The Loan Officer Ch. 03The Loan Officer Ch. 03


I pulled my car into the driveway and was happy to see Jessica pull in right behind me. I got out of my car and walked back to escort Jessica out of her car and into the house. She started to walk to the door, but I grabbed and hand and lead her around the back. “Where are we going?” she asked.

“I thought you might enjoy a dip in the pool.” I replied.

A big smile came across her face as we headed for the pool. Once we got pool side I pulled her close to me and started to kiss and nibble on her neck while sliding the straps of her sun dress off her shoulders. She helped me slide her dress off and was standing in front of me wearing only a baby blue thong. I admired the beautiful sight in front of me for a few seconds before I moved back into her again.

I took her hand and lead her over to the edge of the pool, I stopped long enough to strip down to my boxers and then lead her into the pool. We were in the water standing in each others arms, kissing each other, letting our hands explore each others bodies. I moved my hands down here sides, lightly running my finger tips over her as I did. My hands kept moving farther down her body until my fingers met her thong. I pinched Adana Escort the thong in my fingers and continued to move my fingers down her legs sliding her thong off as I moved my hands.

I put my hands on her hips and lifted her up onto the edge of the pool and then positioned myself so I was standing between her legs. She reached down and started to stroke me through my boxers. I leaned in and took her ear lobe into my mouth and was gently sucking it into my mouth, flicking the tip of her ear with my tongue. I moved my hands down to her inner thighs and pushed her legs apart and dropped to my knees in the water. My face was about a foot from her sweetness but I could smell the heat coming from her. I moved my face closer and began to lick her inner thigh. I could hear her moan as she leaned back and lay herself down on the patio stones surrounding the pool.

Licking my way up her inner thigh I moved my tongue closer to her wetness, lightly running my tongue over the outside of her already wet lips I could feel her body tense up. Using my fingers I slowly spread her open and inserted the tip of my tongue inside of her, she tasted heavenly. As I moved my Adana Escort Bayan tongue up and down her lips I thought I had died and gone to heaven. I moved my tongue up onto her clit and began to trace slow circles around it, while inserting a single finger deep inside of her. I slowly moved my finger in and out of her wetness as I lightly sucked her clit into my mouth. With her clit in my mouth I flicked a few times with the tip of my tongue as I continued to suck. As I was working on her clit with my tongue I heard a louder moan followed by her saying “I need you inside of me right now, Please!”

I stood up and slid my boxers down, taking my cock in my hand I ran the head up and down the outside of her wetness, teasing and playing with her. She wrapped her legs around my waste and drew me tight into her. My cock slid inside of her as she pulled me tighter with her legs. I started moving my hips back and forth at a slow pace, pulling almost all the way out of her before sliding it all the way back in. I began thrusting faster and harder, she was moving her hips in time with my every movement. I reached down and pulled her up to me, kissing her neck and Escort Adana chest as I continued to assault her with my hips. I wanted to cum so bad, but didn’t want this night to end.

I pulled out of her and took a step back. Sliding back in the water Jessica took my hand and led me out of the pool straight to a pool side chair. I sat on the chair and she kneeled in front of me taking me cock in her mouth, cleaning me with every lick and suck. After a few minutes of this she straddled me and slid my cock back inside of her, moving up and down on my cock while I ravaged her nipples with my tongue. She leaned into me and moaned “I want to feel you’re cum inside of me.”

After hearing this I knew I couldn’t or didn’t want to hold out any longer, taking her hips in my hand I was lifting her up and down on my lap, driving myself deep inside of her. I could feel my cock straining and used my hands on her hips to keep myself buried deep inside of her as I unloaded shot after shot inside of her.

Jessica sat on my lap with me still inside of her as we kissed and embraced each other. I asked her if she would like escort me up to my bedroom, she nodded and we both stood up. As we opened the door to go inside her cell phone rang. I was hoping she wouldn’t answer it, but she did. It was her baby sitter, she had to go see to a sick child at home, but asked for a rain check for the bedroom fun. All I could say to that was “How can I say no to another night with you.”

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