The JanitorThe Janitor


Most times when you’re in the restroom, people come and go and you think nothing of it. You’re there to just get your business over with so you can get back to your life at the point you hit the pause button.

I’m one to work a little later than my coworkers. The janitorial staff has seen me on a near nightly basis. Of course I see them through the day, too, but they really get to the dirty work when the bell tolls 6pm, when most everyone has left for the night, or in the case of this night, the weekend.

Practically all of the janitorial staff is Latino — I’m not being racist here, just telling the truth — and most of them are younger, arguably late 20s to early 30s, and most are also women. It was not odd to be in the restroom and hear knocks on the door — one of the lady janitors needing to get in and close the restroom for cleaning.

This night I was at the office a little later than normal, and as tends to happen at various times through the day, the need for the restroom arose. I locked the desktop on my computer and ducked away to the restroom. I glanced around on my way there and noticed that no one else was on the floor — everyone had left for the weekend.

Thankfully the restroom wasn’t closed for cleaning — I hated having to duck to another floor to find a restroom. While attending to bodily affairs, I heard the door to the restroom open. Odd, I thought, as no one else was on the floor, so it must be a janitor. They didn’t knock or yell in asking if anyone was in, so I figured it was one of the male janitorial staff.

I finished up a few minutes later and flushed and proceeded out of the stall. Looking over at the sink, I saw one of the younger women on the janitorial staff sitting against the edge of the sink.

Her jeans were pulled down to her ankles. Seeing no panties in her jeans, I wondered if that was her regular approach to apparel. Her right leg was resting on the counter, spreading her wide, her pussy plainly visible while her jeans were still hanging on her other leg. Her fingers were moving into, out of, and around her pussy, which was surrounded by a small bush.

Her collared shirt bore the name of the company contracted to keep the building clean, and I could see her nipples standing out against the fabric. “Is she not wearing a bra?” I thought to myself while also wondering how she didn’t hear the flush. Her long, dark Latina hair was pulled back into a pony tail — still somewhat scraggly but still shiny enough to reflect some of the overhead fluorescent lighting.

Her eyes closed, moans softly escaping her lips, she was clearly lost in her own little world of ecstasy.

I found it difficult — nay, physically impossible to move further toward her. Part of me wished I could stand there all night just staring at this beautiful woman who was clearly enjoying herself. She was bold and confident, karkamış escort to say the least, and I half wondered if I would’ve been able to wash my hands and leave without her even noticing.

“Do you need help with that?” I asked, breaking her out of the masturbation-induced spell that had enveloped her. Her eyes came open with a shot, bright green irises hidden by now enlarged pupils staring right at me with a look of panic and fear.

“Oh my, I’m…”, she seemed so panicky she couldn’t keep words together in sentences, “I’m so sorry.” She started moving quickly to bring herself back into a more normal composure.

I walked to the basin that wasn’t previously blocked by her leg and washed my hands (with soap) while still hearing her apologizing to me. I dried my hands and looked over at her, and seeing her bent over, it appeared she hadn’t yet figured out how to get her leg back through the leg of her jeans.

I knelt down beside her and put my hand on her shoulder. She stopped what she was doing and looked me dead in the eye, tears partly welling up around the panicked look still present.

“Calm down,” I said to her, half expecting her to actually do so.

“I’m sorry, I’m so sorry,” she kept muttering under her breath.

I tried for several more minutes to get her to calm down, telling her that I wasn’t offended by what I saw. Surprised, yes, but offended, definitely not. She looked me in the eye, “So you liked what you saw?”

“Very much so,” I responded, “now stand up a moment before you cramp your legs trying to rush.”

Both of us stood up and she leaned back against the counter. She was not able to succeed in getting leg back through her jeans, so she left her jeans down around the one ankle. She was breathing a little hard, struggling to let out some laughter while her face lay in her palm.

“Oh my God,” she said, “I…” She looked over at me, her breathing still somewhat labored, her chest clearly moving with each breath. “I…I’m so sorry about this.” She put her head back in her palm, letting out a small laugh. “I don’t know what came over me.”

I leaned against the sink next to her. “Apparently something for you to go that far.”

She looked over at me. “I just walked in here and suddenly got the urge to play with myself.” She glanced down my body, noticing that my cock had grown a little hard. “And you do seem to have enjoyed what you saw.”

As a matter of reflex, my dick shifted slightly in my pants, causing my crotch to become momentarily more prominent, similar to how each breath makes her chest more prominent, pushing her breasts against the fabric of her shirt.

“Well it’s not often things like this happen.” It was all I could think to say while standing next to a half-naked woman in a men’s restroom.

