The Show (Masochism Experience)The Show (Masochism Experience)


I am thrilled and excited about the show. Yesterday I’ve sent message through Facebook to all my friends: “Come and watch me tomorrow at six: link to the site”. It was site with the web cams where people could watch girls and tip them if they like it. I switched off my phone so nobody could contact me and ask about the show. I know that there is a quite big discussion among my friends about that, I am just normal girl who normally would never do something like that so everyone is curious if this was just a mistake or a joke.

Thoughts that all friends will see me not only naked but doing some kinky stuff is driving me crazy, I just can’t stop thinking about it and thousand of different thoughts is going through my head. My normal sensible part is screaming to not do this but my twisted side is whispering to my ear: “go for it, I know you crave this”. And I listen to the whisper. At last the show day has come. I was teasing myself all week without a relief so I would be as horny as possible. I know that I will need to be extremely aroused to do what I’ve planned. I’m very nervous and actually I am really close to quit the idea about show.
The hours are passing by and I’m still not sure, now when time of show is so near everything becomes real and serious and I have a lot of doubts and I still have a chance to quit. I look in the mirror, I see normal girl with beautiful face and skinny perfect body and I’m feeling warm butterflies coming through my belly and spreading across my whole body “I am a pervert” I’m thinking “I am going to show everyone who I am, a little sluty pervert, I want to show that to everyone I want to revile myself I want to sink into lust and perversions. This is what I crave and this is the time when it all starts. My all friend will know my real nature now. No more hiding and pretending.” I know that I have to do it.
I clean myself and wear black opaque stockings and red 6 inch heels, my well shaved pussy shines with juices and my nipples poking hard. I can’t wait any longer and with a pounding heart I login into the web cam site. There is already 500 people waiting for me, probably the news has spread across the facebook and everyone want to see me naked! I can guess that among those people are my friends as I recognize some of their nicknames. “Wow its really happening!”. They see me naked wearing just black stockings and red sluty heels and the comments have start to flow – “Wow Lily is that really you?”, “You are crazy!”, “You look like slut” and some of them are quite offensive produced probably by female part of the audience – “I knew you are slut bitch”, “No respect at all”, “Fucking bitch”. But while I am reading all those comments I’m getting more and more wet. “Hello, Thanks for coming to see my show I hope you’ll enjoy it. Its going to be bondage show so I hope you like that kind of stuff. I’ve another surprise for you – its going to be interactive show”.
I grab alligator clip with sharp metal teeth and attached wire to it. “You see that wire? It is attached to the electric transformer so each time you tip me the electric shock comes through the clip. Cool huh?”. I open first clip and attach to my nipple – the stinging pain spread across my body. I didn’t wait till pain fade but I attach second clip to my other Ömerli Escort nipple – another bite and another wave of pain. Now I realize that this is really happening and the pain is real and I love it. I smile and start working with more clips – five on each tit then six on each side of me and ten directly on my slim beautiful belly. By the time I finish I can feel pulsating pain from each of the clip and there is still my pussy to go! My hands start to shake and I drop few clips cause I couldn’t hold them. I take deep breath and start working with my pussy. I have really nice looking pussy, with meaty flesh covered with juices and beautifully poking clit. As first I grab outer labia and start attaching clips to it. It isn’t so bad but I know that fun is just going to start. When I finished there is four clips on each side. Next inner ones, these are a little bit more painful – slowly and carefully I attach four on each side. After that I spread my pussy as wide I can, I grab one of the clips and slowly push inside my pussy, after few seconds I found out where my g point usually is and push the clip directly into that spot. When I released the clip and sharp teeth bite flesh inside my pussy I scream as pain inside me is so strong that my whole body start to shake. After a minute I calm down a bit. I take the last clip, bigger than others with bigger shiny teeth so sharp that can easily penetrate the skin. I know that jokes are over and this is going to hurt as hell. I rubbed my clit till become big and hard. With my shaking hand I open the last big clip and move toward clit. My heart is pounding like during the race, a mixture of feelings – pain, excitement, pleasure are mixing together and dance in my belly. I take a big breath and slowly begin to release the clip. I can feel first touch of sharp teeth against my skin and then slowly pressure, harder and harder the pain is growing as teeth are slowly closing around my clit. Now I can feel the teeth sinking deeply into my flesh as finally I release the clip fully. The pain is insane and I am breathing heavily trying to gain control over my shaking body. I opened my eyes and smile, there are absolute storm of comments, they can’t believe what they are seeing , they can’t believe that girl like me is so twisted.
I get to my knees, all the clips are wired and attached to the transformer but the circuit is still off. I need to do few more things before start. I get a long piece of rope with noose on the end. I put my head through the loop and tighten. There is 5kg weight attached to the second end of the rope lying on the floor so when I will try to sit down the weight goes up and tighten the noose even more. I get the massive three inch wide dildo and place underneath me pointing to my ass, I’m going to use it later as a second part of my show. As a lubricate I’ve planned to use hot chili sauce! I got a small bottle with extra hot chili sauce. It is still sealed and closed, I show it to the camera so everyone can see it. I put the bottle beside the dildo.

