The Love of My Life Pt. 05The Love of My Life Pt. 05


In this instalment, I reveal more about Rob’s background and how I came to appreciate that when making love, it is sometimes better to give than to receive.


In Part 1, I tell how my classmate Megan first introduced me to her brother Rob. Megan was part of my “social circle” of second year meds students, but I had never really spent any time with her in a one on one setting. Of his immediate family, Megan was the only one Rob was disposed to say anything about, and only to acknowledge that they had not been close growing up. When I had suggested more than once in the nearly four months since we met that the three of us get together, Rob had politely but firmly discouraged such a gathering. So, I was curious at the end of classes one Friday afternoon to be approached by Megan and invited to have a glass of wine with her at the student union pub.

“I want to tell you how very pleased I am that you and Robert are dating. I have never known him to be so happy and fulfilled until you two became a couple.”

“Why is that I asked?” as we sat in a quiet corner sipping our wine. “He never talks much about his family, and I can hardly pry anything about you and your parents from him.”

Instead of responding, Megan looked away. Her expression and body language suggested that my question had provoked a difficult decision, and her sigh as she returned to look at me put me on guard.

“I don’t know where to begin. Although I was only three years old when Rob was born, I feel responsible in part for the cruel life he has had to lead at the expense of my parents. Rob is only my half-brother. Our mother is an occupational therapist, who met my dad while he was completing his residency in surgery. When Robert was born, it was a very joyous moment for my dad, because after two daughters, he now had a son. My Mother however didn’t seem nearly as affectionate with Robert as she was with me and our older sister. I hardly remember when things started to change – I was about six, Rob close to three. Suddenly dad would have nothing to do with him. Dad wasn’t cruel, but he was occasionally mean and totally indifferent to Robert.”

When Megan started to hesitate, as if she feared she had said too much, I pressed her to know the whole story. It seems a blood test had revealed that Megan’s father was not Robert’s father as well. His mother had reconnected with her first love from her teenage years, and had a brief affair that resulted in Rob. Her morning sickness had exposed her pregnancy to her doctor husband, so there was no opportunity to rid herself of the fetus.

“While my dad forgave my mother, he could not tolerate the constant reminder that Rob was not his own. Robert was ignored, and rather than protecting Robert, my mother wanted to protect her marriage, so Robert became this “second class” child. When he was eight years of age, he was shipped away to a boarding school outside of Toronto where he was bullied and unloved. Our maternal grandfather was outraged, but he could not help Rob because he was not his guardian. But Grandpa insisted that Robert spend school holidays and summer break living with him.”

I confess I found this tale quite unbelievable, and said as much to Megan. It was how bastard children had been treated in Georgian and Victorian England, if not before that time as well. All I could say in response to Megan was to express my disbelief.

“Yes, I agree, it does sound too incredible to be true,” Megan said. “There is no excuse for such cruelty. I hardly saw anything of Rob after I was eleven until last fall when Robert was persuaded by Grandpa and me to go our law school here. Has Robert not told you of any of this?”

“No. He only speaks of your grandfather, and when he does so, it is with such love and affection. I could see how they became so close if Rob spent his school vacations with him.”

“Oh, he did a lot more than that,” Megan said. “When Robert came home from school in the summer he turned thirteen, Grandpa had apparently had enough. He threatened to expose my parents by suing them to have the Court appoint him as Robert’s guardian. My parents quickly agreed to give up a son they refused to love, so Robert was gone from our lives. However, it caused a huge breach between my immediate family and Grandpa. While I continued to receive large cash gifts for birthdays, Christmas and graduations from my grandfather, I was effectively completely cut off from him.”

“How did you come to connect with Rob then?” I asked.

“I forced myself back into our grandfather’s life during my undergrad, making him see that I was not the problem, and that I wanted to know the baby brother I had adored as a child. I would secretly come for the odd dinner at Grandpa’s without telling my parents so that Robert and I could come to know each other again. We have grown somewhat closer, but not as close as I would wish. When I came to Edmonton for first year meds, I convinced Robert to get out of Toronto and apply for the law school here. The rest is history.”

I sat Adana Escort back, looking at Megan with this sad, regretful expression on her face, just trying to process what she had told me.