She glanced over at me, reaching her hand to my crotch, passing her hand over the growing difficulty in my jeans. I remained silent, waiting to see what she would do as my dick traitorously and instinctively twitched under her passing hand. Looking to her face, she seemed almost like a curious teenager discovering something new and taking her time to explore it.

Without a word, nor an objection, she took hold of the zipper tab and motioned it toward the floor. The bulge in my underwear sprang through the opened gap. She ran her finger along my dick, tracing its outline beneath my underwear and giggling as she watched it flinch with her touch.

She didn’t move from her position against the sink while she casually and intently explored my crotch. Without a word, and again without an objection, but with precision and some stealth, she pulled loose the button on my jeans and slid her hand behind my underwear where she found and stroked at my hard cock.

Not removing her hand for a moment, she stepped before me, her jeans still hanging off the one ankle, her green eyes looking into mine. I could feel her breath against my neck as she looked me in the eye, “Now about that help you offered…”

Before I could respond, she pulled my pants and underwear to my ankles. My hard cock sprang out of hiding into full view. She wrapped her hand around my shaft and gave the tip of my dick a long, wet lick. I could feel the muscles in my cock tightening up as her tongue slowly grazed across the fleshy and sensitive head, making me wonder if I was going to cum just from that one lick. Unfortunately that one lick is all I would feel of her mouth.

She stood up and leaned against the sink facing the mirror, her legs slightly spread as she started rubbing her pussy with her hand. She reached her hand out and wrapped it around my dick, slightly tugging on it, leading me to her, leading my hard cock to her wet pussy.

I brought myself behind her, my hard dick pointing the direction it wanted to go, almost as if it could sense the pussy before it. Slowly it proceeded into her waiting hall of sex, going as deep as could be allowed. I worked up to a rhythmic pattern, working my dick in and out of her pussy, which worked moans periodically from her lips, signs of progress toward what she ultimately wanted.

She lifted herself a little more upright and in one swift motion removed her shirt and set it on the counter. Looking across her shoulder at the mirror, I caught sight of her breasts as they bounced to the rhythm made while I fucked her pussy.

I slowed the fucking so I could wrap my hands around her breasts. Smooth, firm mounds of flesh, they felt warm in my hands. Her nipples were firm, yet still somewhat soft. Her breasts were almost the perfect size for my hands, not large, but not small either.

I pulled out of her pussy — she let out a discontented moan. I pulled her body back against mine and turned her around. I leaned in to kiss her lips when she put her finger against my lips, stopping me and leaving me momentarily confused. I watched as she first sat against the counter, then pulled herself onto the counter, leaning back toward the mirror, legs spread, exposing her pussy for a much better view.

I removed her jeans from her ankle, taking care of that annoyance and allowing her better opportunity to hold her legs against the counter, the soles of her shoes providing some grip against the edge. She pointed her finger toward my face, then to her pussy. Using her jeans as a small cushion on the hard tile floor, I knelt before the temple.

I wrapped my arms around her legs as she extended one to my shoulder and pulled me in, leading my lips to hers. I let my tongue between my lips and lay the tip of my tongue toward the bottom of her pussy. Just poking the tip of my tongue between her lips, juices flowed out a little. Letting some fall onto my tongue, I slowly licked my tongue up her pussy in one smooth stroke until I got to her clit.

I slowly dragged my tongue from back to tip across her clit, watching as the muscles in her pussy seemed to clench in a fashion similar to my dick’s reaction to her tongue as moans escaped her body. When the tip of my tongue reached her clit, I held it there a moment, hearing her moan a little louder. I pulled my tongue away — she let out another discontented moan.

I stood before her and she looked up at me, her green eyes wanting me to eat her more. I moved my dick toward her pussy and used the juices oozing out to lube my piston for its work. I pushed my cock deep inside her pussy, then started working myself back into a rhythm.

She seemed to be almost floating on air as I held her legs while she lay back on the counter getting fucked, her tits almost punching her in the face as I pushed my dick into her pussy as she attempted to use her arms to brace herself against the mirror. She pulled herself up and wrapped her arms around my neck, riding my dick up and down and trying to not compromise my hearing as her moans and screams of ecstasy made it to my ears.

When I was approaching the end of my run, she pulled herself down from my body and the sink and started stroking my cock over the sink. As my orgasm hit its breaking point, she concentrated her fingers around the head of my dick, making it feel much more intense as I squirted my cum into the sink. She turned on the water faucet as she stroked the last few drops from my dick.

I collapsed forward slightly, my arms bracing me against the sink, a clang ringing into the sex-filled air as my wedding ring collided with the countertop. I looked down at my left hand, a hit of gold glistening in the fluorescent lights. She put her left hand on my shoulder, the glint of her wedding rings catching my eye through the mirror.

I looked over at her as her emerald green eyes looked back up at me before she whispered, “No one ever has to know.”

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