It is time to start the show. I switch on the electric transformer connected to the clips and cuff my hands behind my back. The release key should fall for about one hour. I announce that everything is set up and they can Escort Ömerli start tipping to see if it works. I can feel some faint electric shocks on the clips. I explain that than bigger the tip the bigger electric shock will be. I’m keep smiling and encouraging my audience “Come on guys – hit me harder I know you want to”. Each time I hear tipping sound I get excited and electric shock go through my body. The tips are more often with each minute as I can see that more and more people are coming. Probably the news that some perv girl is doing kinky show have spread across net quickly.
After 15 minutes my body is covered in thick layer of sweat, clips hot from electric current are like wasps stinging my belly, tits and pussy. The pain is massive and I think that I must be really twisted doing this to myself. But at the same time I’m feeling great pleasure and my pussy is so wet that I can actually smell my juices that are dripping on the floor. There are moments when I don’t have a break from electric shocks. I can barely catch a breathe, pain and pleasure are mixing together in this masochistic dance of electric shock coming through most delicate part of my body with the sharp teeth of clips ripping through my skin.

The 30 minutes went by and it is time for second part of the show – the dildo covered in hot sauce! I’m not sure if I can do it, I’m already on the edge of my endurance but deeply inside I know that I crave more pain. I asked the viewers, five thousand now! to stop tipping as it is time for next part of the show. I ask them if they all can tip me at the same time exactly 5 minutes after I’ll start the clock.
I’m afraid, my hands start to shake but at the same time I’m extremely aroused and my pussy is dripping with juices like crazy. I slowly open the bottle and I feel hot sauce on my fingers. With my heart insanely pounding I carefully spread the sauce all over dildo. I throw away empty bottle and try to smile but I’m too nervous and excited. I push start button on the clock and the clock start ticking, in exactly five minutes all watchers agreed to hit the tips at the same time. Now it is the time and its no turning back. I know that it will hurt like hell and I’m already really tired and exhausted not mentioning that the pain coming from clips is unbearable now. I take a deep breath and slowly begin to drop on lubricated hot sauce dildo. It is coming into me without a problem and at first it is quite pleasurable. While I’m lowering myself down the weighs on the other end of the rope go up causing noose on my neck to be more tight. Finally the whole dildo is deeply buried inside my ass.
There is small lock attached to the bottom of dildo, I lock my cuffs to it. I heard quite click of the lock, there is no turning back now, I have to suffer for 30 minutes until release will unlock all the locks and I will be free.
After few seconds after inserting dildo into my ass I can feel warm sensation spreading across my insides but few seconds later warmness become hotness and hotness become fiery burning. With tight noose around my neck I’m fighting for each breath now, the pain is insane, it is burning like hell and I feel like my guts are on fire. I clench my teeth and fist but the pain is becoming more and more Ömerli Escort Bayan stronger. Sweat instantly cover my whole body, my ass fluid are desperately trying to wash the burning liquid from my ass but instead of feeling any relief my insides are becoming more sore and painful. I look and the clock and it shows 4 minutes and 20 seconds, only 40 seconds till watchers will start tipping and I’m already collapsing from pain. I want to stop this madness and protest but I can’t say anything, I cant focus or do something, I’m paralyzed and bound by pain. And then it starts – five thousand people start tipping at once, it hit me with all brutal force that I never imagined exist – the electric shocks are coming through my body with such intensity that clips start to becoming very hot and burning my skin! I can see flashes and smoke going from the clips, my body is on the edge, my senses are overloaded and pain so intense that become unbendable, my brain just can’t hold it any more and then, it happened. The white light from back of my head like pulsating orb is becoming bigger and bigger and then the greatest orgasm of my life sharp my body, it is so intense that I can’t breathe, I can’t feel, my eyes roll out and my body twinkling in a orgasmic convulsions. When I got back, there is no electric shocks, I think the watchers are not sure what is going on so they stopped tipping. I’m completely exhausted and the pain hit me with all mighty. I’m sore, clip biting my flesh and my guts still burning like hell but now after I came everything is more real, without arousal I feel sick and it is difficult to cope with all of that. With tears in my eyes I ask watchers if they could stop tipping. But they not listening. When they saw that I’m alright they start again and the electric shock start biting my body. It is like a nightmare now, I’m very uncomfortable and there is still 15 minutes until key release. The noose around my neck is very tight and I have difficulty to breathe. I wish that show would be over now but I have to suffer a little bit more. The electric shock is still coming through but my body become sort of numb. I feel sleepy and dizzy, I trying to focus but it is really hard to do it.
Finally the release key trigger and I’m able to free myself. With massive relief I remove burning like hot rod dildo from my ass and all the clips. I take of the noose and breathe freely. I quickly log off from the site and switch off the camera, I feel shame and disgrace of what I’ve done. But the damage is done now and there is no way of fixing it. Everyone knows now my dark secrets, everyone knows that I’m addicted pain slut. I went to shower and I couldn’t resist. The recent events are still fresh in my memory and I brought myself to orgasm several times. Finally I went back to my room and switch my laptop on. I forget that I recorded everything. The rest of the night I spend watching my video and masturbating franticly. The morning has come, my pussy is swollen and sore but I keep masturbating I just can’t stop doing it.
As a final point I’ve decided to do it something really stupid. I opened my email box and create new email to everyone in my contacts including my colleagues and family members. I attached the video from my show and write message where I describe that I’m slut and I need orgasms more then air. I offer that I will voluntary satisfy most extreme and perverse fantasies. I hesitate for a second and click send button. I make my dream come through and with that thought I fell asleep.

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