“Can I ask you one thing about your relationship with my brother, if it is not too private?” When I nodded my assent, Megan continued, “Is Robert distant in your relationship, or is he very affectionate, touching you, looking for hugs and physical contact a lot of the time?”

“He is very physically affectionate,” I said with some emphasis. “Why do you ask?”

“I was curious. He is physically distant with everyone else, almost a “hug free zone. He has spent almost his entire life without ever knowing the reassurance and love that comes with hugs and physical familiarity. I suspect he is starved for physical love. I am so happy that he has finally found it with you Jennifer.”

Suddenly, I understood so much about the dynamic of my relationship with Rob, and how I could try to heal the man I had come to love so very much.


Rob had promised to pick me up at five o’clock that evening to spend the weekend with him. I had wanted a couple of hours alone for the remainder of the afternoon to think about what I had learned about Rob. One thing I had already figured out is that he had one fetish that was kind of fun – he loved the feel of pantyhose over my bare ass.

Edmonton is like Wyoming or Montana in the winter – just 5 degrees colder. Old pantyhose or long underwear was a must under jeans for the ladies if we had to walk outside. The former was of course much sexier. This night was definitely a cold night in the first week of February, 2007. So, I stripped off my clothes, found pantyhose with a run in the leg, and got dressed as sexy as one can with no panties, tight jeans, sexy bra and a sweater and applied my come fuck me makeup. Afterall, there was no point in letting Rob destroy a good pair of pantyhose when he ripped them open to get at my pussy.

Now one thing you should know about me is that like most women who make it into the professional schools, I am a pretty assertive woman. Not bitchy or belligerent, just someone who does not wait to be given something if it is there for the taking. Except for the two or three days before my period. My symptoms of PMS were such that I did get a little bossy then and sometimes quite aggressive. Unfortunately for Rob and me, my period was due in the next day or two, so I decided that I was going to have to get my fill of Rob tonight.

When we got back to Rob’s condo, I took my overnight bag into the master bedroom. Rob got busy in the kitchen, stirring the pasta sauce, making a salad and putting the water on for the pasta. I stripped everything off save the pantyhose, and wandered into his walk in closet to find one of his crisp white dress shirts. Putting a pair of silver cufflinks through the French cuffs, I donned his shirt, leaving the top buttons open so he could clearly see the tops of my breasts, or all of them if I bent down. Walking into the kitchen, he was at the sink when I came up behind him, put my arms around him and rested my face on his shoulder blades. Rob stood still, relaxing into my embrace as I gently caressed his chest with one hand.

“It scares me Cowboy just how deeply I have fallen in love with you. Just let me hold you for a moment. I can’t imagine the heartbreak I will know should you leave me”.

“Who says you’re not my forever girl?” and with that, Rob turned to take me in his arms. Of course, the moment he saw my state of undress and had his hand on my nylon clad ass, I could feel his erection growing. Grinding my core against his hardening cock, I stepped away to turn off the water on the stove and set the sauce to low simmer. Grabbing his hand to pull him back into the bedroom, I gave him my sultriest look and said, “Come with me Cowboy. I think you need a real appetizer before dinner.”

Rob was happy to comply. Pushing him against the bed, I started to pull off his shirt, undid his belt, and pulled off his pants. Off went his dress shirt I was wearing. I reached down and tore a hole in the crotch of my pantyhose and pushed him back onto the bed. Telling him to scoot up towards the headboard on his back, I straddled his legs and took his cock in my mouth. I had never given any man a blowjob before, but tonight I wanted to lick and suck on his cock. With his cock in my mouth, I supported my upper body with my left hand and began to play with my pussy with my right. I could feel Rob’s rapid breaths of excitement as he saw me playing with myself.

When I was good and wet, I moved up to straddle his cock. For the next few moments, I would plunge two fingers into my cunt, pull them out and present them to Rob’s lip with the simple command, “Suck Cowboy.” Then placing the crown of his cock at my opening, I slid his cock up and along my labia and around my clit. I was getting incredibly turned on when I finally took his cock into my cunt and began ever so slowly to ride his cock while Adana Escort Bayan gently circling my clit with my finger. Sensing Rob’s frustration with my ever so slow rhythm, I pulled up just as he reached for my hips to speed things up. Scooting up to place my cunt over his face, I said, “Stick out your tongue Cowboy while I fuck your face.”

