The InterviewThe Interview


I walk into the office with my resume in one hand, the other clutches my leather briefcase. I am wearing a black suit jacket, mid-thigh length black skirt and white lace blouse. My chest is feeling the strain of all this confining material, longing to spring free, but I endure it for now. My legs are clad in black stockings and four inch high black leather shoes with straps that wrap seductively around my slim ankles.

I approach an employee and ask for the supervisor. “No, I don’t have an appointment.” I see a look of dismay on his dour face, but he knocks on a nearby door and announces to the person within an applicant is here. “Should I tell her to come back after lunch?” I hear him murmur and immediately I step into the doorway flashing my most alluring smile. I see your face freeze as you take in my form. I run the tip of my tongue over my wine colored lips and in a sultry voice with eyelashes batting I say “I do apologize, I didn’t realize it was your lunch hour.” Licking my lips again thrusting my chest out a bit ” I will come back, if you wish, I feel that I have much to offer you in the way of my unique talents.” Smiling and tossing my head back, my auburn locks catch the light gleaming like polished copper. You tell your employee to go to lunch, you will interview me after all.

He closes the door, as I gracefully approach your desk, extending my resume. You look over my impressive qualifications and ask me all the pertinent questions that are expected in an interview. I cross my legs slowly, allowing them to part just enough to promise a peek of what lies beneath the crisply ironed skirt. The front slit comes close to revealing what you long to see, but I rest my hands, right across the front blocking your view.. “Please forgive the casual nature of this request,, but may I remove my jacket? It is a bit warm in here.” Fanning myself with my hand, you take notice of my long wine colored nails, sharp and perfectly manicured, the Adana Escort color matching my full pouting lips. You rise and I see immediately that you have at least a semi hard on. I give a little smile as you walk around behind me and say “May I?”

“Thank you, yes.” I reply as I unbutton the single button and allow you to slide the jacket off of my shoulders, feeling your strong fingers lingering just a moment longer than needed.

You walk over to a to a coat stand and hang my jacket with the greatest of care. You turn your back just a bit probably thinking I wont see you inhale my perfume from the fabric then remove and hang your own jacket. I smile and stand, giving a quick look down, I see my hard nipples very prominently through the thin, white blouse. I walk slowly over to a nearby round conference table. My finger slide along the edge of the polished top as I approach you. You turn and gulp as I smile and sit on the edge, legs spreading slightly. You walk closer, and I lift my leg enough to cause my skirt to rise and reveal my lace top thigh high stockings.. I see your eyes take it the site in mock discretion, then your eyes travel up to my elegant lace front shirt, hugging my breasts like a second skin. I know you see the delicate push up bra that barely contains them, and the dark nubs straining against the silk within the confines of the bra.

You come closer and I slide back onto the table, pulling you to me. You lean forward and inhale my skin, your nervous fingers trace the lace across my blouse. I kiss your chin, then nip it gently. Without further encouragement, you slide your steely fingers up my thighs, pushing the skirt up to my hips. Your fingers travel back down caressing the soft skin beneath my stockings, then back up, gently parting my thighs I breath deep, trembling from your touch, my womanhood aching to feel your touch. You push the skirt up higher, revealing my black lace thong panties, Adana Escort Bayan immediately you can smell my delightful scent, your mouth waters, fingers shake as you push your face between my silken thighs. I spread my legs apart, eager for your hungry mouth to taste me. My panties are wet, soaked, and I hear you groan as you lick and suck them, pressing your tongue against my panty clad crotch. I moan deep in my throat, arching my back, I slowly lay back onto the smoothly polished table. You bury your face deeper, sucking me harder, then I feel your teeth gently tug my panties, pulling them down.

I quickly lay my hand across my wet quivering mound. “You didn’t say please….” I whisper with a smile. “Please, please, let me taste all of you, I will do anything for you, let me worship your sweet pussy.” Your eyes plead, I smile and lay back, removing my hand. You pull the panties down, slowly at first, then excitement takes over, you push them to my knees, then trail your tongue around my pink lips. I feel you gently tease your tongue tip into my throbbing slit, then plunge it deep, probing my clit. I gasp and raise up, shaking, your hands gently guide me back, stroking my nipple through the blouse. Squeezing my ample breasts, probing your hot tongue deep into my hot hole. I gasp again and thrust my hips up, “AAHH…!” my lips tremble and go dry. I lick them and bite my bottom lip as you thrust two fingers gently into my dripping love hole and suck in my hard clit. I cry out again, arching my back as the sweet sensations take over my body. You lavish my hot, smooth shaven mound with your tongue. Sucking my clit and running your tongue up and down my gash, I tremble and grind my hips up to feel your tongue go deeper. “YES! Ah….!”

Biting my lip, I ride your face, griping your head between my velvet thighs. I hear you moan and press deeper sucking my juices from their sweet source. I cry out and buck my hips, Escort Adana your tongue darts across my puckered ass hole driving me into a blinding madness. I feel you slowly drill your tongue into that forbidden place, then thrust hard and deep, I nearly scream from the pleasure, holding back as I remember where we are. You thrust a finger into my ass, replacing your tongue that now seeks my clit again. I see fireworks as you rake your teeth across my sensitive bud then bite down. I throw my hand over my mouth and bite to contain the cry of pleasure that has caught in my throat. I buck wildly, filling your ravenous mouth with my sweet honey. I ride the passionate wave of continuous orgasms while you lick and suck my swollen honey pot dry.

I lay back on the table completely spent, you smile with eyes twinkling and lean down to give me a sweet, gentle kiss that turns ardent and demanding as you press your cum filled mouth hard against mine, thrusting your tongue into my mouth deep, depositing my sweet nectar into my willing mouth. We kiss deeply, our tongue exploring, entwining. We are both shaking when we pull apart, gasping for our breath. We laugh, and sit silent a few moments. You slowly trail your finger tips across my blouse, rubbing my aching nipples slowly, torturing me every bit of the way. “Do I have the job?” You smile and say “Of course, consider this on the job training” We both laugh as I stroke your hardness through your pants, you kiss my hand then tell me to give you a moment. You beep one of your employees and tell them to pass the word, they can have the rest of the day off.

You walk over with a wicked grin ” Shall we continue the remainder of your training?” I nod and motion to my case.” Of course, but I will need the tools of my trade.” Understanding crosses your face as you quickly stride across the room to bring me my brief case filled with my ” accessories. ” I take the case from you and open it wide enough to reveal it’s contents. Your mouth opens and shuts, then you bow before me. ” I believe it is time for you to receive YOUR training” I say with a new authority in my tone of voice. Your eyes sparkle with anticipation as you drop to your knees, head bowed and reply “Yes Mistress.”

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