look at you that way. I’m such a pig, perv, just a real piece of shit.”

“Don’t say that, Connor,” she said quickly. “You’re not a piece of shit. You are a wonderful brother to me, and I know you better than that. I messed up. This is not your fault,” she said as the tears started to well up in her eyes.

I couldn’t help but think that I had ruined her life. People would think she was a cheater and never know it was my fault if I could only be smarter. Damn it; I clenched my fist, mad at myself.

“Please don’t be mad at me, Connor. I can’t handle it when you’re mad at me.” She said, crying now with her head down.

“Please don’t cry, Katie. What can I do to make you feel better? I’ll do anything!” Her head lifted now, looking in my eyes, still crying.

“Connor, will you please hold me?”

“Yes, Yes I will.” I pulled her head close to my chest as she slid into my lap. I had to adjust my hard-on quickly. Why am I so hard again right now, I thought? What the hell is wrong with you? This is your sister. Have some control as I started to pray that she couldn’t feel it or notice it. I slid us back towards the head of the bed, so I could lean against it to help support her weight and mine.

I don’t know when I fell asleep, but when I woke up, the sun had started to come up and peek through the curtains—slowly waking up and trying to figure out what was going on. I saw Katie was still asleep on my chest. “Hey Katie, wake up,” I said in a whisper with panic clearly in my voice. “You need to wake up and go to your room before dad finds you in here like this.”

“Please don’t let me go,” she whispered.

“Dad will kill me, Katie. You’re not even dressed,” as reality started to kick in and the consequences of getting caught holding his precious half-naked daughter in my arms.

“Ok, fine,” she said and put her hands out as far as they could go to stretch, her top lifting revealing the lower half of her breast.

“Thank you for holding me,” she said as she slid out of my bed.

“You’re welcome,” I shot back as she walked out of my room.

I was having a hard time processing last night as I laid there staring at the ceiling. Why had she said those things to me? Why can’t she handle me being mad at her…

Two loud bangs on the door made me fly out of my bed. Heart racing trying to figure out what the hell was going on.

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