The next moment I was on my back and being pulled by my legs back down the bed. Of course, I resisted – I wanted to be in charge. Having none of that, Rob grabbed both my wrists and holding them at either side of my waist, he pried open my thighs and held them open by putting his elbows on either thigh.

I was rather proud of the strength and tone of my ass and legs – you would have thighs of steel if you had exercised horses nearly every day while growing up. To my surprise however, I was no match for Rob’s upper body strength, and he was able to restrain me with his hands and upper body. Now it was his turn to drive me crazy.

Rob would occasionally lick my clit, but mostly he licked my shaved pussy lips or inner thighs, and when my struggles became too much, he would tame with a few licks into my cunt and clit. Then as soon as I had calmed down to enjoy his pleasuring me, it was back to my labia and thighs, denying me the release I now so desperately craved.

“Are you going to be a good girl and play nice?”

“No,” I groaned out. Back to his teasing, this game played out at least two more times before I finally yelled out in response,” Yes! Now make me come you motherfucker!”

“Gladly,” as he dived into my cunt with relish. Licking my clit, he began finger fucking me with one, then with his two largest fingers. Rob has huge hands, and his digits are quite thick. Three was my absolute limit. But instead of stretching me completely, Rob lifted his head and put his two smaller fingers into my pussy and sawed back and forth on clit with the side of his largest finger. Then without warning, he ripped away that part of the pantyhose covering my ass and plunged his two largest fingers back into my cunt, and the two now lubricated smallest fingers into my ass, and then lowered his lips to my clit to suck as he fucked both my holes with his hand. I exploded, screaming so loud that the neighbours two floors below might well have heard me as I came.

As I lay back, legs spread like a wanton slut, I covered my eyes as I tried to calm down from this incredible orgasm. I could never conceived what Rob had just done to me, and how wonderful it had felt. Rob quickly got up to wash his hands. Returning to the bed, I felt him push my knees up toward my face and spreading my legs, he positioned himself to plunge into me. At first, he began by fucking me slowly, before beginning to pick up the pace. As I recovered and began to thrust back with some enthusiasm, it of course became clear that Rob had turned the tables. Rob knew how much I loved to ride him. Now he was still punishing me and obviously thought that with me on my back, he was the one clearly in charge. I had a fix for that.

While the strength of my legs might be unable to overcome Rob’s more powerful upper body, his back was no match. Raising my calves to his ass, I squeezed him tight and brought his thrusts to an immediate halt. Watching the change in his expression and attitude was priceless. He was completely immobilized.

“Now listen up Cowboy. This was my fuck, so it’s going to have to be my way. If you want to cum within the next hour, you are going have to play nice and get on your back. Agreed Cowboy?”

“Not a chance baby!”

“That’s fine. I am feeling quite satisfied after you gave me that incredible orgasm. I am quite content to hold you close, enjoy the feeling of your hard cock inside me while I grind my clit against your belly until I can come again. Then you can finish making me dinner Cowboy.”

Did I mention that I am ticklish? Apparently at that moment, I forgot both that fact, and that Rob knew that as well. Both of his hands went to the sides of my ribcage and under my arms and began their torture. In my desperation to get free from this torment I unlocked my legs. Rob was immediately free.

I am not in any way submissive, and I had never been spanked. Until that moment. Struggling against him, Rob overpowered me and brought me across his left knee that he rested on the floor. He swung his other leg over my legs to trap me while he held me down with his left hand on my back. I shrieked when I felt the first blow, followed by three or more others. These were not love slaps – my ass was stinging as his hand bounced off my clenched ass.

I yelled every dirty or swear word in my vocabulary at him, and when I stopped my tirade, he gently caressed my sore butt and said, “Are we ready to play nice Kid?”

“Never, you fucking asshole,” I yelled. Three more hard slaps to my ass, followed by more screaming on my part. Again, Rob stopped and gently rubbing my ass said, “Now, are we ready to be a good girl and do what I say?”

My response Escort Adana was more swearing, only to receive three more blows in quick succession. “Now baby girl?”

“Go fuck yourself,” I screamed.

“No. I think I will just fuck you,” and with that he threw me on my stomach onto the bed. I had never been manhandled before. When I tried to escape, I received one more hard slap to my ass for my efforts, only to have my legs pried apart and to find myself pinned down by him. His cock was resting in the crack of my ass as he grabbed both my wrists, which he then pulled above my head to hold with his left hand.

Reaching under me, Rob began to rub my clit and pussy with his right hand, while he slowly thrust his cock up and down as much of the cheeks of my ass as my pantyhose would permit. Despite my anger at him, I was surprisingly aroused, and began to thrust my clit down onto his finger while meeting his thrusts. At that, he settled his cock back between my cheeks and pushed his crown at, and over the opening to my anus.

“Have I mentioned how much I love your ass Kid? Maybe what you need is a really good ass fucking tonight.”

“No, please no, I’m not ready for that!” I pleaded.

“Are you saying someday you will fuck me with your ass?”

“Yes, maybe, but not now. I’m not ready. Please just fuck my pussy!” Rob entered my cunt from behind with one thrust of his cock, and began to pound into me. I responded like a woman possessed, still angry but thrusting back hard at him and actually enjoying the sensation of having my cunt pounded combined with the pain of my sore ass repeated with his every thrust.

Suddenly he slowed down. “Oh God,” I said. “Don’t stop, I am so close.” Instead he pulled out, lay beside me on his back and said, “Ride me Kid. I know you want to come that way. Do it.”

Straddling Rob, I thrust down on him, the cheeks of my ass still burning as he gripped them with his hands until I was close again to coming. Rob squeezed my ass still harder, and we pounded into each other until I came, and he almost immediately thereafter.

Exhausted, I lay down across Rob, his still hard cock fully buried in me. Then, I began to cry. Softly at first, but soon to the point I was bawling, my tears flowing as I buried my face in Rob’s shoulder. The next sensation was feeling Rob’s cock deflate like a balloon, followed by Rob’s sounds of anguish in thinking that he had really hurt me. Except he hadn’t.

I stopped my bawling quickly, pressed my lips to his and thrust my tongue into his mouth. Gently I stroked his tongue in a long languid kiss. I wasn’t crying because of what he had done, but because I was shocked and upset at how much it had aroused me. I told him so and he held me in his arms until we were both relaxed. At which time, the smoke detector in the kitchen went off.

“Oh shit, the sauce is burning.” We ordered in that night. The only casualties my very confused mind, a sore ass, and a very expensive saucepan.


Before retiring for the evening, I inserted a tampon and put on full cotton briefs. I had that uneasy feeling low in my belly every woman knows all to well. As I lay on my stomach, Rob gently caressed my back and I fell into a deep sleep. Of course, any morning fun I had hoped for seemed out of the question when I realized my period had come.

We spent the day studying, doing some shopping and relaxing. I was particularly attentive to Rob, and he seemed to relish my efforts to touch and hug him. “Am I being too clingy?”, I asked.

“No. You can hold and touch me as much as you like, for as long as I live for that matter. I don’t think I could ever get enough of your showing your love for me. Physical contact is not something I experienced growing up. Now I that I feel I am starving just to feel your touch.” I decided then was not the time to share my conversation with his sister the previous day.

It had turned from a bright sunny morning into a gloomy afternoon brought. With the impending early winter darkness in the north, I expected we would just settle into the couch and watch TV or read. Rob had other ideas as he first pulled off his shirt- our signal that sex was going to happen.

“Rob, no, it’s my period…”

“Shush. Trust me.” Slowly he peeled my sweater, camisole and bra off of me. He knew how much I loved just to stand bare chested making out, my nipples hard and scratched by the dusting of blond hair covering his pectorals.

Rob gently pushed me into the bedroom and pulled down my jeans and panties. I had never let any man see my pussy with a tampon’s string exiting it. Rob didn’t fuss, telling me to lie down on my stomach.

I watched from the bed as Rob took off the rest of his clothes, then went into the bathroom. Returning with a bottle of the mandatory hand cream for our super dry winter climate, he lay the bottle beside me as he straddled the back of my legs. Gently he rubbed my still tender ass, then with his cock cradled between my thighs, he began to give me a long and gentle back rub. I was still pretty curious about what he planned to do with his cock. Given how much he pleasured me with his mouth, maybe I was finally going to have to bite the bullet and overcome this nagging aversion to him cumming in my mouth. Rob had a different plan, however.

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